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This is an archive of all polls from the Fourth Poll Committee (July 2013-July 2014). The list of members during this time and archived polls from this time can be found below.

Poll Committee

Archived polls

Should Nintendo purchase Capcom? (Toad85 (talk), 18 July 2014)

Capcom recently declined to renew their hostile takeover defense, leading many to speculate whether the long-time gaming company will close and sell its assets to another studio. Should Nintendo be the one to take the plunge?

Yes! Think of the possibilities! 69.23% (5,421 votes)
No, Capcom is fine on its own. 8.14% (637 votes)
Capcom should be bought out, but by a company other than Nintendo. 5.81% (455 votes)
I have no opinion either way. 16.82% (1,317 votes)
Total Votes: 7,830

Which newly announced Nintendo game are you most excited for? (Toad85 (talk), 4 July 2014)

Which newly announced Nintendo game are you most excited for?

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 11.52% (610 votes)
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. 0.47% (25 votes)
Kirby: Rainbow Curse 2.44% (129 votes)
Fantasy Life 0.28% (15 votes)
Mario Maker 13.31% (705 votes)
Mario Party 10 10.95% (580 votes)
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire 26.24% (1,390 votes)
Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney localization 1.57% (83 votes)
Splatoon 5.46% (289 votes)
Xenoblade Chronicles X 2.59% (137 votes)
Yoshi's Woolly World 8.38% (444 votes)
Zelda U 16.8% (890 votes)
Total Votes: 5,297

Which non-Nintendo E3 presentation was your favorite? (Mario4Ever (talk), 20 June 2014)

Which non-Nintendo E3 presentation was your favorite?

Microsoft 9.36% (453 votes)
Electronic Arts 2.77% (134 votes)
Ubisoft 5.62% (272 votes)
Sony 14.61% (707 votes)
I can't choose a favorite/I didn't watch any of them 67.64% (3,274 votes)
Total Votes: 4,840

Mario Kart 8 Direct (Baby Luigi (talk), 6 June 2014)

Nintendo has made a direct in the format of television skits when presenting Mario Kart 8 in April 30. What did you think about it?

I like it a lot! It makes the presentation much more enjoyable. 53.24% (2,308 votes)
Most of the presentations were a bit cheesy but some of them were great. 26.37% (1,143 votes)
I have no opinion on it. 11.3% (490 votes)
I didn't really like it. I wished they were just straightforward with their information. 4.82% (209 votes)
I cringed the entire time; I hope they don't do it again. 4.27% (185 votes)
Total Votes: 4,335

Wii U success (MrConcreteDonkey (talk), 23 May 2014)

Amid reports of Nintendo making financial losses due to poor sales of the console, do you think the Wii U will, in the long term, prove a success for Nintendo?

Absolutely. Games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. are going to sell like hotcakes! 56.3% (4,090 votes)
I think Nintendo will manage to pull through, but only just. Their next console has to be better. 23.65% (1,718 votes)
I think Nintendo could recover from these financial losses, but, ultimately, the Wii U will prove a failure. 7.08% (514 votes)
Nintendo are going to keep making losses from the console. It'll be a complete flop. 1.25% (91 votes)
In the eyes of fans, yes. But, financially, I don't think it will be. 4.6% (334 votes)
It's impossible to tell at this point. 4.91% (357 votes)
I don't even care. 2.22% (161 votes)
Total Votes: 7,265

Tomodachi Life (Mario4Ever (talk), 9 May 2014)

What do you think of the recently announced upcoming Mii-centered game Tomodachi Life?

It looks hilarious and like a lot of fun. 36.91% (1,796 votes)
I'm not really a fan of Miis, but it doesn't seem bad. 8.59% (418 votes)
I might get it, but other games interest me more. 14.24% (693 votes)
It's too similar to games like The Sims and Animal Crossing. 4.36% (212 votes)
The Tomodachi Life is no life for me. 11.02% (536 votes)
Tomodachi Life? What's that? 24.89% (1,211 votes)
Total Votes: 4,866

Smash Direct (New Super Mario (talk), 25 April 2014)

Nintendo recently showed off a near 40-minute Nintendo Direct dedicated towards Super Smash Bros. 4. What did you think about it?

It was amazing! There was tons of new info and it was spectacular. 69.81% (3,346 votes)
I thought it was great, but nothing special. 6.86% (329 votes)
I enjoyed it overall, but there were either a few things that I disliked about it or that disappointed me. 5.82% (279 votes)
I disliked it. There were some good things, but overall disappointing. 1.08% (52 votes)
I hated it and it sucked. Nothing about it appealed to me. 1.44% (69 votes)
I have yet to see it... 14.98% (718 votes)
Total Votes: 4,793

Yoshi's New Island (Super Mario Bros. (talk), 11 April 2014)

Yoshi's New Island was recently released in North America. Based on what you know about the game, how do you feel about it?

