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Obsessive Mario Fan
Real Name Derek
Age 15
Gender Male
Birthday February 17th, 2004
Cake Day February 11th, 2019
Favorite character Luigi
Least favorite character Pink Gold Peach
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Hello, I'm Obsessive Mario Fan. I'm an introverted 15 year old who likes Nintendo way too much. Mario is my favorite, but I like other franchises too. My first Mario game was Mario Kart Wii, which I got for Christmas in 2008. I wasn't officially obsessed with Mario until 1st grade. I eventually became perceived as a Mario Addict, and the title has stayed. I don't mind, though...

My Friend Userbox is the one at the top of my Userbox Tower. When adding it, just replace "is" with "is friends with". Remember that I don't just put any friend userbox on my page, I have to get to know you and you should just overall be nice. You can still ask, though.
Make sure to ask me in my talk page before adding it!

I also have a sandbox where I test things out and put unfinished revisions for pages, as well as templates.

629 edits and counting!

Stuff I do

Current projects

  • Create articles on Yoshi's Crafted World levels and worlds.
  • Create articles on Super Mario Land levels.
  • Upload images of data-rendered models from the Models Resource.
  • Add descriptions from instruction manuals that I have access to.
  • Add enemy counts (and possibly item counts) to level articles.
    • Make those lists into fancy wikitables, if I can?

Other important things

  • Check the Recent Changes regularly.
  • Fix any spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • Rewrite any poorly written content (if I have time or feel like doing it).

Friend Codes

These are my friend codes. I suggest letting me know in my talk page before adding me. Otherwise, don't take it personally if I decline your request.





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These are other places you can find me. Links to my other NIWA accounts are at the top of the page.

Mario Games I Have

This is a list of Mario games I own or at least have played through enough to have an opinion on them. I also reviewed them here in a format that you may or may not have seen.



10/10 9/10 8/10 7/10 6/10 5/10 4/10 3/10 2/10 1/10 0/10
Outstanding Excellent Great Good OK Average Bad Terrible Garbage Abysmal Shovelware


Green Shell - 2D shaded.png Coin - 2D shaded.png Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png Fireflower 2D shaded.png Super star shaded.png
Cannot be completed Not completed Main game completed In process of 100% completion Completed 100%


Game Pros Cons Rating Completion
NES Games
Donkey Kong NES Cover.png
Donkey Kong
A good port of the classic arcade game that started it all.
Where is the Pie Factory??

The game is incredibly short, but this is expected.
Super star shaded.png
Completed 100m.
Donkey Kong Jr. NES Cover.png
Donkey Kong Jr.
Another game that ported smoothly.

They didn't remove any levels this time!
The game is too short, but again, this is expected.
Super star shaded.png
Completed Stage 4.
SMB Boxart.png
Super Mario Bros.
The game that REALLY started it all!

Levels are well-designed.

The game's physics aren't perfect but good.

Warp Zones make up for the lack of a save feature.
There's not very much variety with the level themes.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Ran out of lives at World 8-4.
SMB2 Boxart.png
Super Mario Bros. 2
Four characters that play differently adds more variety!

This game has some interesting level concepts, such as World 3-2 or World 7-2
This game is just a reskin of Doki Doki Panic, but who cares?
Coin - 2D shaded.png
SMB3 Boxart.png
Super Mario Bros. 3
Now there are world maps to explore!

New power-ups are good and original.
Why is there no save feature?

Some levels are annoying and/or badly made, like 6-5.
Super star shaded.png
Completed every level.
Dr. Mario
It's a solid puzzle game with unique gameplay.
I feel like this game's biggest selling point was having Mario in it.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Game & Watch Game
Mario Game & Watch.jpg
Super Mario Bros.
Yes, this game exists.

This game fits well with the Game & Watch's limitations!

It had a lot of levels by its system's standards.
Autoscrolling levels are not fun after a while,
especially when the layout keeps looping.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Ran out of lives at World 2.
SNES Games
Super Mario World Box.png
Super Mario World
This game introduces the Cape Feather and Yoshi!

There are a lot of secrets to uncover, and many different paths to take.
Every boss except Bowser was just too easy.
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Found ALMOST every exit.
SMK BoxCover1.jpg
Super Mario Kart
This is the game that started the Mario Kart Series!

Items are introduced here, which set the game apart from other racing games.
There's not much variety with the course themes.

Overall, this game has not aged very well.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Boxart dkc front.png
Donkey Kong Country
This game has so much more to it than just graphics!
It still looks fine today. At least, I think so.

