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Yes! I have officially reached my edit number 500! Now, 1000 edits.... The path is going to be long. Welcome to the Shroob Castle, user! This shroom.... will be your DOOM! Or something. Well, i've lost the effect. Anyways, welcome to my userpage! I am Tent2 and I am also glad to see you reading this, because it lets me know that I didn't bore you with this long text... As you have noticed already.... this page is infected with shroobs! Shroob Walking.gif Shroob Walking.gif Shroob Walking.gif
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Hey you! Since you're here, could you test that thing besides me?
Since I am Wario, I'd be better without pressing that, just in case.

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999 characters on Mario Kart! Funfact: Luigi was the first one on the race! Well, actually, i'm not sure. Probably not. But I saw him farther away from the others.

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To Do List

Re-upload all of these images by myself, because they have big inconsistencies. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Favorite characters

My favorite games!

Games Comments
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Box NA.png First Mario & Luigi game I played. May be short compared to the other games, but it managed to pack a lot of fun and humor in it!
MarioLuigiPartnersTimeBox.jpg Really dark for a Mario game, and harder compared to Superstar Saga. I don't understand why this one is so underrated, it definitely needs more love.
Bowsersinsidestorycover.jpg This game talks for itself. A really fun adventure with Mario & Luigi... & Bowser? I didn't like how they had Bowser get trapped like three times through the game while Mario & Luigi were actively doing something. Like... seriously?
Box NA - Mario & Luigi Dream Team.png I am still playing this because somehow I don't manage to get as much fun as the other games. Don't get me wrong, I do like this game, but sometimes it just doesn't feel like the others.
WarioWare Gold NA cover.png My second WarioWare game ever. My first one was Touched. I really liked the artstyle on this game, and the minigames were fun! I specially liked the unique minigames like SMW, SMS and even Tomodachi Life.
WWDS.jpg My first WarioWare game, as just explained recently. I really wasn't sure what to expect, since it was my first look at a WarioWare game, not having seen any gameplay of it before. Turns out, I ended up loving it and looking forward to WarioWare Gold later.
Ultimate-NES-Remix-NA-boxart.png I don't understand why there is so little love for this game. And you may be asking... Why do I like it? Well, besides forgotten characters getting to appear once again after more than a decade, the fact that there are custom levels on the NES Remix section (like Peach playable on SMB3 or Samus on SMB1) definitely made this a worthy game for playing.
Warioland3.jpg The whole Wario Land series is great, but this one definitely deserves a big spot on this gallery.
WarioLandShakeIt.jpg Sadly, its currently the last Wario Land game. At least Nintendo decided to take advantage of the Wii and ended up using some lit-looking animation that can be thanked to Production I.G.!

Games I wish I could play soon...

I'll try making this page much bigger when its possible.