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Official artwork of Mario
A totally real photo of me (totally real)
Species Human (or at least I think so...)
First appearance November 3rd, 2002
Latest appearance Today! I'm still alive!
Portrayed by Me, myself and I

Hello, I'm Rodmjorgeh, but you can call me Rod (not a fishing rod).


That's the TL;DR about me. If you wanna learn more, though... then, see below

About me

Did I tell you that yet?

I've lurked the Super Mario Wiki since around 2016, even edited some pages without an account! Wow!! (and of course I am not telling you my IP, idiot). So I decided to create one around late 2019. I was very dumb back then, so please don't look at my talk page.... don't you dare click.

A depiction of me talking to my father. (moments before I destroy him btw)

But about Mario games, I've played them since I got my first Nintendo DS in Christmas 2006, with the best game in the series, New Super Mario Bros.. I don't care how many people go after me saying the level design sucks and it's old and boring and BLAH BLAH BLAHHHHH it's still the best game, cope harder (this is definitely not me being nostalgia-blinded). No, but seriously, the game is the best one at the absolute goofiness. Seriously, there's countless things in this game that never appeared in another New Super Mario Bros. installment. And that's what makes this game so unique and fun, each level it seems like it introduces something you've never seen before. But again,.... maybe I'm indeed being blinded by nostalgia. NOT AT ALL I LOVE THIS GAME (and Super Mario RPG too, have I said that already?)

Toadstool's ??? in her room
Me finding out I'm not enough for Peach. Tis sad for a small man....%
My userbox

(contains very useful info)

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Animation sequence taken from French TV advertisement for Mario Pinball Land and Mario vs. Donkey Kong
NSMBDS Balloon Boo Sprite.png
Rainbow Ride Star 6
Custom render of Torpedo Ted in New Super Mario Bros. U
Meat in Super Mario Odyssey

Wasn't too long after I got my second game, which was Super Mario 64 DS. Now, I don't care what anyone says, this is better than the original Super Mario 64. "Erm erm.,.,.. but the controls are dogwater... you can't really turn diagonally so like--" SHUT UP. The controls are fiineeeee, and I just think people are overexaggerating. And even then, the amount of stuff this game adds over the original balances out the "bad" controls. The minigames, the new courses, the new characters, the new added stars... everything, this is how a remake should be done... right, Nintendo?

I also vividly remember Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!, and this game is a BLAST. A DAMN BLAST. I spend way too much time on level editing, even though all of them sucked (i was like 8 okay, give me a BREAK...). Problem is, I LOST IT LOL, was like in a mall or something if i remember correctly. It completely annihilated me, I even went back to the mall like 2 weeks after for some reason. I really thought it was gonna be there still like an idiot.


Okay...??? I don't see why I should care. I'm gonna give you a summary because I'm nice... So, to put it simply:
I am Miyamoto's brother

Yeah, that's right, I'm everyone's uncle that works at Nintendo. I'm not the guy who's always lying, because I ACTUALLY WORK THERE!!!@. I've been in these places since 1985!!

I vividly remember that I was actually the one who renamed the game Super Mario Bros. 4 to the iconic Super Mario World. I even called Miyamoto for this one. It went like


  • Shigeru Miyamoto: Hello?
  • Me: Oh uh... hi. Remember that game, fourth installment of the Super Mario franchise or whatever
  • Shigeru Miyamoto: It's actually the fifth because of Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels
  • Me: No one cares about that game
  • Shigeru Miyamoto: That's rather true
  • Me: Anyways, I was thinking... what if we call it "Super Mario World"?
  • Shigeru Miyamoto: Why
  • Me: Well I mean I think we should stop with the numbering in these types of games and go creative with the name
  • Shigeru Miyamoto: No, they need to know it's the fourth one
  • Me: B-but, you just said it was the fifth one
  • Shigeru Miyamoto: ...
  • Me: Hey? You there?!
  • Shigeru Miyamoto: Let's name it "Super Mario World".

I also gave the idea that Mario Kart Wii should have had Mission Mode, a classic from Mario Kart DS. Unfortunately, some daffy jughead decided to cut it. When I heard this I was absolutely devastated, so I quickly started to write code for it, but wasn't able to finish it due to time constraints. I left some of it in the files of the game so people can see my hard work. (this is a really factual story, no faking 100% real) <- fr fr no cap !!11!|

Am I even doing anything here?

Baby Fat in the Switch remake
Yeah I mean... he's sittin' there.

Yes!!!1! Uhm, I mean, I'm doing something at least. Don't believe me?.... erm..,.. well I don't really have an answer for that. OR DO I???

Here's a list of pages I've immensely helped or I straight up created. Are these lists longgggg? Not really, but what matters is that I HAVE done something.

