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I'm sorry if I didn't notice but I would like to be in your comic.F gLarrynana.gif

OK! I would like to be a bad guy. and give me a few minutes to find a larry koopa sprites.F gLarrynana.gif

Okay here they are!

Larry Sprites.png

Good Guy.-- Xpike the hedgehog 19:20, 19 February 2008 (EST)

Wacky Wiki VILLAN >:D

Wacky Wiki Heroes is you comic's new name, eh? Cool. LOL, I'm gonna be portrayed as "Glitcho"...LOL :) Can't wait to read the first issue!! Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG is glad you joined Userpedia!

I'll be a good character. :3 ~Madame Lady Boo-Ànn LBA Sig.PNG

Mawy had a wittle wamb

Anti-hero. If not, just good. Portray me as "The One With No Name, Daniel DeJong". And once I'm announced as that, call me 3D. :D SPOILER: 3dhammer.gif 3D, ain't I a stinker? 3dhammer.gif

Good. ^_^ ~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Ciao!


Wow. I got lucky then, 'eh? :P I have the sprites right here. I would like to be a Villain, please. ChaosNinji_Sprites.PNG f_cm_767603a.pngChaos NEEDS MOAR NINJI f_cm_767603a.png


uh, good girl :) and the nickname "Yoshi of Blueness" Boop Explosive Pants Modifier i'm not gonna be online much...


Ok, cool. Those sprites look great. Wut's your AC FC? BLOC PARTIER.

Arright, here's mine:

Name: Tonberry

Town: Poison (don't know why I named it that...)

FC: 055918358538

All of my Magibones sprites on the ground of my town are there so I know which places NOT to plant trees. So whatever you do, DO NOT pick up any tiles that are on the ground! I CAN'T WAIT! BLOC PARTIER.

K, i'll try my best!


Master Crash

I'll go for being a goodie two shoes. :3 User:TehBooKid/sig

Yah, that sounds fantastic! I'll go ask him. Whose town do you wanna go to? BLOC PARTIER.


LOL, nice comic. Also, sorry, but the Smash Bros. appears next month. This month I'm doing . 3dhammer.gif 3D, oh, and I'll try to find the themes. :D 3dhammer.gif

You're already the most popular user here. o.o 3dhammer.gif 3D, DUUR DUUR DUUR 3dhammer.gif


The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG TML Rulez


Ur sprites, if ders anyting u dun liek ask me. And i fix.

Master Crash


If it isn't too much trouble, can you make me a spritesheet of Glitz Hawk? (File:Glitz Hawk.jpeg) I can do the recolors for ya.

Thanks! GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk

P.S. Care to sign up for my story called "A Hawk's Life?" Here is the link for more info on it! Sign up on the talk page and leave the characters that you want to be in. I shall put you down as a main character if you'd like.

My Story

You are in. Yoshi kid was already in as a main character, so I'll have your user in as a character.

Best, GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk

P.S. I'll ask him.


Well I won't reitre after all but I hate when people gang up on me and say hate words to me.F gLarrynana.gif

Alright. I'd rather go to your place, cuz mine's under "rennovations." :P I'm making it perfect in other words. So yah, sounds good. Wut time? BLOC PARTIER. Cool comic! Ileft a comment on the comic page.

7 sounds bueño. I'll se ya then... You liking Melee? I love that game. :D BLOC PARTIER.
Cool sprites. I think I need some of me playing the bass guitar. *Goes and makes sprites of me playing the bass guitar* Oh, and I can't wait fr my surprise! XD BLOC PARTIER.

Its excellent! And your comic is to!Storm Yoshi sig.pngStorm YoshiStorm Yoshi sig.png

LOL, let's do it on Userpedia. :P Let's get GM. We'll have to ask HyperToad, though because of his Metal MarioWiki. XD BLOC PARTIER.

On my page in the sprites section. I've also got YI sprites on userpedia if you want (on my talk page)Storm Yoshi sig.pngStorm YoshiStorm Yoshi sig.png

Hey Stoob I just checked the edit count and we have the exact same!!!! Except for your edits as Lemonface and this edit I'm doing right now.Storm Yoshi sig.pngStorm YoshiStorm Yoshi sig.png

Joined in april an was barely editing then went on a long hiatus. I came back in Semptember editing alot then I found the forum and I went on there alot. Then Crypt Raider showed me userpedia and I then went on there more then MWiki because of fan stuff. I've come back here helping alot and getting past the 1000 edit mark. Wow that was a long speech.Storm Yoshi sig.pngStorm YoshiStorm Yoshi sig.png

At this rate you might become a Sysop! And if you have Yoshi's Island could you fix up the section in Giant Egg because all I know is that they debuted there!!!!Storm Yoshi sig.pngStorm YoshiStorm Yoshi sig.png

Hmm... I don't know! Can I be both like a continuesly keep on swapping?Storm Yoshi sig.pngStorm YoshiStorm Yoshi sig.png

Comic and its very good (template)Storm Yoshi sig.pngStorm YoshiStorm Yoshi sig.png


Sorry to be unhelpful and not giving the link, but theyre on my userpage. And Id like to be a nutty good guy. :3 (Toadbert101|TBPaper.PNG|Scream|My comic]|Sez:NO WAI, A SIG WITH OUT {{PAGENAME}}! :O) 03:26, 23 February 2008 (EST)

Alright, I'll see you later then! BLOC PARTIER.