This game is challenging for the reasons it should be.

Great soundtrack.
Some of the bonuses are a pain to find.

Every boss except King K. Rool is too easy.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat King K Rool.
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
This game took the first game and expanded upon it.

This is even more challenging than before, but still for the right reasons.
The bosses are actually a threat now.

Soundtrack is great, as always.
Donkey Kong is not playable, but it really doesn't matter to me at all.
Super star shaded.png
Got every DK Coin and completed Krocodile Kore.
Game Boy Games
Super Mario Land
This game introduced many new things
(that were never used again).
Wonky physics.

Superball Mario is just a crappy version of Fire Mario.

There is no save feature, so if you unlock the level select feature, resetting the game makes it disappear.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Ran out of lives at World 4.
Dr. Mario
Same as NES version
Same as NES version

The color is gone.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
I like the interconnected world map.

This game also introduced many new things
(that were also never used again)
Rabbit Mario is good, but could have been better.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Game Boy Color Game
SMB Deluxe cover art.png
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
A good port of the original game that adds a lot of new things.
My favorite is the You VS. Boo stages.
This game sometimes suffers from screen crunch.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Nintendo 64 Games
Super Mario 64 Boxart.png
Super Mario 64
This classic brought Mario to the third dimension!

I like that this one is more of an open world game.

The areas' themes and layouts are great.
Bad camera controls. (Expected)
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Couldn't beat Bowser's final encounter.
MK64 Cover.png
Mario Kart 64
An improvement from the first installment.

The courses are great!

Battle mode is even better now!
Rainbow Road is way too long with 3 laps. This was fixed in Mario Kart 8.

Barely any unlockables, but this is expected.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Mario Party 2 box art.jpg
Mario Party 2
Great Board game-style play!

Unique boards.

Good minigames.

I think this has the best soundtrack of the Mario Party games.

I like that the characters have their own costumes for each board.
The Abandon Ship minigame is too broken.

21 of the game's 65 minigames are reused from the first game,
but it doesn't really matter because good ones were chosen.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Paper Mario 64 box.png
Paper Mario
Introduced a unique cast of characters.

The plot may have involved stopping Bowser again, but the Mario World feels much more alive and there is more to save than just Peach.

Good battle system.
The final battle with Bowser is frustrating and annoying.
So is the Forever Forest.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat Bowser.
Game Boy Advance Games
Super Mario Advance 3 Box Art.jpg
Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island
This remake did a good job...well, remaking the original version.

The game offers a fair challenge in the last few worlds.
The sound quality is worse, but this is common with the gba remakes.

Actually, I only got this because the SNES version is not in the Eshop.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat Baby Bowser.
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Box NA.png
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
One of the best GBA games out there

The characters, plot, battle system, and soundtrack are all great.

This game is also known for its funny cutscenes!
Sonetimes, it's easy to get lost.

The game doesn't really make it clear how to get advanced bros. attacks.
It seems like it just...happens.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Got stuck on Cackletta's Soul because I was too under-leveled.
GameCube Games
Luigi's Mansion Box.png
Luigi's Mansion
This game introduced E Gadd and King Boo!

I like the new plot.

The Mansion has so much to explore!
The game is way too short.

The Hidden Mansion is nothing special, outside of Europe.

I hate it when a Boo goes into a locked room.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat King Boo.
Box NA - Super Mario Sunshine.png
Super Mario Sunshine
F.L.U.D.D. is a great game mechanic.

Each area is interconnected, making Isle Delfino seem more like a world.

The water graphics look great.
Some levels are painfully difficult.

Not every stage's mission can have an 100 Coin Shine appear.

Glitches in games are usually fun, but sometimes this game gets broken as heck.
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Beat Bowser. Got some more Shines and Blue Coins afterward.
Mario Kart Double Dash!!.jpg
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
I love the two-character kart gameplay!

Special items add strategy to choosing characters.

The character roster and track selection is excellent.

The Battle Mode is at its best in this game.
Bob-omb Blast is my favorite one!
There could have been more battle stages, but what there is is still good enough.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Got stuck on the Mirror Special Cup.
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Great plot.

Once again, I really like the cast of characters.

This game's combat improved from the previous game!

A lot of the worlds are creative, in terms of setting.
Finding General White is NOT FUN.
The same goes for a lot of troubles in the Trouble Center.
Generally, a number of parts of this game are very tedious.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat the Shadow Queen on my first try. Didn't complete the Pit of 100 Trials.
Nintendo DS Games
Super Mario 64 DS
A well-done remake!

