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HAY. I need something to do for the Shroom, so plz halp. □R.O.B. 128□ 11:33, 9 February 2009 (EST)

Mario Cartoon Articles

Thank you for your comment! When I first joined the Wiki two years ago, I noticed that there just wasn't much coverage devoted to articles related to the cartoons. However, Sir Grodus was starting to do writeups at the time, so I figured that I'd help wherever I could. I know that there's still many gaps to fill, and it will take time to complete everything, but I'll keep doing my best when I get the chance. I'm glad to hear that people are enjoying my writeups. You keep up the good work too! -- Booster (talk)

Sub-Director Notes!

Hi Stooby! What should i talk about in the Sub-Director Notes??? TucayoSig.png I Love Reese's!!!

More Re: Err...

Now it's my turn to take forever to respond... Life's being unfairly hectic to us all as of late, it seems <_> I've made one new friend outside the MWiki over the last four years (we watch Death Note and horror movies whenever we hang out - it's pwnsome), though I have a couple good acquaintances at school. That's basically my outlook on it all too: life sucks and then you die. (I got that from TV, but I don't remember what show it was...) I'm pretty good at math, though sometimes I can't get the simplest things - it's quite irritating. Lol, thanks. My grammar's actually improved immensely over the last couple years; the only thing I learned in school recently was how to use semicolons (after five years of failure), everything else I got from reading and writing fanfiction, and editing the MWiki. - Walkazo 22:59, 10 February 2009 (EST)

Epic Final Words... ;_;

Well, Stooben...

reverse psychology is too confusing.

I'll be fine... I was born here and have lived here my whole life, so I guess I'm used to it, despite hating it so much. And, er... 119˚F - well, I won't bother converting that since it's higher than the temp I mentioned to you about here, therefore ridiculously, insanely scorching. But I must ask: How long were you in such heat? If longer than half and hour, I don't blame you for anticipating oblivion.

Awesome games are awesome. I hope the new Mario and Luigi RPG pwns Partners in Time and recaptures the awesomeness of the original Superstar Saga. That's like one of the best GBA game ever made... IMO.

I have a very complicated mind, Stooben... so many of my actions have complicated causes. I don't even understand some of the things I do in life. Leaving the Wiki (well, mostly... as I said, just occasional checking stuff) is something that feels like it was bound to happen soon. And I've lost my sense of attachment to this place. Back last February when I joined, it was my first true online community that I'd ventured into. I loved it. Heaps of similarly-interested peoples with similar school status issues... Mario game dedication, etc.

But now, I am a raver with the hardstyle flavour (that was a line from my favourite song) I don't feel the same here. I really don't like n00bs, unless they're very kind and make unusually good edits. But of course, n00bs have been here since I have, so how it that different? Make of that what you will, for I cannot comprehend it myself. And I was really sick of having edits reverted. Of course, that is part of the essential Wiki mechanism. So why do I take such personal hurt from this? Another thing related to my non-virtual life.

I'm writing a lot here, as it may be my last "normal" message to you.

In my time at the Wiki, I can honestly say I have never created any accounts other than the one you know me for, nor have I ever vandalized any article. Just thought I'd say. Looking back, the only significant edits I've done were uploading heaps of Brawl trophy images, adding huge amounts of info to the Brawl article, and writing stuff on the Earth Tremor page, lol. Apart from that, I was just a random gnome doing gnome work. Maybe there should be a new rank below Patroller - Gnome. Special abilities - none. Speaking of Patrollers, that had somewhat of an effect on me, seeing that rank come back. At first, I thought something like "Awesome... I might actually get promoted, since Sysop status is a long way off..." so I became slightly more active. I'll admit that I even took advantage of my friendship with you as a better chance to be promoted, due to your Awesomeness rank. (or Bureaucrat, whatever it's called) Quite typical of human nature, would you agree? But when I saw several others getting promoted, I had mixed emotions. At first, a sliver of envy. Because I checked their oldest Contribs and saw they were much newer to the Wiki than me. But then I thought they're much more deserving of the position, since I always have to spend time responding to fan mail messages. At one point I felt like acting unfriendly just to stop getting heaps of messages. Heh, funny. I have no idea how you cope with your popularity. Must be like being a celebrity - can't do anything without getting attention. Oh no, a random celebrity picked her nose! Who gives a fudge-eating duck!? I hate celebrities that love themselves. Anyway, off topic that is.

