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Have played through:

I'm not a userbox kind of fellow, even less so outside of Wikimedia projects (The latter of which they'd make sense on to list language skills).

For screenshots, I use Elgato HD60 Pro, and OBS Studio with a hotkey attached to screenshotting.

Connecting the Elgato HDMI cable either directly into the Switch, or into "HDMI 2" of a Yamaha RX-V685, seems to make no differences at all, not even in regards to a docked Switch's output resolutions.

Language handles

  • Norwegian at top level (Oslo Standard, with less than 20 words adapted from Trondheim Standard)
  • English at undergraduate level (British Isles English, with a heavy northern continental slant for placenames and product names, but I can write American English too for projects that need it, which very likely includes this wiki).
  • Swedish fluently (Stockholm Standard, with occasional terms from Oslo Business Swedish).
  • Nynorsk fluently (NRK Super Standard, not the lawyer or Noregs Mållag standards)

Notes taken from feedback

To show I can receive and learn from feedback.

  • 0-9 must be spelt as words, e.g. "zero to nine". Double-check for things like in-level info additions.
  • Crops of OBS screenshots must be PNG too, as their source screenshots are.
    • But for animated no-sound images, "Animated WebP" seem far and beyond better than GIF.
  • Inter-locale comparisons are best suited for Trivia, presumably meaning that Trivia sections are allowed to be added to pages if none are already there.
  • Notes in parenthesis should generally speaking start with a small letter.
  • Turned out Volcano refered to one very specific volcano. Now I know.
  • I must admit that Kung Fu Peach and Ninja Peach are surprisingly difficult to tell apart when adding info to levels.
  • I guess I've been completely annihilated by User:Jdtendo when it comes to Parisian French terminologies 😅, and I concede that he's far better then me in that regard, as he is actually from France.
  • While I am not in the LGBT movement (though qualifying as aro), I know how to pay lip service to them to make them very happy in an instant. Nevertheless, with the Mario fanbase (and a whole lot of other fanbases, e.g. Mickey+Minnie) determining a character's gender from eyelashes alone, speculating in neutralities on the characters' pages is not a hill I'll battle on.
  • My debate skills in Proposals threads would be poor at best (harking back to my generally total failures at Sims Wikia's noticeboards), but I guess it can't hurt catastrophically for me to try Proposals threads once or twice, if my stamina permits.
  • While I presumed the complexity of Japanese writing styles would help determine what the target audience of a specific game was, I guess I can agree that the effect for games rated below PEGI 12 would be negligible.
  • Peach being listed as 160cm on her page, is apparently not official to determine how high she can jump in games.
  • The less commas, the better (Rule of thumb).

In-game achievements I feel proud of

  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit:
    • Managed a spectacular 0:53.85 Time Attack run at GBA Rainbow Road. Much later turned out the WR was 0:34.91.
    • Came back from 40sec behind to win in a 5-lap VS Race on GBA Sky Garden in a self-imposed challenge.
  • Mario Kart DS: Set up a 32-race VS Race cup at 150cc with Hard CPU, and won all 32 races.
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Completed the game with two characters as one player. The carry system helped, but I'm still very proud of doing so.
  • Super Mario Sluggers: Was allowed to enter the Bowser Jr. boss match with only some random Toads and Nokis I found on a beach, won the 3-innings match 34-0, then immediately went on to win against Bowser, beating the career mode in 70 minutes on my first playthrough.
  • WarioWare Gold: Got 67 in SplitScreen Mash.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:
    • Got to 7,800 ranking points in online races, before the last two Expansion Pack cups were so bad that I abandoned the entire game (Athens Dash has to be the worst track in all of Mario Kart history).
    • Technically not my achievement, but rather Luigi's, as I managed to pull off a "Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing": I put him in VS Mode 50cc Easy CPU at N64 Royal Raceway, turned on Auto-Throttle and Auto-Steering for him, laid back in my couch like it was horseracing, and he somehow got 1st.
  • Princess Peach: Showtime!: 1-shot the boss fight of A Snow Flower on Ice.


  • The backend of Super Mario Wiki seems to be unable to handle three-= category headers at all, which leads to "Error code: Plessie".
    • The backend doesn't seem to like turning headers into pagelinks either.
  • Ribbonеr
    • How in the name of goodness did the backend's wordfilter mess up so much that I had to use a Cyrillic Е to avoid getting Error Code Plessie?
  • Ribboner
  • Ribboner
  • Ribbone
    • Turns out that the wordfilter objects to "b*ner", but it only objects to me and no one else…???
  • Zero-width spaces, zero-width joiners, and left-to-right markers aren't helping. I think the backend hates me and specifically me.
  • Ribbo\ner
  • Link autofilling doesn't fix it either. How.
  • I can only presume the site doesn't consider me truly autoconfirmed. Or something. Goodness knows. If it hasn't got better by Sunday noon CEST, I need to contact at least 1 beaurucrat.
  • Ribbo''''ner
    • Why.
  • Ribboner
    • This can't possibly be the intended method either.
  • Ribboner
    • …Close enough. Or not. But still.
  • Ribboner
    • Works now (9 April 2024), it seems. Will certainly make level-page updates much easier.

