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Hewer across NIWA
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King Bob-omb's model from Mario Party 8.
Image of King Bob-omb to make this page more visually interesting
Full name 3-UP Bandana Hewerpedia Dee[1][2][3]
Species Human
First appearance Piranha Plant article (2019)
Latest appearance The present (2022)
Latest portrayal Himself (2019–present)

I am a person who reads and edits this wiki a fairly large amount. My total number of edits made is 2,591. I have been reading the wiki for much longer than I have been a user (I made my account on August 29th, 2019). This was the first page on the wiki I created, and excluding my signature and a few talk pages, the only ones I've made since have been nine redirects. I am online relatively frequently but may sometimes become inactive for a while. It's also probably worth noting that I'm British and thus might not be aware of some of the many regional differences from the weird Nintendo 3DS/Wii U era in which everything got localised differently.

Proposals I've created

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Things that I would (and might) change