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Is this still a stub? Max2 (talk) the secret to the universe: a Wii.

Ok, I'm removing the Stub. any objections? Max2 (talk) oh yeah, do we have any pics of it?

No pics, i put a request in the trouble center though. Isyou 16:04, 7 March 2007 (EST)

So... stub? Max2 (talk) I think it's good. Mario Tornado is about as long, maybe shorter.

Dr. Tornado article is longer. Max2 (talk)

This .gif will have to do until we get a picture. Max2 (talk)

What? Why Merge? two different moves! Max2 (talk)

Do we merge Tannoki Mario and Cape Mario? 8) They work the same. Max2 (talk) seriously, this deserves an article!

Yeah, I am sorry I just realized that it is an official name. But the gif has to go its unofficial. Also, have you been talking to yourself?Knife (talk) 17:46, 7 March 2007 (EST)