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Hello, my name is Shiancoe. I was a former editor of Wikipedia, but retired last year, after serving 2 years and 5 months as an administrator. I found this Wiki recently, and it interested me. I will be contributing on improving articles and other miscellaneous issues. So I hope my all that this community here will accept me and that I can get to know as many users on here.

Information about Me

My first name is Randy. Shiancoe is not my last name, but I think it is an interesting name, and it has become my username.
My username is pronounced "Shan-ko". I understand it's not a very common name.
I've been playing video games since childhood, and even still do from time to time with friends.

Article Rewriting

This is something I specialized in back when I was at Wikipedia, and have started doing on several articles here as well. Even if an article does not have a tag, articles may often be poorly written. Most poorly written articles are just badly worded or use many run-on sentences, which interfere with the flow of the article. I take pleasure in rewriting articles, so it is easier for everybody(including me, of course) to read and understand the article better.

I look forward to expanding this userpage every now and then. In the meantime, I'll be on my never ending mission of editing articles. =) ~Shiancoe