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Stumpers's Wiki News was a feature that I wrote on my userpage from June 3, 2007 to August 7, 2008. I discontinued it because it took a lot of effort to update it and no one seemed to comment on it that much. I have preserved every entry on this page, so I hope you enjoy it. And, if you are sad that it was discontinued, comment on my talk page. The lack of comments on that page was why I discontinued it in the first place.

Stumpers's Wiki News

Stumpers's Wiki News is a service provided for users who are interesting in what I'm up to. Yes, yes! You're welcome! I'll post any major changes I make and keep you posted on developements regarding my status on the Wiki. Old news posts can be found here.

7 August 2008

I've been thinking: it's pretty much a pain to update SWN, so if I discontinued it, would anyone care? Let me know on my talk page if you read these. In other discontinuations, 3D has returned from hiatus, so I'm giving him back his old position as Travel Guide editor.

22 July 2008

Not much this month because I was on vacation. The Baby Peach article met FA requirements!

1 July 2008

Over the past few days I've been doing a lot! I completely rewrote the Baby Peach article, nominated it, carried out my passed proposals, and THEN I found an old rewrite for King Koopa's Kool Kartoons I had never uploaded while I was cleaning off my computer's desktop!

24 June 2008

I haven't updated this in a while, but I have been editing. I just rewrote Luigeena, I've been writing many proposals, and I've also been working on the Mario article some more.

11 June 2008

Work on other Wikis has hindered my work here, but this is still where I am most active, never fear. I forgot to mention this earlier, so here it is: I have added a bunch of content to the Banana page.

18 May 2008

Kazooie is no longer an implied character, so I moved the content back to her page and did some minor editing.

14 May 2008

I didn't even remember until today, but I've rewritten the Board (Super Mario Galaxy) article while they were still divided into four articles. I rewrote the introduction to the merged article today.

10 May 2008

Some of you may have noticed that I've been crossing out articles on my list below. So, that's what I've been doing: fixing things up in those articles and others as well. Today's news: my first Stumpified article, Mario Strikers Charged, is now a Featured Article!

8 April 2008

Today, I found a rewrite I had done of the Oho Oasis article I had written around Christmas. I had meant to make a final draft of it and upload it, but the holiday distracted me. Speaking of, there's a lot more to be had among the mess that is my computer desktop. I'm finding rewrites that I did a while ago, some of which were uploaded, some of which weren't. Unfortunately, because I took so long, some of them are now outdated, like the one I did for Mario Tennis (N64), an article which has been rewritten by another user. Also, Stooben Rooben invited me to do a Travel Guide section for the Fake News. We'll see how that goes!

There are so many loose ends I've left undone on this Wiki... here's what I can think of:

  • Tetris DS - I left a "to-do" list on the talk page and still need to-do some small things.
  • Donkey Kong - I made a big edit to the history section, most of which was undone because of the whole controversy regarding Cranky Kong being the original Donkey Kong. However, new sources have confirmed that it is so, and I believe that the rewrite is now applicable again. I also need to work on updating the "spin-off" information.
  • Mushroom Kingdom - The history section needs sorting into political and recreational events, and there are a few other sections I'll like to add/expand.
  • Beanbean Kingdom - Same as with the Mushroom Kingdom, I feel that there is more I can say.
  • Masahiro Sakurai - My first attempt at citing sources. Came out terribly, and I need to fix it.
  • Game Sightings - Wow, this page is good in terms of information, but it needs a presentation overhaul, and maybe a rewrite. I started rewriting this off-Wiki and need to finish.
  • Birdo (species) - There are a few sections I feel should be added or expanded on.
  • Banana - I lost this edit to the wonderful back button of death. This is why I do most of my big edits on MS Word. I need to write all of that again...
  • Peach (item) - That appearance section needs to be killed. Knife was right, but my self-righteousness got in the way. I wonder if a list of games it appeared in without the box art and rehashed description would be suitable, though... you know, in the style of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl game list.
  • Peach Blossom - I'd like to make some final changes to it and also add the trophy to the article.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - I've been meaning to make his article more than a bunch of in-game information, but I haven't found the time.
  • Luigi's Mansion - This article was an FA, and then I started expanding the story, but never finished. Now it's in the FA rotation and it looks unfinished... great, Stumpers, great. I think I should remove most of the direct quotes, too. We don't quote every line in the cartoon shows or the movies (heh-heh... I found that out after wasting four hours), after all, so why would games be any different?
  • Mario Strikers Charged - I put in so much work on this article alongside Coincollector and Fixitup. After the game was released, those two continued to expand on the article with the help of other users. I'd like to honor their work by going through the article one more time and then nominating it for FA. Someone got to this before me!
  • Mario - I've been rewriting the history section, and I need to finish that. I've also found an old rewrite I was working on for his "sports career" (read: spin-off section). That could be posted with a little more work, I think.
  • Super Mario Bros. (film) - I've found a bunch of great sources regarding the movie, now I just need to impliment them. There's stuff about production, reviews, etc. I mean, actual reviews, not just the fan-boy statement, "The movie was generally considered to be poor." I also have some fun stuff about what the actors were like off-set. The guys who did Mario and Luigi really hated the directors!

