Level 8

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This article is about a level in Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge. For the level in Donkey Kong Country Barrel Maze, see Donkey Kong Country Barrel Maze § Level 8.
Level 8
Level8 amiiboChallenge.png
World Main Level
Game Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge
Time limit 300 seconds
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Level 8 is the eighth main level featured in Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge. This level introduces Shy Guys as enemies. Any of the Mini Toys can be used in this level.


The Goal Door is located in the bottom left corner of the level, behind the Mini's starting position. To reach it, the player must first place a Long Spring in front of the Mini, then remove the two nearby Pink Blocks from the lower group on the left. When the player taps the Mini, it will bounce up and slide down the slope, defeating a Shy Guy that fell down. After the Mini uses another Long Spring to bounce up, the player should then use Pink Blocks to build a wall to turn the Mini around, remove the leftmost row of three Pink Blocks, and place a Long Spring under the gap. The player should remove and re-add the two Pink Blocks to the left to remove the Shy Guy standing on them, then place a Long Spring on the top-left ledge to bounce the Mini into the hole with the Goal Door at the bottom.

The amiibo Door is located in the top right corner. To get to it, the player must scan a compatible Luigi amiibo in order to play as Mini Luigi. The player must follow the same route as the Goal Door, but after bouncing off the second Long Spring and reaching the middle, place Pink Blocks to create a staircase to the top level, then remove and re-add the row of three Pink Blocks to drop the Shy Guy on them down. Mini Luigi will then use his High Jump ability to leap over the walls twice, slide down a slope to defeat a Shy Guy at the bottom, and use the High Jump again to clear another wall and reach the amiibo Door.

amiibo Tokens[edit]

The first amiibo Token must be obtained using Mini Peach and her Floating Jump ability. It is located near the top of the level, on a ledge in the middle. The player must follow the same route to the amiibo Door; when Mini Peach reaches the wall, she will turn around and float over the gap. She will then land on the ledge and walk into the amiibo Token.

The second amiibo Token must be obtained using Mini Donkey Kong and his Quick Climb ability. It is located at the top of a slope, just below the amiibo Door. The player must follow the same route to the Goal Door, but upon reaching the middle, they should place Long Springs to guide Mini DK to the slope at the bottom right near a Shy Guy; as he uses the Quick Climb to scale the slope, the player should remove the three Pink Blocks at the top and draw a downward stairway from Pink Blocks to lead him to the next slope. Mini Donkey Kong will use the Quick Climb again to reach the ledge and the amiibo Token.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Livello 8
Level 8