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Amazing work on the Princess Peach: Showtime! articles![edit]

Hi there! You're doing a great job creating and editing articles related to Princess Peach: Showtime! Keep up the great work! link:User:Sparks Sparks (talk) link:User:Sparks 13:34, April 6, 2024 (EDT)

Great to hear. 🌞 DandelionSprout (talk) 13:38, April 6, 2024 (EDT)

Image optimization[edit]

Just as a heads up, the image use policy discourages reuploading images just to optimize them because it takes up additional space on the server. --Waluigi's head icon in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Too Bad! Waluigi Time! 19:23, April 6, 2024 (EDT)

Huh. Good to know. On other wikis, I had followed the logic of "The smaller the filesize is, the faster a wiki page would load", and I had utilised it with partial success on The Sims Wikia. But I do acknowledge that it'd be a problem on self-hosted wikis indeed, so I appreciate the tip. DandelionSprout (talk) 02:43, April 7, 2024 (EDT)
In the future, if possible, could you save your images (whether it's game capture screenshots and self-made infographics) as png or jpg rather than webp? They're much more preferable since they're more commonly used and universally supported. Balloon Fighter costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 10:11, April 9, 2024 (EDT)
I took a liking to WebP a year or two ago, after I noticed that lossless WebP exported by PaintNET, were still 15~20% smaller filesizes than OptiPNG; and I've also been in beefs with a fair few people on social media who strongly hated WebP for made-up reasons. So I had presumed "Okay, surely crops of screenshots can be in WebP?", but I give you technically right for using PNG for crops, since Elgato saves the whole-frame screenshots as PNG in the first place, so for those cases I agree to using PNG from now on. DandelionSprout (talk) 11:13, April 9, 2024 (EDT)

You can convert BMPs to PNGs. Balloon Fighter costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 02:44, May 3, 2024 (EDT)

Duly noted. Thanks for the clarification. DandelionSprout (talk) 05:39, May 3, 2024 (EDT)

RE:The wiki's Ruby template makes the rubies unreadable on Chrome[edit]

The page is fully protected, so I can't edit it on my own. I'll bring up the issue with an admin instead. Toadette icon CTTT.pngFont of Archivist Toadette's signature(T|C) 19:58, April 16, 2024 (EDT)

Understandable. I can add to a "Discussion" page note for the Template:Ruby page in the meantime. Thanks for the general understanding. DandelionSprout (talk) 19:59, April 16, 2024 (EDT)


A few things regarding your edits,

  • Avoid adding sections with nothing in them except a stub notice. They should only be started when there's content to add with them.
  • You tend to do this often: a comma doesn't go between a subject and a verb associated with it (some examples from your edits which shouldn't have commas: "Completing the level, allows Peach to buy the dress", "Stella's color, corresponds to the ribbon she's wearing", "Effects [that can play on the rear speakers], include approaching shells [...]")
  • Don't italicise names for objects of significance (like the costume names) or use them as substitutes for quotation marks. Italics are reserved for titles for games, series, shows etc. (see MarioWiki:Manual of Style#Italicizing titles). Balloon Fighter costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 10:42, April 17, 2024 (EDT)
I admit that №1 and №3 were mostly the result of a template I designed specifically for PPS pages. I've attempted to implement the requests now (empty sections like "Gallery" will of course be removed entirely from now on, if nothing can be found for them before a page is created). №2 I had never personally seen any problems with on any site, as the goal had been to make sentences easier to read, but sure. I must also admit that I don't feel particularly welcomed on this wiki, but I also figure "Okay, sure, let's see how long things go well." DandelionSprout (talk) 16:20, April 17, 2024 (EDT)
As a side note, the template cuts down the time needed to create a PPS level page from approx. 70min to approx. 25min, so that template will remain in use, but changes will be applied when needed (which has turned out to be pretty often, I admit, often so after I noticed shortcomings with the template personally). DandelionSprout (talk) 16:29, April 17, 2024 (EDT)
I'm just telling you for your information mistakes that need to be addressed, it's not a criticism or anything of what you're doing. And my second point was not because of readability, it's because it's grammatically incorrect. Balloon Fighter costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 23:30, April 17, 2024 (EDT)
So, the thing was, I've had the unfortunate tendendy to look at Special:RecentChanges ("Curiosity killed the cat", I guess. 😓), saw a whole lot of edit notes, and presumed "Oh man, do I have a whole lot of things to live up to, to make it big on this wiki." However, on advices from e.g. my secretary, I am now instead presuming "Okay, if it's not something that is brought up on the usertalk page(s), then it's not a crucuial hasty matter for me to handle." DandelionSprout (talk) 12:59, April 19, 2024 (EDT)

Amazing job on Princess Peach: Showtime![edit]