Oh, and did you just say you were contemplating a promotion for me when I became a bit more active? *bangs head* *repeats* *and again* *yep* *pain* *hospital* *mental hospital* *grave*

Let's try and prolong this rant, shall we? Yep.

I actually didn't become very popular in my time here. Maybe because I was too weird, or just too random. But if someone says "Mario Wiki" many years in the future (hope I'll still be alive, what with global warming and stuff...), one thing will come to mind.

And that is... you. Yes, you were the awesomeness that made me stay here so long. The Mario Wiki is only so vibrant and welcoming with your presence. I'm very glad I introduced myself to you shortly after joining. We both ought to check out that first message in your archives, as I think I wrote some funny crap. I imagine you will remain here for many months to come, and I wouldn't be shocked if Steve promoted you to Uber-Administrator-Dude or something. I should also thank Steve before I leave. Whoa, that rhymed.

Random: I recently said to Hess at school "I know Stooben's real name... it's Ben Rubenstein" - and he was like "awesome". And I lol'ed and said "You n00b, I just made that up. But I think his first name is Ben." - I read that on your Userpedia page ages ago, so don't be shocked. But if that is your real last name, we both ought to be shocked. I doubt it though.

Sorry to bore you with my Wiki life story... but I like doing this kind of stuff. If you don't already, I highly recommend you keep a diary. Yes, the topic is real-life now. I wrote in one every day in 2008, and at the end of the year I read it through and it really was a fascinating read. My life could become a TV show. I often wrote about stuff on the Wiki, and your name was mentioned many times. Another thing I recommend for you: Hypnosis treatment to cure/help your insomnia. I'm immune to most forms of non-physical treatment, but this certainly fixed up my "night life".

Oh yeah, and it's funny how we often say "real life" as though the internet is non-existent... really it's very, very closely tied to our non-virtual lives. Well, mate </aussiestereotype>... I guess this is my final long message to you. If it took you a long time to respond to my last one, then I'll wait at least 3 months for a reply to this :P.

And as you would obviously have noticed, this is not a PM but available for the world to see. Make of that what you will. I'll miss this Wiki, but I'll miss you the most of any user here...

Heck, some random guy in Finland could be documenting our conversations and making a movie about it. The internet is just scary like that.

And, er... lol at sun-tan lotion - well, here's a line from the most recent episode of Good Game, Australia's only local TV show by gamers, for gamers... and about games :O. One of the 2 guys said "I opened the window the other day but I got sunburnt, so I play in darkness now". I LOLed at that.

Oh, and... no need to apologise - you are the kindest user here, and so anything that may have slightly offended me would probably have been due to your life circumstances putting stress on you.

How can I write on my status, without sounding unfriendly, that no-one should bother talking to me from now on unless it's extremely important?

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk Some things change, but randomness remains th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png


Sysop Board

  • Thanks for the information. Sadly though, I can't access the forums, due to the fact that my account name has a character that I'm not allowed to use on a forum username. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 08:07, 11 February 2009 (EST)
  • Well, thanks anyway. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 08:48, 13 February 2009 (EST)

Ohh sh** :O

lol you just taught me something, thanks =3. Tho one time I didn't put a space on the redirect thingy and it showed #Redirectarticletitle. Weird :\. but w.e lol C???

More Template Help

Hey Stooby. Could you help Stumpers and I out? We have a request for three templates on the main talk page. Unfortunately Stumpers and I are not very good at making templates. So I was wondering if you could help us out. A lot of the coding can be found on Wikipedia, if needed. Thanks! -- Son of Suns (talk)

Template: TV

Yep, I saw that in the color box from wikipedia. You know? While at University, I see the ghostwhite color in a pink tone too from the screen of some computers O____o ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png

Lol, certainly. However, you can change the TV infobox template's color scheme for another better if you wish... I'll make some minor changes if it's necessary (^_^)b

¢oincollctor rsitem209.png

Featured List Status

Stooben, how you doing? Regarding the Featured Article List, here is a list of their status, because you said, once it's 5-0, it gets approved. Well, here they are: Super Mario Galaxy: 7-2 Smithy: 5-0(Should be accepted) Luigi: 31-7 Star Piece(SMRPG): 1-0 Mario(series): 4-1 List of Glitches: 1-8(Should be off) Magikoopa: 3-0 Boo: 7-2 Hooktail Castle: 6-1 Shy Guy: 8-3 Mt. Teapot: 4-0(One more!) Pit: 1-1 Bowser: 34-2 Toad: 4-2 Super Mario Sunshine: 4-4

Talk to me on my Talk page if you want more of my ideas!! I'll be glad to manage it for you!!