Pages I created

Most of the pages created were for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, ultimately because it was basically the first Mario game that came out in a year were I was active in here and one that caught my attention... ya feeling me?? NO??( i'm sobbing

Creations from redirects or stubs that were very lacking in information, so much so that it needed a whole redo of the page are marked with an asterisk (*).

Pages I helped with

  • Standee: Every standee sprite you see, I uploaded. Yep, I uploaded 144 images. Did I enjoy that? NO. Was it worth it? Probably... IDK.M.....maybe i just wasted my time
  • Bulrush Express: Wrote layout and hidden goal sections. level is dope too
  • Category:Super Mario Bros. Wonder level thumbnails: Upload almost all thumbnails. Was more enjoyable than the Standees though... so... maybe it was worth it??!mayb=??!?!


All of these renders had cool effects (like water bubbles for the Teds and smoke for the Meg) but they were removed because no fangame effects in infobox images so... they're now worse but whatchu gonna do... sad face
You can see how they looked if you click the image and see history though wink wink

Custom render of Missile Meg from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Look at this little fella (this is the best enemy in the franchise)
  • Missile Meg: i love these little fellas so i wasted about 20 minutes of my life to do a nintendo-styled render out of them. pretty proud of the result smiley face emoji
  • Torpedo Ted/Targeting Ted: still shocked that there isn't a render of him... he's so cool... anyways now there is, checkmate nintendo
  • Sugarstar: this one HAD a render, but just like the others it had effects so duurrrr remove... I didn't even try to remove the effects on this one since it absolutely doesn't make sense without them when these enemies' main design is all about effects, so because i can't add on the main page here it is: Custom render of Sugarstar in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


You know, it ain't a good wiki editing spree without a proposal. Well, i've only done a whopping... one. But hey! It's more than zero... right?


Here's the deal: I care maybe a lot about visuals. If you want a more - let's say - fair ranking, then sort by "Layout" on Points Overall. If you want a visuals or a music ranking, then sort by the others next to it.
Got it??!..

Placement Track name Explanation Points overall
Layout Visuals Music
* (390 points) Mount Wario I mean... c'mon. I haven't found a single person who dislikes this track. First of all, it's Wario!! How can you hate it?!! And second... it's MOUNT WARIO!! MOUN MT OUNTT!!! It's an absolute blast to play, you start at the peak of the mountain, and you have to descend with no. laps. Each time you go through a start gate, it's an entirely new, undiscovered section with tons of stuff to see. Either it's drifting off ice, or gliding inside a cave with water rushing on the bottom, or driving on walls with waterfalls, or going through a dense snowy forest avoiding trees and tricking off trunks on the ground, or literally skiing (yes, you heard me right), or going through rings to gain boost while gliding, for a final turn to the finish line with tons of characters cheering you on. Do I need to say more?... yeah, do not think so

Each section is insanely packed visually, with tons of details that help build the main idea of the course. You would think because it's all a snow mountain it'd be pretty repetitive to look at but no, there's a lot of variety in each section that breaks that white color of the snow into something that makes it unique (also that mountain texture is incredible!!)(

You probably already know the music changes each lap to dynamically fit with the section you're in, especially on the second lap where you actually go through two different section, they do have two different soundtracks for that. The last lap is very energetic that completely fits with that accomplishement you feel once you are almost finishing... Or... just watch this video wink wink
246/250 94/100 50/50
* (367 points) Mute City YOOOOOO F-ZERO RECOGNIZATION!!! Nintendo finally remembered they have more than 2 IPs!! They went all out with this one, and the anti-gravity is absolutely crazy. Really brings the whole F-Zero shenanigans to the limits for Mario Kart 8. It's a damn blast from start to finish, and the way you get coins is pretty cool too, being on little blue-purplish pads rather than just being on the road. Also, 200cc.... that's all that I have to say

The visuals are also quite crazy, it's definitely one of the biggest courses because it extends to like forever... the buildings in the background are all 3D and they go on and on and on and on.... the detail for building the city is insane and the last jump really sets the deal for how massive it is

Music just fits the course, and they couldn't have done better. They reached the peak... done... GG!!GG!!!
223/250 97/100 47/50
* (316 points) Yoshi's Island Gotta start by saying I'm not a huge gamer for Yoshi's Island. Played the first game (I enjoyed it a lot btw) and that's it. But... doesn't make me dislike this course, because I LOVE IT!!! They need to do more of these tracks where they take stuff from other spin-offs.. like c'mon MAKE A PAPER MARIO THEMED COURSE ALREADY NINTENDODOO!!!O

Visuals fit the vibe of what I think represents Yoshi's Island. Bubbly colorful fun and a lot of wacky wacky... Gotta say that the Tour artstyle really benefits this course

