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Hello, DarkNight. Good job on your recent uploads. But when uploading files, keep in mind that you must correctly categorize the file. It is simple to learn how to correctly do so. Just search for the correct category by starting with the following groups:

Images Audio/Video Files

When uploading, copy the full title of the category with square brackets, and insert it into the summary text box (below the {{aboutfile}} template), replacing the {{uncategorized}} template entirely. For example, files related to the game Super Mario World would use:

[[Category:Super Mario World Images]]
[[Category:Super Mario World Media Files]]

Please consider the above information before uploading more files. Keep in mind some files can belong to multiple categories. Don't put images into media categories and vise-versa. If you continue uploading files without categorizing them correctly, then a warning will be issued. Thank you for reading, and keep contributing.

Hello, DarkNight. Good job on your recent uploads. But when uploading files, keep in mind that you must correctly use the {{aboutfile}} template. What you were doing looks like this, and it is an inconvenience for other users to fix up the template. It is simple to learn how to format it correctly. The pre-loaded coding is shown below.

|1=Subject of the image
|2=Where you found the image
|4=Describe edits, if any
|5=Other versions (use file link)

Just replace the necessary parts with that corresponding information, and remove the entire line of the variable(s) you don't use. If you do not wish to use the template at all, then it is acceptable to simply remove it before you upload the file. Please consider the above information before uploading more files. If you continue using {{aboutfile}} incorrectly, then a warning will be issued. Thank you for reading, and keep contributing.

Hello! Thank you for your recent contributions. When uploading images, please remember to remove the sections of the {{aboutfile}} template that you do not use. Additionally, please remember to replace the {{uncategorized}} template with the game's image category (for example [[Category:Super Mario Odyssey Images]]. Thanks! --FlameChompNSMBW.pngTheFlameChomp (talk) 13:45, June 10, 2020 (EDT)

Be sure to check any associated articles, galleries and category pages to see if similar images exist first before uploading. Also, I don't know how you're saving the source images, but you seem to be uploading lower-quality versions of them when there are higher quality versions found in the sources you provided, so it'd be worth checking the page through first.

One last thing, regarding this edit: Avoid using "you" on articles (instead, we use "the player" or the character's name), and game titles should be italicised (so Super Mario 3D Land is formatted as Super Mario 3D Land). The "Star Coin" you're referring to is Star Medal, which already has an image. Balloon Fighter pose SMM.png Mario JC 01:41, June 11, 2020 (EDT)

Please do not crop your images, as you are not cropping them properly and you are giving smaller images than the source provides. And as they are screenshots, you don't need to crop them anyway. Just upload them as they are. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 16:16, June 11, 2020 (EDT)

Don't upload small thumbnail versions of images please. Visit the associated page(s) and get the image from there, not from the search engine results pages. Balloon Fighter pose SMM.png Mario JC 22:12, June 15, 2020 (EDT)

You aren't quite adding categories correctly. Rather than [[Paper Mario: The Origami King Images]], it is [[Category:Paper Mario: The Origami King Images]]. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 14:19, July 8, 2020 (EDT)

RE:Can I help?[edit]

Sure, you can help. Do you know any that my list doesn't have yet? PMCS Yellow Chosen Toad Icon.png Scrooge200 (talk) 23:58, June 18, 2020 (EDT) I ment that can I help fixing them? DarkNight (talk) 23:59, June 18, 2020 (EDT)

How so? Modding the game or something? PMCS Yellow Chosen Toad Icon.png Scrooge200 (talk) 00:48, June 19, 2020 (EDT)

Never mind, I thought it was in an article. By the way, can we be friends? DarkNight (talk) 00:54, June 19, 2020 (EDT)

This is mostly just a list for personal interest, not an article. And yeah, we can be friends. PMCS Yellow Chosen Toad Icon.png Scrooge200 (talk) 01:13, June 19, 2020 (EDT)


Keep in mind in the future that category pages themselves need categories as well. For example, Category:Paper Mario: The Origami King Bosses needs the type category Category:Paper Mario Series Bosses and of course the game category Category:Paper Mario: The Origami King. Refer to MarioWiki:Categories or even other categories on the wiki to see which ones they need.