Wen are we playin?

Master Crash


posh.gif 'Ello old bean; posh.gif

Our complex spy network (yes, we do have one) has disovered that you have no Fake News section as of yet. Since you signed up for the job, we'd like if you would please PM your section of The Fake News on the wiki forums no later than March 8th. If you don't, the whole shebang tends to fall apart and we don't want that, wot? If you have no access onto the forum (too bad, eh?) please tell the Director and you and he can work something out. But if you don't, the director might not be his usual happy-go-lucky self, eh? Please try to meet the deadline, good sir/madame.

Attempting to feign ethusiasim,

The One Who Goes "AAAAAAAH" in the Night.
It's K; I'm just handing out these early. :D 3dhammer.gif 3D, your sections rawk! 3dhammer.gif
Hey, um, you still gonna be on tonight? BLOC PARTIER.

Coming... I was eating dinner... I'll be on in a sec... BLOC PARTIER.

Alright, I can't connect. But I think I know the reason. You have a specific firewall so that I can't get in. Here's a link to a page I found... Could you try and fix it? Link BLOC PARTIER.

And I gotta get off the computer, but I'll keep trying to connect. BLOC PARTIER.

Well, this stupid firewall is probably the reason we can't play that, either... :( I don't think it'll work... I have to go soon anyway, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow or something... BLOC PARTIER.

Hey Stooby, what goes on? Haven't heard from ye in a while. Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG is sorry you guys couldn't connect...

Re: Comic

Yay! If you ever find it'll be good for meto be in there, just pop me on in... you have my permission! :D Thanks for doing comix! And for the infobox! Yay 4 friends! Stumpers! 15:57, 24 February 2008 (EST)

You can use my new sprites which are on my Userpedia Userpage.-Kpshadowsig.pngKP ShadowKpshadowsig.png

It's probably your Vista that's blocking my DS from communicating with you. I've got a Mac, so that's probly it. I mean, you've seen the commercials, right? :P JK, but I bet that's it. ANYWAY, How's it goin'? BLOC PARTIER.

Hey Stooby, sry i wasn't able to play :( But hey, howzit go? And FINALLY! That blasted snow is cleared on ACWW! Yay! So how do you like the sprites?

Master Crash

Not much is going on with me either. You may be surprised to hear this, as unfortunately so many people are, but I'm saving up to buy a NES. *distant laughter* erm, sorry, that follows me whenever I mention it. I'm trying to get a loan from my bro. And thanks, I think I'll be interviewing Xluidi for next month's interview, cuz he asked me if I could. You know when you're next comic's coming out? Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG says sorry for your flu.
Yeah, I have a lot of NES games on the Wii already, but I just can't wait to have the feel of an actual NES controller. They have quite a few new and used NES consoles on Amazon, so that's where I'll get it. And when I get bored with it (which will probably be about, in five years) I could sell it for a profit, too. Hope you can get a Wii soon!! Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG


AW! Flu? Worst virus EVER. Nausea and sore throats are the worst things ever. Anyway, great obits; thx and I'll insert it! :D {{User:3dejong/sig|hope you feel better in a few days. D:

OH, and if you like retro games, YOU HAVE GOT TO DOWNLOAD THIS. It's the greatest ROM ever. Once you download it for free, you can play ANY NES GAME EVER MADE, SMB1/2/3, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Ice Climbers... full versions, on your computer, totally legal, FOR FREE. And for only 5$ a month, you can play any SNES, GB/C, SMS, GG, and some other system's games too! IT'S AWESOME! 3dhammer.gif 3D, DOWNLOAD IT! 3dhammer.gif

Your Roll

Hey there, Stooben Rooben. Sorry to here that you have/had the flu. (Depending on the time you see this) Your character for my story is put down as Glitz Hawk's assistant. Is this ok with you? The deadline for this answer is March 1st, 2008. Get me the answer as soon as you can.

Sorry again about the illness... GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk Gloomtail had some medicine for you, but he forgot it it home...


Gaming? Thingy? Fakelinks were cool. 3dhammer.gif 3D, DAAAAAAAAAAHx2 3dhammer.gif

Oh. Tried it yet? I completed SMB3 with it. Oh, and the best part is, you can save at any moment, then load at any moment! It makes really hard games really easy. 3dhammer.gif 3D, DOO HOO HOO 3dhammer.gif
Are you gonna be on more nowthatyou'resick? 3dhammer.gif 3D, Ispeakinshortquicksentences 3dhammer.gif

Ugh, the flu? That sucks. D: I hope you get better. Oh, yeah, about me knowing you have Vista... You said it on someone's talk page or something. I SWEAR that's the only reason I know. I'm sorry if I creeped you out... ;_; BLOC PARTIER.