I agree with Sparks, you're doing a great job at expanding the pages! Please keep contributing; you're doing a fantastic job! Have a great day! -- Artwork of Rosalina used in Mario Party: The Top 100, Mario Kart Tour and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. FanOfRosalina2007Artwork of Princess Peach for Mario Party: The Top 100 (talk · edits) 22:46, April 17, 2024 (EDT)

Singular/plural verbs[edit]

A common mistake I'm noticing is you're using singular verbs for singular subjects. If one person is doing the action, the verb should be plural ("If Peach chooses to read" and not "If Peach choose to read"), and vice versa with multiple subjects ("Theets dance" and not "Theets dances"). Balloon Fighter costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 11:59, May 15, 2024 (EDT)

English is a very complicated language, I admit, and word tenses are even more complicated; I struggled with "is/are" until last year, at which point I was 28, and I still struggle with "crisises/crises" to this day, unfortunately. I'll attempt to follow the verb tense tip, but I personally would call it very advanced material to handle. DandelionSprout (talk) 23:53, May 15, 2024 (EDT)


I would very strongly advise against creating any more pages on subjects that are neither explicitly Super Mario, including any subjects without any direct involvement, since the Memory Card page has been deleted, and a few also believe the Microsoft page should be deleted. As a result, there are lots of red links left behind that need to be cleaned up. Super Mario RPG (talk) 15:13, May 31, 2024 (EDT)

It wasn't even I who created the Memory Card page, first of all. You're not a moderator, you're not even a patroller, so you have no business demanding me to follow policies on false grounds that I don't think even exist unless otherwise proven. DandelionSprout (talk) 15:52, May 31, 2024 (EDT)
Also, it wasn't even "a few" people who want to delete Microsoft, it's literally just one user besides you. DandelionSprout (talk) 15:57, May 31, 2024 (EDT)
That other user who wants the Microsoft page deleted is a bureaucrat, and an administrator here originally proposed the Memory Card page for deletion (which can now be found at the NintendoWiki, apparently). I know I'm not a mod. I was giving advice, since the same result could occur if you try to cover something that isn't Super Mario from its inception. Super Mario RPG (talk) 16:00, May 31, 2024 (EDT)

Multiple edits[edit]

Hello, DandelionSprout. When editing, if you'd like to see how your edits affect a page, use the "Show preview" button next to the "Save changes" button. This allows you to check over your edits for any errors and make any additional changes or fixes before you save, which will prevent edits from flooding the page history and recent changes. (If you are on mobile, make sure to check the preview page thoroughly before proceeding to save.) Please try to avoid making excessive, consecutive edits to a single page within a short timespan and instead limit them to as few as possible.

You are making too many edits in one time span. Instead of editing per section, please click the "edit" button on the top corner of the page to edit all in one go. I'd also recommend to click the preview button before saving your edits, so that you can see if they are finished and edit some more. Don't click Penny PnnyCrygr User contributions 23:01, June 17, 2024 (EDT)

The way I personally saw the situation, was that I added info as I went along learning new things, which was comparatively often during testing. I'd think "Okay, so I'll do one edit to add both the time limits and at least one new language name", and then I'd think "Wait, did I forget to add some info I had planned to add?" or perhaps "It seems that microgame's details (e.g. names, time limits) differ strongly between Gold and their previous games", so it was not usually a matter of "One section at a time."

Given that the microgames I researched earlier tonight had appeared in two games each, I also thought "I'll research one game at a time and (if needed) add info on one game at a time so I don't forget to add info on either game at all", as I was completely unaware of that policy and at least I know about it now. DandelionSprout (talk) 23:15, June 17, 2024 (EDT)

Redirect links[edit]

MarioWiki:Redirects#Linking to redirects - Links should always link to the exact title of the page, so "[[font]]" should be "[[List of fonts|font]]". Balloon Fighter costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 03:01, June 20, 2024 (EDT)

Good to know. I've tended to think by default "Redirection pages exist for a reason, I suppose", but your method sounds like it will work better. DandelionSprout (talk) 14:20, June 20, 2024 (EDT)

Korean logo and DSi menu logo for WarioWare Snapped[edit]

Can you add the Korean logo and DSi menu logo for WarioWare Snapped?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

