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Director’s Notes


Written by: Zange (talk)

Welcome to July where I don't think anything is real anymore! Since last month, a few friends and I have taken up geocaching! We've had quite a few good finds so far! Unfortunately, we may not be going again anytime soon because one of us is now pretty much under house arrest...

You may notice a slightly different portrait on the right this month, and that's because I'm studying up to be resident nurse of The 'Shroom! You know, you have to be serious about your studies for this sort of thing. Otherwise, no one will be healthy ever! (Speaking of healthy wear your masks while in public kthx)

We have a treat this month in the form of a special interview by Ninja Squid (talk)! If you are interested in writing Interview after this month, or any other section for Pipe Plaza, head to the sign up page to get started! Other than that, do enjoy this month's Pipe Plaza!

Section of the Month

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st NIWA News 6 42.86% Alex95
2nd Anniversary Announcements 4 28.57% Lakituthequick
2nd Mario Calendar 4 28.57% GPM1000

MarioWiki Sections

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings from the NIWA wiki network!
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Find out all about this month's Super Mario releases.
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Non-Wiki Sections

The (former) interviewer becomes the interviewee.
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Written by: Alex95 (talk)

Hello, everyone! Welcome to NIWA News, a section where I, Alex95, talk about the going ons with the wikis in our NIWA group within the last month!


  • Adil was repromoted to the rank of Bureaucrat on Bulbapedia!
  • Tacopill was promoted to the rank of Bureaucrat on Fire Emblem Wiki!
  • Prod was promoted to the rank of Bureaucrat on Icaruspedia, due to being the new host!
  • Fumple was promoted to the rank of Administrator on Inkipedia!



  • Icaruspedia's has moved to a new host and can be edited again! It is still in the midst of updating, so be wary of some exposed or broken coding. Please let an admin there know if something needs fixed.


Mario Calendar

Written by: GPM1000 (talk)

Hey guys, and welcome once again to Mario Calendar! I’m sure you’ve caught on at this point, but if you’re new, this is where I list all of the Mario games that have come out this month! That means we’ll be covering July this month! Let’s-a go!

Region Abbreviations

Abb. Region
ALL All Regions (JP/NA/EU/AU)
JP Japan
NA North America
EU Europe
AU Oceania/Australia
SK South Korea
CHN China

Console Abbreviations

Abb. Console
NES Nintendo Entertainment System
Famicom Family Computer Disk System
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
N64 Nintendo 64
GC Nintendo GameCube
Wii Nintendo Wii
Wii U Nintendo Wii U
GB Game Boy
GBC Game Boy Color
GBA Game Boy Advance
DS Nintendo DS
3DS Nintendo 3DS
Switch Nintendo Switch
Wii VC Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
3DS VC Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
3DS eShop Nintendo 3DS eShop
Wii U VC Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console
Wii U eShop Nintendo Wii U eShop
Switch eShop Nintendo Switch eShop
DSiWare Nintendo DSiWare
WiiWare Nintendo WiiWare
VB Virtual Boy
G&W Game and Watch
64DD Nintendo 64 Disk Drive
MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
Satellaview Satellaview
CD-i Philips CD-i
e-Reader e-Reader
Arcade Arcade
IQ iQue Player
NVS Nvidia Shield
ACPC Amstrad CPC
Atari Atari

  • July 29

Overall, I would say this was a pretty good month! Not a lot of games came out this month, but stuff like Super Mario Land and the new Paper Mario came out! Lots of variety! I personally am very excited for the new Paper Mario, and while it hasn’t come out yet (I’m writing this on the 16th) I hope to pick it up when it does! With that being said, have a nice rest of your day, and I’ll see you next month!

Anniversary Announcements

Written by: Lakituthequick (talk)

“So I wake up and there are real biblical locust everywhere. So naturally I sit down for a cup of joe.”
Chester Alan Arthur (Talk Page · Forum Profile)

Welcome to the special Dr. Mario edition of Anniversary Announcements! Unfortunately, I have nothing that fits the theme to report, but it's the spirit that counts!

