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Well, here's everything that remained homeless.

4-Wheel Cradle[edit]

It has good Acceleration and Items, along with rather low Speed. Its weight is tied with the Royale. It is one of the slowest vehicles, though it has great acceleration and high items. It shares its drift with the Tyrant and the handling with the ROB-LGS. Its acceleration and items are its strongest stats.

("I'm sorry, what were its highest stats again?" — ShootingStar7X (talk))

5 Silver Stars![edit]

[...]one [Silver Star] is contained in a Goomba[...]

("Never knew Bowser used his minions as a place to store things." - Alex95 (talk))

100m Dash[edit]

The player that shadow must keep ahead of is none other than his clone, Sonic!

("I don't recall that ever being part of the Sonic canon.")

To win it Mario must simply finish before his rival does. In other words Mario must cross the finish line before his rival crosses it.

Another difference is that instead of crossing the finish line first, he must cross the finish line in second place, right after the first place person[...]

All she must do is finish within .5 seconds of her rival, that means .5 seconds before or .5 seconds after.

Mario's sixth, final and hardest mission in the DS version is to beat the master of speed, the chaos emerald-using, crime-fighting, speedy, blue hedgehog; SEGA's mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog!

100m Freestyle[edit]

  • It is unknown if Metal Sonic is waterproof or not, but as he does not seem to be covered in plastic, he may very well be waterproof.

1989 Mushroom Kingdom massacre[edit]

In what became known as the 1989 Mushroom Kingdom massacre, the Toad army armed with Fire Flowers and accompanied by Banzai Bill Cannons fired at the demonstrators and those trying to block the Koopa Troop's advance into Peach's Castle.

The protests were precipitated by the death of pro-reform Bowser's Democracy Party (BDP) general secretary Bowser's Brother in April 1989 amid the drop of Super Mario Land for Nintendo Gameboy in post-Mushroom King era, reflecting anxieties among the Toads and political elite about the kingdom's future. Common grievances at the time included inflation of regional coins, corruption, and restrictions on political participation. Although they were highly disorganized and their power-ups varied, the Toads called for the im-peach-ment of Princess Peach, democracy, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech. At the height of the protests, about one million Toads assembled in the Peach's Castle.

As the protests developed, Princess Peach responded with both damaging and hardline power-ups, exposing deep divisions within the Mushroom Kingdom leadership. By May, a Toad-led hunger strike galvanized support around the kingdom for the demonstrators, and the protests spread to some 400 castles. Among the Peach's top leadership, Premier Toadette, Luigi and Captain Toad called for decisive action through violent suppression of the protesters, and ultimately managed to win over Leader Princess Peach and President Toadsworth to their side. On 20 May, the Kingdom Council declared boss battle mode. They mobilized as many as ~300,000 Toad troops to the Mushroom Kingdom. The troops advanced into central parts of Peach's Castle in the early morning hours of 4 June, killing both demonstrators and civil Goombas in the process. The military operations were under the overall command of Princess Peach, half-sister of President Toadsworth. Donkey Kong was later executed.

The Bowser's Democracy Party condemned the Mushroom Kingdom government for the massacre. BDP imposed Bullet Bill and Bob-omb embargoes on the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach's leadership made widespread Game Overs of protesters and their supporters, nuked Goomba Woods, strengthened the police and added more underwater levels. More broadly, the suppression ended the videogame reforms begun in 1986 and halted the creation of future 2D Mario games of the 1990s, which were only partly resumed after New Super Mario Bros. in 2006.

More info
  • 2011 Mushroom Kingdom famine

[[Category:1989 Mushroom Kingdom protests and massacre]] [[Category:Protests in Mushroom Kingdom]] [[Category:1989 in Mushroom Kingdom]] [[Category:Massacres in 1989]] [[Category:Cold War history of Mushroom Kingdom]] [[Category:Mass murder in 1989]] [[Category:Massacres in Mushroom Kingdom]] [[Category:Censorship in Mushroom Kingdom]] [[Category:Princess Peach]]

("The real war crime here is that they spelled 'Game Boy' as two words. Say, what did Donkey Kong do that resulted in his execution? Eat too many bananas?")


Flying ships that are probably Airships will appear in the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy. A screenshot shows various Airships flying through space. It is unknown if these ships really are Airships or some other kind of flying ship.

("So, are they airships or not?")

A Thin Line Between Love and Ape[edit]

The Coconut is now safe, and Bluster is making love to himself in mirrors, and DK and his friends have a good laugh about it.


The back of the car is adorned with stereo speakers, tailfins, and neon lights, with a logo of Roy Koopa's company, Roy Smooth Sounds, on the back.

BJAODN Rules[edit]

  • Also, newbie bashing is not tolerated. There is a difference between poorly written articles newbies are susceptible to makeing and something so cretinous and devoid of information that you become suspicious of the sanity of the writer. We only accept the later variety.

("A typo in the rules for a page about bad writing? That's just... sad. And ironic." - Walkazo (talk))

"Actually, the original version of the rules had even more grammar mistakes¸... I wrote those." - Blitzwing (talk))
"Yeah, I wrote that. Whoops. In my defense though, it certainly made more sense than what was there before;"
  • Also, newbie bashing is not tolerated, there is a difference between poor articles newbie are susceptible to make and something so cretinous and devoid of information enough to makes you suspecting of the sanity of the writer: We only accept the later variety.
- Twentytwofiftyseven (talk))


  • Entries that have obliviously bogus Red Links should be ideally replaced with {{fake link|}}, like this.

("Rules that have obvious mistakes should be fixed." - Walkazo (talk))

Black Hole[edit]

Under the planet a Black Hole can be found just in case Mario falls off.

("Yes, we wouldn't want Mario living, now would we?")

Black paint[edit]

Black paint is a toxic substance in Paper Mario: Color Splash. [...] The substance is also supposedly painful to touch, as Mario takes 30 HP of damage when he touches it in Sunglow Ridge.

Born to Ride[edit]

Bowser Block Space[edit]

Bowser Block Spaces are spaces that first appear in Mario Party 10, only in the Bowser Party mode. If the player lands on one, they either summon Bowser Jr. to add one Bowser Dice Block to Bowser's collection, or Nabbit to remove one Bowser Dick Block from his collection.

("I created this article on August 1, 2018, and didn't fix this mistake until September 7 that same year. And no, it's not possible to "handle" the Bowser Dice Blocks inexpertly." - Toadette the Achiever (talk))

("First Bowser's Galactic Crack, now this..." -GrainedCargo192 (talk))

Bowser Space[edit]

  • Players consider the Bowser Revolution event "Communism" due to the fact that Bowser redistributes everybody's coins equally. Therefore, players sometimes call this event Bowser Communism.
    • Not only that, it is rumored that Bowser is a Communist for not only his Bowser Revolution, but for these occasions.
      • He mostly attempts to steal the players' belongings (coins, stars, mini stars, etc.)
      • He sometimes shuffles everybody's positions (until Mario Party 8)
      • When a Bowser minigame is triggered, he makes the rules extremely unfair by acquiring losers who then loses either a certain amount of Coins, a Star, or even all their items.

(This and GameTheory are proof why you should never talk about communism without a decent understanding of what it actually is. (Not to mention, the Super Mario World cartoon confirms Bowser to be a capitalist pigdog.) - AwdryFan1997(Talk))

(I'd always understood it to be an obvious joke on the part of players - guess I took that for granted.) - Lord Grammaticus (talk)

  • In Mario Party 3, Bowser can be seen lying on the floor in a slightly suggestive manner occasionally.

(It's actually more descriptive to say "reclining".) - Bazooka Mario (talk)

Bowser's Diary[edit]


It's a little known fact that if one reads Bowser's diary fifty time in the third chapter of Paper Mario that you come across a secret page that reveals it is actually Bowser and Kammy who sired Princess Peach. Bowser and Kammy were Human at the time, and it was only when one of Kammy's magical spells misfired that they were transformed into hideous turtle creatures. It is also well known that Mushroomers have a deep racial hatred for turtles (as they were declared property during the Forever Forest-Gusty Gulch Act) so it comes as no surprise that the Mushroomers naturally thought that their King and Queen had been devoured by rabid koopas and had Bowser and Kammy chased out of the Kingdom. Bowser then seized control of the twelve tribes of the Koopa and created the Glorious People's Army of the People and then set out to reclaim what was once his. During this time he developed a deep psychological obsession for his former daughter (who had since been taken it by Prime Minster Toadsworth Von Toadsworth) and began to believe that marrying her was the only way for him to revert to his true form. Thus, he kidnapped his daughter, conquered half of his former kingdom and declared Marshall Law. It is at that point where the first Super Mario Bros. begins.

this has been here for the last 6 years honest if you didnt see it you should lay off the shrooms

Burger King[edit]

From February 8, 2021, to February 22, 2021, costumers could order a "Super Mario Meal" online.

("I guess you have to be a cosplayer to order this.")

Can't figure out how to download an icon (help don't help me)[edit]


("'help don't help me'?")


As a frog, Mario can capture a frog to jump extremely high and reach high platforms and places that he could otherwise not reach.

("Frogception" - Doc von Schmeltwick)

Category:Characters who have kissed Mario[edit]

(That was a real category.)


The title screen of Super Mario Bros.

From the emergence of Bobesh8's Mario 1 Beta Hoax, the production of hacks has been a vital part of the Mario research community.

("I like how the guy implies he's responsible for the popularity of Mario rom hacks. And just what is the "Mario research community", anyway?")

(The page's author later removed the {{delete}}, replacing it with 'Note:NO DELETING!!!''')

