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Director’s Notes

Shroom2017 Yoshi876.png

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Hello readers! Welcome to Pipe Plaza, the 'Shroom team that's probably the lesson you fall asleep. I hope not though, we're pretty fun. We even have balloons... somewhere.

You might notice that Pipe Plaza is looking a lot smaller this month. That's because our long-time Community Report and New Articles writer, LudwigVon (talk) has had to stand down due to time constraints. We wish him all the best, and hope that he follows up on his promise to return to write for Pipe Plaza.

In the meantime there are lots of sections you readers could fill. If you want to write Monthly Report, Featured, Projects Seeking Contributors, New Articles, User Interview, Community Report, UPdate, or Birthday Wishes just write out an application to Henry Tucayo Clay (talk) (you'll find him pretending to be Hobbes on the forum) and you might get the chance to write for this brilliant sub-team.

Section of the Month

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Anniversary Announcements 9 47% Lakituthequick
2nd Poll Committee Discussion 7 37% Lord Bowser
3rd Upcoming Game 1 5% Alex95
3rd Retro Feature 1 5% Yoshi876
3rd The 'Shroom Report 1 5% Henry Tucayo Clay

MarioWiki Sections

A helpful tip for any wiki editor.
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Non-Wiki Sections

Anime? In Pipe Plaza? Nah, it's just Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
[read more]

The best analysis of the polls around!
[read more]

The only way to know what's going on in the forums.
[read more]

A trip back in The 'Shroom's past.
[read more]

All the latest writers and all the milestones of the current ones.
[read more]

Tip of the Month

Written by: FunkyK38 (talk)

Remember, wiki editing is like writing a research paper for school: you should have reputable sources for any news you encounter, especially for unreleased games. Leaks can be false, and posting wrong information looks bad for everyone. Make sure you cite your sources as well if it's not something that's explicitly stated in game- for example, if Peach says in-game that her favorite food is pie, no need to cite. But if Shigeru Miyamoto says her favorite food is pie out of game, that's something you need to cite.

Upcoming Game

Written by: Alex95 (talk)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Developer Monolift Soft
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date USA Holiday 2017
Genre Role-playing Game
ESRB:RP - Rating Pending
Nintendo Switch:

Greetings everyone! Alex95 here to tell you all about an upcoming game and my thoughts about it. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was announced as one of the several games at this year's E3 as the sequel to 2012's Xenoblade Chronicles. You know, that game Shulk is from. The sequel offers more of the same from the original game, but also gives us plenty of differences to experience.

It wouldn't be an anime character without big eyes and baggy pants.

If you've played Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenoblade Chronicles X before, you'd know what to expect. This is a role-playing game, or RPG, centered on the main hero Rex. One day, he encounters a being known as a Blade named Pyra, who has become lost from her paradise home of Elysium. Thus begins the story. Typical RPG stuff occurs from this point: Explore the world, complete side-quests, buy gear and items, fight monsters, win! Or die. That depends on your level. The Xenoblade Chronicles series is known at this point for having large worlds to explore. Xenoblade Chronicles X's Mira is larger than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Hyrule, so imagine how big this world will turn out! The world of Xenoblade Chronicles was set on two colossal beings locked in combat, and it appears Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will do the same with the player exploring large beasts called Titans.

Battle monstrous enemies with various Arts and crafty skills.

The previous Xenoblade Chronicle games had a more realistic tone to them. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is instead going in the extreme opposite direction with an anime-styled look and cel-shaded graphics. Think Toon Link's head and style on regular Link's body. Yes, the earlier games did have an anime feel to them, but XC2 is heavily animed. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you, but the brighter colors may make it easier to see where I'm going. I get lost a few times in Xenoblade Chronicles X because I can't differentiate a wall from an enemy or character sometimes (the game is dark in more ways than one…). Personally, I'd rather it stayed with the more realistic characters, but I can see this working.

Flaming sword? Check. Anthropomorphic characters? Check. Girls with no pants? …Check. Yep, this is anime.