Maybe I'll think of more later, but for now this is going to be way, way, way more than enough to keep me occupied. Yikes. Hmm... I believe this is the longest post ever for "Stumpers' Wiki News."

27 March 2008

Since the patroller rank has been removed, all three of us were promoted to sysops! That means that you guys can pester me for all of your page deleting and user blocking needs.

IGN Wii posted a hands-on of Dr. Mario's Virus Buster, so I have partially Stumpified the article. I hope to finish it later.

18 March 2008

There's a website called Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive that includes tons of information regarding the Super Mario Bros. film that we don't have on the Wiki. I contacted the administrator, Phlibbit, regarding the use of his infromation on our Wiki, and he gave me this responce:


Thanks for your support! Yeah, that's totally fine citing the website for anything at all. I looked up some info on proper website citations, and this is what I came up with:

Super Mario Bros. the Movie Archive. Ed. Hoss, Ryan. 25 Mar. 2007. <>

I hope that helps!"

Yes it does, Mr. Phlibbit! After I finish the Birdo (species) article, I'll take back up the film article(s)... unless something crazy happens or some other article demands immeadiate attention... ugh. I wish I could be focused!

10 March 2008

The proposal to split Birdo into an article about the character and the species passed, so I've been working on an article that you can see now at Birdo (species). In the coming days I hope to expand on that article so that it discusses the species in terms of appearance, abilities, life cycle, etc.

As an aside, DP and I are considering the creation of a "Cross-Over Species" article that would include information on minor species such as Hedgehogs (Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Mabel and Sabel Able) and Hylians (Link, Zelda, and Twilight Princess characters).

2 March 2008

I'M A PATROLLER!!!! ZOMIGOSH!!!! RAWR!!!! PREPARE TO BE STUMP'D!!!!! Thanks to everyone who supported me without my knowing and everyone who helped me get here... there's too many of you, all making it a great Wiki to contribute to. I accept this with pride!

?? February 2008

I should have posted this earlier, but... I've been working on a rewrite to the Mario article. It includes some non-game stuff that isn't normally in biography sections just to see how it would look. Give me your imput, and I should have the game stuff up sometime soon.

13 February 2008

I Stupified as much of the Toon Link article as I could. Unfortunately, I couldn't do much because his moveset is unconfirmed.

12 February 2008

I haven't had much time for major edits lately... so that's why there haven't been any posts. BUT! I did up the Mario Bros. (stage) article in a Stumpification that isn't quite up to my previous work, but there wasn't much information available. I've also been trying to get the Peach (item) article up and ready for any criticism that gets thrown on it.

22 January 2008

Masahiro Sakurai has been updated to reflect his recent interview... and I stumpified the page while I was at it.

21 January 2007

For my next trick, the Peach (item) article has been stumpified!

15 January 2007

I've been neglecting this space, but not so much the Wiki. Check out MC Ballyhoo, recently re-stumpified.

7 January 2007

How goes it? I came back a while ago, and tried to work on the Super Mario Bros. (film) article, but, as some of you know, Knife (appropriate name in this case :3) cut out a good four hours worth of my work, and I just don't have time to do that sort of thing right now only to have it not matter, whether it was appropriate or not. So... I guess this should be an indefinate good bye? Good bye! See you this weekend maybe.

18 December 2007

I'm officially on hiatus again. I mean it. Indefinately. EDIT: I can stay one more day. Come Friday, who knows what will happen?

Oh, by the way, I figured out how to download those tunes from the official DDR: Mario Mix website without having to pay for QuickTime's stupid update. Right click, save as!
Here We Go!
Pipe Pop
Jump, Jump, Jump

10 December 2007

Today, I partially Stumpified the Land of Ice article.