Category:Sonic Hacks[edit]

File:s1k.png From the emergence of Cyan Helkaraxe's Sonic 1 Beta Hoax, the production of hacks has been a vital part of the Sonic research community. Starting with the early documents penned by Cyan and saxman, to the Nemesis guides and the Sonic Community Hacking Guide, researchers have taken their understanding of the Sonic games and turned them into original creations. Palette edits, original art and level layouts, putting new characters in games, and creating new concepts and gameplay styles have come about as the scene learns more about the underlying code behind the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Today, with the assistance of hex editor, disassemblies and specific Sonic Hacking Utilities, fans have been creating more hacks than ever. Category:Hacks

(From the same user as the above)


("Birdo is a mushroom?")

Chain Chomp's Bath[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンワンをおフロにつれていけ!
Wanwan o ofuro ni tsureteike!
Give the Chain Chomp a bath!
French (NOE) Le bain du Chomp déchaîné The Unchained Chomp's Bath
German Kettenhund-Katastrophe Chain Chomp Catastrophe
Italian Categnaccio fa il bagnetto Chain Chomp Is a Bath
Spanish (NOE) Chomp Cadenas toma un baño Chain Chomp Takes a Bath

City Tripper[edit]

Gacha Kart 8 Deluxe

Water on her blue city tripper and Wind on her green city tripper and Fire on her red city tripper and Light on her yellow city tripper and Dark on her purple city tripper City Tripper is a standard bike Gacha Kart 8 Deluxe All characters will racing on the standard bike Animal Crossing Gacha Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch of Gameplay tap to moves!

("Ironic that this one never actually appeared in the one Mario Kart with actual gacha mechanics." - Arend (talk))

Club Nintendo (magazine)[edit]

The new incarnation had far fewer pages and was aborted with issue 4/2002.

Coins Amassed in a Maze[edit]

Once the player reaches the four spinning platforms, they need to take the moving life ahead of them.

("This error was made when the article was created in 7 February 2017, and stayed until it was fixed in 21 October 2018" - YoshiEgg1990 (talk))


Not to be confused with Confused.

("Well, I'm confused")



Wario's sixth and final mission in the DS Version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is cycling. To win, he must cross the finish line before his opponent crosses it. His opponent will be at top condition going super-fast and very skillful so Wario will have his work cut out for him. Wario's opponent is none other than Sonic the Hedgehog's friend, the super-strong, spiky-handed, tight knuckled echidna, Knuckles the Echidna.

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman's final mission (his sixth) in the DS version is also cycling. Just like Wario, he must cross the finish line before his opponent crosses it to win. Also once again, his opponent will be at top condition going super-fast and getting almost all the stamina there is to get so it will also be very hard for Dr. Eggman to win. Dr. Eggman's opponent is Luigi's sneaky doppelganger, the infamous jewel thief himself, Waluigi.

Donkey Kong (franchise)[edit]

Television and film

The franchise’s first and only direct television adaptation was Donkey Kong Country, based on the SNES game of the same name. Several original characters were introduced there, such as Candy's girlfriend Bluster Kong[...]

Talk:Dr. Tornado[edit]

Is this still a stub? Max2 (talk) the secret to the universe: a Wii.

Ok, I'm removing the Stub. any objections? Max2 (talk) oh yeah, do we have any pics of it?

No pics, i put a request in the trouble center though. Isyou 16:04, 7 March 2007 (EST)

So... stub? Max2 (talk) I think it's good. Mario Tornado is about as long, maybe shorter.

Dr. Tornado article is longer. Max2 (talk)

This .gif will have to do until we get a picture. Max2 (talk)

What? Why Merge? two different moves! Max2 (talk)

Do we merge Tannoki Mario and Cape Mario? 8) They work the same. Max2 (talk) seriously, this deserves an article!

Yeah, I am sorry I just realized that it is an official name. But the gif has to go its unofficial. Also, have you been talking to yourself?Knife (talk) 17:46, 7 March 2007 (EST)

Engine Class[edit]

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the engine class also determines the randomocity of the character pairs.

Fan forums[edit]

("This forum link was added back in 26 January 2009. It was inactive for almost five months since that link was added, and had only 8 posts. It existed in this section for almost a decade.")


("Here's an example of why you should add spacing to your file names, lest some silly crude word slip through unintentionally." -Doc von Schmeltwick (talk)

File:Bowser on Koopa King kart MKDD.png[edit]

Bowser on Koopa King kart MKDD.png

("This file was edited to remove the spikes on the front-right wheels, despite everything else still having the spikes, including the opposite wheels, to look... less menacing, I guess? This is what the image is supposed to look like." - Alex95 (talk))


Freezing-Rain Tower
The actual image

("Definition of "feezing" Somehow, this mistake was left here since 2012.")

File:Goombario Tattling Paratroopa PMTTYD.png[edit]

Goombella Tattling Paratroopa PMTTYD.png

("Goombario looks a lot more... female than I remember. This is what this image was uploaded as before the name was corrected." — ShootingStar7X (talk))

File:Mario Party 2 Face Lift.png[edit]

Mario's head being pulled in Face Lift from Mario Party 2.
File information for BJAODN/Other
Description Mario's decapitated head being pulled apart in Face Lift from Mario Party 2
Help:ImageImage use policy

(I just love BJAODN.)

(This is another quality LeftyGreenMario submission. Mario) Bazooka Mario (talk)

File:Mario Party Star Rush Shogakukan.jpg[edit]

Shogakukan guide for Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition
File information for BJAODN/Other
Description Shogakukan guide for Mario Party: Star Rush
Help:ImageImage use policy

(This is quite a case of identity crisis. Note that this was the original name of the file before it was changed. - BMfan08 (talk))

(Let it be known that this mistake went unnoticed for over 3 years - RHG1951 (talk))


Peach’s Castle.png

File:SSB Beta Saffron City.jpg[edit]

A pre-release screenshot showing Saffron City's pink and purple rooftops. Other pre-release objects appear in the stage scenery.

A beta snapshot showing Safron City's pink and purple rooftop. Other beta thongs could be found.

("The real question is who's wearing them?") --Lord Grammaticus


Wario is frozen in Frozen Assets from Mario Party 8
File information for BJAODN/Other
Description In fact, it's TOO cold. War is frozen in Frozen Assets from Mario Party 8
Help:ImageImage use policy

Who knew that Mario Party 8 was a metaphor for late 20th century politics? Of note is that this stayed unchanged for four and a half years. -Bowserbros (talk)

Actually, this was here longer than four and a half years. I uploaded this in April 2, 2010 and it was deleted because it my sister and I replaced I with a better version, but with file names and file description intact. There's a quite few file descriptions by me that's still scattered in the wiki but I'd like to keep them around just for legacy sake and just for a decent laugh at a light-hearted series anyway. Bazooka Mario (talk)

Final Smash[edit]

Name Character/s Appears in Type Brief description Picture
Shin Shoryuken Ryu Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS.png Unknown Ryu turns into a Shoryuken and blasts around the stage damaging players.

("would be funner if he turned into shen long")

Fly (Charizard)[edit]

The same as kirby's iflate.

("Does Kirby have an iPod as well as an iFlate?" - Stooben Rooben (talk))

Gallery:Donkey Kong Country[edit]

("It was like this for more than four months despite a few editors editting the article." - Wynn Liaw (talk))


  • A Boo appears on the back of the Halloween packet of ________.

Note: I forgotthe Name. Please add it.

("Your memory's a total _____!" - Toadette the Achiever (talk))

Gallery:Mario Kart 64[edit]

Other creatures

("This implies that the large pipe from Mario Raceway is a living being.")

("Maybe when under a Wonder Effect..." Arend (talk))

Gallery:Mario Party[edit]


("I thought he was the question mark?")

Gallery:Mario Party Advance[edit]

Group artwork:

Gallery:Mario Party DS[edit]

("Mmm. Tasty." - Ultimate Mr. L (talk))

Gallery:Mario sprites and models[edit]

(An edit of this replaced everything with an ASCII drawing of Mario's Mario Party 6 artworkMedia:Mario Artwork - Mario Party 6.png, which only actually looks accurate in the "what is being changed" section.)

Gallery:Super Princess Peach[edit]

("Guess he felt really zany that day." - Camwood777 (talk))

Game Over[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • If the player uses every starter character in any single-player mode through a Game Over, Marth will be unlocked after defeating him.

("I couldn't have put it better myself. Also, can you say pity?" RickTommy (talk))


The Gerbilympics is an event implied in Super Paper Mario. Very little is known about the Gerbilympics, although it is thought to involve athletic gerbils.

Mario and Princess Peach can only trigger the game's one reference to the Gerbilympics by unlocking the VIP Generator Room while paying off their damages in Merlee's Mansion. In the VIP Room, Ackpows commonly insult their slaves by calling them gerbils, as work in the VIP Room involves running on wheels; this is compared to the normal, jump-oriented room where workers are called fleas. If the player manages to generate enough electricity to earn five thousand or more Rubees in one work session in the room, the impressed Ackpow will pay them off and suggest that they, due to their incredible running skills, join the Gerbilympics.

Little is known about the Gerbilympics. As it was mentioned only in a bizarre cross between an insult and praise, it is possible that it does not even exist. However, if the Gerbilympics really is some kind of strange sport in the Gloam Valley dimension, it is likely that it is a version of the Olympic Games (which the Gerbilympics clearly parody) fit for actual gerbils.


