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Villager intro.png An expected choice for a newcomer, being that Animal Crossing hasn't been represented much in the Smash Bros series. I am looking forward to playing as him in the new game.
Mega Man intro.png A very wanted character but I thought he had no chance of joining the game, I am very glad I was wrong as he looks like a very fun character in gameplay footage I have seen.
Wii Fit Trainer intro.png It's safe to say nobody expected or wanted this character to be in smash, at first I wasn't too happy about their choice with including her but now I think she makes a perfect "fit" in the series.
Rosalina intro.png A character I didn't really see as a contender for smash at first, but after her appearance as a playable character in Super Mario 3D World and the Super Mario Galaxy stage released in Smash Bros, who didn't see this coming?
Little Mac intro.png Probably the most obvious choice for a fighter, considering he is from a fighting game. Before his release I was curious how they would make him a fitting move set, and they managed to do it perfectly. Mac's unique playing style and great speed makes him my favourite newcomer.
Greninja intro.png I would have preferred another Pokemon rep to be in the new Smash Bros. *cough* Genesect *cough*, but Greninja was still in my top five. Greninja is one of my favourite Pokemon so I'm am still very glad he made the cut, he has a unique style made up of several familiar elements that together builds a very good looking moveset.

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