Donkey Kong 2 (level)

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Donkey Kong 2
DonkeyKong2 amiiboChallenge.png
World Barrel Blast Jungle
Game Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge
Time limit 300 seconds
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Donkey Kong 2 is the second level of Barrel Blast Jungle in Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge. Mini Donkey Kong is the only Mini that is allowed in the level.


Mini Donkey Kong begins at the top right of the level, with the amiibo Door in an alcove near the middle right. To reach the door, the player must tap on Mini Donkey Kong, who will fall into a Barrel Cannon; the player should then tap the Barrel Cannon at its highest point so that Mini Donkey Kong blasts through a wall of Rock Blocks and lands on a nearby ledge. After Mini Donkey Kong Quick Climbs the slope and slides down, he falls into a Blast Barrel, which blasts him to a Barrel Cannon pointing up; the player must tap it when the cannon lines up with another horizontally moving Barrel Cannon facing right. They must then tap this cannon when it lines up with a vertically moving Barrel Cannon pointing right, then tap that cannon at its highest point to shoot Mini Donkey Kong into a Blast Barrel and a set of two Barrel Cannons moving up and down alternately. After firing Mini DK when the left cannon is higher than or lining up with the right one, then firing out of the right cannon when it is higher than the left one, he lands in the alcove with the amiibo Door.

amiibo Tokens[edit]

The regular amiibo Token is located near the center of the level, above a Blast Barrel facing left and blocked off by several Rock Blocks. The player should follow the route to the amiibo Door, but after exiting the first Blast Barrel, they must fire out of the next Barrel Cannon at its rightmost point to enter another Barrel Cannon near the top pointing left, then fire again to break through the Rock Blocks above the token and enter a third Barrel Cannon which rotates 180 degrees. The player should then blast out when the Barrel Cannon faces the bottom right so Mini DK lands on the ledge and Quick Climbs up the incline and into the amiibo Token.

The gold amiibo Token is found below a Blast Barrel near the top right. The player should follow the normal route to the amiibo Door, but after entering the leftmost of the two alternately moving Barrel Cannons, blast out when it is at the lowest point to break through some Rock Blocks blocking off a yellow Warp Pipe. After exiting the Warp Pipe, Mini Donkey Kong turns around and Quick Climbs up the slope, where the Blast Barrel will fire him into the amiibo Token.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Donkey Kong 2