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Meta Knight's Awards Reflections

by Meta Knight (talk)

Well another Awards Ceremony has happened and for once I'm gonna take this time to get out some thoughts that I've had. This is he third year I have partipated in the Awards Ceremony, this time as 'Shroom Director. This was an interesting year for me, I've had lots of new responsibilities expected and whatnot. That being said, I am happy to say that from my perspective everything ran smoothly.

Merging User and 'Shroom awards into one ceremony was something that seemed daunting at first but overall I think it was very well put together. All of the presentations this year were creative and it's such a pleasure to see everyone enjoying the events. Speaking of presentations, I was glad that there was less of a struggle to fill in spots. There were still a few that back-up presenters thankfully were able to manage, but we cut a few awards and there was still a little bit of trouble getting every spot filled initially. I'm glad it was better than last year where me and Edo (talk) did 15 in the last few days though. Hopefully next year we can improve even more. Every year the presentations feel like they're getting better and better. It's a concern sometimes when every year is amazing, how the next will surpass it. This doesn't feel like an issue, and I'm sure next year the presentations will be just as good if not better.

Killing Game was also a fresh experience, and Awards Mafia 6 was a blast. Hosting them seemed like it was very stressful, so a big thanks to Lord Bowser (talk), GBAToad (talk), Superchao (talk), and all the other hosts for their tournaments. The Scavenger Hunt courtesy of Lakituthequick (talk) was also enjoyable, I would like to see it return in the future. Personally I feel like I could have done a lot better job for the Pokémon tournament, but still. The fact that Awards Mafia 6 ended exactly on the cutoff date for tournaments is amazing, especially since this year there were two heavy activity/lengthy games. I'm not too familiar with the tokens inflation problem that was in the past or anything like that, but from what I can tell it seems to be better.

Steam not allowing you to store games in your inventory was alarming and I was worried about what it would do for prizes, but thankfully Humble Bundle still seems to be functional and the prizes so far are going well, cycling through much faster than previous years I've seen. I think that the Awards Staff have done a really good job preparing this season, and I want to thank Anton for all the work that he's done to keep things going. I had a blast this Awards year and I'm happy to have a bit of a breather from it, but I'm sure next year we will be able to keep this tradition fun for everyone.

Once again, thanks to everyone that participated and contributed. Whether you were a presenter, a part of the audience, a tournament host, a participant, more than one, or anything else, you are a part of this community and why doing this sort of thing is worthwhile!

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