Now let's talk game play. You explore the world, collect items, and talk to non-playable characters (NPCs) like you would any other game, but the battles are where things really start to heat up. Literally. See, Pyra appears to be a flame-based Blade, and she acts as a partner to the other characters. You assign her to one of the lead characters and she'll add a flame-based property to their attacks. There are several other Blades as well, like a guy in a suit of armor and the love-'em-or-hate-'em Nopons (like Riki). These partner characters will offer various skills and parameters, but the lead characters aren't going to be defenseless on their own. They have use to a total of four skills of their own, called "Arts", which is limited compared to the previous titles. Players have to assign the Arts strategically before they enter battles. Do you want this character to use nothing but offensive Arts, or do you want them to hang back with healing Arts?


I'm not very familiar with the Xenoblade series, with the only game I've played begin Xenoblade Chronicles X. I'm having a lot of fun with it, though it appears it may end up being secluded from the other two titles. I may be completely lost if I ever play Xenoblade Chronicles 2. There's no set release date for the game at the time of this writing, but when it does come out, I'm sure it will satisfy the RPG fans as there is a lot of content in these games. Usually, I'd link to the game's main site here, but, uh… there isn't one at the moment. But there are some trailers on Nintendo's YouTube channel, so go enjoy watching those!

Poll Committee Discussion

Written by: Stargazing (talk)

Welcome to all Shroom readers! I’m Stargazing, here to present this month’s Poll Committee Discussion! I hope you’ll all enjoy.

What’s New?

It’s analysis season! This Shroom issue also has our Awards Analysis section, where the entire Poll Committee analyzes all the Mario and Fail Awards. Please check out this section and seeing in-depth looks at everyone’s hard work!

We also have a new banner stretching over our polls page, drawn by The Pyro Guy (talk). I highly suggest checking that page out to see it and our many polls of the past.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump straight into my analysis!


How do you feel about Super Mario Odyssey returning to the Super Mario 64/Super Mario Sunshine style of 3D gameplay? (Superchao (talk), August 13th, 2017)

How do you feel about Super Mario Odyssey returning to the Super Mario 64/Super Mario Sunshine style of 3D gameplay?

It's great; Nintendo should continue to stick with this format. 52.74% (1,079 votes)
It's good; I'd like to see more games like this title. 27.17% (556 votes)
It's okay; I don't mind if Nintendo goes back and forth between the two types. 18.43% (377 votes)
It's not very good; Nintendo should focus primarily on the get-to-the-goal style. 0.73% (15 votes)
It's bad; Nintendo should abandon this format for good. 0.93% (19 votes)
Total Votes: 2,046

Are you still buying amiibo? (LudwigVon (talk), August 20th, 2017)

Are you still buying amiibo?

Yes, I buy as many amiibo as I can. 9.34% (176 votes)
Yes, but I only buy those that interest me. 34.77% (655 votes)
Yes, but less than before. 9.13% (172 votes)
No, I stopped buying amiibo. 15.23% (287 votes)
I never bought amiibo. 31.53% (594 votes)
Total Votes: 1,884

With seven Kingdoms having been shown in Super Mario Odyssey, which one is your favorite thus far? (Superchao (talk), August 27th, 2017)

With seven Kingdoms having been shown in Super Mario Odyssey, which one is your favorite thus far?

Metro Kingdom 25.78% (461 votes)
Sand Kingdom 4.75% (85 votes)
Wooded Kingdom 4.98% (89 votes)
Luncheon Kingdom 9.45% (169 votes)
Cascade Kingdom 4.64% (83 votes)
Cap Kingdom 4.7% (84 votes)
Seaside Kingdom 2.96% (53 votes)
I haven't looked at much information yet. 38.53% (689 votes)
I'm not interested in Super Mario Odyssey. 4.19% (75 votes)
Total Votes: 1,788

If you were a Paper Mario series partner, what species would you want to be? (Roserade (talk), September 3rd, 2017)

If you were a Paper Mario series partner, what species would you want to be?

