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Poll Chairperson Address

Written by: Hooded Pitohui (talk)

Hello, all of you readers of The 'Shroom and members of the community! I'm your newly elected Chairperson of the Poll Committee, Hooded Pitohui (talk), writing this address on behalf of myself and my Vice-Chairperson, Power Flotzo (talk). First, we want to thank you all for your votes, support, and input! Secondly, we'd like to thank Ninja Squid (talk) and Roserade (talk) for doing a wonderful job leading the Poll Committee through its tenth term. We've had a decade of community members working in this small team to come up with your front-page polls week after week, and these two, while making some tough decisions and balancing some large projects, saw us out through the close of that decade. Now, we plan to continue their work with the Poll Committee's eleventh term.

For the most part, you can read about our plans in our campaign, but, to cover the basics, we'll be preserving the bi-weekly polls, and our only large project this term will be the Awards Analysis. By scaling back our aims this term, we hope we'll be able to focus on helping the committee avoid burnout and keep its activity consistent over the whole term. We have some ideas for internal changes that should help us do this and should help us turn the Poll Committee into a first step into leadership and participation in community activities, and those changes will be our main focus this term.

Of course, we can't accomplish anything without a team to fill the committee! That's why we're looking for a small team of seven active, engaged members of the community who would like to join the Poll Committee. We'll be reaching out to a few folks we would like to see apply, but anyone who is interested should send a private message to me on the forums with your application. Please include a brief introduction telling us who you are and what you've done in the community, a statement on why you are interested in applying, and a sample poll idea that is distinct from polls that make up our Awards ceremony. Please note that your poll can be related to the Mario franchise or videogames in general. If you have any questions or concerns or you need anything clarified, please don't hesitate to reach out to myself or Power Flotzo, whether on the Wiki, on the forum, or on Discord. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to seeing your applications. Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM EDT on Sunday, July 26th. The Poll Committee's members will be announced the following day, and work will begin shortly thereafter. Please do apply if you are interested!

Hooded Pitohui

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