Da shroom

What should i do when its released? TucayoSig.png WHAT!

The final boss theme for Mario and Luigi RPG 3 is epic. SJ derp :P

Yeah? — Stooben Rooben 21:12, 13 February 2009 (EST)
And so is the last boss. I'm not saying who it is though. SJ derp :P
*Googles the last boss* — Stooben Rooben 21:17, 13 February 2009 (EST)
U wanna know who it is? SJ derp :P
Do ya? SJ derp :P
Sure. — Stooben Rooben 00:17, 14 February 2009 (EST)
There is actually 2 fights at one time:

Bowser vs. Shadow Bowser and Mario & Luigi vs. Dark Fawful. Oh yeah, this is the epic final boss music. SJ derp :P

Whoa, that's awesome. :O — Stooben Rooben 00:28, 14 February 2009 (EST)

☆ Let's get cherry pie! ^,^ ☆

Konnichiwa! n,n ..U-Um.. Which end of a chocolate cornet do you start from? ^__^; Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif

I don't know. :o — Stooben Rooben 21:20, 13 February 2009 (EST)

The head, I suppose ^__^; Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif Btw, Which side's the head?, the fat end, or the thin end? Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif 'o'

The thin end, methinks. — Stooben Rooben 00:22, 14 February 2009 (EST)


And who archives??? TucayoSig.png 123

St00by not again

St00by Xze's on :O hurry before you miss him D: C???

Not Late, or is it?

I PM'ed you my Shroom section, man.

I'm almost on time nearly everywhere...

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk I'm sorry it will take you a long time to reply to my other message... th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png

New Music Supplier Writer

Hey Stooby, I'm your new Music Supplier for the Shroom!! I will write about the greatest music out there, because that's one thing I value most in a video game!! Also, what do you think of me updating the FA? I can do it!! Corka Cola


But I fail at doing my job! :'{ □R.O.B. 128□ 08:53, 14 February 2009 (EST)

Hi! ^o^

happy_san_valentin.jpg Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif -,^

Thanks! The same to you! — Stooben Rooben 16:16, 14 February 2009 (EST)

2325970655_e6c42ccefd.jpg Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif You're welcome! ^o^


On the shroom signup page it told me to contact you after i signed up. - ThunderZAFUM_LOGO.jpgThunder

Can you please delete User:Yoshario? In the future, I want to make a better userpage, but for now, I dont want one. Thanks --Yoshario (talk)

Fake News!

Click here to see the fourth edition of "The "Real" Fake News"!

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>My useless yap...RalphSprite.png

Spammer on the loose, Stoobs. Constantly spamming. I issued a warning, but they reverted it. I reverted their spam also, so get your block button ready. --Yoshario (talk)
Okay. — Stooben Rooben 21:26, 14 February 2009 (EST)
Just so you could be aware. He may refrain from spamming. --Yoshario (talk)

Nice Issue

This one was a nice one, 13 sections :) and the Fake News!!

SHould i add the non_mario review i suggested to the sign up page?

Your 2 new section ideas are really good TucayoSig.png PEANUT BUTTER!!!

The 'Shroom

In case you didn't notice, I posted my "Fake TV" section directly to The 'Shroom. I will do all the Star Cup stuff I said I would.

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>I ROCK! TALK TO MEH HERE!RalphSprite.png

Forums and Other Stuff

Dear Tucayo and Stooby,

I, along with the rest of the Fake News Team, never received a reminder to turn in our part of The 'Shroom. Just wanted to let you know.

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>ME IS HERE!RalphSprite.png

P.S.: Should I put my next one on the Forums or give it to Xpike/Xluidi? I will get an account on the Forums in time for next month's edition.