The Maraca Guys

On the 14th, the polls have closed! Thanks to everyone who voted!
There are still some presentation spots left to fill though, so please, sign up for one!

In just under a month, on 14 August, is the Awards Ceremony! Don't forget to mark your calendars!


Let's have a look at how our tournaments are coming along now, shall we?

Mario Awards Killing Game 4: Despair Incorporated

Both of the first games, Archangel Solutions and Deimos Matrix Corp., have been completed, with each four correctly solved murders.
The remaining 14 players have moved on to the merge map, Neo Hope Foundation, which consists of another two floors and the basement of the Neo Bowser Skyscraper. In this map, investigation and voting will be limited to 24 hours instead of the 48 in the previous maps. Both maps had one of the NPC's die (one by lynch, one by murder), but they have been revived and are also present on the merge map.
During the game, various people have been creating memes, art, meme art and other creations, and have posted this within the Discord server linked in the game thread. It is highly recommended to have a look at this!

Panel de Pon

Seven rounds have been completed, with the eighth going on as of release of this paper.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

5 rounds of singles have been played and 4 for doubles, with the 6th and 5th going on as of this publication, respectively. Additionally, it was announced that the winners of singles and doubles will all receive a Nintendo eShop card of $20!

Mario Kart Wii Time Trials

Five rounds have been completed so far. The third round was held at GBA Bowser Castle 3, the fourth at GCN Waluigi Stadium, the fifth at Moonview Highway, and the sixth and current course as of this publication is Wario's Gold Mine.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe versus/battles

Sign-ups have closed, and a single round game of both versus and battles will be played over the next three weeks.

Other games include the third Anniversary Scavenger to be hosted by Lakituthequick.

And that concludes a short Anniversary Announcements for this month! Next month we'll have Committee Interviews with our freshest members. Sign up for a presentation if you haven't done so already, and I'll see you at the ceremony next month! Buh-bye!

All information above was correct as of 15 July 2020.


Written by: Ninja Squid (talk)

Hello, 'Shroom readers! I hope that you are in good health, and if not, well, Dr. Ninja Squid has a good medecine just for you: A special interview. Who it is? Well, it's none other than your former interviewer, but also our current forum mod, Superchao! Without further ado , let's get right into it.

