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“It is a hole in the very dimensional fabric of space! Such a strange phenomenon... Is it near or far? None know, It may appear small now, but it will only grow. And in the end it will swallow all existence.. All worlds, all dimensions...”
Merlon, Super Paper Mario
The Void in its beginning stage from Super Paper Mario.
The Void in its beginning stage

The Void is an inter-dimensional hole in the game Super Paper Mario. Its purpose is to increasingly grow in size and consume and destroy "all worlds" in accordance with a prophecy outlined in the Dark Prognosticus. The Void was created by the summoning of the Chaos Heart, formed by Count Bleck through the forced marriage of Bowser to Princess Peach. According to Merlon, the center of The Void is where Castle Bleck is situated.

The Void consuming Sammer's Kingdom.
The Void, just before it destroys Sammer's Kingdom

The Void appears as an ominous, pulsing black hole that hovers in the skies above. Its size varies depending on the dimension one is in, as each dimension is a different distance from The Void. Frequent waves of tremors show that The Void is becoming large enough to be destructive. When The Void finally becomes large and close enough to destroy a dimension, the tremors become earth-shattering, space begins to warp, and flashes of light consume all matter, leaving behind a stark, white realm of nothingness. An example of this occurs when the purple Pure Heart is sucked through The Void with Sammer's Kingdom and is turned to stone in the World of Nothing that remains.

Other than Sammer's Kingdom, The Void also destroys Yold Town, Flopside, and the Land of the Cragnons during the final battle with Super Dimentio in Chapter 8-4. The Void is closed following the destruction of the Chaos Heart, which occurs through the voluntary marriage of Count Bleck to Tippi thus restoring all the destroyed worlds.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 次元のあな
Jigen no Ana
Dimensional Hole

French Le Vortex
The Vortex
German Die Leere
The Void
Italian Il Vuoto
The Void
Korean 차원의 구멍
Chawon ui Gumeong
Hole of Dimension

Spanish El Vacío
The Void


  • The Light Prognosticus refers to the Void as "the chaos world" in addition to being a hole in the dimensional fabric, suggesting that it is not a place between worlds as Merlon states of Flipside, despite Magiblots and Zoing-Oings being supposedly native to "the place between dimensions".