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Status: It's been a long time since I've edited my status. I'll still be inactive, but might be on every week or so.
“Do I detect a little hostility? You owe me some flowers, mister!”
Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
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Hello everyone, welcome to my user page. I'm Glitchman, as many of you may have already learned, but you can call me GM or Glitchy if you prefer. In case you don't know, I am obsessed with SMRPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and am eagerly awaiting its release on the virtual console, which unfortunately has been postponed or even canceled >:( Contrary to this, however, I have recently decided to recreate my comic series, History of a Wiki, and hopefully I'll have the second issue out in two weeks or less :D Still, I've been more interested in playing video games, editing non-user fannon related articles here on the Wiki, and creating my new game on Userpedia, so why don't you check that out..NOW!! Oh, but first, read the rest of my page....NOW!!! >:(

My Sub-Pages

To-Do List

  • Help to fix up bad grammar throughout the Wiki.
Sprite of Mario, from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Mario in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Super Mario RPG Sequel

Those who have come to this userpage before probably already know that I have been urging for a sequel for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Those who have helped the cause by writing to Nintendo are beginning to realiaze what an impact their work has made. Super Mario RPG DS is a remake (similar to Super Mario 64 DS) that's being rumored for release. Looks like our work is paying off! Unfortunately, it's only a rumor, but more information can be found here. The plans certainly are exciting, a port/sequel to this game on the recent DS system would introduce a lot of players who regret holding out on buying the game because of the Nintendo 64 to the game. I'll post whatever information I can get my hands on about the rumored game here on this userpage, but to all readers DO NOT expect more info anytime soon, on any site.

In other news, Square-Enix, who helped develop SMRPG, will be involved in developing SSBB. Which means rumors have been appearing that Geno may be confirmed as a playable character for Brawl in the near future! I cannot give any direct sources, but I hope he will be announced as playable. I would guess that one of his special moves would be the warp-star (like the power-up) because of his true star-form. If I find any more information on the subject, I'll post it here on this userpage, so if you're interested keep checking!

Bad news, for all wiki users. The inevitable has indeed happened, and SMRPG's virtual console release has been pushed up. All month it has been advertised to be released in 2007, yet only the same day it was supposed to be released did I see rumors of a 2009 release. I, for one, am very disappointed. And confused, because I had heard that when Nintendo announced this game to be released, it had great reception from fans. It is very strange, today was it's supposed released date, but in one day alone all information on the subject seems to have vanished. To all others who were eagerly anticipating this game's release as I was, you have my compassion:(. As odd as this may sound, don't expect any more news for at least six months, except for rumors of course.

However, as of February 1st I actually do have some news concerning SMRPG. Apparently, Square Enix is under the impression that they could make a lot more money by making a DS remake, so that's why SMRPG has not, and possibly will not ever, be released on the virtual console. I personally would prefer it to come out on the VC instead of as a DS remake loaded with new bosses, cuz I want to play the ORIGINAL. Still though, absolutely nothing has been confirmed, but I'll see if I can't find any new information on the subject. Keep checking back for more news!

THIS JUST IN: Here's the MOST IMPORTANT news regarding Super Mario RPG's virtual console release EVER! According to this source, SMRPG will be released on the VC in Japan in June of this year! I'm posting this news on May 31st, quite some time after the previous news four months ago. And while I, and all other American, European, Canadian, Australian, Mexican, African, Asian, and Portugese users are probably insanely jealous like I am, but there is hope for an international release! Check the source I mentioned for more info concerning release dates.

Credit to IS for this interesting animation.

On September 1, 2008, Super Mario RPG was finally released on the Virtual Console in the US, for 900 Wii points. Months of continuously fighting for its re-release have finally paid off!