List of Mario Kart 64 glitches[edit]

Toad Trapped in Rainbow Road

Giltch to do this, got to play less Toad and go to Rainbow Road. The player has to choose the item star on the very edge where the Toad is, if the player with the star item drops Toad out of Rainbow Road,Toad falls near the road crossing at the bottom. Toad lands on the previous road below intersecting the road l am on. Toad is also eight becuase that road is far away from this road. But,he twinks he is on the bottom row track intersecting, so he starts going sideways.Toad actually misses the bottom road and gets placed back on the track the player pushed him off. Toad is now on track,he slips on a banana and continues racing with a Star, but is stuck. How to get to the Toad or the shortcut going on right,Toad is stuck here,but he's not here. He is at the top of here. How is the Toad, it is still in trapped and very edge where the Toad fell on his player with item star. The giltch terminates when complete the Special Cup where he spent his giltch in Rainbow Road Toad

("This is mission spectral command... We order you to articulate that statement!" - Toadette the Achiever (talk))

List of Paper Mario: Sticker Star glitches[edit]

Play gay music in your sticker book

This glitch will make your sticker book play gay music. To pull of this glitch you must go to shy guy jungle (world 5-1) and kill the piriana plant under the block then take the block and let the Sticker inside the block fall on the Grass floor and punch the sticker with your hammer so you get it then you Wait in 100 seconds before you move again. (Note if you waint more ore less then a 100 seconds you have to restart the progress) Go upp the cliff and don't tuch the shy guy jump on the Ledge on the side of the shy guy and use your hammer to make the flovers to apere. You have to make all the flovers appear in 1 punch of the hammer ore the glitch wont work. Then complete the level with 1 fire flower in your sticker book. Then go to a batte that have at least have 2 enimies where you can get a perfect battle with the fire flower. If you did the steps corecly you will now hear gay music

("'Gay' used as 'happy' isn't as widely used anymore and therefore you shouldn't do this in the article. On the other hand, I've never heard of music having a sexual attraction towards other music of the same gender...." - Baby Luigi (talk))

("Instructions unclear. Mine is playing bisexual music." -Camwood777 (talk))

List of Super Mario 64 glitches[edit]

Once Mario gets back to the start, he sees that he has-- ABRACADABRA! ...disappeared.

("Wonder how he did it.")

List of Super Mario 64 DS glitches[edit]

Chill Bully Suicide

This glitch can be used with any character. The player must go to Snowman's Land and grab a Wario Cap from an enemy, unless they are using Wario.

("Yeah you can be any character, except they must be in a Wario form" - RHG1951 (talk))

List of Super Mario Bros. glitches[edit]

Stuck Underwater

In the end of a swiming levels there's a space, about the size of a block, above the Warp Pipe that leads to the exit. If the player crotches with while being Super Mario then swims into the space, while still crocthing, Mario should walk backwards and get stuck in the far right of the wall.

List of Super Mario Kart glitches[edit]

The player needs to play as either player and lose all of their protective balls [...]

("You mean balloons?")

List of Super Mario Sunshine glitches[edit]

Exploding Fruit

Any time in Delfino Plaza (excluding the flood), if Mario sprays the pineapples in the small fountain behind the Grand Pianta Statue or the papayas in the other fountain next to the entrance to Noki Bay, the fruits explode in the water as Mario had thrown them into the ocean. (This isn't really a glitch, because once the fruits are out of their original place, if they touch water they disappear, or explode.)

("It's not a glitch, but I'll put it here anyway" - Yoshi876 (talk))

Fruit Shaking

If Mario grabs a fruit in Pinna Park and gets shocked by an Electro-Koopa, Mario shakes as if he is being shocked.

("Mario gets shocked when he gets shocked, I'd never guess that" - Yoshi876 (talk))

Goomba Gang[edit]

I really like the wiki, but it can get boring from time to time. That's why I decided to spice it up a little with a gang. Anyone can join it.

Go ahead, delete this page, but it means you're just too clueless to realize that this is a well-intentioned gang. You probably are thinking that this gang is meant to antagonize the wiki. Wrong. It is actually meant to help it. How will just a gang help the wiki? People might get interested & join the wiki.

I will avenge any members of the gang if they get blocked. Also, I will only give members reminders when they deserve warnings.

How can you join this gang? Simply go on my talk page and say you want to be part of it.

("Sounds promising")


Gravity is a force that appears in all games which draws characters towards the ground and sticks them there, allowing them to jump only.

("That would be true of the celestial body had a gravitational acceleration of roughly 30 to 50 meters per second squared. Then again, it'd be contradictory with actually being stuck on the ground, which would imply an even bigger acceleration... *screams in frustration*" - Toadette the Achiever (talk))

Ground Pound[edit]

Wario series

Wario is another character who has infamously used the Ground Pound.

("He's done a Ground Pound? How evil!!")
("This wiki used to have an issue with the words 'infamous' and 'notorious', like they think they're synonyms of 'notable' for some reason.")


Their name is a portmanteau of "grumble", an action some people do while waiting, and "lump, a song by the presidents of USA.

Hammer Throw (event)[edit]

A good strategy for Knuckles is to first throw it softly, then throw it hard and then throw it like it is the end of the world.

("Okay Knuckles. Throw it soooooftly, now a little harder, AND NOW THROW IT LIKE IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!" - Flogger (talk))


The Super Happy Tree
The Super Happy Tree, the source of happiness on Yoshi's Island.

Happiness is a special feeling of satisfaction, contentment and joy that can affect an individual, a group, and even whole lands. Happiness as a concept plays an important role in the Yoshi series, specifically Yoshi's Story.

Yoshi series
Yoshi's Story

At the beginning of Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's Island and the Yoshis are in a state of supreme happiness, guaranteed by the Super Happy Tree. The Super Happy Tree is the embodiment of happiness on the island, as well as a bountiful source of fruit for the Yoshis, including Apples, Bananas, Watermelons, Grapes, Melons (the Yoshi's favorite), and the rare Heart Fruits – a special fruit that can induce "Super Happiness." However, this era of bliss would not last, as Baby Bowser cast a dark spell over the island. He turned Yoshi's Island into a pop-up storybook, and then proceeded to uproot the Super Happy Tree, stealing it away to his castle. Without the Super Happy Tree, the Yoshis entered a depressed, weakened state, preventing them from taking action against Baby Bowser.

However, in a remote corner of Yoshi's Island, six Yoshi Eggs hatched after the spell had been cast. These six Baby Yoshis seemed to be unaffected by the depressed state of the island and their fellow Yoshis. The Baby Yoshis realized Yoshi's Island was in a state of distress, and resolved to solve the problem themselves. They decided to rescue the Super Happy Tree by locating it via the trail of fruit it left behind while it was brought to Baby Bowser's Castle. The Baby Yoshis also hypothesized that by eating lots of fruit and generally having fun on their adventure, they would be filled with happiness, which would in turn assist in restoring happiness to the island as they spread their good cheer around. Determined to save the island and the other Yoshis, the six Baby Yoshis set off on the trail of fruit through the Pages of the Yoshi's Island storybook.

Baby Yoshis in Yoshi's Story.
The Baby Yoshis on their adventure. The Blue Baby Yoshi is about to eat a Heart Fruit, allowing the Yoshi to become Super Happy.

After the Baby Yoshis ate thirty fruit on one stage, they would grow extremely happy, spreading cheer throughout the area and allowing them to move on to the next Page in the storybook. The Baby Yoshis could become even happier by accomplishing various tasks in each Page they traveled to. The Yoshi's Mood, or level of happiness, was symbolized by the amount of he collected in each stage. More ♥ equated to more happiness. ♥ would be rewarded by eating fruit, especially the Yoshi's personal favorite fruit (for example, the Yellow Baby Yoshi's favorite is Bananas) and the special Lucky Fruit chosen at random at the beginning of the adventure. ♥ could also be earned by defeating enemies and collecting Heart Coins. Additionally, bonus ♥ were awarded for acquiring the stage's Special Hearts, eating Melons, and by having all the Yoshis survive the current stage.

The Baby Yoshis spread happiness throughout five Pages before finally reaching the Page of Baby Bowser's Castle. After collecting thirty fruit in the level, the Baby Yoshis proceeded to Baby Bowser's lair. Inside the lair, they discovered the Super Happy Tree, as well as Baby Bowser. Baby Bowser attempted to defeat the Baby Yoshis, but after an intense fight, the Baby Yoshis emerged victorious. The tiny tyrant was whisked away from the castle by his Toady minions, while the Baby Yoshis reclaimed the Super Happy Tree. Baby Bowser's spell over Yoshi's Island was broken, turning the storybook back into an island. The six Yoshis returned the Super Happy Tree to Yoshi's Island, restoring happiness to the land and freeing the other Yoshis from their state of depression. Ultimately, Yoshi's Island once again returned to an era of peace and happiness thanks to the efforts of six Little Yoshis.

See Also

(This article went almost completely unchanged since its creation in 2009 until its deletion in 2015.)

Harry Blackstone Jr.[edit]

Harry Blackstone Jr. (June 30, 1934 – May 14, 1997) (occasionally shortened to simply Blackstone) is a famous, currently deceased magician who has appeared in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.[...]

("When will he be alive again?")

Health Meter[edit]

If Yoshi sustains more damage, the expression of the sun will remain the same, though more of the sun's rays will be lost. When no more of the sun's rays remain, the face of the sun will turn blue and begin frowning. If Yoshi sustains any more damage after this, the face of the sun will turn green, then gray, resulting in Yoshi losing a life. or a Game Over If Yoshi loses all of your lives.

(You can't trust Yoshi with anything nowadays. - Alex95 (talk))

Heart Coach[edit]


Heart Swing[edit]

Oddly, this move affects certain indeterminate gendered characters as well, which may imply that the genderless fielders are really males.