Also, remember that titles for games and publications need to be italicised (Paper Mario: The Origami King should be Paper Mario: The Origami King, Dr. Mario-Kun should be Dr. Mario-Kun etc.) See MarioWiki:Manual of Style#Italicizing titles. Balloon Fighter pose SMM.png Mario JC 02:45, June 19, 2020 (EDT)

RE: Friends?[edit]

Sure, I'd love to be friends! My friend box can be found here. LuigiMaster123Icon.png LuigiMaster123 03:43, June 24, 2020 (EDT)

Something odd is happening[edit]

1. My userpage in mobile view doesn't show some of the sections even though I did ==this==. Also, in desktop view, the font changes to Times Roman even though I didn't change it. 2. Sometimes I can't edit templates. Can someone help?DarkNight (talk) 19:54, June 25, 2020 (EDT)

Thanks Porple! DarkNight (talk) 20:03, June 25, 2020 (EDT)

Stub articles[edit]

The page(s) you recently created (Kamek's Curse) has/have been put up for deletion, has been deleted, or turned into a redirect. This may be because it violated at least one of the policies and/or guidelines of the Super Mario Wiki. There are some things you can do to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  1. Make sure there is no other article about the same subject with a different title, especially for conjectural articles.
  2. Make sure the article has enough information to make it a worthwhile read (i.e. it does more than state the obvious, such as "Luigi's Mansion is a mansion that is owned by Luigi"). Overly short articles are known as stubs and their creation is strongly discouraged; it is better to amass enough information to make a solid article right off the bat instead.
  3. Make sure the article is significant enough in the Mario series to have its own article.

If the article has only been tagged to be deleted you can still fix or expand it, but an administrator may delete it at any time, so please act quickly. Thank you for reading, and keep contributing!

When making articles, make sure you have enough information to finish it. Don't just leave it in an incomplete state for someone else to handle. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 15:08, June 26, 2020 (EDT)

Moving files[edit]

After moving a file, you need to correct all links that lead to it. You can find these by clicking "What links here" on the sidebar when viewing the original file name. Afterward, you mark the redirect for deletion. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 20:26, June 30, 2020 (EDT)

This goes for main articles as well, though except for the redirect deletion (you mark the talk redirect for deletion, though). Additionally, instances of the word in the article should be changed appropriately. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 00:09, July 7, 2020 (EDT)

RE: Friends?[edit]

Sure! My userbox code is on my userpage. Niiue - Who has lost his tail? 19:56, July 2, 2020 (EDT)

Moving articles[edit]

After moving an article, please make sure to fix any double redirects left behind (redirects that still link to the old name) so they link to the new name. You'll find those by going to Special:WhatLinksHere (the "What links here" link under "tools" on the sidebar in desktop mode), typing in the old name, and clicking "Hide links". Additionally, like Alex said, it's recommended that any links to the old name should be fixed eventually as well, though double redirects are a greater priority. (If there are a lot of pages on WhatLinksHere, it's likely because the old name is used on a template; in that case, you change "Namespace: all" to "Template" and fixing it there should clear out most of the list.) Balloon Fighter pose SMM.png Mario JC 02:45, July 7, 2020 (EDT)

Ref Names[edit]

To do the ref name stuff, you do <ref name=RefName>[]</ref>, and then future instances of that same reference can do <ref name=RefName/>. Information on references and citations can be found here. MarioComix (talk) 01:02, July 8, 2020 (EDT)

RE: Friends?[edit]

Sure. Why not? SMW2yoshi.gif Super Chris HelperMario.png 21:51, July 8, 2020 (EDT)