Pages I've Created


Glitches I've Found

You might have already guessed this by my name, but I love to try out, and find new, glitches!! I've tried some glitches in SMS, as well as the more famous glitch, Minus World. And while I haven't actually found many glitches that have yet to be discovered, those I have are posted here, in order of when I discovered them. Oh, and by the way, since as of my knowledge none of these have been discovered yet, the names I listed for them are unofficial.

Shell Glitch

Shell Glitch.

I actually happened to stumble upon this minor, yet interesting, glitch in Super Mario World. Whether or not it has been discovered I'm not sure, but I've done some research and haven't found it. I found it on the Virtual Console version of the game, so it also should undoubtedly work in the original. I'm not sure whether or not it would work in the SMA remake, though.

OK, to the point. I found this minor glitch in Vanilla Dome 2 in the virtual console remake of Super Mario World. I proceeded as one normally would (as Mario), by taking the vine up and swimming underwater. Then I collected the mushroom, not a feather or flower, directly after the 6x11 cluster of brown blocks, then went up. Once there, I naturally noticed the blue-shelled buzzy beetle on my left side coming toward me. I kicked it down, then picked it up, moved to ground on the right, jumped up, and threw it to my left. Instead of rolling on the incline as I had anticipated, it went THROUGH that incline and started bouncing around within the hill. It didn't go all the way to the left, just about an inch or two on the TV screen. Why this happened, I don't know, and I've tried to repeat the glitch since and have failed each time.

Recently though I have discovered an OFFICIAL way to try the glitch. Interestingly, you can practice this glitch in other areas of Vanilla Dome 2 as well. I've successfully re-created this glitch at the beginning of the level, but not where I first discovered it. On the first incline you come across in the level (right next to the flopping fish), stomp on the buzzy beetle. Next, pick up and hold the shell, and then stand still on the incline while facing left. You should begin to slowly fall to the left. Let yourself fall for about half a second or so, then let go of the shell. If done correctly, it will fall through the hill and then bounce to the left. Pretty easy, eh? Sure, it's not a huge glitch, but it's quite interesting and I'm quite proud that I actually managed to discover a glitch >:D Hence, my name. I'll post another pic of the glitch at the beginning of the level instead of the middle SOON. For now, why don't you just take a look at my long and dull list of Mario games that I've played.

Through the Block Glitch

Throught the Block Glitch, the third of my glitch discoveries.

This is the third glitch that I've discovered, and it was in the Virtual Console version of Super Mario Bros. 3. Unfortunately I do not really remember how I got myself into this one, but luckily I have a picture (poorly taken, but not doctored nontheless) as proof. As you can see, I was Raccoon Mario in World 1-1, and somehow I got myself wedged in the block and was shaking violently. Even when I swung my tail and jumped, the block would not break and there was nothing I could do but wait until the time expired. Another minor glitch, but finding them is the most fun part :D If you have any other information about it, feel free to drop a line on the Classic Nintendo Wiki.