Your Comic

Good guy plz. I'm a boy. here are meh sprites. I'll read your comic, evenually, I'm busy right now. My internet has been down for 9 days, so, yeah... HyperToad You can call me HT or Hyper.

WHOOP whoop whoop whoop!

Played Classix yet? 3dhammer.gif 3D, over the fluuuuu? 3dhammer.gif

I'm eating leftover candy from a part last night. :P Try playing Kirby's Adventure. BEST. NEWS GAME. EVAR. 3dhammer.gif 3D, Vista sucks, donit? 3dhammer.gif
No, I do not. D: THey were hard to make; grrr. I'm playing this timewaster right now; I might play SMB3 later. 3dhammer.gif 3D, DAAAAH 3dhammer.gif
The sequel is harder. :D 3dhammer.gif 3D, GAR IMA GAR 3dhammer.gif
TIQ2, duh. I also like Riddle School 2. 3dhammer.gif 3D, BLUUUH 3dhammer.gif
WATCH OUT: It'll drive you crazy. Look for a walkthrough. 3dhammer.gif 3D, there's two around here. 3dhammer.gif

w00t w00t w000000000t!

Oh, ok, cool. Hmmm... we can try MKDS again. How 'bout... 5:00 Friday? BLOC PARTIER.

LOL, it looks great! XD Thanks a TON! XD BLOC PARTIER.

XD Hey, you should join my Snufit Ball Wiki! You don't have to contribute or anything, but we need a few more members. And I don't care if you join or not, but the place is very funny. You might actually want to join! :P Link to Main Page. BLOC PARTIER. PS: I have to leave, BTW. Send me a message if you join the SBW. CYA L8R!
Hmmm... Oddly, I'm back. Hai! BLOC PARTIER.

It's AWESOME. And you do know about the Snufit Ball Fad, right? If not, you can always look up the Snufit Ball Fad page on the SBW! :P BLOC PARTIER.

Nope. Quite a few users hate the fad. I (obviously) think its not so bad, but that's just me. :P BLOC PARTIER.

I don't have a clue. Some people are just against fads altogether. I liek tehm. :P BLOC PARTIER.

LOL, yeah, really. I'm really loving this Snufit Ball one. XD BLOC PARTIER.

Yes It is a cool fad :P BLOC PARTIER.

Nah, I actually ripped off the idea from someone else, so you know. :P But aren't those ones on my page awesome? I didn't make them, if you were wondering. BLOC PARTIER.

Posh=AWESOME. :P I'm making a game on Userpedia that has all my artwork I've ever made of Kirby Hats... You should check it out when I'm done. BLOC PARTIER.

Scott Ramoosair, creator of VG, made those. VG Cats is an AWESOME, though highly mature, comic that involves two antomorphic cats making fun of EVERY GAME EVAR. 3dhammer.gif 3D, n my own highly inflated opinion, you pwn. :D 3dhammer.gif

yayz everywun thinks i suk D: 3dhammer.gif 3D, Live and Learn. In that order. 3dhammer.gif

Alright. I made a page. A link is on my Kirby Hat Page. Hope you like it! BLOC PARTIER.

I once was the TOTAL COOLEST USER ON THE SITE until Xzelion came along. XD Anyway, I try to help people, and to help their self-esteem. From personal experience I know it sucks when people ignore you, so I try to bring out their good qualities.

Plus Moogle/Guliant and Uniju both daily beat on me. So MY self-esteem is quite low. D: 3dhammer.gif 3D, KAMINA IS A DICTATOR 3dhammer.gif

It's K. I got back at him by insulting his favorite anime.



3dhammer.gif 3D, ever seen LOLcats? There's one there. 3dhammer.gif

An online archive of all the FUNNIST LOLCATS. Thy only pck the best, so get read to LOL. 3dhammer.gif 3D, IZ SOBERZ I SWEARZ 3dhammer.gif

Thanks for standing up for me on Uni's talk page; it means a lot to me. *sigh* Him and I go through stages of "You're awesome", "You suck" and "You're insanse" stages. :| Anyhoo, we just use each other to shapen our wits, see where we're stupid, and have a good time annoying each other. :D Right now we're in a Kamina Pwns/Kamina Sucks debate. XD 3dhammer.gif 3D, thanks, though. Especially for calling me a friend. :') 3dhammer.gif


LOLRUS! XD Anyway, I gotta go. Be back tomorrow morning; send me a LOcat, k? LOL, GREAT SIG. MADE ME LAFF. XD I wish I could chat with your awesomness more too, but I GOTTA GOO WHAAH. 3dhammer.gif 3D, GOOD'BAI :'( 3dhammer.gif

Yup. I've got quite a few users already! I'm happy. :P And I'm back. :P BLOC PARTIER.


