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“I'm a bureaucrat now? Who's smart idea was THAT?! Just kidding. I hope to serve you well!”
Stumpers, Thought of the Moment


What Can I Do For You?

As a bureaucrat, it is my duty to help users such as yourself with any problems you might have. This means questions on policy, editing, inter-user issues, and so on. If I do not have an answer, I can direct you to someone who does. So, fire away by posting on my talk page, provided your question is not, "How do I post a message on a talk page."


In addition to my talk page and its archives, there are two more pages in my userspace.

  • Stumpers's Wiki News: The final resting place of my discontinued feature, "Stumpers's Wiki News." With SWN, I would make a post to inform other users of notable edits I had made that day. When I grew tired of it, I asked if anyone would mind if I discontinued it. No one did, so SWN came to an end.
  • Test: My test page. I use it in conjunction with the proposals page when I need to illustrate what I'm thinking.

Stumpers' Featured Articles

If it weren't for Stumpers, this game's article would be merged with Game Sightings, also known as the Void.

This is a list of my ten favorite articles that I've played a major role in.

  1. Mama Mario
  2. Tetris DS
  3. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  4. Mario Strikers Charged
  5. Mushroom Kingdom
  6. Super Mario Bros. Stamps
  7. MC Ballyhoo
  8. Ninja (Final Fantasy)
  9. Vim Factory
  10. Peach Blossom

Do You Know Me on the Internet?

Here are a few of my current aliases. If you see me, drop me a line!

Brief History of Naming

  • "Stumper" era: I named myself after a character I invented for a point-and-click adventure game made with PowerPoint. The reason I chose this was because I couldn't think of a better name.
  • "Stumpers" era: The addition of the "s" to my name was a mistake on my part. The reason behind it is that "Stumpers" refers to the game that the character "Stumper" stars in. Actually, the reason the game wasn't called "Stumper" was a mistake on my part... so it's a mistake based on a mistake.
  • "spazafrazz" era: This was first used for my AIM screenname. I actually thought of a better name this time, because it was after I had been nicknamed "Spaz"... by two separate people independently.
  • "Matt" era: Only used for Animal Crossing: Wild World, I called myself this because the in this game your in-game name doubles as your screenname. So, I could either have the villagers calling me "spazafrazz" or have everyone online know my real first name. I chose the latter because, seriously, there are about eight million "Matt"s in this world, so why does it matter? Yes, you can call me Matt now if you want because you were nice enough to read my page this far down.
  • "Whettam" era: Whettam, pronounced "wet ham" is my full first name, Matthew, spelled backwards. I didn't want to let my Nintendo identity be affected by a name that had, over time, come to bother me. Whettam is also a ficticious character as part of a massive in-joke with my family.

What? You want a reward for reading all of that slop? Whiner. Okay... you can see my favorite Mario Wiki Forum avatar... which Wayoshi banned for being "too creepy".