("So, are they genderless or male?")

Holy Shot[edit]

Fun Facts: Holy Shot Might Have came from Holy Shoot! or it might've been from her Holyness

("If anyone is wondering, "Holy Shot" simply comes from the profane interjectory phrase "holy shit", which I would have thought when looking at this excuse for trivia." - Toadette the Achiever (talk))

("Or "holy" as in light and "shot" as in shooting the ball..." - Alex95 (talk))

How to Draw Nintendo Heroes and villains 2[edit]

How to Draw Nintendo Heroes and Villains 2

This is the second one of the series so it has more pictures of charecters but more than the last and its missing some from the last.

New charecters this includes:

Fox Mcloud

Slippy Toad

Falco Lambirdi

Samus Aran

Toon Link (Instead of Link)

Toon Zelda

Toon Ganandorf

Hyper Suction[edit]

Hyper Suction is a Special Move in the Gamecube game Wario World. Wario loves his coins so much, he inhales them! When the players presses L Button or Z Button whilst there are loose coins about, Wario opens wide in a Kirby-type of fashion, and then sucks them up(being the greedy man he is), thereby adding them to his coin total.

("Inhaling money is a degree of love of money higher than swimming in it, laughing your way to the bank, and deviously counting it.")

Isaac Marshall[edit]

Isaac Marshall (August 22, 1962 – ) is a game designer[citation needed], voice actor, and audio designer[citation needed] from Michigan that has once portrayed Toad in the English version of Mario Kart 64. Once, he portrayed Kamek in the game Tetris Attack.


Isaac Marshall's knack for imitating friends and cartoon characters was realized by many at Nintendo's R&D group where he worked as a game and audio designer[citation needed]. Later, Isaac would send an audio tape to NCL with one minute of various voices spoken in a multitude of languages[citation needed]. NCL was impressed with his range and selected him to do various odd voices[citation needed]. Among his voice acting roles in the Mario series, was as the voice of Toad in the overseas versions of Mario Kart 64.

Isaac would later leave Nintendo to continue working in gaming while providing voice-over work under various aliases for TV and Film/Animation (Anime)[citation needed]. When asked about his work with Nintendo and his voicework, he has commented the following:

"Nintendo was a great experience. Being an 18 year-old kid sitting in a room discussing conceptual ideas with Shigeru Miyamoto was a dream fulfilled. However, that was the tip of the iceberg... I wasn't content with designing a game and being a voice in it. I had to do more. I wanted to utilize myself fully on any project. You know, challenge myself. Reinvent myself."[citation needed]

He also said:

"I do it because it's fun. I'm not on some mission to be a big name. I prefer to work in the shadows. Because that's were the real magic is a constant. Also, having these "aliases" keeps me humble."[citation needed]

Isaac currently resides in Seattle, Washington[citation needed].

(Ultimately, the needed citations never appeared.)

It's a Wonderful Life[edit]


Cranky: You'll be valuabled for donating a body desiance, if you don't get those nuts off!

("Is that even desiantifically possible?"Mario jc (talk))


Mario Kart DS
  • Weight: The kart's endurance. When a kart has a higher weight, it is capable of knocking apart lighter karts.

("Mario Smash Derby anyone?" - Tails777 (talk))

Kong for a Day[edit]

Kong for a Day
A group of Klaptraps greedily eat through Cranky's treehouse.
Kong for a Day
Klump evily throws a banana on the floor.
Kong for a Day
Diddy is painfully shot by the Klap-Blaster.


Indiana Joe
Indiana Joe, a character affected with Koopaphobia

Koopaphobia is a persistent fear of Koopas, mentioned only during The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Raiders of the Lost Mushroom". Indiana Joe is the only known character to have been afflicted with Koopaphobia, as the mere mention of Koopas caused him to shiver uncontrollably. How Indiana Joe developed his Koopaphobia is unknown, although it may be an allusion to Indiana Jones' own fear of snakes.

Indiana Joe is aware of the fact that the legendary Lost Mushroom is found within the Temple of Koopa, but due to his Koopaphobia, he never musters up the strength to venture inwards, as the entrance itself is shaped like a crowned Koopa's head. Instead, he eventually meets up with Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad, and leads them to the Temple of Koopa, telling them to enter, while he waits outside.

Indiana Joe is eventually scared off by Kolonel von Koop and the Koopa Pack, and returns to his home. Realizing that he can no longer be a treasure hunter due to his Koopaphobia, Indiana Joe starts his own babysitting service. Later, he discovers that the three Mushroom brats he is babysitting are even scarier than Kolonel von Koop himself, and he ultimately overcomes his Koopaphobia to help Mario's group recover the Lost Mushroom.


Last Five Turns Event[edit]

In Mario Party DS, the Last Five Turns Event is renamed Final 5 Frenzy. In it, Bowser gives out the current standings as usual and gives the losing player a bonus, chosen by a wheel. All Friend Spaces are also changed into Duel Spaces. The fifth-to-last turn is pink blood.


Lava has also been shown to start Mario's overalls on fire. Why it does not burn a hole through is unknown.

List of implied organizations[edit]


The hospital is an organization that treats Glitz Pit fighters in Glitzville. Details are slim, but paramedics rush out to assist fighters who are seriously hurt in the ring. One of the Goomba Bros., mocking Mario, tells Grubba that he should call an ambulance for Mario before their fight even began.

("This is describing a generic hospital as if it's a shady organization.")

University of Goom

Goombella's statements towards the beginning of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door imply that she had only recently arrived in Rogueport, seemingly confirming that U Goom is not located in the rogue-filled city. However, Goombella actually describes herself as "a student in Rogueport" on the official Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door website, suggesting that she had not yet graduated and that the University of Goom is located in Rogueport, or that U Goom has off-campus classes in Rogueport.

("So does this seedy criminal hotbed have a transfer program, or...?") --Lord Grammaticus

List of Mario knockoffs outside Nintendo[edit]

Disney Channel All Star Party

Disney Channel All Star Party is a party game based on the Disney Channel shows, exclusively for Wii. This game uses characters, games, and stages from six Disney Channel Original Series and one Disney Channel Original Movie: Phineas and Ferb, Jonas L.A., Sonny with a Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana Forever, The Suite Life on Deck, and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. It was released in North America on October 26, 2010, and in Europe On November 5, 2010. It was published by Disney Interactive Studios and developed by Page 44 Studios.

The gameplay is similar to Nintendo's Mario Party video game series. Up to four players (human or CPU-controlled) can experience places from Disney Channel shows in a board game style. Also, they can play up to 30 minigames based on the Disney Channel shows. They can also choose any of the Disney Channel character they like.

Many receptions except a few didn't rate that "You've got to fight! For your right! To paaaaaaaaaaarty!"

List of Mario Party 9 beta elements[edit]


Bowser Jr. could have possibly been playable or simply a rival in Solo Mode as there is unused vehicle animations in his motion file found in the game. Or for usage during testing 'cause, who says they can't have fun?

List of references in animated television[edit]

Main character Francine bears quite a big resemblance to Peach.

In the episode "Robots to the Rescue" Pickle can be seen having a robot named Beeper who looks similar to a Yoshi Egg or a 1-Up Mushroom.

In the episode, Lame Boy, Mr. Whiskers plays Monkey Maniacs 3, which is a parody of Donkey Kong on a Game Boy-like handheld and Brandy and Mr. Whiskers exploring the pyramid and escaping the Pyramid before it gets destroyed is similar to Wario exploring the Golden Pyramid and escaping the Golden Pyramid before it gets destroyed in Wario Land 4.

At the end of every episode of Brum, a lady with the mop appears as the same outfit as Mario.

In the episode "The Sizzling Scampinis!", One of the Scampini Brothers is named Luigi, which could be a reference to one of Nintendo's Mario Bros., who shares the same name.

In the episode "The Puppy and the Ring", in the opening, the sky blue mountains with snow on top in the pop-up map looks identical to the mountains seen on the title screen of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

In "Let the Games Begin" when Mr. Sunshine looked straight into the camera, his face resembles Wario's face.

In "Rinky Dinks" when Eddie was surfing on a hockey puck, he parodied the moment when Mario surfed on a Koopa shell in Super Mario 64.

In "Back To School" when we get a gross-out close up of Mr. Sunshine saying "Bon Appetite" his face resembles Wario's face.

In "Cloud Brusting" When Rancid Rabbit grabs Cat, his face resembles Wiggler.

Codename: Kids Next Door

In various episodes, Rainbow Monkeys resemble Ukikis.

Operation W.I.K.I. Welcoming Info regarding KND Inferences.

In "Reboot", Mechazawa's little brother say "Meka-Ratta", like Koopa Troopa.

Episode 45C: "Repairanoid"

Arnie's mustache greatly resembles Mario's mustache.

In The Dancing Digimon, the Bakemons strongly resemble Boos and Joe's personality to the Bakemons are very similar to Luigi's reactions to the ghosts from Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

In Princess Karaoke, Mimi's princess look resembles Princess Peach and the Gekomons and the Otamamons act similar to the Mushroom Kingdom Toads and Tai and Joe act similar to Mario and Luigi, in which they try to save Mimi from Shogungekomon, who acts similar to Bowser and the palace bears similarities to Princess Peach's Castle.

The name of the dog catching company in the series is called Bowser Busters. Interesting enough, the show debuted a year after Bowser's video game debut.

In the episode "My Fair Feline", Garfield orders lasagna from a restaurant called Luigi's Lasagna. The chef who receives Garfield's order relays it to another chef whom he addresses as Mario.