Music is a remake of the Obstacle Course song and OH MY GOODODOOO!!! It's sooo good.... uhhsh... I think I fainted when I first heard it, and I wish I could hear it for the first time again. The startup jingle, the ending music too AAAAHHHAHHH!! This course is just magical, easily the best from Wave 4
201/250 72/100 43/50
* (284 points) GCN Daisy Cruiser A classic from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, that came back in Mario Kart 7 with some good changes and additions, like the underwater portion now doesn't just kill you!! WOW!!!.. to be fair, no one takes it anyways LOL, but it's there I guess.... Or you can now drive through the pool etc. etc.. All of these were obviously brought back to this game, and that's cool!!! With underwater driving now being a thing, I really don't see why not. It's a fun course and I'm glad it's one of the 3 GCN courses they brought back (they should've given GCN more chances but whatevs... 11 Wii courses it is... goddamn it)

While visually it does have that Tour-esque vibe to it, I think it's not as bad here. The lighting work that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe provides carries it nad makes it very pleasant to look at, soooo... I think it's prettyy gud yes yes yes thumbsup emoji

Music, just like Cheep Cheep Beach, fits the vibe, but I won't listen outside of it for sure.. just not really my thing
193/250 63/100 28/50
* (279 points) Bone-Dry Dunes Here's a track that gets too much hate. This is not overrated, this is overhated... Layout is surprisingly fun for a desert course with all its twists and turns, followed by a lot of options on where to go. It contains some Bone Piranha Plants as obstacles and they actually pose quite a threat... I mean I've got hit more than once.....

Visuals can be quite drawn-out for some, which well that's desert tracks for you, but the color is MUCH different from the usual. The orange palette rather than the constant yellow every desert course seems to have really works and makes it stand out amongst others, which is why I feel it gets too much hate... it's trying to be different, and it kind of works in that regard

Banger music as well, really don't see people talking about this one and it's super underrated. Overall, this is a good desert course, #StopBoneDryDunesHate !!!
166/250 73/100 40/50
* (266 points) Mario Kart Stadium The best introduction track out of any Mario Kart game. Yeah, I said it... like, it's a good introduction to the anti-gravity by having the road tilted almost 90 degrees, with some simple but nice shortcuts along the way

The theming, while it has been done multiple times, has some nice details that make it different. This time, it really is a race. At the start, pit areas can be seen, each one corresponding to a team (like Bowser's or Luigi's team) and you can see giant banners of each team waving around the crowd. There's also buildings scattered around that also correspond to the teams, it's these nice details that make a huge difference and make this an actual stadium and not just for the sake of it

Music is a banger too, as per usual, its melody is reused in Mario Circuit which is interesting
146/250 83/100 37/50
* (262 points) GCN Baby Park Here it is. The most controversial track in all of Mario Kart history. Either you hate it or love it, and I am...... the person who likes it LOL get owned!!- but yeah, I can see why people don't like it (I mean it's fairly obvious) but for me the chaos is enough to make it fun. The way it's literally 7 laps of anti-gravity with everyone bumping and boosting each other and a ton of Bullet Bills and items being thrown around and whatever is even happening in this course... it's pure chaos, and I love it. Cry about it maybe...%

The background plays a HUGE role in this course, because it's also just chaos. Everything is moving around, you got a roller coaster twisting around the course and there's a lot of atractions and it fills the screen with stuff and on the last lap the fences starts flashing a lot of colors at once and ...erm... it's just insanity really

But wait, you want more chaos? Don't worry, we made the music speed up each lap so you truly feel the insanity rushing on you. I think this track... is nuts
134/250 90/100 38/50
* (222 points) Water Park What is this...?? Mushroom Cup had a good first track and then we hit this. Like WHAT IS This???? You know Nintendo, it's possible to do a track from the Mushroom Cup FUN while still being easy, and not making a giant circle where you just hold the drift like 50% of the whole entire track and straighaways that offer nothing of value really

At least it looks nice, the use of colors on the submarine building are a great choice and the underwater sections look very colorful with all the corals and stuff. Wish it was a little less empty at the ocean portion though

Music is... eh. Not the worst but not the best either, it doesn't excite me that much as other tracks do
117/250 74/100 31/50
* (219 points) Sweet Sweet Canyon This one is a controversial one. A lot of people love it, a lot of people hate it... I'm in the middle.m...I thinkkf....

It's a really mid one, it is quite lacking in big shortcuts (only having the last cut through the donut) and half of the course being in that pink/blue roads which seem like they are very much different but they really aren't LOL. The Piranha Plant near the end don't offer as much challenge as you might think. It's really just a "whatever" course

The use of colors could've been better, there's some parts where you just see yellow yellow yellow, only changing when you hit the pink/blue roads. The water looks like piss too erm....em... that's NOT orange juice..,.

