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Hey guys! I'm CBFan5, also known as C2Gaming2. I'm a gamer who enjoys everything gaming. To the right is my Roblox avatar, known as C2Gaming2/C2. In addition to playing the mainstream Mario games, I also play fangames, such as Mario Editor, Paper Mario 3D Land, and Super Mario Bros. X.

My 3DS friend code:

1478 9655 7152

Favorite Characters

King Boo (not the ugly Mario Sunshine one)




Donkey Kong


Bowser Junior

Petey Piranha

Pink Gold Peach

Favorite Bosses

Hole Punch

Tower Power Pokey

Petey Piranha (From Sticker Star)

King Boo

Bowser (NSMBU)

Favorite Games

Super Paper Mario

This game is my favorite game ever. The amount of humorous dialogue, unique characters, and interesting plot made it amazing. Since I don't have a Wii anymore, I play the game on my laptop through a Wii emulator. Also, one thing that really hurts my is that the game is so underrated! It doesn’t get as much attention as any of the other games.

Super Mario Maker 2

This game is honestly the best level-making game (or games that have level- making content) that Nintendo ever created. It added things that were not in Mario Maker 1, such as slopes, new level themes, and a Super Mario 3D World game style! I am currently making a series in the game, and I plan on uploading it once I get a Nintendo Switch Online 12-month membership.

Lego Super Mario

While not technically a game, it is possible to build Mario levels. It's pretty much Super Mario Maker in real life! I currently have 9 sets.

Super Mario 3D All Stars

This compilation is great! It consists of the first three games that rendered Mario in 3D. Like everyone else who played it, I'm a bit disappointed that SMG2 isn't in the game. So far, I beat SMG, and I started playing SMS, and beat Bianco Hills.

Least Favorite Games

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

This game, to be honest, is the worst game in the Paper Mario Series. The reasons why are as follows:

  • The battle system is so basic; the player can only attack, run, and block attacks. They could do so much more in the previous games, like skip a turn, switch partners, and gain EXP, like a normal RPG! Also, the fact that Mario loses stickers after one use is lame. It makes me want to avoid fights and instead save up the stickers for bosses.
  • There are no partners in the game. However, an unnamed Chain Chomp partner exists unused.
  • There was a unique, unused Koopa-like serpent enemy alongside a Goomba, Paragoomba, and Kamek. Compared to most Mario enemies, it was rather unique in design, which is why I’m baffled that it was removed.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

This game, in my opinion, is not that bad of a game. One thing that potentially ruined the game was the overuse of tutorials. Also, while the idea of Luigi sleeping and opening a portal is very cool and unique, it can be kind of weird entering someone's dream through the real world.