In "The Love God", a band known as "The Handlebar Bros." appear. The name of the band is a reference to the Hammer Bros.

In "Jurassic bear", Grizzly tried to hatch a dinosaur egg. It bears a strong ressemblance to a Yoshi Egg

In the episode "Kitty Kontest", Kaz enters Ami and Yumi's cats, Jang Keng and Tekirai, in a dog show. He nicknames Jang Keng "Bowser" in an attempt to sneak into the show.

In the episode "Mickey vs. Shellby", The episodes main antagonists Miss Turtle and Baby Shellby looks alot like Koopa Troopa. Also, Miss Turtle's limbs look like Bowser's

In "Not So Goofy", Baloo leaves a banana peal on the floor and Goofy spins on it, much like the banana peel hazard in the Mario Kart series.

In the episode "A Princess in Dis-Dress", Escargoon says the princess who is visiting is a peach. Also, things resembling Party Balls appear in a few episodes.

("Regarding the former, the princess in question doesn't resemble a peach in the slightest, and the only thing peachy about her is that she might as well be captain of her own royal guard." - Archivist Toadette (talk))

In the episode "Brad Pittín", Federica, his rare daughter Bibi and Martina (neighbord and friend of Federica) go to a signing of the book "Tortúrame con tu aliento" ("Torture me with your breath"), by Brad Pittín, at library of Ciudad Peluche. When Bibi believed to have been to the library to read and not for an autograph, she tells his mother: "Es que cuando dijiste que veníamos a la libreria, pensé que ibas a comprar un libro para fomentarles el gusto por la lectura a mis hermanos, no a pedir autógrafos." ("Is that when you said you were coming to the library, I thought you were going to buy a book to promote love of reading to my brothers, not to ask for autographs."), his mother reaxion as such before the response of Bibi, a highly unusual response, and Federica responds: "Bibi, si les fomentara a tus hermanos el gusto por la lectura, dejarían de jugar sus videojuegos en el Game 64 que les acabamos de comprar, y tendríamos que regalarlo" ("Bibi, if they are your brothers fostered a love of reading, they would play their games in the Game 64 [a parody of N64] that they just bought, and we should give it away.")

The play Little Shop of Horrors features a man eating plant called Audrey, a clear reference to Piranah Plants if ever there was one.

("And yet both are based on Venus flytraps, so how is this a direct reference? Not only that, but the writer got their facts wrong about the play: Audrey is the name of a human character, whereas the catalyst plant's name is Audrey the Second." - Archivist Toadette (talk))

Fabricio for Mario Kart 8.
"He was my kid brother's kid brother!"
A.K.A Super Guide. *rimshot*
Cranky Kong was buffer in his youth.
ArTHOR, Super 80's and a creepy not-Mario
A skit about memes, and no obvious "U MAD?" joke? Come on, son.
Cranky showing off that business swagger.
~Nananananananana Katamari Damacy~
What Smash 84 hopefully doesn't look like.
References, Christmas References and Oh no! More References.
After 25+ years of doing it, they'd all look the same to you too.

In the episode O Detetive, Jimmy Five and Clotilde pass in a ladder, making it fall down and a man painting a house get suspended in a window. This man uses a red and blue cap, red overalls and blue shirt. This man also had a mustache. This remembers the old Mario's color palette, besides his Portuguese voice is similar to Mario's.

In "Dragonshy" when the dragon scream in front of Twilight (along with making a breeze in her mane), The shot could be a possible homage to the cover of Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story .

In the episodes "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", Flam has a mustache resembling Luigi's mustache.

In "Putting Your Hoof Down", Fluttershy gets rid of of a tourist by grabbing his camera, then swinging and tossing him away, similar to how Mario try to defeat Bowser in Super Mario 64 and its remake.

("I recall someone from The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve being defeated in pretty much the same way, so how exactly would anyone call this a reference? MAYBE the circular motion...but clearly whoever wrote this wasn't even trying." - Archivist Toadette (talk))

Naruto uses an attack similar to Mario and Dr. Mario's forward smashes called the Rasengan.

Sasuke's Chidori is similar to Mario and Dr. Mario's forward smashes.

In "Driver's Pac", the farm setting that appeared in the scene where Cylindria drives the Pineapple Tank appears to be a parody to both Moo Moo Farm and Moo Moo Meadows

The appearance of recurring antagonist Apex resembles Blooper.

In "I, Brobot", not only does the title have "Brobot" in the name, at one point Candace says "......They are BROBOTS!!!!!" although likely a coinciedence, it is possibly a reference to Brobot from Super Paper Mario.

In "Perry Lays an Egg" a Donkey Kong toy is seen at exactly ten minutes and fifteen seconds into the episode.

CJ's hairstyle resembles Cloud Mario's cap.

In the "The Ballad of Gay Tony" sketch[...] Bizarrely, even though the sketch revolves around sexually prejudiced game characters, neither Birdo nor Vivian make appearances.

In the episode "The Golden Paddleball", Nester wacks Scaredy with a mop in the similar style of how Mario uses the hammer from Donkey Kong.

Also, the episode 20,000 Patties Under The Sea is a pun on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode 20,000 Koopas Under the Sea.

("And I guess the 1870's series 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is inspired by both of them? And how is this a pun, anyway?") - Bazooka Mario (talk)

In the episode "Extreme Spots" scenes Spongebob is wearing a red helmet and Patrick is wearing a green helmet in a few scenes and red and green is the colors of the caps and the shirts that Mario and Luigi wear.

In "Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm", the worm roars, and this roar is similar to Bowser's roar from New Super Mario Bros.

Near the end of "Christmas Who?", the eggs Potty leaves on Patchy's head are almost exactly like Yoshi's.

In "The Thing", the giant clam that attacks Squidward (as Smelly), has teeth similar to a Chain Chomp's.

(You'd need some wild imagination to see this as a Chain Chomp. - Scrooge200)

In "A Flea in Her Dome," the evil face the fleas make bears a resemblance to Bowser's.

In the episode "Suction Cup Symphony", at the beginning, SpongeBob says "Sounds like Squidward ate at Mario's last night." Also in the beginning, SpongeBob is wearing overalls similar to Mario's.

In the episode "The Bully", when SpongeBob called Patrick about Flats, Patrick calls SpongeBob Mario from Pizza Palace.

In the beginning of episode "Eek, an Urchin!", SpongeBob whistles a tune similar to the main overworld theme from Super Mario 3D Land.

In "Kwarantined Krab", Patrick uses his long tongue as a pseudo-weapon, which is a reference to Yoshi.

In Bubble Buddies, after a bubbled Steven and Connie are knocked into the ocean, they are left in front of an underwater rock formation reminiscent of those found in Super Mario World.

In the episode "Bad Luck's Back", when Chief yells at Tak by saying "you're outta here", his face resembles Bowser as he appeared in Super Mario 64.

In "Beautiful Girls" after Lok yells at Tak, the face he made resembles Donkey Kong. The face Zariah made at him in the same scene resembles Wendy O. Koopa.

In the episode "Transformation," a plant-like monster appeared in the episode, which is somewhat based on a Piranha Plant.

In every episode the Titans are seen playing video games, it is noticeable that their controllers slightly resemble Wii U Pro Controllers.

There was another Mario reference in the episode, “Meatball Madness”, where Milli, Geo and Bot see a chef who cooks the best meatballs, Chef Mario.

  • In "The Photo," the scene where Darwin alters Gumball's facial features is a parody of Face Lift.
  • In "The Compilation" in the first clip, which features Marvin driving on the speed bump and going faster is a reference to the Dash Panels.
  • In "The Tape"[...] Ocho himself also bears a resemblance to a Jelectro.
  • In "The Flower", Leslie attempts to suck the Jealousy up with a vacuum cleaner, but accidentally sucks up Carrie instead. This is a reference to Luigi's Mansion.

("Except this has more or less been a thing since Ghostbusters at least. And the idea has even been passed down in fiction before that." - Archivist Toadette (talk))

  • In "The Name", the green boot where Anais is told to live in resembles the Goomba's Shoe. This boot reappears in "The Check".
  • In "The Check", when the Wattersons hurry to the bank, they drive in invisible cars. This bears a resemblance to the in-game intro for Mario Kart Wii.
It's a Wishful Life

Timmy escapes a pit of fire via the laughing gas that came from Vicky's dentistry room. He uses it like F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine.

Class Clown

The Seemingly Harmless Plant resembles a Piranha Plant.

Manic Mom-Day

The alligator-like woman's vehicle looks like the Koopa King from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Also, when Timmy races at the mall, he goes up an escalator, done in Coconut Mall form Mario Kart Wii.

Power Mad!

Chester, AJ and Timmy go into a video game using virtual reality helmets, similar to the Virtual Boy. In the first level, they encounter spinning spiked balls on tall poles, a lot like Balls 'N Chains. Additionally, Timmy's video game system bears a resemblance to a Nintendo 64.

Spellementary School/Love Triangle

Pop-Pop bears a resemblance to Mario and Luigi.

  • In the episode "Cars", Mr. Nervous and Little Miss Scary have a car race in Mario Kart style. The go-karts look similar to the karts in Mario Kart DS. It is later shown that they are actually using Toy Cars.
  • In the "Game Shows" episode, a box that resembles a Question Block is seen in the "What's In the Box?" game show.
  • In various episodes, there is a Venus Flytrap that resembles a Piranha Plant.

In "Road Trippin'" when Chita screams in terror after a driver curse the gang out, the face she made screaming resembles Shy Guy's mask.