Goomba 5.04% (99 votes)
Koopa Troopa 12.93% (254 votes)
Yoshi 28.67% (563 votes)
Boo 15.12% (297 votes)
Bob-omb 6.36% (125 votes)
Squeek 1.22% (24 votes)
Cheep Cheep 1.02% (20 votes)
Sparky 1.88% (37 votes)
An entirely new species 16.85% (331 votes)
Other 10.9% (214 votes)
Total Votes: 1,964


  • How do you feel about Super Mario Odyssey returning to the Super Mario 64/Super Mario Sunshine style of 3D gameplay? -- The heavy support for the return of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine gameplay mirrors many opinions I’ve seen from elsewhere in this community, although to a certain degree. While Super Mario 64 is very popular in comparison to lots of games from its era, Super Mario Sunshine doesn't seem to be. Despite that, it's clearly a very welcome sight.
  • Are you still buying amiibo? -- Buying the amiibo you’re interested topped this poll, which is what me and all my Animal Crossing cards voted for, but many people also stated they never bought an amiibo. People have told me about a grey area with this option though. They have never bought amiibo, but have received some as a gift, so they went for that option. A fair chunk of voters have also stopped buying amiibo altogether, which I can understand.
  • With seven Kingdoms having been shown in Super Mario Odyssey, which one is your favorite thus far? -- The majority of votes, including my own, went straight for lack of information about the kingdoms. However, taking the results of the previous Odyssey poll in my analysis, I was a little surprised to see Seaside Kingdom in last, judging how the lack of interest in the game was an option. It makes sense though, those who don’t care too much about the game wouldn’t vote in a gameplay-centered Odyssey poll.
  • If you were a Paper Mario series partner, what species would you want to be? -- Most of the community went for the Yoshis, which I can understand. They’re cute and trusty sidekicks to Mario… until he drops them at a very wide gap near you. Koopa Troopas and Boos were also pretty high on the list, but also being a new species entirely. Making your own character is a lot of fun, so this is very understandable.

Oh, and that's all the time we've got! Thanks so much for tuning in this month, stay tuned for the next release, where Shokora (talk) will be your presenter!

Forum Update

Written by: MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

Welcome back to the Forum Update! Today we'll be taking a look back at what happened on the Super Mario Boards during the summer, and finally getting back up to date with this section!




Statistic June
Topics created 108
Posts made 10084
New members 38
Most online 312
  • 38 is the highest amount of new members so far this year.


Statistic July
Topics created 132
Posts made 8156
New members 22
Most online 295


Statistic August
Topics created 101
Posts made 7151
New members 26
Most online 329

1 Smasher
(Smasher (talk))
2 DragonFreak
(DragonFreak (talk))
3 Baby Luigi
(Baby Luigi (talk))
4 Nabber
(Nabber (talk))
5 The Entire Galactic Empire
(Neptune99 (talk))
(Mileycyrussoulja (talk))
7 Ralph
(Ralphfan (talk))
8 UltraMario
(UltraMario3000 (talk))
9 GalacticPetey
(GalacticPetey (talk))
10 Yohane Tsushima
(Lily x (talk))
1 Puddin
(Puddin (talk))
2 Magikrazy
(Magikrazy (talk))
3 Nabber
(Nabber (talk))
4 Lucoa
(EctoBiologist (talk))
5 SiFi
(SiFi (talk))
6 Two
(LN1 (talk))
7 Lario
(Mr. Guy (talk))
8 Ralph
(Ralphfan (talk))
9 New Super Mario
(New Super Mario (talk))
10 Weasel
(MST3K (talk))
1 Uniju
(Uniju :D (talk))
544d 8h 2m
2 Weasel
(MST3K (talk))
459d 5h 39m
3 Northern Verve
(SonicMario (talk))
456d 2h 36m
4 Smasher
(Smasher (talk))
404d 9h 40m
5 Two
(LN1 (talk))
389d 23h 52m
6 Mr. Edo
(Gabumon (talk))
352d 8h 11m
7 Kokichi Ouma
(Turboo (talk))
351d 16h 24m
8 Time Turner
(Time Turner (talk))
342d 17h 32m
9 Magolor
(Gamefreak75 (talk))
315d 15h 13m
10 DragonFreak
(DragonFreak (talk))
309d 1h 31m

Bold means a new entry. Italics mean inactive for at least a month. Bold and italics scare me.

