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Hewer across NIWA
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King Bob-omb's model from Mario Party 8.
Image of King Bob-omb to make this page more visually interesting
Full name 3-UP Bandana Hewerpedia Dee[1][2][3]
Species Human
First appearance Piranha Plant article (29th August, 2019)
Latest appearance 2024
Latest portrayal Himself (2019–present)

A person who reads and edits this wiki a lot
Total number of edits made: 7,568

And people seem to like having who's online on their userpages for some reason so uh

Who's online: Kingrs, NatsMinecraft, Mrlott 0429, Doc von Schmeltwick, BMfan08, Conradd, EthanChai2006, Blueberrymuffin, SolemnStormcloud, Memelord2020, Osb21313, SUPEDUPEmario, Ketchupcat, Wonder Time!, EleCyon, Sparks, Raffina Higashikata, Arthropod Cheerleader25, Mechinodermata, MegaBowser64, FrancisSlider64, Juju1995, Mariofan28047, Carlitosbug, ForcedExcess26, GoofyAhhEmpire, 0k T0ad, Cobalt David, Jeffrey J. Marks

Proposals I've created

Things that I would (and might) change


A Hamburger in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.