The Interview:
Ninja Squid: Hello, dear readers of The 'Shroom, Dr. Ninja Squid is here (now I can officially consider this a Dr.-themed section) for a special interview. You were not expecting me in the interviewer's chair, right? Well, someone had to do it, since the guest today, in none other than our previous interviewer, Superchao!
Ninja Squid: Say hello!
Superchao: Helloooo! It's been three thousand years. (Actually just eight.)
Ninja Squid: Is the chair comfortable? That's where I was sitting two years ago...
Superchao: It shouldn't be that comfortable. You have to keep the interviewees aware they have no choice.
Ninja Squid: Oh, so that's the secret technique, thanks for sharing it with our audience
Ninja Squid: Now, before starting, I want to specify that this is not your first interview for The 'Shroom that you are currently doing. Are you actually the first one doing a second time?
Superchao: Hmmm... Kinda? A few people got the old shortform interviews where it was a preset list of like 7 or 8 questions and then got the big longform interviews Stooben did or I did. But I think I'm the only one who's getting two of the big longform ones! In fairness that was intentional, I always tried to interview people who had never been Shroom profiled beforee.
Ninja Squid: And, to tell the truth, it's still a good thing, it allows to give a little visibility to several of our members in here. But, in this case, you will be in the records book for the first second time!
Ninja Squid: Congrats!
Superchao: Awwww, thanks!
Superchao: Clearly, I'll have to add another twelve next year...
Ninja Squid: Now, let's get into it, and for the very first question, a completely traditional question and in case some of our readers just don't want to have fun in our archives.
Ninja Squid: How did you find this little corner of this big world wide web? *let's see if Perch got a good memory*
Ninja Squid: No cheating!
Superchao: Well, that all starts with me receiving The Thousand Year Door for Christmas. Thanks to that, I spent plenty of time looking up Mario, and Wikipedia at one point had a reference to the Mario Wiki. So I started reading it for the fun of it, the way I did Zelda Wiki at the time, or other Wikis. Learning!
Ninja Squid: Oh, so you were actually reading wikis from other sectors, before getting to the Mario Wiki, that's interesting...
Ninja Squid: And by then, you end up getting more and more involved within this community. Reading for the fun is something dangerous sometimes, isn't it? This place got me by the same thing.
Superchao: The funny thing is, TTYD had nothing to do with when I finally signed up!
Ninja Squid: Same here, I was reading for Mario Kart 8, and it's Mario Party 10 that got me in here.
Superchao: My case was playing Super Mario 64, and reaching the second Bowser level - Bowser in the Fire Sea. The Wiki was less than a year old (end of July '06), and it didn't have an article on that yet, so... I made one!
Superchao: I think tiny pieces of my original phrasing still persist.
Ninja Squid: So you're one of the ancient ones! Wow! Those are pretty rare nowaday, if I'm right.
Superchao: Yep! I never really make a deal about it outside of jokes, but I've been around for nearly 14 years at this point. By now it's over half my lifespan spent on this wiki!
Ninja Squid: That's quite the dedication, I must say, but to be honest, I hope that you will still stick around a bit more! Remember, when you interviewed me two years ago, we promised a meeting in 2026.
Superchao: Oh shit, that's true. Guess I'm here for another six years, huh?
Ninja Squid: Yep, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!
Ninja Squid: But, don't worry, I'll hold you hostage somewhere in the 'Shroom HQ in the meantime...
Ninja Squid: Oh shit! Did I really said that during the interview, oops...
Superchao: I mean, GBA did do that to 25 people just a couple years ago!
Ninja Squid: Oh, really? How convenient then.
Ninja Squid: Okay, let's go back to you talking about editing the wiki, it is no longer something you do daily, or did you do it daily to begin with?
Superchao: I did it daily for like... a year? Then I got bored!
Superchao: But yeah, I was an active editor in 2006 and 2007
Superchao: In fact, according to hearsay, I was considered for a sysop position back then! Noooot that the quality of my contemporaries would have said much...
Ninja Squid: So, you are telling me, you were close, like really close to getting all the positions of this community...
Superchao: Clearly that's the one reason I need to edit the Wiki juuust enough to become a patroller...
Ninja Squid: It's definitely the case! Time to shill over the wiki.
Ninja Squid: Now, like you said, you got bored from editing the wiki... Is that what caused you to shift to other parts of this community?
