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Status: My activity will slightly decrease until June. I'll try to be online every day but I may take more time to respond to requests.

Henry Tucayo Clay across NIWA
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Henry Tucayo Clay's Userbox Tower
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HI! I usually keep a close eye on Recent Changes, but if you see me online and there's a vandal on the loose, give me a shout. I also check Category:To be deleted regularly, but if you need something deleted fast, you can drop me a message. Any questions about the Wiki or The 'Shroom are more than welcome. I am the person you should contact if you want to write for The 'Shroom. I am also the Poll Chairperson, so you can bring to me any issues with the Main Page poll. I'm admittedly out-of-the-loop on post-SMG2 Mario games so I can't help much in that regard. Coding is not my main strength but I can help with a thing or two. I can gladly help with translations from any of the languages you see on my Userbox tower.