Very basic music too, it really isn't that special
124/250 66/100 29/50
* (215 points) N64 Rainbow Road Here's the jist of it: the layout sucks. No shortcuts, if you get hit you lose LOL, it's just that simple. Not hard to fall off either, very tame course which really shouldn't be considering it's the last course of the Lightning Cup

But.... the visuals are phenomenal. It goes for more of a celebration rather than a track, and I can see the appeal for some. It appears in like every single piece of media Nintendo has about this game because again, it's all for celebration. You probably have seen the town below and a bunch of youtubers have tried driving on it with mods, it's really detailed, so I'll give it that...

Music... holy!!! Best Rainbow Road soundtrack EASILY, it CLEARS all of them, and it really sells that celebration vibe too, with its grand opening and packing instruments full of energy. Not a blast to play, but a blast to feel..l..l
78/250 91/100 46/50
* (75 points) 3DS Toad Circuit Jesus Christ. You know, one of the main things I liked about Mario Kart 8 was its design for the courses. Every little detail, while somewhat overlooked, mattered, whether you see it or not your brain recognizes it and it makes the experience appealing.... then we hit THIS ABSOLUTE MESS... this. is. AWFUL. to put into simple words.

Not even gonna talk about visuals because you already know the deal. It has been said multiple times so I don't want to reiterate... all you need to know is that it looks absolutely putrid and its a disgrace for the art style given in the SAME GAME ,, mind you

Music is the only good thing going for it, where it actually fits with the jazzy vibe of the game, and it's honestly one of the best coming out from the BCP. You know damn well they brought back the same dudes to play
28/250 -10/100 39/50
* (17 points) GBA Sunset Wilds This one is just sad. Sickening, even. Disgusting, if you will... I mean, really... The gameplay is not even that interesting, it's even worse from Tour, because the mud scattered all around just slows you down and makes the driving experience even more ass... the layout wasn't even good to begin with!!BRUGHHHHH

And I'm sure everyone knows by now... there's no sunset. Yep, the gimmick of the track is gone. You heard me right, they just deleted the main gimmick that made this course slightly above bad. I've never seen such a trainwreck like this one

The music is... uh wahtever STUPID ASS COURSE THIS ACTUALLY SUCKS MASSIVE SCHlongs i'm crying..... skip to the next one.. oh there's is no next because this IS LAST. GET IT OUT OF HERE done
0/250 0/100 17/50
* Thwomp Ruins Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Mario Circuit Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Toad Harbor Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Twisted Mansion Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Shy Guy Falls Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Sunshine Airport Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Dolphin Shoals Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Electrodrome Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Cloudtop Cruise Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Bowser's Castle Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Rainbow Road Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Moo Moo Meadows Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GBA Mario Circuit Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* DS Cheep Cheep Beach Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* N64 Toad's Turnpike Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GCN Dry Dry Desert Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* SNES Donut Plains 3 Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* N64 Royal Raceway Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* 3DS DK Jungle Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* DS Wario Stadium Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GCN Sherbet Land Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* 3DS Music Park Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* N64 Yoshi Valley Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* DS Tick-Tock Clock Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* 3DS Piranha Plant Slide Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Grumble Volcano Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GCN Yoshi Circuit Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Excitebike Arena Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Dragon Driftway Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Wario's Gold Mine Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* SNES Rainbow Road Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Ice Ice Outpost Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Hyrule Circuit Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GBA Cheese Land Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wild Woods Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Animal Crossing Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* 3DS Neo Bowser City Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GBA Ribbon Road Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Super Bell Subway Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Big Blue Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Paris Promenade Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* N64 Choco Mountain Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Coconut Mall Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Tokyo Blur Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* DS Shroom Ridge Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GBA Sky Garden Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Ninja Hideaway Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour New York Minute Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* SNES Mario Circuit 3 Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* N64 Kalimari Desert Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* DS Waluigi Pinball Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Sydney Sprint Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GBA Snow Land Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Mushroom Gorge Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Sky-High Sundae Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour London Loop Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GBA Boo Lake Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* 3DS Rock Rock Mountain Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Maple Treeway Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Berlin Byways Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* DS Peach Gardens Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Merry Mountain Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* 3DS Rainbow Road Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Amsterdam Drift Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GBA Riverside Park Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii DK Summit Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Bangkok Rush Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* DS Mario Circuit Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GCN Waluigi Stadium Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Singapore Speedway Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Athens Dash Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Moonview Highway Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Squeaky Clean Sprint Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Los Angeles Laps Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Koopa Cape Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Vancouver Velocity Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Rome Avanti Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* GCN DK Mountain Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Daisy Circuit Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Piranha Plant Cove Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Tour Madrid Drive Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* 3DS Rosalina's Ice World Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* SNES Bowser Castle 3 Example 0/250 0/100 0/50
* Wii Rainbow Road Example 0/250 0/100 0/50