Superchao: Kinda. You see, it started NOT with the forum!
Superchao: Sure, i signed up with the forum back in 2006, the tenth member to ever join.
Superchao: But I barely used it outside of awards for years.
Superchao: No, 2007 was when I moved to Userpedia. Hung out there and on IRC all the time! I remember sneaking on during school... fond memories, even if I wouldn't do it again...
Ninja Squid: Oh come on, doing things that we aren't supposed to be doing at school is like the best part of going to school, lol, that's why we got those sweet memories from those days now. (don't get this the wrong way people, I was the nicest student at school, I swear it)
Superchao: Suuuure, suuure.
Ninja Squid: Hey! I didn't allowed you to comment. :eyes:
Ninja Squid: Alright, so, when you speak of Awards, you mean the Awards Ceremony isn't it? So, that was mostly your first step on the community aspect of the MarioWiki? (that still live on nowaday, because rip Userpedia)
Superchao: Yep! I was there for the 2009 awards, I presented in the 2008 awards (don't look at them the suck), I tried to watch the 2007 awards but I missed everything...
Superchao: But Userpedia was my big focus. Before the Great Crash, that is...
Ninja Squid: Userpedia was quite a thing at the time, right?
Ninja Squid: I haven't really had the chance to know these moments.
Ninja Squid: What kind of stuff happened in there, if I can ask?
Superchao: Well, it was mostly lots of big ideas, no followthrough, because everyone was 15 and had no idea of actual energy requirements.
Superchao: Like, you'd have a LOT of people go "I'm going to do a new sprite comic!" or "I'm gonna do a new fanfic!" and open signups and people would excitedly flood signups
Superchao: And then... nothing would happen.
Superchao: You'd get a handful of installments, or sometims just a signup, and that was it.
Superchao: Heck, you had user articles which said "this user does this in this comic" and then never appearing in any way because it wa scancelled long before then!
Superchao: There was SOME followthrough, most notably Jorge actually finishing Wiki's End, which I think contributed a lot to the idea of "yeah I can indeed finish this". But most people lacked the commitment.
Ninja Squid: It's mostly something popular with forums at that time, and kind of interesting that people would flood with signups for such things. Nowadays, it's mostly a lack in interest for this, although Roleplays seems to reborn from the ashes.
Superchao: I think people recognize the limitations more these days. Plus, Userpedia kinda... petered out after the crash.
Superchao: I have theories on that!
Ninja Squid: The commitment was there for participation, but getting the things in pratice wasn't working at all.
Ninja Squid: Which is kind of the opposite effect nowadays, if I have to put this in a nutshell, and simple.
Superchao: It's true! But I have ideas for how to increase the former down the line. Look forward to them in the future...
Superchao: But for now. So, after Userpedia's crash, I lost interest, I didn't join the reconstruction effort
Superchao: Instead... I made my greatest mistake. Unmariowiki...
Ninja Squid: Oh boy!
Ninja Squid: I think I am aware of that thing.
Ninja Squid: It's not beautiful.
Superchao: It was meant to be an Uncyclopedia-type parody wiki of Mario, but it wasn't funny, and after I took it over I tried to push an intertwined canon and a lot of connected stuff, but since I was doing it alone, basically, and trying to run the whole thing according to my way... it wasn't very good.
Superchao: And I kept working on it for about... god, two years? 2008-2010? Thereabouts? Sheesh.
Ninja Squid: Well, we always end up learning from our mistakes isn't it?
Superchao: It's true. But yes, eventually I tuned out of Unmario, and I rejoined the forum because I tried to pull a couple people off there for a mafia game elsewhere, which was a mistake.
Superchao: But then!
Superchao: Stooben invited me back for one of his Mafia games!
Superchao: The fool. He knew not what mistake he made.
Ninja Squid: So, by rejoining the forum, you participated in a Mafia games, could you explain this part of bit for our audience? Mafia games were something popular in the past, isn't it?
Superchao: Yep! They featured an uninformed majority (the Town) and an organized minority (the Mafia). The idea was, each night the Mafia could kill someone, and each day everyone would vote to lynch someone. Kind of like KG, if your lynch targets were static.
Superchao: No investigation or defined actions, you either had a role power you could use at night or just did nothing at night, and day was just constant discussion until you lynched someone.
Superchao: Of course, Mafia games on Marioboards tended to get more inventive and ridiculous, constantly adding more and more, and I think that + the sheer quantity led to gradual burnout.
