Super Happy Yoshi

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Super Happy Yoshi in the first level; as a result of the transformation, some coins in a "Y" form appear

Super Happy Yoshi is a special form of Yoshi that appeared in Yoshi's Story. It is activated whenever a Yoshi eats a Heart Fruit. Super Happy Yoshi is invincible, stronger, has a longer tongue, an infinite supply of eggs, as well as a better Flutter Jump. On an additional note, whenever a Black Yoshi or a White Yoshi is in Super Happy Yoshi mode, their mobility while using the Flutter Jump is increased drastically.

If a Yoshi performs a ground pound, he'll pop all bubbles on-screen, Shy Guys will be turned into the current Lucky Fruit and peppers turn into coins. Sometimes when he transforms, some coins will be revealed. While Yoshi is Super Happy, the flower, which represents Yoshi's health, laughs and is completely filled. Super Happy Yoshi's theme music is a rock remix of the current level's music.

If Yoshi transforms as a result of collecting 6 Melons from a mini-game, some coins in the shape of a letter will be revealed. Doing this in all 24 levels of the game spells out a secret message, "YOU ARE YOSHIS GREAT FRIEND".

Super Happy Yoshi only lasts for a limited time, but its effects will wear off immediately if a Yoshi eats anything like a Black Shy Guy or a Pepper or if a Yoshi is eaten by a Piranha Pest. Moving to a new area will also end the effect early. Lastly, the form's invincibility does not protect the Yoshi from fatal hazards, such as Blue Blurps, Red Blurps, pits, lava, and compressors.