9 December 2007

"Yo, Super Cool Awesome Editor guy! (or, Stumpers, as most of the Wiki prefers to call you. :P) Would you like to be in My Comic? Just wondering, in case you were interested. =) There's only one way to find that out, so, here I am. :P My Bloody Valentine"

I'll let DP speak for himself! Yahoo! Oh, and you guys will notice that Luigi's Mansion is not the featured article. While I'm a little weirded out by its exclusion, I am glad we'll have more time to fix it up. Of course, I might actually have to take my hiatus seriously coming soon...

7 December 2007

Yeah, the edits to Luigi's Mansion will definately not be done by December 9th, so you'll have a featured article that really isn't complete in my opinion. Maybe I should take out my story edits that only get into area 1 for now just so it looks complete?

3 December 2007

I will now be attempting to have a limited hiatus, editing Luigi's Mansion and nothing else save to add location templates. Sorry, Smash fans!

Redonculous edits to the story section of Luigi's Mansion and more to come. I'm going to finish that up and make it a REAL featured article, gosh dang it!

2 December 2007

It's a small edit today: just updated the trival section on Luigi's Mansion as part of my plans to update it before its December 9th release. Wayoshi also offered to make me a location template, so I'll be peppering that around the major areas in the next few days. However, aside from that I will be on hiatus until further notice. Please expect my return around Christmas or after New Years. There is still a possibility that I'll get to work on the tracks section of SSBB. Any work I do on the site will be reserved for writing rather than proposals, talk, etc. I'll still be active on talk pages if you are holding a conversation with me or want to start one. Of course, you're always welcome to do that. ;)

1 December 2007

Check out the music section of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl page. You like the new chart?

27 November 2007

I'm really proud of today's Stumpification: Mario and Luigi's Parents (EDIT: Link removed, please see Mama Mario instead). I combined information from the games and the TV show in order to show their whole story as far as we know it. Hmm... you think maybe I could get it featured? That would be catty of me, yes, but still. Oh... this last bit is old news, but I made superstar into an article rather than a redirect page.

21 November 2007

Oh... I'm back, by the way. Check out the Stumpified Super Star article.

4 November 2007

Hey, y'all. I'm going to try this out: I'll only come to the Wiki on weekends, okay? That will leave more time for my life... see you around!

UPDATE: I've decided to leave until my Thanksgiving Break starts. Everything begins to wrap up around now, which means a lot of work for me. I hope to see you all the weekend after next. Have a great time, you guys!

1 November 2007

Updated the Main Page. You'd think people forgot about it or something. ;(

30 October 2007

Well, the Peach Trio is officially complete. Check out the Peachy Peach article. I think I need to reorganize the recipe section with a chart.

29 October 2007

WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?! I partially Stumpified the Final Smash article... I'm such a loser!

28 October 2007

Oh, no! Super Dragon has been Stumpified! That's two Stumpifications in the last week! Stumpers is going to ruin his life! ...I better take a breather. Oh, in related news, check out my new userbox... at the top.

25 October 2007

Wha?! Stumpification? Oh, yeah. Check out the Peach Blossom article. Based on my pattern, the Peachy Peach article may be next, although there's not much to write about it.

20 October 2007

I finally did another Stumpification. Check out the Peach article! Perhaps I'll Stumpify Peachy Peach and Peach Blossom while I'm at it.

17 October 2007

Yeah, it was a down in the dumps day. Lately one of my classes has been going absolutely insane, with the teacher announcing projects/papers/presentations a week or less until they are due. In other words, my weekends have been reposessed. I'm very ticked off about it, but there's nothing I can do (and I've tried).

11 October 2007

Sorry, guys. My hearts not into it anymore. I'm leaving indefinately. Maybe I'm just having a down in the dumps day, but we'll see.

2 October 2007

Today I updated the news section of the main page... it was scary! I'm just waiting for people to yell at me for it... We'll see how that works out.

1 October 2007

Hey, everyone! I'm back for a test ride! Let's see if I can balance my life with the Mario Wiki added on, shall we? I'm going to be cutting back like crazy from where I once was, but at least you'll have part of me, right?

19 August 2007

As of today, I am on hiatus. I'm leaving my articles, the bear, and my emotional baggage to you, dear reader... yes, YOU! Yeah... that stinks for you, for the most part. The bear hasn't been able to stop crying since I told him the news. I hope to be back for Thanksgiving Break, but you know how things go. There's no way to say. Well, there is one way I could say... and that is this: "THANK YOU!"

Please fill my talk page with nice sentiments. Until next time, remember: Stumpers! loves you!

15 August 2007

Ugh... just finished working another hour on the Mushroom Kingdom article... it's hard. I hope to finish the history section, do a section on transportation and the cities, and then get rid of those stupid lists. I mean, the character information can be found through the history section and the places will be adressed, too. My goodness... it's late. After midnight! No wonder this is the 15th... heh. Time to sleep. Pleasant dreams, everyone!