I gotta go to a "surprise party" this evening; so I'll be GONE. WHAAH. I'll see you tomorrow instead. I HOPE. 3dhammer.gif 3D, WHY DOES LIFE HATE ME SO? 3dhammer.gif

Niiiiice. Yoshi is gonna be hard, though. It'll taake me a while. :P I should go add posh to my gallery... Hm. I'll go do that. I need to make my comic too. I've got lots to do. :P BLOC PARTIER.

Alright, cool. A guitar would be easier. :P Hey, look at this:

My sig's only a tiny bit smaller when I bold it! XD BLOC PARTIER.

Me gusta la userbox Mucho! It's cool. :P BLOC PARTIER.

LOL, sounds good. We gotta do it on someone else's page though, cuz it looks lame if it's just on our pages. XD BLOC PARTIER. LULZ, this sounds fun. And remember kids, PIE IZ GUD!


Alright! You shall get the issue soon!

GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk Super!

W00t for sig warz! LOL!!! BLOC PARTIER. We must have both lost our minds... And they're scheming against us! WE MUST PREPARE FOR BATTLE!

O NOEZORZ! I'm a general in the liquid brain-catching leaugue, so I'll get it! BLOC PARTIER. I am also a black headband in the famed art of Tie-kwan-sup-doe-ray-me-chee!

Re: Templates' colors - Thanks

It's OK ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png The reason is people don't get blind by looking so intense-colored templates :) safety over all.

WHAAAAAAAAT? I thought that was illegal! Well, I was the one you read about in the paper the other day who decided to drink five microwaved bottles of Coke with my eyes closed. I then proceeded to shove the bottles in my toaster. That didn't work, though, so I decided to feed them to my cat. BLOC PARTIER. Alright, enough of this crazy talk! But in real life last year, I truly did blow up an orange crayola marker in the microwave... No joke! I promise! It was really cool. It exploded and all the fuzzy stuff in the inside flew all over. It made me and my friend's hands all orange. Our teacher got angry at us, but it was really awesome. :P

LOL, that's pure awesome. XD Speaking of rats, me and my friend (I call him Big Lip here, look him up on Userpedia) threw a plastic rat in the microwave and melted it. It stunk up his whole house! XD BLOC PARTIER. We really love microwaves, can you tell? XD

Nothing much GrodenE T C El

Metal... Hmmm... Nope, never done anything with metal. :P But I've heard the stories... Exploding, lighting on fire, etc. XD All hilarious. :P BLOC PARTIER.

My mom would go CRAZY if I ever did that. I'd be dead before I could say "MarioWiki". I'm working on my comic right now, so if i don't reply, that's the reason. BLOC PARTIER.

Smiddle makes a funny cameo in the first box. :P You'll see it'll be good. BLOC PARTIER.

Yup. ;) I'll tell you when it's finished! BLOC PARTIER.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Photoshop isn't responding! My comic was only half finished when I last saved it! Now i try saving and it freezes! NOOOooo... Crap. This sucks. Now I have to restart my computer so I can actually do something other than go online. Great. :| BLOC PARTIER. See ya later! Wish me luck!


I'm back urlee. :3 What up? 3dhammer.gif 3D, {{{1}}} 3dhammer.gif

I haven't said anything because there's nothing to talk about.~PY Purpleyoshisig.PNG

Well, Lesse, if it's Anime, it'd be gundam and Naruto, but i used to watch Ton and Jerry and Scooby Doo, but now they barely show it on TV.

Master Crash

Ha. I'm glad you did want the Car Wiki, I thought you gave up on the idea :P Good job! Again, if you need any help, I'll work it ;) GrodenE T C El



Master Crash

Thanks! I like that episode! XP

Master Crash

Yeah! Really, Hey are you up for some Animal Crossing Right now?

Master Crash

I guess since firewalls stop Viruses from getting into your computer, maybe it detects your stuff as something of a threat to your computer, and won't allow you to, so who's place?

Master Crash

Sweet! What should i bring as a house warming gift...?

Master Crash

K, are your gates opened?

Master Crash

DANGIT. I'll get on now. I forgot, sorry. If I leave halfway through, I'm eating dinner. :P BLOC PARTIER.

Dangit! It's still messing up! Maybe Is's town works... BRB, i gotta shower. >:(

Master Crash

K. What time? BLOC PARTIER.

K, I'm back!

Master Crash

Ok! Tell me when it's opened! You know you can ask your parent's to take down the firewall, Unless you can't have your parent's knowing about this.

Master Crash

What is it?

Master Crash


Master Crash

Your not appearing on the list D:

Master Crash

I'm pretty Sure, but now i gotta eat dinner, shouldn't take too long, 15 minutes at the most.

Master Crash

Hmmm... I'm not so sure... I might be gone. If I'm not there, expect me to be not on my computer. BLOC PARTIER.