In this episode, when Cindy is launched by the Pink Panther into a castle, her dress floats, similarly to Princess Toadstool in Super Mario Bros. 2.

Pink-anderthal Man

A small, green dinosaur appears near the beginning of the episode. Its appearance and the fact that it is shown to thoroughly enjoy eating things are both references to Yoshi.

The End of Superpink?

The villain in the beginning of the episode is named after the enemy Wiggler. He reappears in "For Those Who Pink Young".

For Those Who Pink Young

In this episode, the Pink Panther shrinks into a smaller, shorter version of himself, similarly to Mario after he gets damaged. The ship-in-a-bottle worker's appearance and Italian accent somewhat resemble those of Luigi. The villain named after the Wiggler reappears in this episode.

Power Of Pink

In this episode, when the Pink Panther uses a machine to power up into Super Pink, he says "What I'm about to do, I do for plumbers everywhere", possibly indirectly mentioning the Mario Bros. Additionally, a plumber (the Pink Panther) powering up into a stronger form with "Super" in its name is a reference to the Mario Bros when they power up into Super Mario and Super Luigi respectively.

Wiener Takes All

In this episode, a witch transforms The Little Man into an ape resembling Donkey Kong.

The Pinky 500

In this episode, the Pink Panther's race opponent throws a bunch of objects at his car, similar to the item-throwing gimmick of Mario Kart games.

Driving Mr. Pink

The Pink Panther and Voodoo Man race against The Little Man, who throws a bird at them, another reference to Mario Kart.

In the episode, "Splitsville" Robber Baren bears a striking resemblance to Waluigi.

Episode 9F12: "Brother from the same Planet (Originally aired February 4, 1993) In this episode, Homer gets into a violent fight with Bart's bigger brother named Tom. In one scene, Kent Brockman receives fake news from the fight including a giant lizard that resembles Yoshi. They're both lizard-like creatures, and they are both green.

Episode DABF04: Half-Decent Proposal (Originally aired February 10, 2002) In this episode, Homer uses a dinosaur doll that strongly resembles Yoshi but with blue spikes and no saddle. Another possible Yoshi reference is in Season 4 episode: Brother from the Same Planet from February 4,1993

Episode KABF18: "Dangerous Curves" (originally aired November 9, 2008)

Bart is playing 'Cereal Killer' on his Gameboy. When moving on to kill another cereal mascot, Donkey Kong can be seen looking out a window.

(The character is Count Chocula, not Donkey Kong.)

In the episode "Food Truck" when the head food truck vender (whose's voice actor is unknown at this time) was yelling at Grizzly from jeopardizing is bussness, he resembles a Fuzzy from "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door".

The Reckless driver from "Emergency" (who's voice actor is also unknown at this time) bares great resemblance to Mario.

A recurring antagonist Rondo Jr. is a parody to Donkey Kong. He even has a hairstyle resembling Donkey Kong. His lackey Block is a parody to Donkey Kong Jr. Block even has hair spikes resembling DK Jr.'s in Mario Tennis 64.

("Notice how many of these sections suggest that Mario has such a large cultural impact, that minor things such as facial resemblances, the name Mario, apes, green dinosaurs, and even throwing items from cars are suggested to reference the Mario franchise."- Results May Vary (talk))

("Back in '91, we didn't have your newfangled Mario Kart! We had to stop the car and get out in order to throw things at people!") --Lord Grammaticus

(I love how everything in this article is wrong. - AwdryFan1997(Talk))

List of references on the Internet[edit]

  • Note: As this site IS the Super Mario Wiki, only original content from this Wikipedia will be shown.
    • To celebrate the Year of Luigi, this Wiki temporarily changed the logo to read "Super Luigi Wiki".

Add Picture of temporary logo.

List of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U beta elements[edit]

Ice Climbers

According to Masahiro Sakurai on Famitsu, he was planning on adding the Ice Climbers for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, but despite the characters running without problems on the Wii U version, the team had trouble getting the Ice Climbers working in the Nintendo 3DS version due to issues on the hardware power that Sakurai mentions in the Super Smash Bros. Direct video that all fighters will get 60 FPS in the Nintendo 3DS version during in the development that caused the problem during in the debug testing.

Make a Website[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl there is a certain thing called The Subspace Emmisarry. There is millions of levels and duke it out with Mario,Link,Kirby & the others. The first stage is called Walktrough. You brawl it with Mario,Peach,Zelda & Kirby. The first battle in the subspace emmisarry pits Mario & Kirby. You have a selection between them. It is just a standard stock battle with one life. Defeat Kirby or Mario. Then select between an order between Mario,Peach,Zelda and Kirby to battle the primids and other weak enimies (Later you find very hard ones). Then Mario gets shot by a bullet. The Ancient Minister comes down and reveals a subspace bomb. Instantlly Zelda & Peach get trapped in cages with the unloved boss from 2002 Petey Pirhana. You must hit one of the cages with Kirby. Once you have defeated Petey Pirhana,Wario comes from above. The cage you didn't choose will be shot by a Dark Cannon and Wario will take the trophy he shot and go back up. By this time the Bomb was at 8 seconds left. Kirby and eathier princess will survive by Kirby's warpstar. You then go onto the next level

("And how is this showing us to make a website!" - Grapes (talk))

Mama mia[edit]

Mama mia is one of mario,s many popular lines in the video games. other characters such as Link titleLuigi, Peach, and Wario.

("Who is link title?" - TVTrash (talk))

(We officially know Link's surname. - AwdryFan1997(Talk))

Mario's Painting[edit]

Mario's Painting is a painting enclosing Mario in it without a way to escape (though one could use the Ghost Portrificationizer or Dark-Light Device) in Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. King Boo owns Mario's Painting until he is captured.

Mario's spaceship[edit]

Mario's spaceship is a large, yellow spaceship seemingly owned by Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.

("A Pirate Goomba is a Pirate Goomba too. Also, this sentence remained like this since the article's creation in 2007 until 2019." - Doomhiker (talk))

Mario Bros. (series)[edit]

Mario Bros.
The title screen of Super Mario Bros.
First installment Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994)
Latest installment Wario Land: Shake It! (2008)
Number of installments 6 (5 main, one on the Virtual Boy)

Mario Finale[edit]

The move is an original one,based on a move in Super Mario RPG, by his Ultra Flame attack.

Mario Golf (series)[edit]

  • Practice Mode
If your game sucks baldy, you can go practice to become better(lets hope).

Mario Kart (series)[edit]

With a total of nine titles in the series, Nintendo has started a sort-of fad of cartoon-styled racing games amongst many gaming companies.


Mario's mustache.
Waluigi holding the Camelot sign during the opening.
Waluigi's mustache in the opening to Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Power Tennis.

A mustache (also called moustache, and 'Stache in the Mario & Luigi series) is a form of facial hair common in male adults such as Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. Mario (and thus the palette swap Luigi) was originally given his mustache to clarify the borders of his nose, while Wario and Waluigi's mustaches are just parodies of Mario and Luigi's and are therefore angular and unrealistic. Many other characters, like the false Millennium Star, Eldstar, one of the Delfino Police, and Toadsworth, also have mustaches. Additionally, mustaches can be a source of pride, as demonstrated by the various mustachioed bosses of Super Mario 64. In Super Mario 64 DS, they often insulted Mario, Luigi, and Wario for their supposedly inferior mustaches. For example, Goomboss set such store by mustaches that he mistook Luigi for Mario (based on the mustache similarities). Big Bob-omb seemed to regard mustaches as a source and sign of power. Chief Chilly, after defeated, will even blame it on having a poor mustache.


According to Fracktail in Super Paper Mario, Mario has a "level 5 mustache". The Yellow Apple found in The Overthere makes Princess Peach grow a mustache similar to Mario's.

(Is it just me, or does it seem like whoever wrote this seems to think mustaches are animate objects?)

(You mean they aren't!?) - Lord Grammaticus (talk)


The Controller is highly unique in the fact that it has three handles, instead of two as most controls(and most human beings' number of hands

Negative Zone[edit]

Any opponents caught in the circle can be affected by a variety of effects, such as uncontrollable taunting, sleeping, and even constant tripping.


It is stated in Luigi's Final Smash trophy that Negative Zone is a sorcerer's magic attack that is fueled by his dislike of being in his brother's shadow.

("The actual wording is "a dance befitting a sorcerous incantation", but this info makes it seem like Luigi himself is a sorcerer." - Alex95 (talk))

Nintendo DS[edit]

The Nintendo DS is the third handheld system since its predecessor, the Game Boy Advance.

("How the heck did this end up in an FA summary? Twice?" -RickTommy (talk)
  • One of the US taglines for the DS is "Touching is good". Why, Nintendo?


Definiton of 'Noob'

A noob is a 'newbie' at games, or at editing things on the Super Mario Wiki. They generally are very inactive, have cheap signatures, small pages, etc.

The current noobs on this Wiki are...

1. Hess





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Paper Mario (series)[edit]

  • In all three games of the series someone whose name begins with B is told to "still their tongue". In Paper Mario, Bow says it to Bootler, in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Grodus says it to Beldam and in Super Paper Mario, Blumiere's Father says it to Blumiere.



Mario, you're so cool
And with my Star, we're gonna rule
Mario, understand
I'm gonna love you 'til the very end
Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario
Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario, Mariobr> I love you, oh!
Mario! Mario!


Peach, Luigi, and a Donkey Kong, too
A thousand troops of Koopas couldn't keep me from you
mario, at the end of the line
I'll make you mine, oh!
mario, mario, mario, mario, mario
mario, mario, mario, mario, mario
I love you, oh!

