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Status: Very active. On periodically throughout the day.
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User Talk Archives

"One does not simply walk into Ultimate Mr. L's talk page."

— Boromir.


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1. No cussing/swearing

a. I reserve the right to edit out any words I deem inappropriate.

2. No flaming (anyone, not just me)

a. No insults, except in a playful manner.
b. No yelling.
c. No insulting other users' religion or personal life.
d. I reserve the right to delete messages that fail to adhere to this rule.

3. No friend requests

a. I prefer to have met my friends face-to-face, not just on the internet.
b. It is possible to get a userbox on my page, but for that to happen, you have to earn it by helping me out and just overall being nice.
c. Even if you think you've earned the right to have a userbox, please don't ask. I'll ask you.
d. I won't refer to anyone as friends. I call them co-workers or, in a joking manner, henchmen.

4. Please use correct grammar and spelling.
5. Overall, just use common sense

a. Try to follow the general rules of the wiki.

6. Messages will be answered both on my talk page and the messenger's, for archival purposes.
7. The page will be given an archive every 40 messages.