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i feel like this page should be renamed to something like "evil block" or "block enemy" since a conjectural page title shouldnt share its name with an actual page and "super block" isnt even a good generic name for this "enemy" BiggestManMario dead in the arcade version of Donkey Kong 13:39, April 22, 2023 (EDT)

Maybe "Toy Block enemy"? Icon showing how many lives Mario has left. From Super Mario 64 DS. It's me, Mario! (Talk / Stalk) 16:09, April 22, 2023 (EDT)
Yeah that could work BiggestManMario dead in the arcade version of Donkey Kong 10:10, April 30, 2023 (EDT)

Why does this page exist?[edit]

No seriously, why is there a page for an unnamed enemy that can't be fought and only appears briefly once. This feels more like an extension of the Toy Monster than anything else. Should we make a proposal to delete this page? BiggestManMario dead in the arcade version of Donkey Kong 16:56, December 6, 2023 (EST)

Merge or delete this page[edit]

Settledproposal.svg This talk page proposal has already been settled. Please do not edit any of the sections in the proposal. If you wish to discuss the article, do so in a new header below the proposal.

Merge with Toy Monster 6-1-0

Merge or delete this page[edit]

A while back i found this page and decided to move it due to the name being unfitting (being "Super Block" at the time) but now that it's been a few months I realised this page has no or very little reason to exist. It serves exclusively to talk about one small unfightable sentient object, and I don't think every sentient object in the series has a page, for example unnamed background creatures. Therefore I feel either deleting or merging it with Toy Monster would be the best option.

Proposer: Biggestman (talk)
Deadline: December 23, 2023, 23:59 GMT


  1. Biggestman (talk) Merging this page would be a good option, as it serves exclusively as an extension of the Toy Monster.
  2. Hewer (talk) Per proposal.
  3. SolemnStormcloud (talk) Per proposal.
  4. Mario (talk) A Smorg Merge!!!
  5. Camwoodstock (talk) For a second there, we thought this was about the various blocks in Wario Land 4's Toy Block Tower. Nope, those have their own articles already, and are even separate articles from one another. If we had any further suggestions though, "Toy Block" could potentially be left as a disambiguation between the Toy Monster enemies made of Toy Blocks, and then the aforementioned two Wario based blocks. It's such a generic concept that, if it's not going to be hogged up by this conjectural sub-enemy, we might as well make it a disambiguation page.
  6. ThePowerPlayer (talk) No official name, no way to fight it, no independence from the Toy Monster, no reason not to merge it.


  1. Biggestman (talk) Deleting this page would also be a good option as it does not have a lot of notable information about anything.

Do nothing[edit]


Note that they do go through a specific "defeat" animation and each drop a melon slice (along with all the other toys in the monster) upon the monster's defeat, when it falls apart back into the individual pieces. Figured that should be said. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 12:58, December 9, 2023 (EST)