P.P.S.: Nice job on getting everyone to do their section on time!

P.P.P.S.: I'm gonna open up a subpage for the Star Cup. Should I put a link to it on my Fake TV stuff?

any other way?

is there any way i can give you my shroom section other than on the forums? im not going to have a forum account any time soon. - ThunderZAFUM_LOGO.jpgThunder

Needing help with customised sig...

Hi Stooben Rooben! I know you from the forum and Stumpers had send me to you because i need help with my customised sig. Is it OK if you can do it for me? I would like to have "Miss Koopette" in big (but not too big) rainbow font, a mini image of Kylie Koopa and could link to my userpage?


(signing with my rubbish sig)

Queen of Koopas 13:13, 15 February 2009 (EST)

Reply: Heyo

Yeah, man. It was pretty bad for a while. Plus I've kinda been neglecting the wiki as a whole. I should be more active in the coming weeks. It's good to be back. Phoenix Rider 00:11, 16 February 2009 (EST)

Sorry Stooby I can't be the 'Shroom interview person anymore. T_T GrapesGrapes Grapes

Sign up page

HI! I dunno if you have noticed but some of the articles descriptions are written in first person and others (the most) in the other form i-dont-know-how-its-called TucayoSig.png I wrote this from my cellphone :)

ohai st00bs. It has come to my attention that Mario456 may be a sockpuppet of Luigi456. Plus they were spamming articles, so you may want to stay around here to control him. I issued another warning to Luigi456, so he might refrain from spamming. And I made a new sig :) --YosharioYoshi holding Mario's Cap artwork from Super Mario 64 DS.

There we go, just signed myself up on the Music supplier position. I'm gonna enjoy listening to oldschool stuff. :P Neu (edits|talk|irc) 19:38, 16 February 2009 (EST)


As I said in the Proposal page, the comment about stereotypes was not directed at you, and you were not the one being stereotypical; no need to apologize. However, I am extremely sorry and hurt to hear about the situation that life has put you in right now. I can understand why you would have such feelings towards a country that has done such things to you and your family. I hope for everything that you can find more trustworthy people around you, and that your future will become brighter. Best of luck to you. -- Shiancoe (talk)

Thanks, St00bs. I hate when users spam the Luigi article. I think Luigi is very cool, even if he can make strange comments like "Wowser", or "Weegie number one!". Oh, and I am very sorry that you are going to be inactive, and such. I hope it gets better for you. I am sure you are getting best wishes from all of the wiki members. YosharioYoshi holding Mario's Cap artwork from Super Mario 64 DS.

No problem; I have been in pretty rough times in life before as well(which has to do with why I was practically forced to retire from Wikipedia, which I may tell you about eventually). I'm glad we now understand what we each meant in our comments. =) Shiancoe (talk)

Headline text

Do you want me to do it?? TucayoSig.png ??? Should i write them in first or thirdf person TucayoSig.png <insert random text>

MarioNeuroMix. xD

Dude, that is an EPIC idea. I did once try to make a videogames-oriented mix, but it kinda fell flat. Maybe this is my chance to get something like that started again. :O Neu (edits|talk|irc) 21:00, 16 February 2009 (EST)

Super mario 64

Hey Stooben. How ya been? I have a question: If you look at Wet-Dry World, it is split into the main area and the Down Town area. Now in that article, the two locations are in the same article. But the articles Lethal Lava Land and the Volcano are separate. I feel that Volcano should be merged but I want you opinion and suggestions. thanks

Oh. and one more thing, this sorta problem exists in a bunch other levels like the pyramid in shifting sand land as well as the igloo.

Artwork of a Hammer Bro. from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.MCHammerBro.MC Ballyhoo and Big Top 13:48, 19 February 2009 (EST)

Actually, you know what? I think I will make it into a proposal. It'll be my first one so wish me luck.Artwork of a Hammer Bro. from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.MCHammerBro.MC Ballyhoo and Big Top


Sorry to bother you agian, but why hasn't the proposal appeared on the main page? Artwork of a Hammer Bro. from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.MCHammerBro.MC Ballyhoo and Big Top

Hai, st00bs. Is my comic I submitted to you awhile ago going to appear on fanfiction monthly? YosharioYoshi holding Mario's Cap artwork from Super Mario 64 DS.
Yayz! :D YosharioYoshi holding Mario's Cap artwork from Super Mario 64 DS.

