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Hello! I'm the one and only SJ! I was formerly known as Toadette 4evur, so if that's the user you're looking for...hi! :P I've been on the Wiki since November of 2007, though I tend to just show up here, derp around for a bit, and then leave again for about a year. However, I have too much free time and have decided to make a return to the wiki. :D Even if it's only for a little while. :P

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Herp Derp. About Me.

Misty and her Togepi.
This is Misty. She inspired me to be a freaking awesome water type trainer >:D

-I joined the wiki in November of 2007

-I recently dropped out of University because my life was a mess

-I have a big interest in the United Kingdom, it's a wonderful place. I was there in March and am going back for three weeks in December! :)

-I like to randomly derp around on Chat. Try looking for me there! :D

-I really want to be more active on the wiki. It never happens though. I show up for about two days then disappear for months at a time.

-My favourite video game series are Final Fantasy and Pokemon. I've also finally started playing EarthBound, and have a great interest in playing the rest of the Mother series.

-My favourite Pokemon type is Water. I actually have an all Water-type team in both Sapphire and Black 2 versions, currently.

-Feel free to drop by and say hi on my talk page is you so desire! :P Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, whether it be about the wiki or life in general or any other stuff.

-I have a bit of a potty mouth. I'm pretty good about restraining myself about it but don't be offended if one accidentally slips once in a while. I will happily edit my response if such a thing happens xD

-My favourite music artists are Kylie Minogue and Leona Lewis. If you know of them, or like them, talk to me. Like yesterday. I'm serious.

Oh right! Here is my signature: SJ derp :P

...and yeah. Derp. <3