Superchao: Like, yeah, Killing Game being more inventive is part of why it's lasted so well, but the real reason is because of the sizeable downtime. If we constantly had KGs 24/7 I'm sure people would get sick of them too.
Ninja Squid: So it's quite like the Werewolf game, actually...
Superchao: Mafia is just another name for Werewolf, honestly.
Ninja Squid: Oh, there's a card game we actually played at School, called Werewolf (Loups-Garous), that was very fun. I even have the game at home.
Ninja Squid: I didn't participate in this year's Killing Game, the time commitment for this seems insane, actually.
Superchao: It is pretty large! But it's fun. Maybe next year, huh?
Ninja Squid: Yes, I will gladly consider it.
Ninja Squid: For now, speaking of the forum, a position you end up doing in between your two interviews is the moderator position for the forum, isn't it? Was it like your first "moderation" position in this community?
Superchao: Yep! Back when I did my first interview, I hadn't done any leadership positions at all. I got promoted only a month after the interview. To my own surprise, considering I just logged on to the forum and saw "oh I have a mod tab now:
Ninja Squid: You almost make it sound like it was given to you at random lol
Superchao: I mean... it was, basically. It was during the Petition incident when half the mods were demoted and they really needed new ones, so the mods were talking about who they wanted in, and suddenly Porple promoted all three. It was wild.
Ninja Squid: Seems like it was time for a change, and that you got part of the lucky ones!
Superchao: yep yep
Superchao: And I made my mistakes - who doesn't? - but I'd say I've been pretty good at it!
Superchao: No one's tried to get me forcibly removed, after all.
Ninja Squid: Yeah, you are a good one, since you are still a mod today, after all!
Ninja Squid: You mentioned that it was your first leadership position, is that what made you want to integrate yourself more into this community, like for the 'Shroom Directorship for example?
Superchao: Hmm... kinda!
Superchao: I had already integrated myslef into the community during 2011, when Ralph approached me for Awards Mafia - I sort of lurkedon the edge and played some Mafia games during 2010 and 2011.
Superchao: But that was what got me to REALLY ramp up my posting and looking at other boards.
Superchao: And then 2012 I joined the Awards Committee at Ralph's urging and took really well to it, especially after Ralph was overthrown in a coup
Superchao: So it was the combination of that and mod that made me really fling myself at other things as I went along, such as writing Interview in 2013 and eventually joining the Shroom staff.
Ninja Squid: Speaking of The 'Shroom; You've got into multiple positions in the 'Shroom over the time, which one was your favorite?
Superchao: Hmmm... sub-director. That's the one that really plays well to my strengths in supporting and going over and repairing and fixing and editing. It just worked so well! Director is okay, I can do it, but it wasn't as good for me as Sub.
Ninja Squid: Of course. The sub-director with the 'shroomfinity gauntlet, I remember that one! My first year into the 'shroom staff.
Superchao: That was a good picture. I still have it in my sig for a reason~
Ninja Squid: Now, there is still a position at that time, that you had not yet joined: the Poll Committee, I think your first one you actually joined was the Eighth Committee. What made you want to join the committee that year and made you remains active in there as of today (thank me for this year lol)?
Superchao: Well... to be honest, it started by a desire to gain access to parts of the community I didn't have access to. But it's morphed since then into the PC being an underappreciated, semi-ignored part of the community, and I want to try what I can to fix that.
Ninja Squid: That's quite true that the Poll Committee is sometimes overshadowed actually. You know it's there, but there isn't a lot of interaction with the community outside of making polls for the main page. But, I always got the feeling that it's one of the easiest position to get more involved in the community. A good first step.
Ninja Squid: And I find that some users could benefit greatly from it. Don't you think?
Superchao: I do! I'm hoping Pitohui pushes a few people who could really use it to join.
Ninja Squid: Definitely, I found myself the most worthy successor possible for the job, I am so happy!
Ninja Squid: Now, speaking of the community as a whole, what's your thought on it, I am sure that you have witnessed many changes in here? How you managed to keep your energy and your interest in staying after 14 years? Because, you definitely see a lot of people coming and going in this time gap...