Star Cup

I'm setting up the Star Cup stuff with Tucayo right now. Is it warm down under?



Oh...woops. Where in Colorado? I have cousins in Arvada.

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>I have never wanted to work hard on a weekday until now...then again, I don't have school this week.RalphSprite.png


Nice. Ever been to an Avalanche game? I'm a huge Sharks fan.

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>Playing the Kings tonight.RalphSprite.png


I need to know how I can get back in the shroom. I thought I was released.... □R.O.B. 128□ 15:20, 20 February 2009 (EST)

D: WAAAAAH! *sob* □R.O.B. 128□ 15:29, 20 February 2009 (EST)
(>;~;)> □R.O.B. 128□ 15:47, 20 February 2009 (EST)


I do apoligize,but I CAN NOT enter the Mario Wiki Forum.Why? I'm not excactly a forum-y person.(plus I caught a load of SPYWARE on a forum once.I trust this Wiki,and I am sure the forum is fine,BUT I'M A VERY PARANOID PERSON!!!) Is there some other way I can send you my Fake News Game Article things? (And I'm not accepting e-mail either.Sorry,just a bad SPAM incedent.Bad memories.) The date today is: Feb 21 2009,10:35 am. Sergeant GuyHyper Guy (talk)Sergeant Guy

Fake News

Click here to see the newest edition of "The "Real" Fake News"! Be sure to post your comments here.

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>All in a day's work.RalphSprite.png

Signing up for fun stuff

I want to create something for fun stuff. How would I do that? leftcenterEGG Yoshileftcenter


How do you change your signature?User:JDF33099

Mt. Teapot is a FA!!

Hey Stooby! Just read my title, that's all I got!

                        Corka Cola

P.S. Talk page!!

RE: Sig

Thank you so much for the sig!!!! It's so nice!! I love it!!! I'm adding you to my friends list as quick as possible!!!!

Artwork of Kylie Koopa from Mario & Luigi: Partners in TimeMs. Koopette(Contribs)Do theLuigi!!!Luigi's battle stance

Thanks again!!!

Fake News

Click here for the sixth issue of "The "Real" Fake News"!

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>Suggest stuff for it on its talk page (Yes, I know this is a link to my Talk page, but I had nowhere else to put it on my sig.RalphSprite.png

Proposal Aftermath

Well Stooben as you probably know, my proposal has ended and it went well...unopposed. My question is....what do I do now? Artwork of a Hammer Bro. from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.MCHammerBro.MC Ballyhoo and Big Top 19:54, 28 February 2009 (EST)

The 'Shroom: Writing Reviews

Hey, I would like to know if I could join in on The 'Shroom and write review articles for Mario games. Thanks. SPM Nastasia.png LEIRIN Leirin 20:03, 28 February 2009 (EST)


Whenever I try to upload a midi, it says that midis are uncompatable with Mariowiki. Is there any way you can fix that? If not, I might have to resign from doing my shroom section. - ThunderZAFUM_LOGO.jpgThunder

The great..... SHROOMWARNING!!!!!

Tadaa!2.gifHi, Stooben Rooben!Tadaaa!.gif

Please PM Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon your 'Shroom section on the forums (our forums, which one did you think?) by no later than March 14th. Please remember to save a copy in your outbox. If you can't, be sure to tell us soon and we'll be sure to punish you cruelly work something out.

'Shroomingly yours,

Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, St00by! I hope things have been getting better for you. :) Are you staying for good this time? YosharioYoshi holding Mario's Cap artwork from Super Mario 64 DS.

I'm officially scared of the Donner Party

Yo wut up? </one of my real-lif friends that I'm around WAY too much> SJ derp :P


I heard you are a really good guy, how are you? Luigi's battle stanceLuigifan123Luigi parade.png


I still don't know what to do about the whole forum-fakenews-giggetygiggetygiggety-stuff! I need a response 'cause Xluidi (talk) isn't giving me one! Sergeant GuyHyper Guy (talk)Sergeant Guy

Television Template is in Use Finally :D

So, I finally got around to using the template I requested... sorry it took me so long. :D Check it out on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Stumpers! 16:09, 10 March 2009 (EDT)

So, apparently though IE users are having a hard time seeing it. <:( I'm sorry!! Stumpers! 20:48, 11 March 2009 (EDT)

You alrite St00by? C???


