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Status: I'm officially retired from the Super Mario Wiki. I just see no reason for me to edit here at the moment. I'll be back from time to time, but I won't edit much. Not that I've BEEN editing much already... COUGH!! Excuse me.
Glitz Hawk
Glitz Hawk.png
This is Glitz's infobox.
Name:Glitz Hawk
Wiki Age: Not keeping track.
B-day:See userboxes.
Users from the wiki that have became my friends: Stooben Rooben, Koopa-Troopa, GreenKoopa, Flame-o, Zeldafan22, RAP and Hooktail, Xzelion, Palkia47, R.O.B. 128, Fg
Users to thank deeply: Koopa-Troopa (talk): for bringing justice to the Glitz Hawk name on userpedia.

It's Glitz Hawk, back on the wiki! Check out this page!

My Latest News

I've been working on a custom RECOLORED Bonetail spritesheet that took me an hour and a half to finish. When I get to a computer with Internet, I'll post it. Keep an eye out, and comment on my work!

Okay, this sucks. I've been done with those Bonetail sprites for a while now, but since that stupid laptop's charger broke, the battery barely lasts a minute! Well, it's an old computer, (Windows ME, I'm using Windows 7 right now. LOVE IT!) so what do you expect? Who knows what the heck I could do. Maybe I'll start over... wait. Are all of the other sprites that I had finished already only IN THAT COMPUTER??? Hmph. I'll give it a shot. *Good luck.* Thanks, Gloomtail. You know it's not gonna work. *I know.* Sigh... Wish me luck, everybody.
The old laptop's gonna get trashed who knows when. Time to go back to Plan A. Starting over! Ugh. It'll be a pain in the butt, but I'll get it done.

Random Pics!!!

Glitz Hawk's Userbox Tower
PaperMario Items Cake.png
Mario wearing a Helmet
Glitz Hawk.png
File:Don Pianta2.PNG
File:Don Pianta2.PNG
Bowser 2.PNG
Artwork of a Koopa Paratroopa in  New Super Mario Bros. (later used in Mario Super Sluggers, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Run)
Here is my well-behaved dragon pet that I cloned from a scale.


Real Info

Hello. My name is Glitz Hawk. I was on an expedition in the Palace of Shadow to find the resting place of the Shadow Queen for an interview. Instead, I found a blackish-purple scale. I had a cloning machine handy and cloned what came from the scale. I got a clone of the dragon Gloomtail and he has been my pet ever since. Based on my name, I have the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and have beaten it. My favorite person to face in the Glitz Pit is Rawk Hawk.

Other Wikis I'm on

[1] Homestar Runner Wiki: Scorched Yoshi

As I find more wikis and join them, I shall add them to this list.

My Poketch Pet!!!!


See my new pet? His name is Chatot. Look at him, dancing around on that branch. Aww... he is so cute! *GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Uh oh!!! Gloomtail is angry at me!!!! I'd better run!!!! *Woosh*

My Signature

Here is my sig.

GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk Check me out!

Cheats and Wii-less yoshi

I am friends with Wii-less yoshi, a user here who has yet to create a user page. He and I are both looking for non-cheat accessories codes for any E-T game. I look for Wii and N64 cheats, while he looks for GBA, DS, and Gamecube cheats. If you find any cheats that doesn't require an Action Replay, PLEASE TELL US!!!!! Wii and N64 cheats are directed to me, while other nintendo system cheats go to him. I work with him to find the cheats and search his User and Talk Pages often. We appreciate all of your help!

The 'Shroom

Youtube Stuff

Random Nonsense

I thought up of some nonsense that I would like to add to THIS PAGE ONLY!!!!!! So, they shall go nowhere.

Fred Fredburger

He is a hilarious character from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and here is his famous quote:

My name-is-Fred Fredburger. I can-spell my name-really good. F-R-E-D F-R-*pause*-ED B-U-R-G-*3 pauses*-ER!!!! FRED FREDBURGER!! Yes!

MarioWiki Mansion

Believe it or not, I've come to think of this place as a giant house. Picture it: Your user page being your own room, size depends on the # of views you have; If you go to a talk page, you use your cell phone; articles have the actual subject in them; the main page is a huge lobby (being the first place you come to...); Steve's room being a huge office, seeing that he is the founder and all; and video game articles having the gaming system and the game in it. If you want to know more, ask me on my talk page.

Internal Links

My sig. My welcome.

Pwnsome Pics!!!

None as of now.

Gallery of my Mario Kart Wii Characters (by order)