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This article is about the course in Mario Kart DS. For the court in Mario Sports Mix with the same name, see Waluigi Pinball (court).
Waluigi Pinball
Waluigi Pinball.PNG
Appearance(s) Mario Kart DS (2005)
Mario Kart 7 (2011)
Cup(s) it Appears in Flower Cup (MKDS)
Banana Cup (MK7)
Staff Ghost 2:23:288 by Ninten★しんや (MKDS)
(Waluigi in the Gold Mantis)
2:44.372 by Ret★Bill (MK7)
(Wario with the Standard Kart, Slick Tires, & Swooper)
Expert Staff Ghost 2:27.574 by Nin★Nahhr (MK7)
(Wario with the Bruiser, Slim Tires, & Beast Glider)
Wi-Fi Was never available (DS)
Available (3DS)
Mario Kart DS
Course Map
Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart 7
MK7 DSWaluigiPinball.png

Waluigi Pinball is the third race course of the Flower Cup in Mario Kart DS. As its name implies, this course takes place in a giant pinball machine themed after Waluigi and contain many sharp turns and curves. The track's theme is shared with Wario Stadium.


Mario Kart DS

The track icon.

Soon after the countdown ends and the race begins, the kart drivers are launched into the pinball machine. After that, the racers start a descent down the machine, encountering numerous pinballs on the way. Colliding with one of these causes drivers to be knocked backwards. Additionally, a racer will lose any items he or she may be carrying. While the racers are in the pinball launcher, they are immune to all items, including Lightning. Later in the track, inside the pinball area, there are flippers and bumpers. Bumpers push and speed up drivers, but flippers, when moving, can cause them to get electrocuted and spin out.

Waluigi Pinball makes a cameo appearance in the Nintendo Monopoly board game. The music theme from the course is also featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Mario Circuit stage arranged in an enhanced electronic rock style by Kentaro Ishizaka.


There are two missions involving this circuit: 3-1 and 4-7. In mission 3-1 the player must break 5 item boxes and in mission 4-7 they must drive through the 10 gates in any order.

Staff ghost

The staff ghost in this track is 2:23:288 using Waluigi in the Gold Mantis.

Mario Kart 7

DS Waluigi Pinball in Mario Kart 7.

The track returns as a retro course in Mario Kart 7 as the fourth and final course in the Banana Cup, despite Waluigi's absence. The layout remained the same, but with enhanced graphics and the Dash Panels are now orange.

The launch after the start/finish line now encompasses a gliding pad, although like Maple Treeway and Airship Fortress, players cannot aim their flight. Players are also no longer immune to items while in the launcher, and being hit by anything (or stowing their glider) will result in having to be rescued by Lakitu. The jumps after turn 1 and after turn 6 can be used to perform a trick and gain a boost. An extra Dash Panel is added in the small drop near the circular turn that comes after the 2nd jump.

The pinballs, bumpers, and flippers on the table behave the same way as in the DS version of the course. While playing local or online multiplayer, only one pinball traverses the main table as opposed to two.



DS appearance

3DS appearance

Official descriptions

  • Mario Kart DS European website: "Wario's weird sibling constructed this high-speed track inside a giant pinball table; complete with bumpers, flippers, ramps, and enormous steel spheres that bounce you around like - well, like a pinball. Make sure to bring plenty of aspirin for this race."

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワルイージピンボール
Waruīji Pinbōru
Waluigi Pinball
Spanish Pinball Waluigi Waluigi Pinball
French Flipper Waluigi Waluigi Pinball
Dutch Waluigi's Flipperkast Waluigi's Pinball Machine
German Waluigi-Flipper Waluigi Pinball
Italian Flipper di Waluigi Waluigi's Pinball
Portuguese Pinball do Waluigi Waluigi's Pinball
Russian Пинбол Валуиджи
Pinbol Valuidzhi
Waluigi Pinball
Korean 와루이지 핀볼
Waruiji Pinbol
Waluigi Pinball
Chinese 瓦路易吉彈珠台 (Traditional)
瓦路易吉弹珠台 (Simplified)
Wǎlùyìjí Dànzhūtái
Waluigi Pinball


  • In Mario Kart DS, this course shares its Grand Prix introduction fanfare with Figure-8 Circuit, Mario Circuit and GCN Luigi Circuit.
  • The "Waluigi Pinball" cover version from Super Smash Bros. Brawl has a section where Wario's victory theme is played (from the same game).
  • The course has several unique sound effects that evoke pinball machine scoring noises. These sounds are carried over to its retro course in Mario Kart 7:
    • A unique item roulette sound, making it one of four courses in the series to have a unique such sound, with Hyrule Circuit, Animal Crossing, and Urchin Underpass (all crossover courses) being the other three.
    • An additional "rolling" sound played when traversing a Dash Panel. No other course in the series has this feature.
    • A unique set of sounds for when the player's position changes. No other course in the series has this feature, though similar sounds for when the player's position changes are used in Mario Kart Wii onwards.