Good morning! How about a healthy dose of more Mushroom Kingdom updates?! I'm up to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and getting incredibly bored writing about the sports titles.

14 August 2007

Check out the Tetris DS article... it's goin' good.

13 August 2007

Here's my decision. I'm going to work at the threads I've left behind for the time being. I will take up no new projects. Here are the old ones:

  • Tetris DS: My to-do list can be seen in the talk page. Today I took care of the worst part of my list.
  • Mushroom Kingdom: How could such an important article be so unpopular for editing? Well, I'll just have to finish what I started there: the history section. I hope to add other subsections I think of as I go.
  • Donkey Kong: Again, DK is amazing, but people neglect his article. I'll try and finish his biography.

Do you remember any other projects I once took up but forgot? Projects that need help again due to new information? Let me know.

12 August 2007

No point in beating about the bush... there's something different about my edits lately. I just haven't been feeling up to the usual rewrites and such and have been posting here and there as I see the need. Why is this? Well, I've been very tired lately and with the school year starting up again I have been more and more busy. I have a feeling that as time progresses that trend will continue, and so I must warn you now that I may bow out for months at a time without warning. If I feel that a hiatus will be long-standing, I hope to use the {{userhiatus}} template so that you'll know this isn't just a passing phase. It's been a great summer with you guys! I'm not looking forward to the end!

08 August 2007

I've mostly been putting around the Wiki, fixing this and that over the last three days... and playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess like a fiend. It's kind of ironic how if the Wii version hadn't come out, I would have grabbed the GameCube version way before now... but now I get to have more fun now instead of earlier! ...And with all the good games coming out for Wii, I need some fun!

05 August 2007

I'm back from vacation! Whoa... who knew I could actually tan? Not me, that's for sure.

29 July 2007

Happy Birthday to me! (this message was posted retroactively)

20 July 2007

Well, no one found out where exactly I was going... and the not-so-helpful clue was taken down from the gift section of Paper Jorge'sUser talk:Paper Jorge talk page. Too bad! Jorge was the closest, though. Turns out Stumpers Sandiego has a weakness for bribes! (see 7/19/07) Well guys, I'll be back in what will seem like two seconds for me... but what will seem like normal time for you. Oh, and if you're a big fanboy of my work or something, I worked a little more on the Donkey Kong article. Good stuff. That said, long live the Wiki! *poofs away in a cloud of smoke*

19 July 2007

Paper Jorge is responsible for both of these updates. The first is that I now have an incredibly cute little guy as my mascot! StumpersFly.gif StumpersWalk.gif Secondly, he bribed the out of me the state I'm vacationing in... which means that there's an extra hint !somewhere! on the Wiki. UPDATE: I took it down for privacy reasons.

18 July 2007

'Sup, homies? I decided to leave for my vacation with a bang. Check out the Mario Kart Wii article... it's been Stumpified. See you later! I'm-a get some sun! *burns to a crunchy crisp*

P.S. Yay! The proposal worked!

17 July 2007

Hey, everyone. A midnight edit for you: a Stumpification of the Chief Yoshi article. I'm trying to figure out of it should be renamed Village Leader (Yoshi's Village)? Any thoughts?

15 July 2007

Because of the greatly increasing size of the Wiki and its userbase, my computer could not connect to the MarioWiki for more than two page views until now. Basically, I haven't been able to do anything. It seems like the server change helped the problem, but we have yet to see. In any case, in my time gone I have been forced to go cold turkey on the Wiki... so basically, I don't really want to pick up the habit again. ...but I'm sure I will. Regardless, I have one week until I go off on vacation for (removed for privacy), and in that week before the vacation, I have so much to do. Basically, the soonest you will likely hear from me is (removed for privacy) from today. I'll see you all later! I'm going to get my R&R on!

26 June 2007

Guess what? I just went and Stumpified the Doki Doki Panic page. Yee-haw! Okay, I'm going to go for today. It's 5:00p and I have to do a lot still... including playing lots of video games.

I redid the Nintendo DS (battle course) article. If anyone has a better picture of the course, please update the page. The current one is of a menu, and I would rather have one of the course.

Great Gonzo helped me with the edit count userbox issue today. It turns out that there's some Wiki related problem messing it up, not my stupidity. So, from now on, I'll update that box when I think of it using Special:EditCount.