Superchao: Hmmm... I'd say I get people's worries about the community' strength, but I've never really felt that? Dynamics have shifted, energy has shifted, but ultimately it's your choice how much to put into it and what work to do. So I'm happy to keep shilling Mach Speed Mayhem, and now that it's not overlapping with Shroomfest?
Superchao: Expect PLENTY of shilling!
Superchao: This means you.
Ninja Squid: Don't worry, I'll keep voting in Mach Speed Mayhem, but you really need to introduce me to the art of shilling, so I can shill every one to get into 'Shroomfest.
Superchao: It's simple.
Superchao: You take their loved ones hostage. If they vote, the loved ones will be returned.
Superchao: Repeat every month.
Ninja Squid: Wow, that's a good idea, I am a ninja, so it will cause me no problem at all :slight_smile:
Ninja Squid: Now, I think that we have covered quite a bit of everything that was necessary regarding the MarioWiki community, now I'd like to shift to gaming. Since you are a part of the MarioWiki, are there some Mario games you like and which one would you consider your favorite?
Superchao: Let's see... well! I'll just spout off some of my favorites and we can talk about it.
Superchao: Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Super Mario Sunshine, Toadstool Tour, Advance Tour, Yoshi's Island, Super Mario Galaxy, Superstar Saga, and Bowser's Inside Story all come to mind...
Superchao: Good god, not a single game on that list is from past the Wii and DS.
Ninja Squid: You've got great taste! Some over there are also part of my favorites, like The Thousand Year Door and Yoshi's Island for instance.
Ninja Squid: Don't worry, I think only 2 Mario games I like are from past the Wii actually iirc.
Ninja Squid: Looking at this, there is three Mario RPGs in there, is it a genre you like in video games?
Superchao: It used to be my favorite! Buuut... not a smuch these days? I still like RPGs, but i'm less inclined to go for them as much as I used to.
Superchao: I just really enjoy the original trilogy of M&L
Superchao: then the series lost me...
Ninja Squid: I've got the same feeling, but for Paper Mario actually. Looking forward to Origami King? :p
Superchao: Hmmm... still reserving judgement until I know how it plays, but the idea of battles without incentives seems like a waste of time. See, if you're going to make coins the only reward from battle, you should make coins basically IMPOSSIBLE to find otherwise.
Superchao: Thus, the player has a reason to engage in the battle system.
Superchao: Otherwise, why bother with the battle system at all?
Ninja Squid: Yeah, that's exactly the feeling I got right now, they really should make something unique to the battle system, for example the confetti could and should be unique to it, but no, they have to make them available in the overworld, I just don't get that move at all. It's more of a time-waster than anything, and for a gameplay perspective, it's just not good at all.
Superchao: Exactly!
Superchao: Like, either full-ass it by giving me a reason to battle
Superchao:or just.... if you don't want to make a turn-based rpg just don't make one
Superchao: Take out the battles and make the game different entirely
Superchao: SPM did it
Ninja Squid: Yeah, if they actually did it the SPM way, then I would be really happy to play this game, but I just don't want to spend more time running away from a bunch of enemies than actually playing the game, so I am more into the mood of just not buying it, due to a bad gameplay move from Intelligent Systems.
Superchao: Pretty much. I got a lot of other things I can play!
Superchao: To be totally frank I'm not really a big Mario guy anymore.
Superchao: I'm liking LM3, and I want to get Odyssey, and I have Captain Toad, but...
Superchao: It's just not a series that still holds much appeal for me in its modern releases.
Ninja Squid: To be honest, I actually feel the same, it's kind of sad actually. The only Mario game from the Switch era I really really like was Odyssey, and even then, I've got games I enjoyed way more like Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Astral Chain, Splatoon. I love the Paper Mario series due to its RPG nature, but the way they handle it right now, it goes down a path that I can no longer really follow.
Superchao: Yeeah. I wish it luck! But I'll be getting hype for Metroid and F-Zero instead.
Ninja Squid: So, F-Zero and Metroid are both franchises outside of Mario you like, isn't it? Must be a pain considering the number of games that they have released for those two in recent years, and with Metroid Prime 4 getting re-started from the ground.
Ninja Squid: I played Metroid: Samus Returns, it's a great game, i really liked the atmosphere.
Superchao: Yeeeeah, the wait for Prime 4 has been painful. We've passed three years with nothing but a logo known. I've played every Metroid game in the meantime, though - all 13, even the fanmade one!
