🐙Faster than a speeding Koozer! More powerful than Bugzzy! And able to throw a punch thousands of feet without breaking his exoskeleton! It's Power Flotzo!🐙

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Power Flotzo
Species: Flotzo
Real Name: Not telling
Age: Somewhere in my 20s
Birthday: January 20th
Interests: Video games, art, astrology, astronomy, creative writing
Gender: Male
Favorite Game: Can't choose just one
Location: Somewhere in or near the Pacific Ocean

Hello, and welcome to my user page with bibbangs! I lurked on this wiki for years before finally creating an account in March of 2019. Sorry if it looks a little sloppy right now, I'll get around to refurbishing it when I have more time. But until then, I'll do whatever I can to make this wiki a good place (especially when it comes to translations in any of the languages to the right of this text)!

Characters I Like (in no particular order)

More like what characters do I not like, to be honest. I like all of the main characters, from Mario to Bowser to Waluigi - I even like a good portion of the cast of WarioWare Gold, not to mention Pink Gold Peach! But my interests expand far beyond the Mario series: I also enjoy the Zelda series, the Kirby series (as you might expect from my username), and pretty much anything else Nintendo. Other than that, I am often seen writing fan fiction and working on OCs.

“The best thing I ever did? Super Mario Brothers. It was a dream come true. Ever since I was a little bambino, I've wanted to play a character who wears a red hat, and now I get to live my fantasies. I give this movie two plates of spaghetti on a scale of one to two, and go check out the sequel. It's called Ice Age.”
Zack Zzyzwicz, film critic and makeup artist

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This is all. Thank you for reading. 🍡