Thanks a lot, but you're the legal director :) TucayoSig.png :) PS: Plus, i cant create shroom pages

Thanks aaagain, and about the sections, i PMd all to Xpike, as he can create the pages TucayoSig.png I wont disappoint you


It's me, goldguy!FROM A REALLY LONG TIME AGO!Remember?Guess what?!I'm a sysop at UnMario!!!I'm Spore64 there.Well I came out of retirement with a new goal:Sysopness.Ninja.pngNinja YoshiNinja.png

I know I've been unactive but...can I get promoted?I'm rly hyped up I'm back and now I have sysop experience (Check UnMario 4 proof.)--{{SUBST:nonsubst|User:Goldguy/sig}} 16:34, 17 March 2009 (EDT)

Whoa.Ok....Anyway, can you vote on the poll I made just now?Thanks.--{{SUBST:nonsubst|User:Goldguy/sig}} 17:06, 17 March 2009 (EDT)

Stooben Rooben, we meet at last...

Hello, mighty Stooben Rooben, maker of the Shroom. Advertize to your friends this here message... I have made a book ages ago, and now it's here, on my userpage... access it now... well you don't have to.

Dimentio from Super Paper Mario.Mazzlebrozzle, the 3rd Mario Bro. Dimentio still lives!Mr M..jpg

You're Fired

hahaha. My best friend got laid off because they found out he was too young just about 2 weeks ago! woah. that was funny. Artwork of a Hammer Bro. from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.MCHammerBro.MC Ballyhoo and Big Top 17:01, 18 March 2009 (EDT)

Thanks. I have just about nothing else relevant to say. :p - 2257(Talk) 00:59, 19 March 2009 (EDT)

Hi there again.

Mr Stooben Rooben. Thank you for reading part of my book. You're a truly nice guy. I've left a little idea on my talk page.

Dimentio from Super Paper Mario.Mazzlebrozzle, the 3rd Mario Bro. Dimentio still lives!Mr M..jpg

Free Mudkipz

Wouldn't it be AWESOME if every user got a free mudkip here?I mean, who doesn't liek them?We should make a virtual mudkip everyone can choose to have on their userpage.Let's make a proposal!!!!(RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.)Ninja.pngNinja YoshiNinja.png

Nice idea! I'll see your userpage...

Wut, no reply?I know you're logged on, u know.READ ABOVE IDEA ABOUT MUDKIPZ!!!Ninja.pngNinja YoshiNinja.png

So I've herd.(Looked at Pie button topic).That would be cool, but, how?Like if I do rly good edits I get a prize or something?Like a special template you can put on your page?Ninja.pngNinja YoshiNinja.png

Yeah, HEY!!!We could give awards out 4 teh anniversary!Or anytime.Hmm....should I make 1 now?Ninja.pngNinja YoshiNinja.png

Free Domain

I got but they only do public wikis. If you want to upload your own songs, try something like youtube,, etc. Hope that helps :D YosharioYoshi holding Mario's Cap artwork from Super Mario 64 DS.

Dont Worry

Its fine TucayoSig.png 4 cheese pizza is great

I just looked at encyclopedia dramattica and, DON'T EVER GO THERE.THERE'S SEXUAL CONTENT, SPAM, RACISM, AND MORE SEXUAL CONTENT THAN U CAN COUNT.It's worse than Uncyclopedia!REALLY!!HORRIBLE.--{{SUBST:nonsubst|User:Goldguy/sig}} 18:50, 19 March 2009 (EDT)


I will be making artwork of my characters on my userpage.

At the very bottom, as it'll be after my book.

Dimentio from Super Paper Mario.Mazzlebrozzle, the 3rd Mario Bro. Dimentio still lives!Mr M..jpg

Name change

Please change my user name per request on request page.(goldguy to Super64)Ninja.pngNinja YoshiNinja.png

What about "Ninja Yoshi"?--{{SUBST:nonsubst|User:Goldguy/sig}} 19:34, 20 March 2009 (EDT)