Thread(s) of the Month(s)

June's Thread of the Month went to Mr. Edo's The scandalous truth about Daisy and Sarasaland revealed, a shocking exposé on the Sarasaland and its princess. Runners-up include:

For July, LB LOOK by Turboo won Thread of the Month, though you'll need to check out another thread first for context. Runners-up include:

August's Thread of the Month went to Lakituthequick's Occasional Art, in which LTQ shares some of the art he's done and the process behind it.


  • "it's my duty to vote magikoopas as much as physically possible" - Anton
  • "they can replace nabbit with rabbids now
    they could call him
    - Crackin355
  • "i made my own mii a princess and he's a dude so miitopia gets a 10/10 from me" - GBAToad
  • "it's ok man if you can't see it in 70 nanometer 4DX Imax smellovision there's no point seeing it at all anyway" - Nabber, on Dunkirk
  • "We Still Don't Like Sticker Star
    a motto for our generation"
    - Perch
  • "The entire course of human history has led to us being able to play as a cartoon fat Italian plumber flying to different worlds and controlling realistic dinosaurs with a living hat while battling a turtle dragon man and rabbits. What a time to be alive." - Roserade
  • "I've been thinking about the giant robot fight scene from The Rugrats in Paris and how much property damage the babies committed, not to mention how many lives they probably took - I mean, the robot is stepping on cars, breaking bridges, smashing through fucking buildings. Do you think the babies know what they're doing? Chuckie is causing billions of damage to the city of Paris and murdering innocents. Who would have been held accountable for this? I find it difficult to believe that even in the universe of Rugrats the babies would be tried in a court of law." - Moofle
  • "We out here" - Porplemontage

Awards Tournaments

I'm going to talk about Awards Mafia in a bit more detail, as I did with the Killing Game in Issue 124, but firstly here's a link to the other tournaments that took place:

Awards Mafia 6

Awards Mafia 6 was hosted by GBAToad and Perch, and took place from July 4th to August 31st. It was won by the Tanookis, the Innocents, Shoey and Mariofan169 after ten days and one Splatfest.

The Mafia suffered a very early blow when their Godfather, Tucayo, killed the Granny and was in turn injured, which all but exposed his role in the thread. And, despite a few close calls, they never could recover.

  • "I need a break from killing innocents" - Tucayo
  • "suggestion for improvement: people who signed up for the mafia game should, ya know, play it" - Anton

Thanks for reading.

Retro Feature

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

First article: Shyguy Does a Thing, Issue LX
Last article: Shyguy Does a Thing, Issue LX
Sections Written: Shyguy Does a Thing
Positions held: Contributor

Hello, readers! I'm your Spotlight manager and Pipe Plaza Director, Yoshi876. Welcome to Retro Feature, a section in which I delve deep into the archives to bring you the best blasts from the past.

I've missed using my little infobox for a few months now, so I'm glad to have it back in action for this month. Shyguy27 joined the wiki on 16 October 2007, and although he was present within the community for a while, in that time he only contributed one 'Shroom section, and that was after some spurring by former Critic Corner director Crocodile Dippy (talk).

In the one section that he submitted, he provided a playthrough of Terraria that he and Dippy did together. But you're not here to listen to me bang on about Shyguy27, you're here to read his one 'Shroom section. Enjoy!

Shyguy Does a Thing

by Shyguy27 (talk)

Shyguy stood on top of the tallest mountain on his Terraria server, looking over his inventory of endgame items and 1-in-500 drops. He had every item he had wanted out of the game, and then some. He had defeated every enemy and every boss a multitude of times. And Shyguy wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer…

The Beginning

It was March the second, 2012. DP messaged me with a suspiciously long "heeeeeeeeeeeey buddy." He proposed that I write a guest column for The ‘Shroom, an offer which I have never before accepted due to my chronic writer's block. As I was about to turn him away, he suggested I play through Terraria for my article. The idea struck a chord with me: starting again from nothing, a new world to explore and conquer, a multitude of pointless items to collect once again. I agreed to play through Terraria for the ‘Shroom on one condition, that DP play with me.