Ninja Squid: I also watched a few videos of Metroid Prime, and kinda hoping for a Trilogy HD.
Superchao: Other M does not exist.
Superchao: F-Zero, it's more... one exceptionally, incredibly good game, two solid games, and three games that Exist
Ninja Squid: What's your thought on Federation Force?
Ninja Squid: Seen a lot of hate for this one.
Superchao: Ehhh. It's okay. It's nothing special, but it's not the end of the world, really. It made some dumb calls in its plotline, but I had fun - it's really more that it came out at the worst possible time, when it had been five years and the last thing was OTHER M.
Ninja Squid: yeah, I saw some comments on it, some said that it would probably got a better reception, if the game came out at a better time. I know Other M isn't well received either. Could you list some reasons why? I know there is something with "the baby" isn't it?
Superchao: -lots of samus character derailment
Superchao: -a plot that functions on multiple bad decisions and requires multiple well received games to have never happened
Superchao: -unlikeable characters
Superchao: -multiple plotlines that just get cut off with no development
Superchao: -a final boss fight that consists of pointing at something
Superchao: it's
Superchao: a big mess
Ninja Squid: Oof, so it's better to consider that this game never exist, less pain that way. I'm doing the same thing with Sticker Star, I've never heard of it.
Ninja Squid: Like I say, stay positive, get rid of the negative.
Superchao: yep, exactly
Superchao: there is no such game as other m
Superchao: anyhow! that aside
Superchao: one thing i'm glad i moved past
Superchao: is the time where i only focused on Nintendo
Ninja Squid: Yeah, we have to broaden our horizons, we find beautiful things sometimes.
Ninja Squid: Outside of Nintendo series, are there games that you like?
Superchao: Oh, plenty!
Superchao: Touhou.
Superchao: Touhou Touhou TOUHOU TOUHOU PROJECT b9VzIF2.png
Superchao: ZUN's glorious anime waifu hell is my favorite game franchise for the past eleven years and it shows no sides of slowing down whatsoever
Superchao: So many fangames, so many cute girls, so much good music, what an incredible series
Superchao: ...I may have gotten a bit carried away.
Ninja Squid: lol, we can feel the passion you have for Touhou, can you detail us a bit about the game series, which to be honest, never heard of, outside from your past 'Shroom section?
Superchao: Alright, so, Touhou is a series of bullet hell shoot-em-up games, made by a guy named ZUN. All of them, one guy!
Superchao: It features the mystical land of Gensokyo which is basically "all sorts of ancient legends are now cute girls firing magic bullets at each other"
Superchao: It's notable for being hard, for great music, and for the HUGE fanscene, ZUN is veeeery supportive of fanworks so people have made hundreds of fangames, thousands of remixes of the music, and tens of thousands of published art books
Ninja Squid: it's kind of interesting, but it's really fun when game creators connect with their fans and support such projects, it allows a good range of creativity and sometimes even helps popularize such games series.
Ninja Squid: I might take a better look at this, it may not be my kind of games, but hey, there should be something for everyone! :thumbsup:
Superchao: I mean, considering how many genres the fangame covers... well, name me a genre you like, and I'll tell you if I can think of a Touhou fangame that covers it
Ninja Squid: RPGs/Action-Adventures
Superchao: Look up Labyrinth of Touhou and Genius of Sappherios Weekend Edition (two seperate things), and thank me later, my dude.
Ninja Squid: alright, I'll check into this tomorrow afternoon. :thumbsup:
Ninja Squid: thanks for the suggestion by the way!
Ninja Squid: Outside of Touhou, are their other games you enjoyed?
Superchao: Oh, plenty! We could be here all night if you let me!
Superchao: But t limit myself...
Superchao: Ace Attorney is really good, I highly recommend it. I would say that it, Touhou, and Metroid are probably my top three franchises, though not in that order. Of all of them, I mean.
Superchao: Please please please add Phoenix to smash, thaaanks
Ninja Squid: Honestly, I really need to check for games outside of Nintendo consoles, there are so many great games out there, and this year Nintendo seem pretty out of touch right now, to be honest, if the Switch wasn't much appealing, I would probably be into Xbox or Playstation by now.
Superchao: That was me with the Wii U, actually!
Superchao: The Wii U was the first time I just outright skipped a Ninty console and not-so-concidentally it also set up a chain of events to me getting an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 4 and... I've enjoyed it!