It is a great game that capitalizes on the successful features of the past Yoshi's Island games, while introducing special elements of its own. 30.83% (1,208 votes)
This game is decent in its own right, but it does not add anything substantial to the Yoshi's Island series as a whole. 32.59% (1,277 votes)
The new installment is a poor attempt from Nintendo to continue the Yoshi's Island series, and it does not live up to the standard created by the other games. 12.69% (497 votes)
It is another entry in a series that I do not prefer as-is, so I do not care for it regardless of the other games in the series. 4.01% (157 votes)
I do not have an opinion on this topic. 19.88% (779 votes)
Total Votes: 3,918

Nintendo WiFi Service (Baby Luigi (talk), 28 March 2014)

How do you feel about Nintendo terminating the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?

Terrible. I play online on systems affected by it regularly, and I'll get hardest hit by it. 20.46% (1,212 votes)
Bad, it's a nice feature to have, and it's a huge shame to see it go. 43.62% (2,584 votes)
Indifferent, I don't use online. 15.06% (892 votes)
I'm ok with it; it's time to move on. 14.58% (864 votes)
Great, it will encourage people to use the Nintendo Network service. 6.28% (372 votes)
Total Votes: 5,924

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze (Baby Luigi (talk), 14 March 2014)

Are you planning on purchasing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze?

Yes, I had pre-ordered it. 5.77% (233 votes)
Yes, I had purchased it on or after the launch. 19.18% (775 votes)
Not yet, but I'll wait some time later. 40.66% (1,643 votes)
No, I do not have any plans on purchasing the game. 34.4% (1,390 votes)
Total Votes: 4,041

Best SSB4 Newcomer So Far? (Toad85 (talk), 28 February 2014)

Which Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U newcomer do you think is the best so far?

Villager 8.7% (661 votes)
Mega Man 25.32% (1,923 votes)
Wii Fit Trainer 3.44% (261 votes)
Rosalina and Luma 36.12% (2,743 votes)
Little Mac 15.47% (1,175 votes)
They all look awful. 3.36% (255 votes)
I have no strong opinions on this matter. 7.6% (577 votes)
Total Votes: 7,595

Mario Kart stats (Baby Luigi (talk), 14 February 2014)

Which recurring Mario Kart stat is most pivotal to you?

Top Speed (no one shall pass me) 33.47% (1,732 votes)
Acceleration (how quickly you reach your top speed is important) 26.18% (1,355 votes)
Handling (maneuvering through obstacles made easy) 16.33% (845 votes)
Weight (outta my way!) 3.34% (173 votes)
Drift (cornering is the best way to stay and reach first) 10.84% (561 votes)
Offroad (makes it much less of a hassle to get back on track) 4.44% (230 votes)
Mini-Turbo (duration of sparks will help me zip ahead) 5.39% (279 votes)
Total Votes: 5,175

Do you use Miiverse? (Toad85 (talk), 31 January 2014)

Do you use Miiverse?

Yes, often. 34.94% (1,998 votes)
Yes, but only once or twice. 21.53% (1,231 votes)
No, but I like the concept. 15.41% (881 votes)
No, never. 13.45% (769 votes)
What is this "Miiverse" you speak of? 14.67% (839 votes)
Total Votes: 5,718

What is your opinion on Rosalina being a rep in the upcoming 'Super Smash Bros'? (Lily x (talk), 17 January 2014)

What is your opinion on Rosalina being a rep in the upcoming 'Super Smash Bros.'?

It's great, she is an interesting character with a lot of potential! 60.17% (3,773 votes)
Even though I would have preferred another character as the new rep, I still think it can work. 23.54% (1,476 votes)
I have no opinion either way. 5.79% (363 votes)
The Mario series does not need any additional reps to be included. 3.35% (210 votes)
I think it is a bad idea, she is too minor and there are much better choices! 7.16% (449 votes)
Total Votes: 6,271

Which character most deserves their own "year" in 2014? (Toad85 (talk), 3 January 2014)

Which character most deserves their own "year" in 2014?

Peach 10.15% (1,091 votes)
Bowser 12.47% (1,340 votes)
Yoshi 27.42% (2,947 votes)
Wario 4.7% (505 votes)
Donkey Kong 4.32% (464 votes)
Toad 8.04% (864 votes)
Waluigi 12.58% (1,352 votes)
Luigi again! 14.54% (1,562 votes)
None of the above. 5.78% (621 votes)
Total Votes: 10,746

Which of these Mario games released during 2013 was your favorite? (Henry Tucayo Clay (talk), 20 December 2013)

Which of these Mario games released during 2013 was your favorite?

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 14.54% (1,231 votes)
Game & Wario 0.91% (77 votes)
Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move 0.45% (38 votes)
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D 1.11% (94 votes)
New Super Luigi U 3.92% (332 votes)
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 14.03% (1,188 votes)
Super Mario 3D World 59.08% (5,002 votes)
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games 1.91% (162 votes)
Mario Party: Island Tour 4.05% (343 votes)
Total Votes: 8,467

For which upcoming console-related feature are you most excited? (Mario4Ever (talk), 6 December 2013)

For which upcoming console-related feature are you most excited?