And so begins a quest of epic proportions, two best friends reduced to nothing and united against an endless legion of zombies and eyeballs.

So yeah, DP and I will be doing a text LP of Terraria. We’ll be playing on a brand spankin’ new world with brand spankin’ new characters. Our characters will be set to mediumcore difficulty, which means we drop all of our items on death, to make it more interesting for me and you and to make DP never want to play Terraria again. For the uninitiated, I tried to write up a clever description of Terraria but Steam does a much better job.

Day 1


With my new character freshly created I eagerly jumped into our new adventure. Surveying my starting equipment I noticed that I had a slightly better than average copper axe. I milled around for a minute or two waiting for DP to wrangle his game into line and connect.

All of the sudden a hideously flamboyant pink-haired monstrosity appeared before me, dressed in a drab shirt and bright blue pants. I flailed wildly at it with my pathetic starting sword, but swiftly realized it was only my good friend Pokemon DP. I quickly assured him that attempted murder is how I welcome all of my friends onto my servers.

The first order of business was to mercilessly kill every tree in sight and build a wooden square vaguely resembling a house for shelter through the harsh, incoming night. Our rudimentary housing was completed shortly, and with nothing left to do I went exploring for treasure.

I stumbled across a cave and found a chest with a shoddy wooden boomerang inside. Not preferable, but it would have to do for now. I also found some shuriken and arrows on my journey. It was getting late, however, so I headed back home to hog all the spoils and wait out the night.

Night 1


Night descended swiftly and brought with it hordes of demon eyes and zombies. Normally two frail equipment-less adventurers such as ourselves would cower helplessly inside our nice safe homes and wait for it to all end, but that's too boring. Instead we went spelunking!

Before long we stumbled across a heart crystal. DP had no idea how to access its succulent fruits, but I had had the foresight to make and bring a hammer for the journey. I broke the stone open and, feeling generous, gave DP the crystal from inside, granting him an extra 20 health. We spent some more time underground and mined some copper and iron ore, and before we knew it we were surfacing to find that it was the dawn of our second day.

Day 2


We quickly made our way back to our home base, where I crafted us a furnace to smelt the ores we pulled up last night, which I used to craft an anvil. We also saw the arrival of a nurse, a friendly NPC who would return us to full health for a price.

Having already explored underground, DP and I decided to go to the west today. After crossing a large hill, the sky began to darken and we found a deep chasm lined with a resilient dark purple stone. I instantly recognized the area we had wandered into as corruption, a fairly dangerous place for us to be exploring with no armor and very early-game weapons. Naturally, we waltzed right in. We were almost instantly mobbed by eldritch horrors known as eaters of souls, gigantic flying insects which hit hard and died harder. Being completely unprepared for an encounter of this magnitude, we fled, fighting only what we had to.

We made it back home in one piece, but we'd been followed! The beast flew over the hill and smashed my face in. My corpse disappeared, leaving all of my items on the ground. DP rushed over and avenged my death, while I respawned and recollected my items just in time for the sun to set.

Night 2


After a short period of health recharging, we ventured back outside, once again pushing west. I managed to hold my ground against the monsters of the night, but DP was not so lucky. He fell into a hole and was mobbed by zombies, who killed him swiftly and easily. I jumped down and avenged his death, while he followed to grab his things. We left to hole only to be confronted with two more eaters of souls, but we were able to hold our own against them and we returned home safely.

Day 3


Seeing now that going west was not a viable option at this point in our game, I decided that we would explore to the east. We crossed two lakes and came to a rather expansive cave network. Now remembering the importance of proper armor, DP and I dove deep into the cave, mining every inch of ore we could find.