I can't play nao ;_; I gotta Go DX

Master Crash

"Sadie Hawkins Dance, in my khacki pants." Ever heard the song? Oh well, anyway, I'll be at Sadies fer sure at 7. BLOC PARTIER.

I'm surprised my parents are letting me go. ^_^ Meaning my dad, cuz my mom doesn't care. But are your parents protective, too? BLOC PARTIER.

In case you were wondering: THROUGH THE FIRE AND THE FLAMES WE CARRY ON! *Does a guitar solo* W00t for taht song! I'm listening to it right now, and I LOVE IT! BLOC PARTIER.

My comic is done! Look for it on Userpedia! Hope you like it! BLOC PARTIER.

YAY IM ON U ON? Oh, cool! Knight #1 is out! 3dhammer.gif 3D, played TIQ? 3dhammer.gif

Wanna retry tommorrow?

Master Crash

Wario Blast

Well, the article is still based much on Wikipedia's article and not written from a Mario/player point-of-view. Expanding it would help. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 06:11, 1 March 2008 (EST)

Well, it should be okay, but it could get much better. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 06:56, 2 March 2008 (EST)


Tadaa!2.gifHi, Stooben Rooben!Tadaaa!.gif

Please PM Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon your 'Shroom section on the forums (our forums, which one did you think?) by no later than March 14th. Please remember to save a copy in your outbox. If you can't, be sure to tell us soon and we'll be sure to punish you cruelly work something out.

'Shroomingly yours,

Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon


Lemme know when you're on Monday evening/morning. What's ur time zone? I'm Pacific; nobody else here is. D: Anyway, I'm in the process of developing a mystery adventure comic. AND YOU'RE ONE OF THE THREE HE-ROES! That OK? 3dhammer.gif 3D, want some spoilers? :P 3dhammer.gif

Hey, I rated your comic! I hope its helpful! ;) BLOC PARTIER.

Yeah, it was alright. I should've gone alone. :P BLOC PARTIER.

XD Nah, but she kept leaving. It was pretty awkward.... :P But I had fun with my other friends. ;) BLOC PARTIER.

Nah, not a psycho. XD We're not going out or anything, but she's cool. Nice, too. I wish my friend could have gone. Big Lip, in the online community. He's cool. BLOC PARTIER.


Yeah, it is good actually. It's best that three patrollers would be enough for this big wiki of ours. And Hooktail feels like she needs to be petted, I normally pet her that time. You may join with me petting on her; and problemly not unless she's real hungry. :P RAP.pngRAP... Yeah, Hooktail's cute. :P

Comics Again

Whoo! I was gone for the WHOLE WEEKEND! DAAAAAH! Anyway, I'm still gonna do my MW Alliances; they're easy and fun to do. This comic is gonna be called "Three Users and a Mystery in the Mountains; ~or~ The Danger Game! It's gonna involve you, me, and DP OR Uni OR Smiddle as heroes, plus the rest of Wiki as supporters. I've been working on it since like last year, and I'm hoping to find someone (prefereably Uni) to help with the sprite sheets. 3dhammer.gif 3D, it'll be made into only about thirty issues... 3dhammer.gif

No way!

You could never offend me! sorry I haven't been replying lately. )= I've just been in the chatroom lately. ;-; I'll try talk to you more often from now on. So, What's up? =) ~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG My sister bought a DS! Finally! >:D

Hey Stooby, did you ever get a Wii so's you can play Brawl? Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG is a gonna be on the radio!! w00tness :P
Ouch, sorry. IS told me you didn't even have Melee for a long time...I wouldn't have been able to survive without it!! And yes, I am going to be on a local radio station at 7:00 pacific time tonight. Unfortunately, the reason is that I won a poem contest that I didn't want to enter. Oh well, some publicity is better than none, I guess. What's going on with you? Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG

How I've been dooben

I'm pretty good. I've been trying to get over Vicky's text's. She's a real pain in the @$$ she is! >_> BTW My sister is plainning to get Wi-Fi on her DS. :)

~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Ciao!

Ouch, sorry about your computer crashing. That's a pain. And thanks, the radio broadcast went pretty well, at least I didn't humiliate myself :P Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG You lost your comic?! OH NOEZ D:

You ought to get a Wii fast, Brawl is too good to pass up!! I didn't preorder it, so I probably won't find it in stores until a few weeks after it domes out D: Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG
Naw, I'm not going to pre-order since it's only a three-day wait. Don't waste your time looking for a Wii, USE TEH INTERNET. It might be a bit more expensive that way, but it's better than looking for a Wii for months. Make sure to fill your Wii up with VC games when you get one!! Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG Those are better than the actual Wii games, save for Brawl that is.
No SMRPG >:( If you've read my userpage, I was REALLY looking forward to it being released on the VC, and now it probably won't ever be because of that dang Squaresoft D:< I'm upset. All the same though, there are DOZENS of awesome VC games that you can get. Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG's sorry your Mom won't let you buy one on the internet..

