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Status: Not particularly active. It'd probably be best to PM me on the forum if you need to contact me.
User talk:Stooben Rooben

Please read the rules before putting any messages up:

  • Please, no insults on my talk page. Those comments will be deleted and it's bound to put you on my bad side.
  • Please put a header above your comment (e.g.: ==Blahblah==). If you're continuing a conversation with me, feel free to put it under the same header.
  • Please sign your comments, either with your signature or with three or four of these: ~
  • When a message is left, I will respond on your User Talk page as soon as I am available.
  • Feel free to ask me gaming advice for Mario games or Team Fortress 2. I'm quite experienced.
  • I am a former Admin and can no longer delete pages, ban trolls, or anything like that. If you need assistance with something like that, contact someone on this list.

Thank you!