There are now 150 Stars to get!

4 different characters can be used.

The minigames are a lot of fun!
A 3D game with a control pad doesn't work well, but I played this on my 3DS so it's not much of a problem for me.

Switching characters is not only annoying, but also sometimes pointless.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat Bowser.
Mario Kart DS Box (North America).png
Mario Kart DS
The tracks are great, as usual.

Mission Mode is outstanding!

I like the Kart designs.
Battle mode requires having a timer.

Bad graphics. (expected)
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Unlocked everything. Completed every mission, but didn't get 3 stars on all of them.
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
The story took an unexpected, darker turn.

This game also has great new characters.
The combat is good too.
And the Soundtrack.

The locations are easy to navigate.
Bros. Items don't work nearly as good as Bros. Attacks.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Defeated Shrowser.
New Super Mario Bros box.png
New Super Mario Bros.
Felt new at the time.

This game is challenging when it needs to be.

I like the new bosses' designs.

Mario Vs. Luigi mode is a ton of fun.
Minigames return!
This game started a trend where later games in the sub-series became extremely generic.

The bosses are too easy.

Not much variety in power-ups.
Super star shaded.png
Got every Star Coin and found all secret exits.
Mariohoops3on3 boxart.jpg
Mario Hoops 3 on 3
This game put a great Mario Twist™ on Basketball!

Good character roster.

I like the amount of unlockables.

A lot of the courts are unique, too.
Some moves require the touch screen.

The criteria for unlocking Black Mage is asking for too much.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Yoshi's Island DS
More babies mean more possibilities!

This game offers a good challenge through the second half.

The graphics are nice.
At least the environments are.
The sound design isn't all that great.

Having to switch to certain babies for certain things can be annoying.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat Bowser.
Mario Party DS
My favorite handheld Mario Party!

The minigames and boards are good.

I love that this game has so many collectibles!
This game relies on single player a lot, which is a problem, because it's Mario Party...
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Completed Story Mode and got all Boss Trophies.
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Story, characters, locations, and soundtrack are great as usual.
So is the battle system.

Having Bowser as a playable character made for some interesting mechanics.
Some areas felt a bit too long.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat the Dark Star Core.
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Solid gameplay.

Adventure mode is the best part of the game.
I like the Snow Spirits.
The game gets very boring outside of adventure mode.

Some parts of said adventure mode are annoying.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Got stuck on King Boo.
Wii Games
Super Paper Mario
The story was amazing, probably one of the best in the series.

Four playable characters and many Pixls mean new mechanics.
Locations are memorable as usual.

The change of gameplay (and genre) was implemented very well.
Some chapters have parts that are such terrible design choices or are just not fun.
I have to complete the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice.

The Pixls were given such unique (and non-unique) personalities that were only used for when they are first met.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Defeated Super Dimentio.
Super Mario Galaxy
The story is a nice slight change of pace, and it is presented well.

Visuals are nice.

Creative levels and boss fights.

Soundtrack is outstanding.
This game is a bit on the easy side, with some exceptions.

Super Luigi Galaxy is just the same game again but with a different character.
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Unlocked (but didn't complete) Super Luigi Galaxy.
Mario Kart Wii
This game probably has the best character roster in the Mario Kart Series.

Great race courses and battle stages.

Lots of unlockables!
Battle Mode still requires a timer.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Unlocked every character except Mii Outfit B.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
4 Player chaos makes its 2D Mario debut!
And I mean chaos.

The Koopalings make their big return.

Good levels.
This is just too similar to the previous game.

The game isn't as much fun by yourself.
Super star shaded.png
Got every Star Coin and found every exit.
Super Mario Galaxy 2
This game is pretty much an expansion pack for the first game.
There is lots of new content!

Green Star missions added more post-game content.

Visuals, levels, boss fights, and soundtrack are the same quality as the first game.
There is no longer a hub world, just a mostly linear world map.

The game treated itself as Mario's first visit to space, ignoring the first game.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Completed the main story. Didn't unlock Green Star missions.
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Challenging game.

Lots of collectibles to get.

The Tiki Tak Tribe is a nice new set of villains...
...But they're not as good as the Kremlings.

The bonus rooms lack variety.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Defeated Tiki Tong.
Nintendo 3DS Games
SM3DL UScover.png
Super Mario 3D Land
I like the new power-ups.

Levels are nice, too.
The game feels like a 2D Mario Game disguised as a 3D one.
This game is not very challenging, either.

Little to no boss variety.