Merging of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShop account balances 20.73% (1,092 votes)
Miiverse on Nintendo 3DS 17.22% (907 votes)
YouTube on Nintendo 3DS 20.32% (1,070 votes)
The use of stamps in certain Miiverse posts 3.97% (209 votes)
They all appeal to me equally 25.1% (1,322 votes)
None of these appeal to me at all 12.66% (667 votes)
Total Votes: 5,267

What do you think of Rosalina's inclusion as a bonus playable character in SM3DW (New Super Mario (talk), 22 November 2013)

What do you think of Rosalina's inclusion as a bonus playable character in Super Mario 3D World?

It's amazing! Rosalina is a favorite of mine and I can't wait to play as her. 38.63% (2,534 votes)
I like having another character to play as, and look forward to using her new ability. 33.65% (2,207 votes)
I'm fine with it, but I feel like there were better character choices (such as Daisy). 18.42% (1,208 votes)
I don't like it. She doesn't belong. 4.16% (273 votes)
I have no opinion on this topic. 5.14% (337 votes)
Total Votes: 6,559

Another Nintendo Crossover Series? (Toad85 (talk), 8 November 2013)

Would you like to see a Nintendo-wide crossover series that isn't a fighting game?

Yes! I'd love to play one if it ever came out. 56.97% (2,948 votes)
Maybe. It would depend what genre the crossover game was 37.31% (1,931 votes)
No! It would be completely unnecessary. 2.4% (124 votes)
I have no strong feelings one way or another. 3.32% (172 votes)
Total Votes: 5,175

Clone Characters (New Super Mario (talk), 25 October 2013)

Are you fine with clone characters (such as Ganondorf and Captain Falcon, or Link and Toon Link) in the Super Smash Bros. series?

Yes, I just want more characters to play as! 57.73% (2,686 votes)
No, I'd rather have them cut clones even if that means a smaller roster size. 15.26% (710 votes)
I don't really care what happens with clone characters. 27.01% (1,257 votes)
Total Votes: 4,653

China Lifts Video Game Ban (Toad85 (talk), 11 October 2013)

China has recently announced that they will be lifting a 13-year ban on the sale of video game consoles. How do you think this will affect Nintendo and it's position in the console race?

Great! Nintendo will utilize this new opportunity to their fullest extent, and pull ahead of their rivals. 57.74% (2,222 votes)
Nintendo's sales will do no better in China than they have everywhere else. That is, mediocrely. 11.67% (449 votes)
Nintendo will flop in China, and this will only set them even further behind their rivals. 5.3% (204 votes)
I don't have an opinion on this subject. 25.29% (973 votes)
Total Votes: 3,848

What are your thoughts on the "Year of Luigi"? (Henry Tucayo Clay (talk), 27 September 2013)

What are your thoughts on the "Year of Luigi"?

It's great Nintendo did this, Luigi definitely needs more appreciation! 63.99% (3,896 votes)
It's good they are trying to feature Luigi more. 20.63% (1,256 votes)
Other characters would have been more deserving of this. 4.99% (304 votes)
As long as they keep releasing games, I don't care whose year it is. 5.78% (352 votes)
Meh, just a cheap marketing technique. 4.6% (280 votes)
Total Votes: 6,088

What is your opinion on the Nintendo 2DS? (Lily x (talk), 13 September 2013)

What is your opinion on the Nintendo 2DS?

It's a fantastic idea and I will be buying one! 7.93% (429 votes)
It's a good idea that will appeal to many people, but I'm not planning on buying one. 33.8% (1,828 votes)
It seems an okay idea but I don't know if it will do too well. 17.44% (943 votes)
I like the idea but I hate the design. 10.87% (588 votes)
I dislike the idea but I like the design. 2.03% (110 votes)
I dislike the idea but I think it will still sell well. 6.71% (363 votes)
I hate it! It's going to be a complete waste and nobody in their right mind will buy one. 13.91% (752 votes)
I have no opinion either way. 7.3% (395 votes)
Total Votes: 5,408

Olympics (MrConcreteDonkey (talk), 30 August 2013)

Do you feel the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games idea has been used too much, and that the series has become stale?

Yes, and I don't think another crossover between Mario and Sonic would be a good idea. 12.43% (619 votes)
Yes, but I'd be fine with the two being in a different kind of game together. 38.21% (1,902 votes)
No, but I'd prefer another kind of game starring the two. 21.66% (1,078 votes)
No, I'm still perfectly happy with the series and hope to see it continue. 12.92% (643 votes)
I've always disliked the series. 5.87% (292 votes)
I don't care one way or the other. 8.92% (444 votes)
Total Votes: 4,978

Is "Sequelitis" real? (Toad85 (talk), 16 August 2013)

Do most video game sequels end up inferior in some way to the original?

Yes! The first game in a series usually is the best. 7.71% (367 votes)
Sometimes, but it depends on the series. 56.65% (2,697 votes)
It does happen, but not enough to be noticeable. 9.07% (432 votes)
No! Most games are just as fun the second time around. 10.50% (500 votes)
Not only do I disagree, I find most sequels to be better in quality than the original! 7.96% (379 votes)
I have no strong feelings one way or the other. 8.11% (386 votes)
Total Votes: 4,761