Ugh, that sucks that your computer crashed. That always sucks. D: But that's awesome that you're so close to beating that record! I wish I was that good. :P BLOC PARTIER. I should be doing homework right now. :P

I'd like to play with you too! Just to let you know, I suck at games. XP My little brother is a real power player though, he can PWN at MSC. Anyway, yeah, she just got Mario Kart DS and is getting Wi-Fi in 2 weeks! ^.^; I think it's a fair time. Also, would you REALLY punch Vicky? If yes then GOD BLESS YOU. She's a real d**k who spys on my FTW sister and won't leave us alone! I seriously hate her and I want her to ROT IN HELL! Ugh, I gotta get my mind of that Witch. >_<

~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Srsly.


You LOST ALL YOUR FILES? Darn! Happened to me... twice. XD Anyway, I'm leaving forever real soon... wanted to letcha know. 3dhammer.gif 3D, *sobs* 3dhammer.gif

Yeah, SMW is a good choice, and DKC, SMB, SMB2: The Lost Levels, SMB3, SM64, and Paper Mario are good choices aswell. If you like old arcade games like I do, you may be interested in getting Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Galaga, and Elevator Action too :P I have all of those. Good luck finding one!! Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG is depressed that 3D's leaving soon.

No prob, those are my favorites :) Do you have anything going on this weekend, cuz we could have a Wifi match at around 8:00 p.m. (my time) tomorrow, if you have time? Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG will invite IS too, if you can make it.

RE: Big Thanks

Oh, you're welcome. I always love helping out around here-specially users. And well, those pages that are stubs and need help. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·

Ah, yes I'm good at fixing articles and being helpful and other stuff but...the only thing I'm bad at is tables. I don't know how to make them. :P I always have to copy other tables and editing them :P Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·
I bet everyone just copies. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·
You know, actually, the only person who does not copy is this guy called Wayoshi-or I think he doesn't copy. As far as I know, he may have just copies from Wikipedia. And that makes me think too: did Wikipedia copy from sonewhere else? Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·

Hi from Blue Koop

Hi, i like you user page, i love the blue background, and your good bad video game chart Anyway, just dropping by, --Blue Koop 23:26, 7 March 2008 (EST)

I know. ^^; Wait a second... 3D is leaving? D: ~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Ciao!

U2 is awesome. Have you seen U23D yet? They did a great job with it. :D BLOC PARTIER.

Yoshi Island Ds

Hey, you have Yoshi's Island DS right? Is it possible to play that game without the R button since my R button broke. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png 11:45, 8 March 2008 (EST)

Oh, thanks. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png 15:42, 11 March 2008 (EDT)


Wellll... It seems I was a bit hasty in posting that. It seems that after moving to Idaho, I WILL have, although patchy, acess to the internet. YAYAYAY. I will be gone for about a month, tho, since I hafta move ACROSS FIVE STATES, AND STAY THREE WEEKS AT MY COUSIN'S HOUSE. WHO HAVE A WII AND EVERY NINTENDO GAME EVER MADE. YESSSSSS. Anyway, I still have two months. I will be gone 4-SURE before July 4th. DAAH. 3dhammer.gif 3D, WE ARE THE CARTOON HEROES WHAAAOH WE ARE THE ONES THAT 'R GONNA LAST 4EVAR 3dhammer.gif

LOL, I would eat some, but we don't have any at home. :P Hey, 3D's not retiring anymore! YAYZ! BLOC PARTIER. I m gonna go play Gamecube or something. BAI!

Aww thanks

Aww thanks for standing up for "Duh Gumbah". You're pretty nice, no wonder they call you the nicest user around here. Yes, a while ago (Actually, a day ago) I added you to my friends list in Userpedia. Also, whoever created that strange Wiki syntax for a table must have been Albert Einstein or something. From the day he made that table, everyone just copied instead of typing all that down. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·

I'm back. And I'll check it out. :D BLOC PARTIER.


Niiiice. 3dhammer.gif 3D, SMALL SIG 3dhammer.gif

Cool :P Unfortunately, IS can't make it cuz he's got strep throat :( If 9:00 your time's too late for you, though, I could play at 8:00 your time, if that would be better for you. Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG BRAWL IS COMING
'K. I'll be waiting :D Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG BRAWL IS COMING

Thanks 4 Userbox

I would assume getting to be the nicest sysop and the first sysop to befriend you is something to be proud of? XD The Wario's Poop article was easy getting rid of was very nasty. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)· BRAWL IS COMING!
Stooby, sorry I couldn't make it!!!! I was thinking that it was 9:00 my time, but that would be 10:00 yours!!! Well, if you're still on, I'm on Wifi now. Sorry again :( Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG BRAWL IS COMING
Oh, and on a lighter note, great new FTMV section!! Those 3 hidden 1-ups in SMB will be very helpful to me, cuz I have the game on the VC :D Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG says sorry again about the aforementioned mishap...