Superchao: I don't mind people who like Nintendo stuff but I definitely think there are some people who have sworn off ever touching either of Ninty's rivals
Ninja Squid: By the end of the Wii U era, I got an Xbox 360, the Wii U was SO disappointing.
Superchao: and you're missing out! Don't limit yourself!
Superchao: but yeah, i skipped Wii U outright
Superchao: never bought one, the couple of games still exclusive that I'd want just... don't justify the price tag
Ninja Squid: Yeah, I'm probably going to do that, but my main problem is that the Playstation controller seems a bit too wacky for my playstyles, that's why I got an Xbox 360 (the controller was a bit closer to the Wii U Pro Controller).
Superchao: honestly?
Superchao: All you gotta do for the PS4 controller
Superchao: is think of it as Gamecube
Ninja Squid: Oh, now that you mentioned it. Why didn't I think of that before?
Superchao: it's basically the same controller, except they overhauled the start button into a panel, swapped the d-pad and control stick, and addedone more shoulder button
Superchao: so it's easy to compare
Superchao: Gamecube is the ideal controller and I will brook no disagrement
Ninja Squid: From my perspective the PS4 got a great game library, I can't denied that, but the controller always seem a bit weird to me, but that's true that the GCN controller isn't far off from that one. Now, I feel a bit stupid lol.
Superchao: It happens!
Ninja Squid: Alright, we have discussed gaming enough (my wallet might suffer from it lol), let's conclude this interview by talking of hobbies. Are their any hobbies outside of this community and video games you are into? I think you like reading mystery novels iirc...
Superchao: Mystery novels are a big one, as is just exploring. Walking around the city. Having strong public transit means I can hop on the train and go to a part of the city ten miles away that i've never been to!
Ninja Squid: Now that's something I can a bit related to, I might suffer from anxiety, but I really want to travel around the globe in my life, I am someone who would really like to explore and discover the world, I find it fun to broaden horizons and explore places that we are not really familiar with. Mentally exhausting for me, but it's still satisfying in some way. I don't know if you actually want to go that far, but exploring is something I can definitely related to.
Superchao: I mean, I went to Germany and Sweden just to meet people and see the places
Superchao: so trust me when I say I wanna see all the world's sights
Ninja Squid: You really need to come to Canada someday!
Superchao: I doooo.
Superchao: I keep forgetting you're in Canada though.
Superchao: I dunno why, I've always just pegged you as being European
Ninja Squid: lmao, I speak French, but I am definitely not European.
Ninja Squid: I am a proudly 100% Canadian.
Ninja Squid: I really need to explore my country as a whole someday.
Superchao: I've barely seen a fraction of the USA! It's biiig.
Superchao: One of my favorite stories about people underestimating the size was someone mentioning how they overheard two family friends planning a trip and allocating two days to drive through Texas and look at the big cities and they had to help them adjust their travel time
Superchao: Though Canada's probably worse about that
Ninja Squid: yeah, Canada is very big!
Ninja Squid: if you really want to take the time to explore everything in Canada, you're going to have to dedicate an awful lot of time.
Ninja Squid: but right now with the pandemic, and borders between provinces being closed, thing aren't quite easy for that lol
Superchao: Yeah, travel's a bit on hold... but that's why one looks to the future!
Ninja Squid: Exactly!
Ninja Squid: Are their any other hobbies you enjoy?
Superchao: Hmmmm... nothing comes to mind offhand as exceptional, you covered books and exploration and those are really the main non-gaming things I tend to do! There's other stuff, but that's minor.
Ninja Squid: Great! That leaves me to my last question.
Ninja Squid: Is this the last question?
Superchao: Hmmm... Only for now.
Superchao: Only for now.
Ninja Squid: Well, if that's the case...
Ninja Squid: Thank you so much for being here!
Superchao: i hope you enjoyed

Superchao is very friendly, and to tell you the truth, I have to admit that for me it didn't sound like an interview at all, but a completely normal conversation between me and him, which show how much natural that it was. I hope you learned a lot about our dear moderator, but also about the history of the community from someone with a lot of experience in here. In any case, I will now wait for our next meeting in 2026, unless we are simply unable to wait until then. Until then, see you around!

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