25 June 2007

Nothing big to report today, but in honor of the release of Pokémon Battle Revolution, I updated the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection articles accordingly, as it is the first title to offer online game play for the Wii. For those wondering, July 30 is the planned release for Super Mario Strikers. Yeah... the day after my birthday. Good timing, Nintendo. Oh, well. It's not like I would ask for a Wii at its current price.

23 June 2007

Sorry for keeping you waiting. I have been writing my Stumpification of Donkey Kong. I've posted my work, that ends after the section about Donkey Kong 64. Ugh... and I thought ports messed up Super Mario 64...

On a side note, I embraced my inner politician and am trying to move the Big Eight article to MarioWiki:Big Eight, so it would serve as a guideline and not as actual canon. The thing is, we invented the concept, so why are we calling it canon? It belongs in the MarioWiki category, where our special Wiki stuff goes. The same applies to Marioverse actually, but people don't really want to let it go yet. Yeah, I know I'm being moderate. If you want to get involved, look at the Proposals page.

18 June 2007

You can see a partial Stumpification of the Donkey Kong article. My edit effects the article up to, but not including, the Donkey Kong Country section. Also, the images haven't been edited, so don't blame me!

17 June 2007

I've recently been throwing around the idea of taking a vacation from the Wiki. If this happens, I would definately plan to return. I just wanted to post so I would feel like I could take the vacation if I wanted to. I just have so much I want to get done, including resuming working out. Nothing like a family members having heart problems to make you want to hit the track. So, this probably wouldn't be a very defined vacation, as I'm very much into playing life by ear during summer break. Just know that if I don't update for a while, you shouldn't worry... yet.

16 June 2007

Please view the recently "Stumpified" Rollout article!

14 June 2007

Today I continued to add more information to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection article. Really, check it out. The history section is pretty sweet.

On a side note, the Great Gonzo is a fan of the black bear pic! This means someone actually checks this page! Sweet! For those wondering what I'm talking about, check here.

11 June 2007

I've "Stumpified the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection article. Check it out.

I fell into the Abyss article, and I was forced to Stumpify it to stay alive. I must remember to carry more 1-Up Mushrooms. Remember this when you vote for "most addicted user".

Oh, and if anyone who owns Super Paper Mario could edit the article to reflect the addition of Underwhere into the series, that would be appreciated. I'm sorry, but I refuse to spoil a Paper Mario game.

10 June 2007

I've uploaded lots of nice images for the Tetris DS article... and had some naming and deleting issues... Yeah, I'm expecting to get reemed out pretty soon... a moderator went ahead and did everything I told him I was planning to do out of the goodness of his heart... but I mentioned the wrong file name. Ugh. What an idiot I can be!

Oh, yeah. Remember, kiddies! Vote for Uncle Stumpers in the Wiki voting whenever the user awards come... you know you want to see more of my bumbling!

9 June 2007

Awards voting starts TOMORROW?! Whoa! I hope people think of me! That means you! :) Drop me a line if you want my vote. Just convince me by showing me your articles.

8 June 2007

Pictures have been added to the Tetris DS article by your's truly. However, the article still has some problems. If you'd like to help, even if you don't have the game, check out the game's Talk Page or read through part of it for grammatical or spelling errors. If anyone knows how to rename picture files, please comment on my talk page. I accidentally uploaded one as its original file name, a bunch of letters and numbers, instead of one that makes sense.

In related news, I don't have the game either... oh, what you can find on the Internet these days!

7 June 2007

Please check out the recently "Stumpified" Tetris DS! Images coming soon.

6 June 2007

Please excuse my lack of updates! No one seems to be on the Wiki lately anyway, and I was busy. So be quiet. It's not like anyone actually reads these. Anyway, I'm working on a "Stumpification" (total rewrite) of the Tetris DS article. It's going pretty good, but I have to hurry before the game becomes just another part of that silly Game Sightings article. I mean, come ON! We're a specialty Wiki! We don't go combining articles like a full blown Wikipedia! Gah! Oh, yeah. And it should be "Cameos in Other Games", thank you very much. Grrrr... I'm in fight mode. Hiya!

4 June 2007

I created the Super Mario Bros. Stamps article. Take a look. I think you'll like what you see.

3 June 2007

Recently created a signature. Let's see how it looks, shall we? Stumpers! 19:11, 3 June 2007 (EDT)

Gentlemen (and all one of the ladies out there), that took way too much time.


As new news posts come, each news article is bumped down one slot. There are ten slots... and then THE PIT! The tidbit in slot ten above is spazzing out about it right now, actually. Poor thing. That's why we have this page. It's the retirement village for my news posts, like those crazy places out in the western USA where little kids aren't allowed to live.