No problem. Also, February 21, this year. I really started to edit some articles on the 26. Btw, do you wanna be on my Allies on Userpedia? I'll be on yours if so. And, I'm making a game there, titled Into the Wiki Darkness and was wondering if you wanted to be in it. If so, 4-to-6 attacks are needed, and you'll be one of the last characters in the game. Giratinabylydarioss8.jpgPalkia47Palkia.png Dialga.png

I'm adding you. Giratinabylydarioss8.jpgPalkia47Palkia.png Dialga.png Btw, do you go on the Forums?

Btw, are going to add me on yours, or am I? Giratinabylydarioss8.jpgPalkia47Palkia.png Dialga.png


U GOT BRAWL! YAYAYAYAY! Once I move, I'm staying at my cousin's for a few weeks; THEY GOT BRAWl. YAY. Caramelldansen: Most annoying yet addicting song evar. 3dhammer.gif 3D, WHEEE 3dhammer.gif

U GOT A WII AND BRAWL!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Awesome!! I had to wait in line before the store opened to get Brawl, cuz I hadn't reserved it. IT ROCKS!!! When I get better at it, we'll have to exchange friend codes :P If I can make it, that is >:( and oh yeah, ChaosNinji asked if I could interview him for next month, so that's who I'm doing :) Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG BRAWL IS HERE...and by the way, be sure to get Super Mario Galaxy and a BOATLOAD of VC games!! You can play demos of them on Brawl to see what ones you like before you waste your money on them, so ya know :P

Brawl! :D

Yah, I got Brawl too. I went to the Midnight Release (it was freezing cold!) and played it a bit at night. But I started getting sleepy and had to go to bed. First thing I did when I woke up a few hours later was play Brawl :P. Wario Waft is the funniest and one of the most unique moves in the game. Wario also has other cool moves and funny taunts altough I don't like his Final Smash much. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)· Luigi's Final Smash is the weirdest though-no need to argue.


I sure hates being the only person here without a Wii... but GEESH, you sure won that huge sig contest. BIGGEST SIG EVAR. 3dhammer.gif 3D, I have nothing to put here. How suprising. 3dhammer.gif

Oof, yeah. But it's ok. If I can see all the movies of the story, then play for an hour or so, I'm fine. Also, I was GOING to have a HUUUUUUUUGE Fakelink at the end of the Fake News, but it was too long and didn't work. D: Anyway, until TML PMs me his Fakenews pics, I can't launch it. D:D:D:D: 3dhammer.gif 3D, the next time I catch TML, (secret message!) 3dhammer.gif

It's goin' good! Lotsa beaches, went to one todaay and friday, We met with our mom's side of the family twice, (which was also SM97 and I's B-day party!... Sorta, We got lotsa muneh! :D) I dont have much time on, so i'm gonna try checkin everything i can.

Master Crash


Hey, long time no chat! Nice to hear from you again! Yeah, I haven't been doing much patrolling, but if anyone messes with the Wiki... mwa, ha, ha! I will destroy them! Or something. I've actually been working on the Birdo (species) article since my proposal passed. You? Or have you been completely consumed by the wonder that is Brawl? I'm so jealous! I haven't played it yet, but I'm going to hold a video game party sometime soon, and make my friend bring over his copy. Good times. Don't tell me the ending! :O Stumpers! 22:07, 11 March 2008 (EDT)

NICE! Awesome page -- good writing and formatting. Your parents play video games with you? That's really cool. My dad does sometimes, but not often... maybe once every three months. (yikes.) Ah, well. You'll play it soon enough, though! I've heard it's very addicting, so maybe it's good that your parents are making you wait... staying up playing video games is not good for the next day... heh-heh. I think with the Birdo (species) article, I'm not going to change anything, but rather add more information. I left a to-do list on the talk page, so we'll see how I do with that. See you later! Stumpers! 23:08, 11 March 2008 (EDT)
Our "bonding time" is spent on movies! ;) Anyway, thanks for the complements and the offer to help! Feel free to edit the page however you want -- you don't have to wait for me to finish with it! Thanks again! Stumpers! 18:02, 12 March 2008 (EDT)

Tommorrow we're flyin' ta see our other grandma, so about a week and a half more.

Master Crash

RE: Brawl

LOL, I feel sorry for you. At least you'll get to play it sooner or later :). It's a really great game-the adventure mode could have used some actual talking and more characters could have been used. Other than that, it's a great game. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·

Of course me wanna be in ur comic! II consider myself more of a goofball than stupid person but yeah...I luv being in comics! I have my own comic series called Wiki's End at Userpedia. I started it back in July 2007 and it still keeps going. :D You're not in it...yet. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·


Yeh; TML is gonna get a tongue-lashing as soon as he decided he wants to turn dem pix in. But don't worry; I've made every effort to make this issue funnier than the last one (the travel guide contains over 100 asterisks!) 3dhammer.gif 3D, what is this Micro-Sig of which you speak? Dang, "Small" can only be so small. >> 3dhammer.gif