List of Mario games I've played
Game Comments Beaten
DK Arcade Title Screen.png Donkey Kong Very short, but surprisingly fun and nostalgic, pretty fun using the hammer and smashing the few obstacles there are. I have it on the Virtual Console, and I've beaten the game twice. Check mark.svg
File:DkJuniorStart.jpg Donkey Kong Jr. Has all the problems of the original but magnifies them. Not that it's that bad of the game, I spent some hard cash out of my own pocket to buy it. I have this game on the virtual console, and have beaten it once. Check mark.svg
File:DK3 Cover.jpg Donkey Kong 3 A waste of five bucks! I beg of you, please don't buy this game! People don't call it the black sheep of the series for nothing! X mark.svg
File:DKC.jpg Donkey Kong Country This is greatness. The best Donkey Kong platformer since the original, no question. Plenty of fun locations would keep anyone addicted 'til the game's end. I have this game on the virtual console, and am currently trying to beat it. X mark.svg
The Game Boy Advance cover art for Donkey Kong Country 2. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest I have this game by way of the GBA remake. It's pretty fun, but one on a long list of games I've yet to beat. X mark.svg
Australian boxart for Donkey Kong 64 Donkey Kong 64 I've played this game very little, only the multiplayer Kong Battle at my friend's house. All of my friends PWNed me at it, but I still thought it was awesome. I'm hoping it will be released on the virtual console sometime soon. X mark.svg
Luigi's Mansion boxart Luigi's Mansion I recently started trying to beat this one after keeping it in the closet for THREE YEARS. It's really fun, and I finally managed to beat the game, with some help from the Wiki of course :D I received a rank D, captured all of the optional bosses, and all 50 boos!! Check mark.svg
File:Mario Bros. NES Cover.PNG Mario Bros. A classic, one of the better NES games. Can get old after a while, VERY hard, much harder than the Super Mario Advance remake. The graphics are less anoying in the original version though. There are koopas instead of spinies in the original version ... File:Question.png
North American boxart for Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Its controls are very hard and boring. The way you score (e.g. 20 - 50 points a basket) is very annoying and confusing, too. X mark.svg
European Game Cover Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Easily the best Mario Kart game ever made, no question. All of the races and power-ups are awesome, huge character selection, and a sweet battle mode. The only problem is, it could use another cup in Grand Prix. Check mark.svg
The North American Boxart for Mario Kart DS. Mario Kart DS This one is the best portable Mario Kart game, and the WiFi obviously is very addictive. Could use a few more characters and a WiFi battle mode, though. Check mark.svg
North American box art for Mario Kart 64 Mario Kart 64 Easily the worst Mario Kart game ever, terrible graphics, slow to turn, horrible selection of characters and racecourses. X mark.svg
North American game cover art of Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Mario Kart: Super Circuit The first Mario Kart game I ever played, very good but slow to turn like in Mario Kart 64 and pretty bad graphics, even for a Game Boy Advance game. Check mark.svg
File:MarioPartyBox.jpg Mario Party I never owned this game, but it seemed pretty good. Looking back though, it could have used more playable characters and mini-games, plus the graphics were pretty bad. X mark.svg
File:Marioparty4.jpg Mario Party 4 I played this one for two minutes, then got rid of it as fast as I could. The graphics are annoying, ugly boards, and not enough mini-games. Terrible. X mark.svg
North American box art for Mario Party 6 with the Nintendo GameCube Microphone included Mario Party 6 This is without a doubt the best Mario Party game so far. End of story. Check mark.svg
North American box art for Mario Party 7 with the Nintendo GameCube Microphone included Mario Party 7 This one is terrible. The boards are weak, bad mini-games, and having Toadsworth as the guide really sucks. X mark.svg
The front cover for Mario Power Tennis for the Nintendo GameCube Mario Power Tennis A pretty good game, bringing tennis to the Marioverse was a good idea. A good amount of playable characters, but not enough re-playability. It should have had more mini-games and tennis courts. X mark.svg
USCover MSCF.jpg Mario Strikers Charged Easily the best Wii sports game ever made so far, Mario or no Mario. Has more playable characters, more playing fields, and Wi-Fi Connection (WEEEEE!!!) than the original. It's good. X mark.svg
MarioBaseball.jpg Mario Superstar Baseball Hitting and fielding is great fun. Could have used more fields and mini-games, though. Check mark.svg
Box art of New Super Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros. My favorite platformer for the DS. Play it, and you'll know why. It's quite addictive :P Check mark.svg
North American box art for Paper Mario Paper Mario Overrated, but not bad I guess. I have it on the virtual console, but haven't beaten it yet. X mark.svg
North American box art of Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 A pretty good game, not as good as SMS. Re-playability is medium. I beat Bowser, and Mario said the "Thanks a so much for playing my game" message, and then the game froze and I had to turn it off. It didn't even save. WHAT!!??! Check mark.svg
Sm64ds.jpg Super Mario 64 DS Not as good as the original. 'Nuff said. X mark.svg
North American box art for Super Mario Advance Super Mario Advance This was my first Nintendo video game ever, so naturally it's a classic with me. This is still my favorite GBA game, and I've beaten it FOUR times. Check mark.svg
File:Super Mario Advance 4 Box Art.jpg Super Mario Advance 4 This game was a remake of SMB3, and it was almost as good as the SMA game shown above. I recently beat this game for the first time since I bought it FOUR YEARS AGO. Pretty cool, eh? Check mark.svg
File:SMB Boxart.png Super Mario Bros. I recently got this classic on the virtual console, and I can't get enough of it. Pure nostalgia. I'm currently still trying to beat this game, but haven't managed yet. X mark.svg
A poster of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels I had 500 points left on the Virtual Console only to find out this game cost 600! A waste of ten bucks, but it was well worth it for this. It's true what they say, the game is very similar to the original but somehow a lot harder. It was only released in Japan. X mark.svg
Boxart for Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy Despite having an ugly cover, childish characters, a bad plot, and too many individual galaxies, it's a pretty good game :P X mark.svg
File:007.jpg Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars The greatest video game made. EVER. If you think otherwise, you're an...well anyway, I own the virtual console version of this game. X mark.svg
North American box art for Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Sunshine The best Gamecube platformer!!! No questions asked, it's as simple as that. Good graphics, loads of levels, and great fun!! I wish Luigi was playable too, though. I've beaten the game FOUR times!! Check mark.svg
North American box art for Super Mario World Super Mario World One of the only two SNES games I've ever played on the VC, and naturally very good. I haven't beaten it yet, but I did discover a previously unknown (I think) glitch that I'll post later. X mark.svg
Super Smash Bros. Brawl box art Super Smash Bros. Brawl This game ROCKS!!! True, there are some points of Melee that are better, but overall Brawl is a better game than its prequel. Pretty good character and stage selection, although I miss having stages like Kongo Jungle (N64), Mushroom Kingdom II, and Princess Peach's Castle, and no Dr. Mario!!! NOOOO!!! Anyway though, having the Subspace Emissary, playable demos of old games, and WiFi connection is SHUWEET. Check mark.svg
North American box art for Super Smash Bros. Melee Super Smash Bros. Melee My first Gamecube game, and still my absolute favorite. A nice amount of playable characters and stages, and overall great fun. Only drawback is a short single-player mode and no WiFi. Check mark.svg
North American box art for Yoshi's Island DS Yoshi's Island DS Another of my favorite DS platformers, this one PWNs. I just got it recently though, so I've yet to beat it. Just give me a week or so :P X mark.svg

