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About Me

Ok, so I guess I should introduce myself then. My real life name is David and I am currently 15, turning 16 later this year. I live in the best suburb in Adelaide which is the capital city of South Australia (state). I go to the same school as this noob user called Dom and we are good friends.

What I do

Well, in my spare time I like to play online games such as Multi Theft Auto (GTA: Vice City online), SA:MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) and sometimes RuneScape when I'm really bored.

When I'm not gaming, I am visiting forums, doing stuff in Photoshop or scripting for a gaming server I go on. So yeah, thats about it xD.

My Top 10 Games (still under construction)

These games are in no particular order, just my top 10:

Game Rating */10 Comment
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 9 This game is one of the best GTA games I have played, not because of the missions but because it is great just to roam around freely and get the cops against you.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 7.5 Missons are great, but once you know the area too well it seems to get a little boring. This is why San Andreas is good because it takes a very long time to learn the area and therefore takes a while to get bored of.
Mario Kart 64 9 You can never get bored of this game! Especially when doing battles and grand prix with your mates. Even though it is not the best graphics, the gameplay is what makes it such a great classic. This was the first game I got on the Nintendo 64 and is still the best one I have played. HURRAY FOR MARIO KART!
Mario Party DS 8 Great gameplay and very entertaining. Personally, I think it is the best Mario Party game out of all of them. I love the multiplayer party mode and have played this with Dom (and PWNED him hard! xD).
Need for Speed: Most Wanted 8 Fantastic graphics and gameplay. Career Mode is very challenging so I generally stick to free roam where you can just do whatever you want (without trying to lose too much money) and get up to 50 police chasing you (42 is my record)! As you can probably see I love games that involve running from cops or being one xD.
Burnout 3: Takedown 8.5 Another great and fun game. The graphics are great and it involves a lot of good driving skills and taking down your opponents as evident in the title. Also great fun to play with your mates. Grrr, I said "great" too many times lol...
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 7 Didn't really play this much as I only did it at Dom's house but it was still great and I enjoyed doing the battles and defeating all the "noob" enemies (and Dom still had to tell me what to do lol). Maybe when I play this more I will change the rating.

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