The enemies that tried to stop our quest fell quickly before us, leaving plenty of copper and silver coins in their wake. At some point, we acquired the coinage to attract to our outpost a merchant, who would sell us a myriad of useful items. We continued exploring the cave long into the night, pressing ever further until our pockets jingled with money and ores.

Night 3


DP left the cave before me, and fell victim to one of the creatures of the night. Meanwhile, I found a treasure chest and opened it to find a spear with a knockback bonus on it. When I finally left the cave, the night was almost over, and I strolled confidently toward home. My journey was interrupted by a zombie though, and I exploded into a pile of incredible early game loot. I rushed back to where I died, and grabbed all my items as the sun rose.

Day 4


I went back home and made a pair of goggles for me and a copper breastplate for DP. We wandered the overworld aimlessly for a while.

Night 4


Night descended during our wanderings, but we didn't let that deter us. Until a demon eye killed DP. He quickly went and grabbed his stuff and we went back to not really doing much of anything.

Day 5


Today I decided that our next goal would be to find some bombs underground to lure a demolitionist to our settlement. I had collected a bit of cash from our various escapades, and I thought that it would be a good idea to use it all to buy dynamite so I could blow a hole through the corruption. The end goal being the acquisition of a gun, which would drop from a shadow orb, found deep under layers of material that we currently had no means of digging through.

My venture was successful, and I returned with 2 bombs, some ores, and a pair of boots which would let me run faster than DP. A demolitionist moved in shortly before the sunset.

Night 5


Not one to let silly things like mortal danger get in our way, I bought 6 sticks of dynamite and dragged DP back into the corruption. Our voyage started off disastrously, getting attacked by a huge mob of eyeballs the second we stepped foot in the corruption. I managed to hold them off, but DP wasn't so lucky. I grabbed his items and brought them back to him, and we tried again.

This time we made it to a chasm safely, and carefully climbed down the walls. I began to blow through the floors. Everything was going very smoothly until:


How embarrassing.

Day 6:


I shook it off and went back to our chasm, recollecting my items and continuing to lob TNT like it was confetti. By the time I ran out, though, we were starting to see grass again. We had wasted a whole phase and a ton of money on a dead-end chasm.

After that catastrophic waste of time and coins, we still had half a day of sunlight. I ventured back to our cave system to try to find a demon altar, a special crafting area for making boss summoning items. I figured we had spent enough time being boring, it was time for action. I found a demon altar fairly quickly and crafted two suspicious looking eyes, which summon the Eye of Cthulhu.

Night 6


This night phase and the following day phase would be crucial preparation time. The Eye of Cthulhu can only be fought at night, and we weren't nearly prepared yet, so I made myself a copper breastplate, and DP and I built an arena to make the boss fight go easier:


Day 7


This phase went by incredibly uneventfully. I did some half-hearted mining and got enough ore to make DP another piece of crappy ineffectual armor, but my mind was mostly focused on the epic battle we would be waging in just a few minutes. Before night fell, I bought an arsenal of shuriken and arrows from our merchant. I gave DP around 300 shuriken and made myself 250 fire arrows. All we could do now was wait.

Night 7


The Eye of Cthulhu is a huge monstrosity of a creature. It bears some resemblance to the crappy little eyes that fly around at night, except approximately 10 times bigger, with around 50 times as much health, and far less susceptible to knockback. I had had a lot of trouble fighting the beast with my first character, and I was far better prepared back then than me and DP were now. But surely we must stand a chance! After all, I had gained a lot more combat experience since my first time, and there were two of us this time.

After suitably briefing DP on the boss's attack patterns and attributes, I selected a suspicious eye from my inventory and summoned the Eye of Cthulhu. The monster flew in from the side, and I immediately shot an arrow straight into its pupil. DP let loose a barrage of shuriken while I kept up a suppressive rain of fire. Before we knew it, the Eye started spinning and its front half exploded into a gigantic mouth. Unfazed, we continued our barrage until:


We'd done it. I grabbed the drops and stashed them away before congratulating DP on a job well done.