("Hooray! Love finally wins!" - EleCyon (talk))

P-Wing (kart)[edit]

The English name of the kart references its namesake...

("It's named after the thing it's named after. How astounding!" - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Red link[edit]

Red links are links that don't exist or have been deleted. When you put a word inside the two brackets, it could be red. When it's red, you can create it. Put some links that become blue (or light blue). Be careful though, don't put any random things on a page. That will be unnecessary.

(That irony was so hard it hurt. - AwdryFan1997(Talk))

Reign Storm[edit]

  • Without sharp teeth, the Nipper Plant's face looks similar to the face people sometimes put up when they troll other people on the internet.

  • This is the first episode where Toad's feet are shown. Other episodes include:
    • This is also one of the few times he is shirtless.


Some course elements have different weights. Twisters weigh nothing, while Spiny Shells, Buzzy Shells, Dry Bones Shells, Beach Koopas, empty Koopa Shells, and disabled Koopas weigh half a normal object.

("I didn't know that when we stepped on Koopas, we were really disabling the use of their exterior limbs. The Mario franchise is darker than I thought." -TheDarkStar (talk))


A later mockery was in the back of the box of Sonic the Hedgehog. The text on the back of the box includes "Super", a mockery of Super Mario Bros..

("While admittedly it is included in four separate headers, that's still a bit of a leap." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Shadow Mario Revisited[edit]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニセマリオふたたび
Nise Mario futatabi
Shadow Mario Again
French (NOE) Antimario se fait arroser Shadow Mario Needs Watering
German Mario Morgana-Landgang Shadow Mario Land-Passage
Italian Riappare Mario Ombra Shadow Mario Reappears
Spanish (NOE) La vuelta de Mario Oscuro The Return of Shadow Mario

(Did you remember to water your Shadow Mario today? - Hooded Pitohui (talk))

Shigeru Miyamoto[edit]

Shigeru Miyamoto
Shigeru Miyamoto
Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 2006
Artwork of Yoshi in Mario Party 10 (also used in Super Mario Party and Mario Kart Tour)
His secret identity
Born November 16, 1952
Super Mario–related role(s) Representative director, game developer, game designer, Princess Peach's husband

("So he's Bowser Jr.'s mother, but is also Princess Peach's husband? This Mario lore is messed up, yo." - Alex95 (talk))

("Not only Bowser Jr's mom and Peach's husband, but ALSO Yoshi himself too, apparently."Arend (talk))

Single Sculls[edit]

Dr. Eggman must finish the race in the totally awesome position of second!

("We like the sarcasm, but don't get us wrong, getting second place in the Olympics is an extremely respectable feat in real life.")

Snufit Ball[edit]

A Snufit Ball is a small black orb that Snufits spit out of their tubular mouths at Mario in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. They can easily be avoided, but will hurt Mario by one damage point if he touches them.

(While deleted, Snufit Ball lives on in the memory of the Super Mario Wiki users who wish to see its article aggressively recreated someday.)

("Sadly, with the official English translation of the Mario Portal revealing that Snufits are in fact just Snifits, that also means that Snufit Balls are nothing more than Snifit bullets. It does come with the perk that they're made of nightmares, though."Arend (talk))

Special Attack[edit]

  • Additionally, the top screen of Bowser's tutorials always show a Chuboomba being defeated by the acquired Special Move without the candy.


Speed (episode)[edit]

Plot Synopsis

In Donkey Kong house, DK and Candy are talking about the times they will be together and something interrupts them, just to DK answer she "can be together him twenty-four hours a day". At the end, he and Candy were about to give each other a kiss, just to be disturb by Cranky's hologram ordering him to go to Cranky's Cabin. DK hurries to reach the place as fast as possible and leaves Candy at his house.

In King K. Rool's hideout, King K. Rool is talking to Krusha about his plans to steal the Crystal Coconut. Briefly, General Klump was in a Mine Cart and can't stop to save Krusha, who was standing on the rails. The Mine Cart bumps into him, making him inconscious. After some time, Krusha wakes up, but looks different. He gets very intelligent and starts to talk to King K. Rool about plans.

Back to Donkey Kong, he and Cranky are standing at the front of Cranky's House. Cranky was telling DK about his job.

In King K. Rool's room, King K. Rool tells Krusha about his plan. He will use Candy Clone to convinces Donkey Kong to get a minecart ride with her, but the minecart will have a way to his hideout. He press a button in his Control Panel and Candy Clone appears.

Candy Clone is in a Minecart and Krusha is behind it, thinking how the plan will be. General Klump notices a bomb in the vehicle's back, installed by Krusha. They hide themselves in a tree and awaits Donkey Kong to arrive. Diddy and Dixie saw "Candy" in the minecart and she ask them if want to get a ride in the minecart. Supposed to Donkey Kong be attracted, General Klump tries to scare the little monkeys, but, Diddy and Dixie enter the cart and turn it on, taking it away.

Donkey Kong was running, and, when is in the edge of the rails, percept Candy, Diddy and Dixie there. Far away DK were, Candy Clone's head starts to spin, scaring up the monkeys.

At King K. Rool's hideout, he is scolding Klump by his fail. At this time Krusha starts to sing.

Diddy and Dixie were terrified with what was happening. Candy Clone falls from the cart and stops, as her head still spinning. Dixie notices the bomb at the minecart that will blast them.

Candy was in the forest, when DK arrives and they start talking about their times together and, ready to kiss each other again, one more time, Cranky interrupts that moment of love, ordering Donkey Kong to go to his house to stop the invaders. DK hurries again, leaving Candy. That makes her very angry.

In Cranky's House, Klump gets afraid, knowing DK is coming to beat them, but Krusha don't looks to be worried about that. As soon as Donkey Kong reach the place, Krusha and General Klump talk to Donkey Kong about Diddy and Dixie in the Minecart and the bomb in it. DK leaves the house, but also takes the Crystal Coconut with him. General Klump and Krusha leave the house too.

Donkey Kong was trying to find the Mine Cart, when Candy appears. DK, on the rails, can't percept the cart that runs into him, this also makes he toss the Crystal Coconut up. Dixie gots it. A minecart taking Krusha and General Klump also runs into DK. Diddy and Dixie notices that the bomb in the vehicle was about to explode.

Donkey Kong and Candy are in another minecart chasing the little monkeys and the Kremlings. The minecarts reach King k. Rool's hideout, where he notices the Crystal Coconut in Dixie's hand and starts to chase it. The minecart bumps into the King and he comes aboard it.

After many time in the mine, the cart leave the place and runs into Cranky, Dixie, remembering Diddy still in the minacart with K. Rool. Donkey Kong have the idea of using the Bluster's Barrelcopter to rescue him. General Klump and Krusha end at King K. Rool's hideout. The minecart with Diddy and King K. Rool reaches the place and bumps into Krusha again, making him back to his normal dimwitted state. Both follow the minecart.

Donkey Kong and Candy were in the Barrelcopter and rescue Diddy from the minecart. King K. Rool still in the minecart, but it stops at the end of the rails, in the beach. General Klump and Krusha reach the place, and then remember the bomb, that explodes.

In Donkey Kong's house balcony, he and Candy were talking about their moments together and DK. The episode ends with a song sung by Candy, until the night, when some fireworks starts to blowing up.

Super Mario (Series)[edit]

Cover, original release, and system Synopsis
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
North American box art of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Japan August 15, 1995
While the title suggests it being a sequel, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is in fact the prequel not only to the Super Mario series but the whole Mario franchise. The game starts off on the day the Mario Bros. were born and are to be delivered to their parents by a dedicated stork. Foretelling the treat they will represent to the Koopa clan in the future, Kamek tries to kidnap the babies from the stork but only manages to snatch one baby (Baby Luigi) and imprisons stork as well. The other baby (Baby Mario) falls on Yoshi's Island where he is picked by the Yoshis that reside in there. The Yoshis come to the decision to aid the baby to rescue his brother and the stork from the Koopa clan led by the young Baby Bowser.

Super Mario 64 (DS) quotes[edit]

  • Ironicly, King Boo did see them again, during the events of Luigi's Mansion

("And that's in the quote section because...?")

Super Mario Bros. 3: The Secret Bridge[edit]

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach hear about a secret bridge hidden under the Mushroom Kingdom. They decide to set off on an adventure to find a hidden map leading to the bridge. They find the map and then eventually find the bridge, resulting in a happy ending.

("Whoever wrote this clearly hadn't read the story before. Let this be a lesson: Never write the summary to a story you don't know." - Alex95 (talk))

Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen![edit]

Moreover, the movie has never released internationally, remaining a rare production that has never been released outside Japan or in any language besides Japanese. This is because Shochiku, the company that distributed this film, does not operate outside of Japan. This movie is not very acceptable and no one will ever bring it or watch it! Watch something else like Ghost in the Shell for you!

("There is a minority who have enjoyed this anime film. You can also find this movie on YouTube." - PnnyCrygr (talk))

Super Mario Chocolates[edit]

Super Mario 64 branded chocolates.

Delicious looking Mario chocolates from Italy. This may be a start on Nintendo's campaign to make products besides games.

The Super Mario Chocolates are special treats made by Italy starring Mario. The chocolates appear to be based on Super Mario 64.

Super Mario World (television series)[edit]

Princess Toadstool is much more disfigured (by having very pale flesh and dark red lips) in this series compared to the last two series.

