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This is the page about the polls you see up on the Main Page! Feel free to browse through the archived polls and all about our Poll Committee.


On Sunday, 23 May 2010, a proposal concerning several changes in our current Main Page was accepted by the community and passed. This proposal can be viewed here.

One point this proposal addressed was the creation of a Poll Committee, a selected group of users to create and select polls to feature on the Main Page. The members of this committee are meant to be selected by a person in charge of the committee, the Poll Committee Chairperson, who shall be elected by the community.

The polls are usually swapped every Sunday at around 7:00 P.M. EST.

Eighth Poll Committee

Archived polls

Current committee

How did you find the MarioWiki? (Baby Luigi (talk), August 6th, 2017)

How did you find the MarioWiki?

I discovered it while using a search engine. 76.59% (1,292 votes)

A friend informed me about the site. 2.96% (50 votes)

It was linked or mentioned on an external website or article. 10.55% (178 votes)

I saw a video that referenced the site. 0.89% (15 votes)

I saw it on social media, such as the wiki's Twitter page in my feed. 0.41% (7 votes)

Other. 8.6% (145 votes)

Total Votes: 1,687

What is your favorite kind of Mario merchandise? (Lord Bowser (talk), July 30th, 2017)

What is your favorite kind of Mario merchandise?

General accessories (school supplies, wallets, watches, etc.). 3.36% (49 votes)

Game accessories (game cases, styluses, stylised Wii remotes, etc.). 18.7% (273 votes)

Collectible games (Super Mario Chess, Nintendo Monopoly, etc.). 6.1% (89 votes)

Clothing (T-shirts, jackets, shoes, etc.). 10.75% (157 votes)

Figurines (plastic figures, keychains, amiibo, etc.). 25.62% (374 votes)

Food (Mario-sponsored gummies, candies, meals, etc.). 2.05% (30 votes)

Toys (Mario Kart playsets, plush toys, etc.). 22.74% (332 votes)

Posters (stickers, wallpapers, etc.). 3.97% (58 votes)

Miscellaneous items (house supplies, backpacks, ornaments, etc.). 1.23% (18 votes)

Other. 5.48% (80 votes)

Total Votes: 1,460

What are your opinions on the New Nintendo 2DS? (Stargazing (talk) and Shokora (talk), July 23rd, 2017)

What are your opinions on the New Nintendo 2DS?

It's a great addition to the Nintendo 3DS family, and I'm willing to buy one. 12.03% (181 votes)

It looks pretty good, and I'll think about buying one. 12.62% (190 votes)

It looks decent and has potential, but there are other Nintendo products that I'd rather buy. 33.55% (505 votes)

It's not important to me at all. It's an unnecessary addition, or too late in the 3DS's lifetime. 27.04% (407 votes)

I don't have an opinion. 14.75% (222 votes)

Total Votes: 1,505

Favorite genre in Mario games. (Tucayo (talk), July 16th, 2017)

The Mario franchise has touched on different genres throughout its history. Which one do you like best?

2D Platformer (Sidescroller) 13.49% (276 votes)

3D Platformer 41.74% (854 votes)

RPG 24.34% (498 votes)

Party 3.81% (78 votes)

Racing 10.8% (221 votes)

Sports 1.47% (30 votes)

Puzzle 0.88% (18 votes)

Fighting 1.71% (35 votes)

Edutainment (Educational) 1.22% (25 votes)

Rhythm 0.54% (11 votes)

Total Votes: 2,046

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