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Waluigi Guy (also known as G-Man) is a character that has appeared in many Mario games. He is found in unreachable places, and he will join the player and do powerful attacks to enemies. He is also the leader of the infamous G-Man League, which is known throughout the universe. He has the uncanny ability to instintaniously mimic any move done by an enemy, which is very effective in battle.

Waluigi Guy
File:175 Dark Luigi Card.JPG
Waluigi Guy.
Full name Why do you need to know???????
Species Human
First appearance 1997
Latest appearance Today
Latest portrayal Me
Affiliation(s) The G-Man League, Scott, Gideon, Georgia, Vancouver, Toronto


Waluigidance.gifWaluigi GuyWaluigidance.gif


Super Smash Bros. fighter
Waluigi Guy
File:175 Dark Luigi Card.JPG
Game appearances
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (unlockable)
Special moves
Standard:  Mimic
Side:  Power Punch
Up:  Paf
Down:  Pixel Katana
Final Smash:  G-Man League!!!
Battle entrance
Waluigi Guy walks in through a portal.

Special Moves


Mimic is a move that Waluigi Guy uses to repeat the last move used on the battlefield. Basically, when this move is used, he will do whatever has been done last. So, If Mario uses F.L.U.D.D., then he uses Fireball, Waluigi Guy will have to use Fireball, even if he tried to use F.L.U.D.D.

Power Punch

Power Punch is an exspecially powerful move used by Waluigi Guy. He charges up his punch, similar to Wario, and R.O.B., and when it is fully charged it can do up to 128%. However, if it is not fully charged it can only do at least 7%. It is preformed with him sliding across the stage, fist ablaze.


Paf is a move used by the one and only Waluigi Guy. In a nutshell, what happens is he dissapears in a paf of smoke, and reappears on a platform above him, making this very useful when being knocked off of the stage. When this move is used, big balck letters spelling "PAF" appear.

Pixel Katana

The title explains it, It's a katana made of pixels.

G-Man League!!!

Is the final smash used by the legendary G-Man is SSBB. He calls in any member of The League, to do a specific move.

G-Man League


The G-Man League is an evil league founded by the villianous G-Man (AKA: Waluigi Guy). This dangerous alliance was formed to seek revenge on a certain person for an evil misdeed, since then, it has evolved into the most dangerous of all leagues (even more than the league of evil exes).


  • G-Man
  • Grif
  • Japanman
  • Leonard
  • Young Ethan
  • Spencer
  • DDD


Dark Bones
File:Better old bobbery.PNG
File:ReverseMushroom MB.png

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