("This is a disturbing mental image we got there." - LeftyGreenMario (talk))

Super Peach Spin[edit]

Super Peach Spin
Peach performing an offensive shot.
Used by Mario
Type Offensive Power Shot
Appears in Mario Power Tennis
Mario Tennis: Power Tour

(For added context, this error went virtually unnoticed for 8 months, first being added on 04:36, 10 August 2016 and being fixed on 12:51, 26 April 2017 -Baby Luigi (talk))

Super Star[edit]

“Does it only take strength to be a Super Star? In order to be a Super Star it takes... courage... and wisdom, and... kindness.”
Toad, Mario Party
Mario Party 9 Super Star Toad.
Toad becoming a Super Star in Mario Party 9.

A Super Star (or Party Star in Mario Party 4) is, by definition, "the biggest star". However, after a dispute between Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong during the course of Mario Party, Toad created a specific definition for the term and outlined a method by which the title of Super Star could accurately be granted. Although his method set out to determine a single Super Star, in the end the title was jointly earned by all six of the disputers. The six currently hold the title.

Presented with a great argument between Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong regarding which of them was the Super Star, Toad took a logical approach to the term. The results of his thinking created the current definition of the term as well as the method by which one could become a Super Star.

According to Toad’s definition, the four qualities required of a Super Star are strength, courage, wisdom, and kindness. Toad then concluded that the only way the group could measure these qualities and their effectiveness in making one a Super Star by challenging each other to acts of goodwill. The results of these battles to help others could be used to accurately reveal who was the Super Star.

While the term has generally been accepted as meaning "the biggest star," no one had ever definitively declared the Super Star due to the vast number of stars in the Mushroom World. When Mario gathers five of his closest friends together for a party during the events of Mario Party, the issue arises as to what "the biggest star" actually means. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong each consider themselves to be Super Stars, but the term implies that there can only be one.

After the argument escalates with no progress, Toad begins to look at the concept logically in order to calm his friends, creating his definition and method detailed above. Upon hearing this, the six friends head to Mushroom Village through the village's central Warp Pipe. The fruits of their labors assist seven different lands and yield them one hundred Stars in total. After battling Bowser and his minions upon the broken Eternal Star, Mario and his friends jointly earn the title, and still hold it to this day.

("I think You're Winner deserves an article, too." -LeftyGreenMario (talk))

Team names[edit]

(This is a compilation of several "facts" pertaining to team names from Mario Superstar Baseball. Keep in mind, most of these were here for years before quality control finally vaporized them.)

  • DK Kongs is named after Donkey Kong.
  • DK Explorers is derived from Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's habit of exploring.
  • DK Wild Ones comes from Donkey Kong being wild.
  • DK Animals derives from the Kongs, their Animal Friends and the Kremling Krew being animals.
  • Diddy Survivors is derived from Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's power of surviving.
  • Diddy Ninjas is named after Diddy Kong's fighting skills, as he can fight like a ninja.
  • Diddy Tails comes from Diddy Kong's signature long tail.
  • Diddy Red Caps comes from Diddy Kong's signature red hat.
  • Diddy Monkeys comes from the species that the Kongs are.

  • Wario Greats is named after Wario's arrogance, as he believes that he is great.
  • Wario Garlics comes from Wario's favorite food.
  • Wario Steakheads (when Wario has a majority of team members with a high Power stat): is derived from Wario's brute strength.
  • Wario Beasts is also derived from Wario's brute strength.
  • Wario Muscles comes from Wario's strength.
  • Waluigi Mistiques could be from many of Waluigi´s powers that are rather mystical, like the giant baseball he throws or the random trajectory of his Star Swing.
  • Waluigi Smart-Alecks may come from Waluigi's sarcastic personality.
  • Waluigi Mashers has the same origin as the above name.
  • Waluigi Flankers comes from the baseball term "flanker".
  • Waluigi Spitballs may be derived from Waluigi's cheating behavior.

  • Peach Monarchs comes from the fact that Peach is a princess, a type of royal monarch.
  • Peach Roses comes from roses, a type of red-pink flower.
  • Peach Princesses comes from Peach's rank as Princess.
  • Peach Dynasties comes from dynasty, another word for a royal family.
  • Daisy Flowers comes from the fact that Daisy love flowers

  • The Mario Sunshines references Super Mario Sunshine, as well as that most of the teammates are natives of Isle Delfino.
  • The Mario Fireballs references the Fireball, one of Mario's signature magic attacks.
  • The Mario Heroes references Mario being the main hero of the series.
  • The Mario All-Stars comes from Super Mario All-Stars.
  • The Luigi Gentlemen is derived from Mario and Luigi acting like gentlemen and being kind, friendly heroes.
  • The Luigi Vacuums comes from the Poltergust 3000, a vacuum used to suck up ghosts.
  • The Luigi Mansioneers is derived from Luigi's Mansion, which includes Bowser due to being in King Boo's painting.
  • The Luigi Leapers comes from Luigi's high jumping ability.
  • The Luigi Knights is derived from Mario and Luigi saving Peach, similarly to knights.

  • Bowser Monsters comes from Bowser being considered a monster.
  • Bowser Flames derives from Bowser's Fire Breath ability.
  • Bowser Blue Shells is based on a Blue Shell, a type of Koopa Shell.
  • Bowser Blackstars is probably named after Ztars, which is an evil Star.
  • Jr. Fangs comes from the bandana designed like a fang.
  • Jr. Rookies comes from Bowser Jr.'s young age.

  • Yoshi Islanders is named after Yoshi's Island, the home of many of the team's players.
  • Yoshi Eggs comes from the Yoshi Eggs that Yoshi can create.
  • Yoshi Speed Stars derives from Yoshi being a Speed player in the game.
  • Yoshi Flutters is based on Yoshi's Flutter Jump move.
  • Birdo Models comes from the fact that Birdo is always posing.
  • Birdo Bows comes from the bow that Birdo always wears.


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The is a definite article, it is the most common word in English

In the Mario Series

The word "the" appears very commonly in Mario Games

("This actually was a page." - Doomhiker (talk))

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show![edit]

References in later media

The killing game[edit]

The killing game

("I don't remember this from the Nintendo Direct." - Niiue (talk))

The Making of... Super Mario Bros.[edit]


("What's harder to believe is that there's actually a commercial website that does exactly what the PrintScreen button on everyone's keyboard does." - Mario (talk))

The Mario Car[edit]

The Mario Car
Full name Mario Car
Species Car
First appearance Real-life
Latest appearance Human world (Earth)

The Mario car is a real-life car based on nintendo's mascot Mario.The theme of Mario is Mario Party.The lisence plate says:SGV-4765B (Morse Code for:Party Time) The car is in Singapore and I live in Canada.So I don't know much about this car.

("It's actually the Mario Party Car. Impressive." - Garlic Man (talk))

("Car is a species." - Bowser's luma (talk))

Toad Force V[edit]

Toad Force V, known to its fans (who happen to mostly be nerdy fanboys) as TFV, is an extremely popular television series (even Bowser likes it)

Toddler Terrors of Time Travel[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Bambini a spasso nel tempo Children on Crack in Time

Too Bad[edit]

Too Bad is a phrase that appears in many Mario games [...] WARNING: IF YOU LOSE ALL OF YOUR LIVES YOU WILL GET GAME OVER.


Trip stands for tripping.

(And edit stands for editing. Catpolof (talk) 21:53, April 3, 2023 (EDT))

Turbo Birdo[edit]

It has average speed, acceleration, and steering capabilities, but its most amazing stat is its weight.

(Is this a description of a Mario Kart vehicle or your mom driving a car?)


means special

("Please note this was recreated twice." - Doc von Schmeltwick)

User talk:Alex95[edit]

In some alternate realities you (Alex95) played arcade Donkey Kong in 1981 as an egg cell in some realities and as a toddler in other realities where you were born earlier

In some alternate realities you (Alex95) played a Super Mario game (for a BASIC multics system) in 1967 in alternate realities where Super Mario games were released pre 1983. In some of those realities you played this game as an egg cell and in other realities who played this game as a baby in alternate realities where you and your parents were born earlier.

I am serious Alex, research the Many Worlds Interpretation for proof I am right.

(How do I play games as an egg cell? - Alex95 (talk))

Wario Greats[edit]

He also has King Boo and Petey Piranha on his team. It hints that he may have some sort of friendship or control over the two. However, Nintendo may have done this, because the company couldn't think of better team-mates for him. [...] The Wario Greats is a very mixed-up team.

Wario Land (series)[edit]

Wario is immortal and can't lose lives (since there are none).

(Because Wario is a GOD.)


The puzzle that decides between the TV and the computer in Brain Drain
Luigi choosing between the TV and the computer. Artistic liberties taken with Luigi.

(Luigi's design wasn't really enough for the drama and tension of this scene, they obviously had to edit the design to represent the true hero they required him to be. Fight, Luigi! For everlasting peace! - AwdryFan1997(Talk))

Yoshi's Island (series)[edit]

Yoshi is notorious for carrying the babies on his back, escorting it while on a mission.

("Notorious among the Koopa Troopa, I believe." - LeftyGreenMario (talk)

("Why does it refer to babies as "it"? Aren't babies sentient entities too? And besides, shouldn't the correct pronoun be "them"?" - BabyLuigiOnFire (talk))

Yoshi's Island Spring Water[edit]

Yoshi's Island Spring Water is water found in Yoshi's Island during Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. There were Yoshi statues around the island, and one of the had a hole where the spring water was coming out.

Next to the statue was a sign that read "Yoshi's Island Spring Water. A healthy yummy drink ideal for growing kids! Remember: Drink like a pig...and your belly will get big!"

Baby Mario must drink some of this water to get full of water, and then make Baby Luigi hammer him and then Baby Mario will spit the water out. This move is useful in many areas.