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King Mario
All hail King Mario!
Name:King Mario
B-day:March 11th
Extra Stuff:YOSHI ROCKS!!
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A Boo hiding and revealing itself.

There will be mor l8er

Here Come My Favorite Nintendo Characters (in order)

My Goals

Here's a list thst I'm gonna try to accopmplish.

1.Make this page awsome

2.Make at least 20 sigs

3.Make Friends in here

4.Make some articles that no one edits

Yoshi's Emotions

Every time Yoshi changes his color without eating anything I think his emotions change and here are the colors and there emotions.

Green: Yoshi is green all the time even when his emotions change, but that's because his emotions are not changing stongly. Yoshi's emotions have to change stongly in order for his color to change without eating anything.

Red: When Yoshi is red that means he's angry. Just like when Wiggler gets mad.

Blue: When Yoshi is blue that means he's gloomy, about to cry, and/or sad.

Pink: When Yoshi is pink he's shy.

Black: When Yoshi is black that means he's not feeling the way he usally is, he feels evil and does bad stuff (But Yoshi barely turns black so you have nothing to worry about).

White: When Yoshi is white that means that means that he's bored or tired.

Brown: When Yoshi is brown he's either sick or not felling well.

Yellow: When Yoshi is yellow he's happy.

Orange: When Yoshi is orange that means he is either exited or he has courage.

And that's about it.If anyone is looking at my page then tell me if you want me to add a color tell me at my talk

Celebrations and Dissapointments/Anger

In Mario Strikers Charged the captians,sidekicks, and even the goilie have their own way of celebrating, but the also have an dissapointment/anger on them when the opposing team makes a few goals.The sidekicks don't have dissapointment/angers and Kritter has something that no one else does called pain.So I'm going to show you how they do it.


Celebration 1: Mario claps four times and then says "Mario time!".

Celebration 2: Mario waves at the croud and laughs.

Celebration 3: Mario jumps three times and puts his thumb up.

Celebration 4: Mario does three flips and then slides on his knees.

Celebration 5: Mario laughs, jumps and says "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Mario i was running but then stops lays on his knees and seems like he was running out of breath.

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Mario gives two little grrs and pants again (pants as in out of breath).


Celebration 1: Peach laughs histerically slides on her knees on blow kisses to the audiunce.

Celebration 2: Peach giggles on wave to the croud as she saying "Hello" or "Love ya"

Celebration 3: Peach wave at the croud again but doesn't say anything.

Celebration 4: Peach runs and says "Yeah go Peach!"

Celebration 5: Peach giggles seems to look at one of the members of the croud and wave at him or her.

Celebration 6: Peach says "Yeah!" in a chaming way while she's posing in front of the camera.

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Peach sceams, start stomping on the ground and start to cry (what a baby).

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Peach yells at one of her sidekicks the sidekick does a "Talk to the hand" sign and leaves while Peach stomps on the ground (this might only work with Birdo because no other male sidekick would want to do the "Talk to the hand" sign because they are boys).


Celebration 1: DK is just walking and laughing.

Celebration 2: DK is laughing and raises his hands up in the air.

Celebration 3: DK hits the ground and then pounds his chest.

Celebration 4: DK is running and just puts his thumb up.

Celebration 5: DK jumps pounds his chest and grunts.

Celebration 6: DK runs up to the ball and hits it.

Celebration 7: DK hit the camera and pounds the ground in a good way.

Dissapointment/Anger 1: DK is shown grunting.

Dissapointment/Anger 2: DK pounds the ground so hard it looks like he was using his thunder wam while his teamates are flying up in the air.


Celebration 1: Waluigi is laughing while running and saying "Yeah!"

Celebration 2: Waluigi says "Too easy yeah heh heh losers,".

Celebration 3: Waluigi runs stops and then raises his hand in the air.

Celebration 4: Waluigi is walking and saying "Heh heh heh, Waluigi!"

Celebration 5: Waluigi walks to one of the opposing team's sidekick and Waluigi throws the ball at the sidekick while saying "Where the ball here!" then gives a little giggle.

Celebration 6: You see two (or all) of Waluigi's partners and himself and they do a crotch chop dance.

Celebration 7: Waluigi is prepairing to do the crotch chop dance with his partners but the are doing something else so Waluigi starts laughing a little.

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Waluigi is shown doing weird faces at the other team.

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Waluigi is just walking angrilly sees the camera and says "Oh yeah, cheese!!" and hit the camera.


Celebration 1: Luigi says "Thank you" and tips his hat to someone in the croud.

Celebration 2: Luigi says "Oh, Grazie" to one of the members in the croud (Grazie means thank you in italian).

Celebration 3: One of Luigi's partners run up to him and Luigi say "Thank you, thank you very much!" and it looks like the partner thanks him back.

Celebration 4: Luigi is running he stops and then says "Lu luigi uigi yeah!!".

Celebration 5: Luigi is acting like an airplain and says "Vrooomm Luigi!".

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Luigi is sad kneels on the ground and says "No,no,no mamma mia".

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Luigi looks at the goalie is mad and twitches while saying "Luigi".


Celebration 1: Wario say his name and then slides on his belly.

Celebration 2: Wario does a weird little dance and then does the splits then he puts his hands in the air.

Celebration 3: Wario says "Huh, huh, huh Yeah!" while he's running.

Celebration 4: Wario say "Alright I scrored, Yeah!" while holding a yellow foam finger with a W on it.

Celebration 5: Wario is running and say's "Wario!" and it seems that the camera man made it in slow-mo even though in the game it's in regular speed.

Celebration 6: Wario is being thrown up into the air by two of his sidekick and it looks like they get tired and stop, Wario falls on them and then punches both of them while saying "Keep throwing me!" (the sidekicks who was used in this one were Toad and Hammer Bro).