Quotes about me, mostly negative positive.

  • WarioLoaf shoots Glitchman...18 times. TOO BAD!!!!! - WarioLoaf, Chat Room
  • OH CRAP HES BACK. *** Xzelion has left the #mariowiki - Xzelion, Chat Room
  • Glitchmna: A sysop, very inactive one, at that. - Blitzwing, Chat Room
  • Glitchman: that sounds like Google German. - Cobold, His talk page
  • Glitchman, shut up. - Uniju, Chat Room

Daily Updates

To all those who visit this site regularly (who obviously don't have anything better to do) or want to find the latest updates of what Nintendo's doing to bring SMRPG back to life, as of December 8th I will be updating this user page daily.


By the way, as of January 12 I started writing for the 'Shroom as an interviewer, and will also be writing the Fake TV section of the Fake News. When Xzelion quit, nobody was writing for interviews or the Fake News, so I had to help out. The Fake News really needs help, not enough people are on the Team, so ask 3Dejong how you can sign up for it. Oh well *sigh* that's all I want to write for now, I guess I'll let you users run off and ruin the Wiki even more that you already have.....after you watch these random YouTube videos, that is!


As of February 2009, I'm retiring from this Wiki and most other sites on the web. I can be reached by e-mail (my address can be found on my Classic Nintendo Wiki userpage. Thanks for a great year!