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Hewer across NIWA
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King Bob-omb's model from Mario Party 8.
Image of King Bob-omb to make this page more visually interesting
Full name 3-UP Bandana Hewerpedia Dee[1][2][3]
Species Human
First appearance Piranha Plant article (2019)
Latest appearance The present (2023)
Latest portrayal Himself (2019–present)

I am a person who reads and edits this wiki a fairly large amount. My total number of edits made is 5,108. I have been reading the wiki for much longer than I have been a user (I made my account on August 29th, 2019). I am online relatively frequently but may sometimes become inactive for a while. It's also probably worth noting that I'm British and thus might not be aware of some of the many regional differences from the weird Nintendo 3DS/Wii U era in which everything got localised differently.

All the cool kids have who's online on their userpages so uh

Who's online: TomAndTheCats, MarioKartMaster, Yoshi the SSM, Doc von Schmeltwick, Mario1981, Bendy56875, 1468z, Arend, Misamp, Koopa con Carne, Spectrogram, Waluigi Time, SonicSpeed48, Paper Enthusiast, Conradd, Somethingone, Memelord2020, RHG1951, Le Debil, Parabeetle247, Sera68, CMM2002, Hewer, Results May Vary, Shawnlongtendo, Mariuigi Khed, MiracleDinner, Edlde62, Crazyman14, Tmjjmt

Proposals I've created

Things that I would (and might) change