The 'Shroom Report

Written by: Tucayo (talk)

HI, everyone! I'm your objective Statistics Manager, Tucayo, here with your monthly dose of The 'Shroom Report! As a reminder, in the Milestones section, writers will get mentioned every 10 team sections and every 50 overall sections, teams will get mentioned every 100 sections, and The 'Shroom will get mentioned every 500 sections. All information is based off our Historical Sheets. This section will cover Issue 125.

Tables are based off the End-of-the-Year Awards tables, so credit goes out to Crocodile Dippy (talk).
First-time Writers
Writer Section
ArchagentEverlasting (talk) Travel Guide
Koops (talk) Travel Guide

We have something quite curious here. Two users writing the same section, in the same issue, for their first ever section. Congrats and welcome!

Writer/Team Milestone
FunkyK38 (talk) 90 Pipe Plaza
Lord Bowser (talk) 10 Critic Corner sections
PowerKamek (talk) 20 Critic Corner sections
Superchao (talk) 80 Main/Staff sections
Yoshi876 (talk) 50 Fun Stuff sections
110 Pipe Plaza sections

Most Sections Written
Team Writer Number of Sections
Main/Staff Henry Tucayo Clay (talk) 133
Fake News MrConcreteDonkey (talk) 112
Fun Stuff Henry Tucayo Clay (talk) 121
Palette Swap FunkyK38 (talk) 116
Pipe Plaza Paper Yoshi (talk) 123
Critic Corner Crocodile Dippy (talk) 76
Strategy Wing Meta Knight (talk) 38
Overall Yoshi876 (talk) 417

'Shroom Trivia
Out of all current writers and staff members, Superchao (talk) is the one to have first debuted; Perch's first section was over ten years ago, Quiz in Issue III (3).

Anniversary Announcements

Written by: Lakituthequick (talk)

“Challenge accepted, I'll find them all on Internet Explorer later today.”
Freakworld (Talk Page · Forum Profile)

And now for the most exciting reading of today! Anniversary Announcements!
Okay, maybe not, bet there are other exciting things in the paper. But let's get onto the exciting thing for us!

The Rip Van Fish

The prize list has been completed and the distribution has began! People will be called to pick their prizes one by one, and have 24 hours each to do so.


All tournaments have finished! Let's look at the final results since last month.

Anniversary Scavenger
Lakituthequick The hunt has concluded, and seven people have managed to find all stickers! The first to find them all was Superchao, followed by Freakworld and The Pyro Guy!
Forum topic
Awards Mafia 6
After ten days and a Splatfest, the game has concluded, and the Innocent team has won this year's Awards Mafia, alongside the hidden Tanooki team and two Independents! Congratulations to all!
Forum topic
Guess the Results
Finished The results have been tallied and are now available in this spreadsheet!
Forum topic
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Photo Hunt
GBAToad After a few months of no news, it can be safely assumed that this game has been cancelled!
Forum topic
Mario Awards Killing Game I
Lord Bowser This game has long ended, but this month's edition of The 'Shroom features a special section from the host detailing his thoughts. Go read it here!
Forum topic
Guest section
Minecraft Games
After a set of different games, Mr. Edo has acquired the most points overall, followed by a tied Turboo and Super-Yoshi! Congratulations!
Forum topic
Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon
Meta Knight
With four played rounds, the tournament has finished, and Cirdec won this year's Pokémon Tournament! He is followed up by Raregold and Crackin355! Congratulations!
Forum topic
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Alex95 And this game has also produced a winner! In first place is Cirdec, followed by Luigi 64DD in second, and Ninelevendo and 4td0 tied in third! Congratulations.
Forum topic

And after that last summary of all the tournaments, we have once again reached the end of this month's Anniversary Announcements! I hope I've been able to inform you once more!

This also was the last AA for 2017! I had fun again this year, and hope you had too! Hopefully we'll meet again next year!
Arigatō, sayōnara! q4o9Xq1.png

All information above was correct as of 13 September 2017.

The 'Shroom: Issue 126
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