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“Advanced Commands are methods that further evolve your actions! When you learn one of these, one of you will flash, and you both will understand...”
General Starshade, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario thinks of an Advanced Command.

An Advanced Command is an upgraded Bros. Attack in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Advanced Commands are different from the regular Bros. Attacks. They can change the effects of the attack. To unlock an Advanced Command for each Bros. Attack, Mario or Luigi must successfully execute a said move a number of times, as shown below:

Mario's Advanced Commands[edit]

  • Splash Bros.: 20 times - After the first command, Luigi throws Mario up and Mario damages the enemy solo. X2 damage to spiky enemies.
  • Swing Bros.: 10 times - While Mario is flying back to Luigi, Luigi jumps to Mario and then spins over the enemy, causing damage and possibly stealing an Item.
  • Chopper Bros.: 32 times - Mario dunks Luigi into the ground and Luigi pops up from underneath the enemy. Mario again dunks Luigi, Luigi pops up, etc. Can be done for at least 10 times.
  • Fire Bros.: 28 times - Mario jumps up and hits the fireballs, congregating all of them into a larger fireball. When all are fired or put together, Mario jumps up and hits it into the enemy. Can cause burn.

Luigi's Advance Commands[edit]

  • Bounce Bros.: 8 times - Mario jumps up onto Luigi, they bounce once more, then Luigi then Mario jump onto two separate enemies (only one if there is one).
  • Cyclone Bros.: 21 times - After all times the enemy is hit, Luigi goes on top of Mario and hammers the enemy. May cause dizzy.
  • Knockback Bros.: 43 times - Mario rolls into a ball and Luigi hits him. Mario spins onto the enemy and back to Luigi. Luigi hits Mario again, etc.
  • Thunder Bros.: 24 times - Mario dunks Luigi into the ground and he pops out of the ground, hitting one enemy that can be airborne. Can cause POW-Down.


  • Luigi only thinks of 1 Advanced Bros. Attack: Cyclone Bros..