Test 2

Although bopomofo seems to be effectively non-existent in Mario and Wario games, I can just as well test it for the fun of it. 🌞

John Maddenㄚㄝㄧㄛㄨ

(Close enough.)

Minor notes that aren't needed in the top section

  • Miitopia 3DS will likely remain de facto online well into the 2030's, due to its QR Code system to add new Miis.
  • XHTML's ruby support is complicated at best, I must admit: <ruby>Aeiou<rp><rp>(</rp><rt style="font-size: 67% !important">John Madden</rt><rp>)</rp></ruby>
    • Very large improvements to Template:Ruby made things a fair bit easier in the time afterwards either way.
  • Using colspan=2 for "Available by default" outfits, didn't seem worth it, as it'd make the text lean too far to the right at the time of writing.
  • German quotation marks are a little weird, enough so that I've never account for them in Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator at any point between 2013-24: „John Madden“
  • I can confirm the existence of a France European locale for PPS (e.g. "parle !"). The locale is not designed with Swiss (Flaque/Gouille) in mind, whereas France-Belgium differences seem non-existent in the game's text strings.
    • In most sections, the only differences between France and Québec, is the spacing for !/?. However, fairly large differences are seen in the first section of Welcome to the Festival of Sweets (e.g., Stella exclaims "Chouette" in France, but "Super" in Québec).
    • Turns out Québecians do in fact use spaces around colons. Was news to me, at least.
    • JP/SK transliterations are not valid at all to determine soft R's, even more so as I live in a region with extra soft rolling R's, and whose main regions of communication also use it.
  • Trying to centre any of the 3D files at Models Resource with 3D file editors, is a 100% guaranteed method to cause severe psychosis and insanity. So don't even try to get any icons from them.
  • Apparently there's no e-Manuals for Switch games either.
  • I don't think I've ever played or even seen a minigame or microgame in any game or franchise in my entire life that was worse than Write On, Dude in Gold. It's so extremely difficult and with so atrocious detection, that it's an absolute abomination and a crime against humanity.


Mario Wiki seems to rely far more on Archive pages than e.g. Sims Wikia and PCSX2 Wiki (among many others I've edited on), so I'll make an archive page for To-Do resolved plans ("Done deals"): User:DandelionSprout/To-Do done deals

Additionally, speed-up tables for Template:Foreign names can be found at User:DandelionSprout/Ideal Foreign Name tables.

10 April 2024

  • Add full (though only with non-existing rows) translation tables to relevant pages that don't already have full tables, because, sure, it can't hurt. The changelogs of User:Mariuigi Khed in particular inspired me to add this on my to-do list.

20 April 2024

  • Test rumble support for games that have "Technical aspects" paragraphs. While it's certain to say that all such games have rumble, I very faintly guess that it's good to have on the record.

21 April 2024

  • I need to get an animated image of how spectacularly poorly the Theets in Mighty Mission: The Rescue tried to "defend" themselves with the "swords".

24 April 2024

  • Mass-utilizing Template:Cite, as it seems to be a near-verbatim equivalent to Wikipedia's Cite Web, seems to be a possibly great move, but would be practically impossible to do on a large scale.

27 April 2024

  • Due to a total lack of any other plausible options, the icon for a Stella ribbon page would be the one from the top of her wardrobe menu, with the round red-black circle being extended to a square to avoid any PaintNET wand transparency issues.
    • I am NOT touching any ZIPs from those psychos at The Models Resource ever again, if it's a matter of life and death. Their guides are just "Use Blender, lol, lmao", and Blender is the most evil software ever made.

1 May 2024

  • Find a way to icon-ize certain Sparkle Gems' rows on levels' pages, to show that they are unavoidable to obtain in regular gameplay. As it happens, I have a theory to research, which holds that it's not humanly possible to not have enough gems to give Stella for Disco Wing and Light Fang in particular.
    • 3F coming up soon, to a theater near you.™

2 May 2024

  • Add more info about the whereabouts and phrases of the Hat Man (i.e. "Ribboner") to 1F and 2F levels.

7 May 2024

  • The stair physics in Peach Showtime's Sparkle Theater seem… strange at best.
  • Get an AWebP of Hat Man dancing.

10 May 2024

  • Somehow add info on the legendarily narrow LAN network drivers that appear to be the same across Wii, Wii U, and Switch.
  • Add info on Switch's fairly poor support for USB-C headsets as well.

11 May 2024

12 May 2024

14 May 2024

15 May 2024

16 May 2024

17 May 2024

18 May 2024

  • For PPS levels that have only one image in them, get a 2nd in-level image for them.
    • Only BF remains.

20 May 2024