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Wario is holding a [bob-omb]] for some reason and say's "Oh, I give up" and then the bob-omb expload on him.

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Wario is wressling with the ball and saying "I hate you, I hate you stupid...ball" the ball exploads on him (that why I put ...).


Celebration 1: Bowser laughs and raises one hand up then he raises the other one and he does a muscular pose.

Celebration 2: Bowser does a synester laugh and put his hands together as if he plotted something evil.

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Bowser breaths fire on all of his sidekicks thinking it was there faults(when he has Hammer Bro it's so funny he stops drops and rolls while the others are just running in pain).

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Bowser roars in sadness(Dry Bones is shown in the background doing the "I don't know sign").


Celebration 1: Yoshi is waving to the croud proudly.

Celebration 2: Yoshi waves to the croud again and says "Oh yeah!".

Celebration 3: Yoshi sees his little tail wagging and starts chasing it (what a dog).

Celebration 4: Yoshi flutter jumps happily in the air and then goes back on the ground.

Celebration 5: Yoshi is on the ball and is ballancing himself.

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Yoshi is sad and laying on the ground while on of his teamates are trying to cheer him up.

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Yoshi sticks his fist up at the other team angrily.


Celebration 1: Daisy is walking while lifting her arms up.

Celebration 2: Daisy is running looking at the croud and says "Uh-huh!".

Celebration 3: Daisy is running seems to be dusting off the dirt on her and saying "Uh-huh, all right, Daisy!"

Celebration 4: Daisy stops and say "Uh-huh tsssss, yeah!" while she licks her finger and put it on her butt after she got burnt.

Celebration 5: Daisy says "Whoo hoo, yeah yeah yeah" she lies down get back up and blows a kiss at the croud.

Celebration 6: Daisy does a weird dance while saying "Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah!"

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Daisy grunts twice.

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Daisy is furious at her partners and looks like she's gonna beat them up.

Bowser Jr.

Celebration 1: You see Bowser Jr. sorta dancing to his theme song turn around and laughs.

Celebration 2: Bowser Jr. jumps about three times spins his head and get dizzy, after the dizziness get away he laughs.

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Bowser Jr. is ashamed of himself and chases the cameras after he sees them.

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Bowser Jr. hits the goal pole and seems to have hurt himself after.


Celebration 1: Diddy does about three cartwheels and then starts to run again.

Celebration 2: Diddy does a very weird dance and once he sees that the camera man is looking at him he's embarresed.

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Diddy looks like he just cried a little bit wipes his nose and then he walks away throwing a little kick.

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Diddy throws a big scene in front of everyone.

I'll put the rest of them once I see the video.And feel free to put this stuff in the Mario Strikers Charged page if you like.

Petey Piranha

Celebration 1: Petey Is just walking and laughing.

Celebration 2: Petey is seen dancing with his partners and playing limbo.

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Petey is shown walking unhappy.

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Everyone is running away from Petey exept one so since Petey is extreamlly mad he ate him/her and spits him/her out because of there bad taste.


Celebration 1: Toad jumps in the air three times and does frontflip.

Celebration 2: Toad jumps once and does like a little brakedance with his head and starts running.

Celebration 3: Toad looks at one of the members of the croud and saloots them.

Hammer Bro

Celebration 1: Hammer Bro jumps back and slides on his shell and say "Yahoooooo!!".

Celebration 2: Hammer Bro looks back and says "Oh yeah, oh yeah!"

Celebration 3: Hammer Bro jumps flies for a few seconds and laughs.

Celebration 4: Hammer Bro says "Hey, hey, hey, hey!" and giggles.


Celebration 1: Birdo twirls around seven times and then does a little dance.

Celebration 2: Birdo jumps twice and then goes on her toes and turns arond once.

Celebration 3: Birdo is poses in front of the camera three times.

Celebration 4: Birdo is humming a little song and say "Hey, hey!".


Celebration 1: Koopa waves to two of the croud members.

Celebration 2: Koopa jumps grabs his feet spins on his shell about seven times and jumps two more times.

Celebration 3: Koopa saloots one of the members in the cround.

Celebration 4: Koopa put his arms and legs in his shell and slides for about three second then comes out of his shell.

Dry Bones

Celebration 1: Dry Bones claps twice and raises his hand.

Celebration 2: Dry Bones puts himself into a ball and rolls then jumps.

Celebration 3: Dry Bones does the worm, his head fall off and wonders were it is.

Celebration 4: Dry Bones tosses his head three times and the catches it and puts it back were it was.


Celebration 1: Boo wiggles his arms and then sticks his tounge out.

Celebration 2: Boo is shown flying into the air and then comes flying back down.

Monty Mole

Celebration 1: Monty jumps three times and then tries to get into a hole but gets stuck in it.

Celebration 2: Monty gets into a hole, appears in another area about two feet away gets back in the hole and then pops up in another hole.

Celebration 3: Monty the ball hits it with his head and throws it in the air then kicks it far.

Shy Guy

Celebration 1: Shy Guy jumps twice, trips, his mask falls of, he crawls to get it and then puts it back on.

Celebration 2: Shy Guy does a cute pose, an angry pose and a happy pose.

Celebration 3: Shy Guy turns around and runs.


Celebration 1: Kritter spins around once and laughs.

Celebration 2: Kritter flexes and says "Hello!".

Dissapointment/Anger 1: Kritter grunts and says "No!"

Dissapointment/Anger 2: Kritter says "No!" and throws the ball at one of the sidekicks.

Pain 1: Kritter is shown laying in his stoumache and raises his hand showing that he is okay.

Pain 2: Kritter is shown laying on his back and is dizzy.

Well my work heres done.


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