I suppose I can add Template:Image to that page, and then we'd see how it'd go in general or not. DandelionSprout (talk) 16:58, June 26, 2024 (EDT)
Alright. Can you add these logos to the gallery as well?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).
The Korean logo? Quite possibly yes. The Korean DSi/3DS system menu logo? Not realistically possible, as it'd be too hard for me to find. DandelionSprout (talk) 17:29, June 26, 2024 (EDT)
If you want the Korean DSi/3DS menu logo. Download Korean WarioWare Snapped ROM from <link redacted>, Then you will notice Jjigeora Meideu In Wario (Korea) (Ko).nds, Then download Jjigeora Meideu In Wario (Korea) (Ko).nds, Then convert it to CIA, If you wanna convert DSiWare titles to CIAs, go to <link redacted>, Then Download the CIA to your 3DS and see what the Korean DSi/3DS menu logo looks like.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).
Can you do the thing in the after-mentioned message? Special:Contributions/
1) You can't just bump after 20 minutes.
2) It's unfair to other users on the wiki to seemingly think that I'm the only person on the wiki who can handle images. I know I'm good at getting photogenic screenshots, but it's still very unfair.
3) Linking to pirate sites (For wiki purposes, <name redacted> is a pirate site) is the 2nd-easiest way to get permabanned on any wiki. I appreciate the offer, but even if I had replaced the above link with "<link redacted>", the link will still show up in the page's history. So you're massively doomed. DandelionSprout (talk) 19:06, June 26, 2024 (EDT)

More German names[edit]

Can you add more German names for Microgames that are missing their German names for Mega Microgames and Gold? Justgetmycatch

To some extent yes. I can't guarantee at all that I could add every single missing name, but I'll certainly keep the momentum going. DandelionSprout (talk) 01:18, July 4, 2024 (EDT)
Alright then. Justgetmycatch
I will now refuse to add additional German names due to User_talk:Justgetmycatch#Do_you_happen_to_have_any_connections_to_5. (talk) 10:46, July 4, 2024 (EDT)

Basic training in WarioWatch[edit]

Can you add info on Basic Training in WarioWatch?Justgetmycatch

No. Due to User_talk:Justgetmycatch#Do_you_happen_to_have_any_connections_to_5. (talk) 10:46, July 4, 2024 (EDT)

Korean DSi menu logo for WarioWare Snapped[edit]

I found a random image from Naver File:Screenshot 2024-07-04 142657.png Is that the Korean DSi menu logo for WarioWare Snapped? Justgetmycatch

Probably, but I refuse to add it due to User_talk:Justgetmycatch#Do_you_happen_to_have_any_connections_to_5. (talk) 10:46, July 4, 2024 (EDT)


I'm sorry for making mistakes, so now, will you Forgive me and add more German names, add Basic Training's WarioWatch info and add the Korean DSi menu logo for WarioWare Snapped again? --Justgetmycatch (talk) 11:13, July 4, 2024 (EDT)

I halfway accept the apology, but I feel I have to add edits in my own pace. After all, I've been working on edits on around 10 games at once this week, in addition to heavy work on Disney Fairies Wikia. For the love of Princess Shokora please don't bump me with requests. As long as you don't swamp me with "Can you do ______?", then I would see when I'll do various edits for the pages. (Yes, "when". Not "if"). DandelionSprout (talk) 11:20, July 4, 2024 (EDT)
Ok. --Justgetmycatch (talk) 11:23, July 4, 2024 (EDT)

Outdate request[edit]

Can you outdate your response to me in my talk since I apologized to you? Note: Since I apologized to you, Will you finally come back into adding German names for Microgames, Accept my request to add the WarioWatch info of Basic Traning and finally, Add the Korean DSi menu logo for WarioWare Snapped (that i found in Naver) to the Gallery? (Not Rushing) --Justgetmycatch (talk) 13:57, July 4, 2024 (EDT)

It took you not even 3 hours to do the same bumps to me. I hereby withdraw my apology. This whole situation is godsdamn ridiculous. DandelionSprout (talk) 14:05, July 4, 2024 (EDT)
Sorry, I will never bump into you again, right? (Not Bumping) --Justgetmycatch (talk) 14:25, July 4, 2024 (EDT)
You better don't bump requests to me again, indeed. DandelionSprout (talk) 15:02, July 4, 2024 (EDT)
Ok. --Justgetmycatch (talk) 15:05, July 4, 2024 (EDT)


Are you coming back into adding German names for WarioWare inc and WarioWare Gold microgames since I saw you adding the German name for Basic Training in your Contributions? Justgetmycatch (talk) 12:30, July 8, 2024 (EDT)


Do you have WarioWare Get It Together and WarioWare Move It so you can add Dutch and Russian names for the former and Italian names for the latter? (Not bumping) Justgetmycatch (talk) 08:16, July 22, 2024 (EDT)

I unfortunately have neither of those two games. The demo for Get It Together doesn't seem to include the names for its microgames either. DandelionSprout (talk) 08:20, July 22, 2024 (EDT)
I guess I will add the Dutch and Russian names for microgames in WarioWare Get It Together and the Italian names for WarioWare Move It then. Justgetmycatch (talk) 08:46, July 22, 2024 (EDT)