There are no alternate modes; only story mode is there.
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Got stuck on Special 8-Crown.
Mario Kart 7
Gliding and underwater sections are a good concept.

This one has the best Rainbow Road, in my opinion.
The other tracks are mostly decent.
Lots of questionable character choices.
(Honey Queen, Metal Mario, Lakitu, no Waluigi...)

Where's the single player VS mode!?
Mario Kart 7/10
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Got at least two stars in every Grand Prix.
Mario Tennis Open
Solid tennis gameplay.

Good minigames, especially Super Mario Tennis.

QR codes were a nice touch.
Game was very repetitive.

The lack of gimmicks made the courts feel very stale.

The chance shot mechanic turns the game into Simon Says.

Some costumes are a pain to unlock.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
New Super Mario Bros. 2
The game is fun.
Coin Rush is also a nice addition.
Pretty much the same as the previous game.

Spamming Coins everywhere means a ton of free lives.
Even outside of that, the game was incredibly easy.

The game focuses on getting 1,000,000 Coins, and all you get is an alternate title screen. Then there's the 9,999,999 Coins reward...

Disappointing bosses, as usual.
Super star shaded.png
Five shining stars on my file.
Paper mario sticker star box-art.png
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
This game sometimes has funny or interesting parts.

Good soundtrack.
The inventory-based combat is flawed, and also pointless due to lack of experience points.

It is very easy to get stuck.
The game is incredibly hard to figure out without a guide, but easier with one.

Every boss is a pushover if you have the right sticker but incredibly hard if you don't.

Not very much NPC variety.

Overall, the game lacks a lot of things that made the other Paper Mario games great.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Quit at Rugged Road.
Luigis Mansion dark moon boxart.png
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
More mansions to explore means more variety!

I like the ghost designs and the plot.

ScareScraper mode is fun.
Mission-based gameplay doesn't feel as open as staying in the mansion in the first game.

The game tends to lazily reuse cutscenes.

Secret Mine's boss.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat King Boo.
Box NA - Mario & Luigi Dream Team.png
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Characters, enemies, and locations were all creative as usual.

Plot, combat, and soundtrack are also great, which is also usual.

Battling in the Dream World feels new, but still doesn't feel too different.

Giant Battles are even better in this game.

The Luiginary Works are fun.

Hard Mode adds some replay value.
Bowser's Inside Story had more tutorials, but they feel worse in this game because they are more pushed together.

Some areas, particularly Dreamy Mount Pajamaja dragged on for too long.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Beat Dreamy Bowser.
Box NA - Mario Party Island Tour.png
Mario Party Island Tour
Fun minigames, especially The Choicest Voice.
The soundtrack is alright, too.
The boards get boring very quickly.
The other modes do, too.

Does Bowser's Tower ever properly end?
Green Shell - 2D shaded.png
Mario & Luigi - Paper Jam - NOA Boxart.png
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
This game reveals that the Paper Mario World is separate from the regular one!

Battle cards are superior to badges, in my opinion.

Overworld gameplay and battle system remain good.
Soundtrack is good too.
The game lacks original characters and enemies.
The plot is also a step backwards.

The Paper Toad missions are sometimes fun but usually annoying.
Catching Nabbit is always annoying, especially the last encounter.

I KNOW that a Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario crossover could have been executed so much better.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Defeated Shiny RoboBowser.
Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World - NA Boxart.jpg
Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World
Same as Wii U version

Now I can make my own Yoshi designs!
Poochy Dash is a nice addition too.
Same as Wii U version
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Beat Baby Bowser in the Boss Tent.
Dr. Mario- Miracle Cure Logo.jpg
Dr. Mario Miracle Cure
The solid and classic Dr. Mario gameplay returns yet again!

The Miracle Cure Laboratory™ stages were fun...
...But aside from that, this game didn't add much new stuff.
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Completed every Miracle Cure Laboratory™ stage.
Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge
Lots of interesting mechanics and levels.
The game relies on amiibo too much. If I don't have them all, I can't beat the game.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Wii U Games
NSMBU boxcover.png
New Super Mario Bros. U
I like the interconnected world map.

The fight against Bowser was great, especially compared to how it was before.

Challenge Mode was a brilliant addition.
The game still isn't very new...
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Five shining stars on my file. Didn't complete all challenges.
Nintendoland boxcover.png
Nintendo Land
Lots of fun minigames to play, especially with multiple people!