BEE TEE DOUBLE-YUU, mind trying to look for TML/DB on the chat/Userpedia? Tell him I really, REALLY need those pics. Also, want a litle peek at the Fake News? 3dhammer.gif 3D, I LIEK SEACREATS 3dhammer.gif
SHHH! BE VEWY VEWY QUIT! I'm hunting wate suscwibers! (LULZ) Anyhoo, I watched the entire Subspace Emissary being played and feel a lot better. Except everyone on chat won't stop blabbing about how much fun they have doing Wi-Fi. >> 3dhammer.gif 3D, I still have my DS, Wi-Fi adapter and MKDS... hmmmmmm... 3dhammer.gif

Whats up from Blue Koop

Hey, thanks for posting something on my iser page, i want to play mkwii also--Blue Koop 20:29, 12 March 2008 (EDT)

Sure, you can make me a sig--Blue Koop 09:55, 13 March 2008 (EDT)

I like it, but is there a short cut to right it like my--Blue Koop 18:03, 13 March 2008 (EDT)BlueA Blue Shell.KoopC

Thanks, i appreciate that Blue KoopC

Yea, i have joined userpedia BlueA Blue Shell.KoopC


Uhh, you lost me at "minus 78 times". I didn't know they made math that complicated, and I do it a lot!! Well anyways, sorry you haven't gotten the chance to play Brawl yet :( It's PWNsome :D King Dedede and Diddy Kong (Pronounciation: "Dedede" and "Dede") are the best players, so ya know :P Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG asks if you know why the Fake News isn't up yet?

Yeah, I concur, Brawl is the stuff of legends. SO FUN!!! BTW, congrats on getting a Wii, they're really fun! :D And you should try Captain Olimar as a character. He's difficult to learn, but very strong if you master him. Pikmin are surprisingly strong. :P And Dedede is pretty cool to. But I'd use Meta Knight, cuz he's fast and scary. And Pit is surprisingly bad. :( But You'll have a lot of fun with the game. :D BLOC PARTIER.

Yeah, Yoshi's pretty good. Still though, Diddy Kong and King Dedede are definitely worth trying out. I guess I'm good enough for a Wi-Fi match now, so I might as well give you mah friend code; 3866-7707-1966. You can just give me yours whenevre you think you're ready :P Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG is sorry about your Math-induced migraine.

I'm pretty sure I know already XD Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG BRAWL IS HERE


While waiting interminably for TML to turn in his Fake News pictures, my dad made a sneak attack on my laptop, deleting all my MW files including the Fake News. So I'm resigning as Fake News director and turning it over to whoever wants the job. Have fun being free as a bird. 3dhammer.gif 3D, now you'll never know how hilariously funny I made the Fake News hahahahaha. 3dhammer.gif

THAT'D. BE. AWESOME. Let's wait until March 25; I may have a backup hidden somewhere in my computer. If I do, though, it's only half-done. 3dhammer.gif 3D, MUST... FIND... HIDDEN LAPTOP... (I'm on my bro's 'top >> 3dhammer.gif
Wut is this Free Bird of which you speak? XD I had no idea I did.. (EDIT: I just realized what it was... "Have fun being free as a bird!" Anyway that song does pwn and it WAS a reference. Memory loss FTL.) Anyway, I DID hide them, fifteen folders into an unused file system. But my dad "recent documents" to find the folder and delete it. >> I found my hidden backup, but it was for LAST MONTH >______>;;. So, for now, YOU are the Director. I know you'll do an awesome job; your obits were hysterical. :D Anyhoo, once I move I'll remake the News and launch it again, but for now it's all yours. Thanks so much. :)3dhammer.gif 3D, DANG my life sucks. In an unrelated note, I now has glasses. -o-o- 3dhammer.gif


I remember you saying that SMB3 is your favorite nes mario game?F gLarrynana.gif

Cool! I just recently got mine...F gLarrynana.gif

Of course!!! :P and my second favorite console is SNES.F gLarrynana.gif


Conrgatulations, (i don't know how to spell that word) on getting fake news diracter!!! So when is the next fake news relesed? BlueA Blue Shell.KoopC

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I just PMed it to you on the Forum, hope it worked cuz I have been having problems with the Forum lately. BTW, it's probably not as good as last month's, but it's all I could rustle up :P Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG says congrats on your new position!! Poor 3D, though...:(

Congratulations! So, you need my Shroom Sections? Do you go on the forums? (Toadbert101|TBPaper.PNG|Scream|My comic]|Sez:NO WAI, A SIG WITH OUT {{PAGENAME}}! :O) 19:49, 14 March 2008 (EDT)
No problem :P Glad you were able to get it. Hope TML will give you his images... Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG

hi im new and i just wanna meet nice people so Hi :D user:Cutiepie

Mario Bros. Movie

hey, this is BlueA Blue Shell.KoopC, your userbox said that your thought that the movie was stupide, i never saw it, was it really that gay???