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Doomhiker across NIWA
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Hello I am a user named Doomhiker. I enjoy reading, playing the otamatone and playing video games, with the Super Mario Bros series being my favourite series! This is where I store my work while it is being worked on.

Things that I am currently doing

Completed projects

Character Description
SMO Snapshot Toadette.jpg
Archivist Toadette
Archivest Toadette appears in Peach's Castle and gives the player Power Moon when they complete achievements.
SMO Snapshot Banktoad.jpg
Acts as a store clerk at a Crazy Cap location and gives the player information in certain kingdoms.
SMO Snapshot Captain Toad.jpg
Captain Toad
Appears in certain kingdoms where he gives the player a Power Moon if they talk to him.
SMO Glydon PRIMA Screenshot.png
A character who appears in multiple kingdoms and can be captured, allowing the player to glide or dive in the air.
SMO Snapshot Hint Toad.jpg
Hint Toad

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