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Hewer across NIWA
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Full name 3-UP Bandana Hewerpedia Dee[1][2][3]
Species Human
First appearance Piranha Plant article (2019)
Latest appearance The present (2021)
Latest portrayal Himself (2019–present)

I am a British fan of the Mario franchise. I enjoy reading the wiki but many of my edits are just to add links or fix grammar and other similar errors (though I have edited List of characters by game a lot). My total number of edits made is 907. I have been reading the wiki for much longer than I have been a user (I made my account on August 29th, 2019). This was the first page on the wiki I created, and excluding my signature, the only ones I've made since are a few redirects (all to the same page). I am online quite frequently and will be relatively surprised if anyone is actually reading this.

Notes about things that I would (and might) change

Since I've created my first proposal, I'm making this section to keep notes for myself on things that I would change about the way this wiki covers information so that maybe someday I'll see them here and decide to speak up about them like I did with Birdo:

  • Metal Mario being split between character and form for reasons I think are flawed
  • Boom Boom and Boom Boom (species) being split which will be inconsistent with Birdo if my proposal there passes
  • Black Shy Guy's page being a mess like what White Shy Guy's was before it got fixed, thus creating further inconsistency
  • Boss Bass being merged with Big Cheep Cheep with little more evidence from official sources that they're the same than one filename in a non-Mario game
  • I'm not as sure about this but I feel like Big Boo (boss) may need to be merged with Big Boo for consistency with the many other Big Boo bosses who aren't split and are covered well in the Big Boo page, as well as other species like Wiggler not having their boss roles split
  • Since this proposal passed, maybe move List of places to 'List of locations' for consistency and formality

And that's it surprisingly, I thought there'd be more but it seems I am mostly content.