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Say goodbye to MarioWiki Story. It's cancelled.

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Sprite of the Box and the Package from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
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"Sorcerer" Boo
Thats me!

3D me! By Girrtacos



Hi there! My name is ~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Ciao! . Nice to meet you. I joined 1st of August 2007. As you can see I don't edit much due to lots of homework. So I don't have enough time to contribute the wiki. The reason why I came here was to meet new people. There all very nice! Except some.... Anyway I'm a 17 year old Christian. Don't worry young ones! I'm friendly with children!


How I Joined

I used to be a user on Pokemon Crater. There was some guy called "lilguy" on the chat and he was bragging and spamming about MarioWiki. He (obviously) got kicked. So then I wanted to go on MarioWiki. I wen't to message him on his account asking what's the name of the website. He replied "". So then I went there and I went on the chatroom. I don't remember who I first met there thought.... I think it was, Uniju, Xzelion , Toadbert101? Maybe it was them. When I first went on the chat my chatroom name was UnbornPixel. I then thought it was lame and I changed it to Lil'Booster (see below). I made and account and then joined the wiki. And then I met him.


Well I was gonna be called UnbornPixel but then I thought the name was stupid and I didn't like Super Paper Mario anymore. So then I thought of a game I DID like which was Super Mario RPG. I thought Booster was funny so I was gonna be called Booster but someone had that name. So then since my sprites were quite small (I decided my sprites could be a Boo) I added "Lil'" Infront of my name. Then I changed it to Lil'Boo cause I (and 2 other people) said it was a better name for me to have.

SMWA Videos

This is a video me and my brother made. Yes it's of SMWA.
Opening in Video version.

Ending for Issue #8 in video version. Sorry if you don't like the music, It's not my fault Jazz music roxx >_>

Comics I like

Here are some comics I like.

Super Mario Wiki Adventures
My Comic. Most episodes are about everyday stuff but in the newer comics there more about adventures. Pretty good overall, but it needs Improvement.

  • Title - 10/10
  • Story(In this case stories) - 6/10
  • Comedy - 4/10
  • Character Personality - 2/10

The Lost Adventures
Uniju's comic. Its about this Realm 0.5 and how Xzelion goes through it and stuff. Nice. Pretty confusing, which is good, but nice. And it reminds me of Anime stuff.

  • Title - 8/10
  • Story - 8/10
  • Comedy - 5/10
  • Character Personality - 10/10

The Shadow Chronicles
DP's comic. It's about how a Magikoopa called Malcuro and he is the leader of the Dark Team. The Dark Team take over various lands of the MarioWiki thus turn some users evil. Whilst some are still un-infected. Xzelion travels with a gang and DP to stop the Dark Teams plans of collecting all the Fantasy Gems and also taking over the whole MarioWiki. Awesome! I love it. One of the Best comics featuring Mario Wiki.

  • Title - 2/10
  • Story - 10/10
  • Comedy - 7/10
  • Character Personality - 10/10

When Sysops Attack!
Toadbert's comic. It's about how Ax turns evil and... GAH you find out! Anyway, It's good! Pretty funny i'll tell ya that!

  • Title - 9/10
  • Story - 7/10
  • Comedy - 8/10
  • Character Personality - 9/10


Teh The falls and plunges Iv'e seen in some comics

I done this cause I was bored...



  • To make 1000 edits or more so hI can become a 'Crat
  • To become a famous user
  • To learn how to make userboxes. Since I'm really bad at doing it
  • To make my comic be a rival with TSC, TLA, WSA and other awesome comics.

My Comic

See Super Mario Wiki Adventures

Some Stuff About Me

  • I'm 17
  • I like cookies.(Also waffles cuz of this dude)
  • I'm in England.
  • My nationality is African/American and I can speak a little bit of Twi (Ghanian (African) Language)
  • My real name is Maxamillion.
  • I'm black in real life. No racism please.
  • I'm Christian.
  • My Birthday is November 15
  • My "Character" is 10. You may not understand this.
  • I think yoshi's are cute.
  • I think Boo's are cute and pwn. And ~PY Purpleyoshisig.PNG agrees with me.
  • I think Steve should get $10000000000 for being the maker(or the founder. I dont really know.) of MWiki.
  • I have 13 year old sibling and his name is TehBooKid. If you want to meet him respect him.
  • I have a older sibling named Lady Boo-Ann. YAY! SHE JOINED! =D
  • I don't have a dad :(. Really! I don't!

Games I have and Completed

Note: I have quit gaming.

My Qoutes

  • "Gotta love cookies!"
  • "Don't Watch me watch TV!"
  • "Hey Snack! can I have a Snack? I'd love a snack.
  • "What is teh wafflez?"

And now......

Say hello to my .Gifz!



Credit to him!


If you are:

  • Stooben Rooben (OFCOURSE)
  • Pokemon DP
  • ToadBert101
  • Purple Yoshi
  • Master Crash
  • Minimariolover10
  • Arend
  • TehBooKid
  • Xzelion
  • BlueYoshter
  • Alphaclaw11
  • King Mario
  • 1337Yoshi

you may add this to your user page.



File:Ani Pequeboo.gif

Heres the code: {{userbox|border=black|mainbkgd=blue|codebkgd=lightblue|codecolor=black|code=[[File:Ani_Pequeboo.gif]]|msg=This user is friends with [[User:Lil'Boo|Little Booster-Shàwtz]]}}


Here are my sprites.

Lil'Boo Sprites.PNG
Ask before using please. Please note that you do not have to give me credit but If you'd like to then please do so.

And here are my house sprites:

Again ask before use. Use either one. I don't really care.

Anyway, These guys have permission to use my sprites:

  • Toadbert101
  • Shroobario
  • Uniju
  • Xzelion
  • Purple Yoshi
  • King Mario
  • 3dejong
  • Plumber
  • Xludi (sorry if i spelt it wrong)
  • Pokemon_DP
  • Plumber
  • Super Yoshi10

Other (B-day)

Well since it was my B-day on November 15th. I got some stuff from these guys. Credit to them!

That was from Xludi. It's great! It would just be better if that box of speech was a speech bubble.
This was from King Mario. It's great. Thanks KM! I like the ending =D
That was from Alphaclaw11. I think it's me but with a birthday hat :P

Thats it! I think...

  • Well I have ALOT more than this I think.... Anyway When im bothered I'll add more stuffz. Stop reading this and DO something =3