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Green Yoshi
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Not often, but I still read it!
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Aw, don't be sad, Mario! There's still characters I hate more than you!
Year of Luigi logo.
Unrelated, why is this game so much better than I first thought?
Mario's death sprite in the Super Mario All-Stars remaster of Super Mario Bros.
This GIF is the purest thing ever.
Run, run, run, you still won't go anywhere, Mario.
The Virtual Boy color palette, which use the following RGB values:
Nintendo 64: A console with controllers made for people with three arms.
BBRROOONGG... Ba-ding! That start-up music is SO GOOD!!
"Go Weegee!"
Luigi artwork.
This box art was... weird.
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Small Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros.
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I am just a Yoshi that doesn't know what he's doing (that much). But, I'm a Mario fan, so I'll be glad to help expand the Mario Wiki. (P.S. I can help anyone that needs it! I am kinda good at this 'wiki' stuff!)

About Me

I am an artist that likes playing Mario and Sonic games. I know a lot of secrets about both series. For example, did you know that all the Yoshies is Super Mario Sunshine are illusions made by Shadow Mario's paintbrush? That is why they disintegrate when they touch water. For anyone that wants to play Switch games with me, I'll log my friend code soon here.

My Mario Games

The game Have I beaten it?
Super Mario World Yes, on my GBA
Mario Paint I can't beat this game
Mario All-Stars (2D) (Games is order) Yes, no, no, yes.
Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island No, on World 3
Tetris & Dr. Mario How would one even 'beat' this?!
Mario 64 Yes, 16 star on PC!
Mario Kart 64 No, on 150 CC
Sunshine Does 3D All-Stars count? If so, then I'm stuck on Corona Mt.