Plaza decorations make the hub world more interesting.
About half of the game relies on multiplayer, which is a problem for me because I don't always have someone to play with.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Didn't get a star on any of the attractions.
Box NA (final) - New Super Luigi U.png
New Super Luigi U
Luigi actually has gameplay differences this time.

A number of the new levels feel very unique.
I've never liked strict time limits...
...and because of the strict time limits, the levels are much shorter.

Without Mario, if there are four players, one of them has to use Nabbit. I feel like Greem Toad or Purple Toad could have been easily added. (Actually, that's a good idea.)
Super star shaded.png
Five shining stars on my file.
Box NA - Super Mario 3D World.png
Super Mario 3D World
4 Player Mario chaos pounces into the third dimension!
And I still mean chaos.

Cat Mario is a good, original power up.

Levels are fun and creative.

The visuals look amazing.

New bosses.
The game still feels like a 2D Mario Game disguised as a 3D one.
Still not much challenge.
Champion's Road's lack of checkpoints makes the level more tedious than hard.

I have to complete every level with every character to get 100% completion.
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Completed Captain Toad's Fiery Finale and Mystery House Marathon, but got stuck on Champion's Road.
Logo EN - NES Remix.png
NES Remix
This whole thing is all a very clever idea.
Especially the parts that are actually remixed.
I feel like the full games unedited could have been included too...But, then again...
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Logo EN - NES Remix 2.png
NES Remix 2
Same as the first one

I like the selection of games here more.
Super Luigi Bros. is also a nice addition.
Same as the first one
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Box NA - Mario Kart 8.jpg
Mario Kart 8
Anti-gravity is another great concept to add in.
Gliding and going underwater was implemented even better here.

I like the new items.

Amazing visuals.

The courses are great, too.
The Battle Mode is so terrible and lackluster.

The character roster could have been much better. We don't need Pink Gold Peach, Baby Rosalina, Baby Daisy, and Metal Mario.
Mario Kart 8/10
Coin - 2D shaded.png
SSBWiiU NA Boxart.png
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Lots of modes makes there a lot to do!

Character roster, music, and stages are great.

Visuals are amazing, like other Wii U titles in this list.

With this out, there's not much of a reason to own the 3DS version...
...Unless you really enjoy the exclusive modes...
...and the two stages that didn't make it into Smash 5.
Smash Tour wasn't all that great. I'd say it's average.

Not everything from Brawl returned.

Not many unlockables.
Coin - 2D shaded.png
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker US box final.jpg
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
(To be added)
(To be added)
(To be added)
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Got stuck on Mummy-Me Maze Forever. Can't play the Special Episode, because Nintendo hates the Wii U so much.
Mario Party 10 box.png
Mario Party 10
(To be added)
(To be added)
(To be added)
Green Shell - 2D shaded.png
YWW NA Boxart.png
Yoshi's Woolly World
Probably the cutest game on the Wii U.

There are quite a few unique levels.

Soundtrack is good.
Some Stamp Patches are a pain to find.
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Got every Wonder Wool and Smiley Flower, but not every Stamp Patch.
Super Mario Maker Wii U NA Boxart.jpg
Super Mario Maker
(To be added)
(To be added)
(To be added)
Green Shell - 2D shaded.png
Got every Easy and Normal costume. Can't beat Super Expert Mode.
Nintendo Switch Games
MK8 Deluxe - Box NA.png
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
(To be added)
(To be added)
(To be added)
Coin - 2D shaded.png
SuperMarioOdyssey - NA boxart.jpg
Super Mario Odyssey
(To be added)
(To be added)
(To be added)
Fireflower 2D shaded.png
Got all Power Moons and Regional Coins...but not every costume.
SMP Boxart.png
Super Mario Party
(To be added)
(To be added)
(To be added)
Super Mushroom - 2D shaded.png
Got all five gems. Didn't get every sticker.
SSB Ultimate box art.png
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
(To be added)
(To be added)
(To be added)
Coin - 2D shaded.png
The one and only Mobile Game
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Super Mario Run
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Completed the main story and unlocked Red Yoshi.

amiibo I own

Not very many. I'm not a big amiibo collector. I mainly like them as figurines.

Irrelevant Nonsense

Things you may or may not care about.

Wario and Waluigi closing their lips

Wario and Waluigi never close their lips, right? Wrong. Here is a gallery of images showing the few times when they have:

If you have any more, feel free to show me in my talk page.

Nintendo and their swirly glasses

Nintendo sure loves giving characters swirly glasses. Here's a list of characters who have appeared in the Mario Series that have them:

And the Fawful enemies in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: