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Director’s Notes

Shroom2019 Zange.png

Written by: Zange (talk)

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to a new Pipe Plaza! I've successfully survived my first year of college!! No idea how I managed to pull that one off but glad to have regardless!

We have all kinds of fun, new things in store for this month! Firstly, awards season is up and running so Lakituthequick is back with Anniversary Announcements! Second, we have two special one-off sections this month! Hooded Pitohui talks about all the latest forum antics in Forum Update, and Shoey introduces us to one of the robots from Robot Wars. While there are just one-offs for now, we hope both of these are able to come back in the future! In the meantime, if any of you readers are interested in writing a section similar to these, you should head on over to the sign up page to get started!

That's all from me for this month! If you still have finals then may you survive those, and enjoy this month's Pipe Plaza offerings!

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Poll Committee Discussion 12 80.00% BBQ Turtle
2nd Mario Calendar 2 13.33% GPM1000
3rd NIWA News 1 6.67% Alex95

MarioWiki Sections

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings from the NIWA wiki network!
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Find out all about this month's Super Mario releases.
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Non-Wiki Sections

The best analysis of the polls around!
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This is some Wheely Big Cheese we're dealing with...
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Think you missed anything on the forum lately? Fear not, just read this!
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Written by: Alex95 (talk)

Hello, everyone! Welcome to NIWA News, a section where I show the going ons with the wikis in our NIWA group within the last month!


  • HylianAngel and PanchamBro were both promoted to the rank of Administrator on Nookipedia!
  • Keyblade Master was promoted to the rank of Patroller on the Super Mario Wiki!
  • Gigi was promoted to the rank of Bureaucrat on WiKirby, in accordance with her new role as Editor-in-Chief!


  • Moydow has been fully demoted from Fire Emblem Wiki due to inactivity.


Mario Calendar

Written by: GPM1000 (talk)

Hey everyone! GPM here, and I’m back with another Mario Calendar, this time for May. I hope everyone had a good Star Wars Day, and a great end to Ramadan if you participate! Anyways, let’s just jump into it!

Region Abbreviations

Abb. Region
ALL All Regions (JP/NA/EU/AU)
JP Japan
NA North America
EU Europe
AU Oceania/Australia
SK South Korea
CHN China
UK United Kingdom

Console Abbreviations

Abb. Console
NES Nintendo Entertainment System
Famicom Family Computer Disk System
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
N64 Nintendo 64
GC Nintendo GameCube
GB Game Boy
GBC Game Boy Color
GBA Game Boy Advance
DS Nintendo DS
3DS Nintendo 3DS
Switch Nintendo Switch
Wii VC Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
3DS VC Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
Wii U VC Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console
VB Virtual Boy
G&W Game and Watch
64DD Nintendo 64 Disk Drive
MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
CD-i Philips CD-i
IQ iQue Player
NVS Nvidia Shield
ACPC Amstrad CPC
ZX ZX Spectrum
Coleco Colecovision
TI-99 Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

Edition (Switch eShop)

For what started off as quite the slow month, this really picked up around halfway through! Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and the European release of Super Mario Bros. all came out this month, which is a ton of high quality stuff. Anyways, thank you so much for reading, see you in June!

Poll Committee Discussion


Written by: Luigi 64DD (talk)

Hello, hello, everyone! It is I, Luigi 64DD, here to bring you the poll results of the last month along with some hopefully insightful analyses! Due to BBQ Turtle graciously covering an extra poll that she was not required to cover last month and doing a whopping four polls, I'll be showing off only two polls today in a short but sweet section. But first, let's take a look at what happenings that have been... happening in the Poll Committee lately!

The News

We're getting close to the end of the term now, but we're not done yet! We've only got a couple of polls to pass in order to fill the rest of the term, so we're quite on schedule. As for who took the helm this month, Ninja Squid finished up his two-week period earlier on in the month followed by Goombuigi's period in the middle. They both did a great job! As I type this, I'm about to take over for my two periods back-to-back, so wish me luck! Lastly, there's been some discussion about rewriting the Committee's rules in order to make them easier to understand for later committees as of late, and our chairperson Hooded Pitohui has taken the charge by making his own rewrite. It's still being discussed and adjusted, but it's looking good so far!


Would you like to see platformer games revisit old locations, like the Throwback Galaxy or Super Mario Odyssey's Mushroom Kingdom? (BBQ Turtle (talk), April 11th, 2021)

Would you like to see platformer games revisit old locations, like the Throwback Galaxy or Super Mario Odyssey's Mushroom Kingdom?

Yes, I enjoy new games revisiting old Mario locations. 51.84% (1,057 votes)
Yes, but as long as they appear alongside plenty of new locations. 14.62% (298 votes)
Yes, as long as updates are made to the locations that make them worth revisiting. 12.80% (261 votes)
Yes, but I would like to see more locations from subseries revisited. 12.06% (246 votes)
While I do not mind revisiting old locations, I prefer seeing brand new ones. 4.32% (88 votes)
I have no opinion on this subject. 2.94% (60 votes)
No, I would prefer to see the series focus entirely on brand new locations instead. 1.42% (29 votes)
Total Votes: 2,039

Recently, the Mario franchise has had varied but inconsistent arcade releases. What direction would you like to see taken with future arcade Mario titles? (BBQ Turtle (talk) and Luigi 64DD (talk), April 25th, 2021)

Recently, the Mario franchise has had varied but inconsistent arcade releases. What direction would you like to see taken with future arcade Mario titles?

I would like to see more third-party developed arcade titles that feature gameplay experiences unique to the arcade format (e.g. Mario Kart Arcade GP). 21.87% (279 votes)
I do not want more arcade titles and would prefer Nintendo focus on their console and/or mobile offerings. 20.61% (263 votes)
I would prefer Nintendo-developed arcade titles featuring gameplay closer to console releases. 17.40% (222 votes)
I have no opinion on this subject. 16.69% (213 votes)
I would like to see more arcade titles and would be open to any of the above varieties. 11.52% (147 votes)
I would like for Nintendo to reproduce their classic retro arcade titles with new machines (e.g. Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.). 8.31% (106 votes)
I would like to see more physically-based arcade titles such as slot machines and claw machines (e.g. the Mario Party arcades). 3.61% (46 votes)
Total Votes: 1,276


Would you like to see platformer games revisit old locations, like the Throwback Galaxy or Super Mario Odyssey's Mushroom Kingdom?

Nostalgia is a strong force in consumer's minds these days, and Nintendo is no stranger to capitalizing on this by including various throwbacks to classic games in their more recent fare. This includes bringing back familiar locations as seen in the two examples mentioned in the poll's title. So this poll seeks to gauge if people enjoy these classic locations returning in new Mario platformer games or if they would prefer Nintendo to just stick to new locations. Well, as you can see from the results of this poll, people overwhelmingly do enjoy seeing these old locations return. In what was far and away the most popular option, just over 50% of voters chose the option in support of revisiting locations with no caveats, showing that most people welcome seeing classic locations no matter what. I'd say that nostalgia is strong among our voters and I can agree that seeing these old locations return in newer games is very cool, so it's no surpise that so many people are hungry to see these locations return regardless of any other conditionals.

However, a decent portion of people were in support of revisiting old locations only as long as certain conditions were met first. The second most popular option wanted to see returning locations as long as plenty of new locations are added as well, with this option bringing in about 14% of the vote (much less than our most popular option). This makes sense as the most popular conditional "Yes" option as many people would still like to make sure new locations get their proper time to shine and bring new things to the series. Next, almost 13% of people would like to see locations revisited as long as updates are made to them and around 12% would like to see more locations from Mario's many subseries. I can see why these options got a decent number of votes as well. Updating locations with new features can make them even more interesting to explore in new games, and many fans wold like to see the creative worlds from Mario's non-platforming series represented in his main games (though this option being less popular than the others is not surprising as many fans tend to focus on the main platformers primarily). Finally, less than 5% chose that they prefer seeing new locations but don't mind revisiting old ones, and even less than that actively don't want to see old locations or have no opinion. This goes even further to show that the fans overwhelmingly like seeing old locations return in new Mario platformers. Given that Nintendo has already included older locations in newer games recently, I think it's very likely that this trend will continue much to most fans' delight as new Mario games continue to be released.

Recently, the Mario franchise has had varied but inconsistent arcade releases. What direction would you like to see taken with future arcade Mario titles?

Despite the first few games in the franchise being arcade games, the Mario franchise has mostly just dabbled here and there with different arcade releases without any strong focus. This poll serves to ask what direction people would like to see Mario arcades taken in the future or if they would even like to see more arcades at all. This poll ended up being much closer than the previous one, with most options getting a decent portion of votes and the top-voted choices being relatively close together in vote totals. The highest number of voters at around 21% of the vote wanted more third-party arcades that feature gameplay experiences that can only be achieved through the arcade format, such as the big pedal and steering wheel controls of Mario Kart Arcade GP. I can see why this the most popular, because if you're going to make a whole separate arcade, you might as well make it play differently than console games in ways that are unique to the arcade format. What is more surprising to me is the second most voted option with about 20% of the vote that wants Nintendo to only focus on console and/or mobile games and not even continue making arcade games. It seems a substantial number of people really don't care for Mario arcade titles, though considering that the titles that exist are fairly obscure, I can see why people would want them to focus on the formats that they know about and use such as consoles.

On the flipside, the next voted option with about 17% of the vote asks for Nintendo-developed arcade releases that are more similar to console offerings than Nintendo's current arcade fare. Though this is not as popular as having unique arcade releases, there is appeal to being able to go out and try gameplay similar to a console game on a pay-per-play basis without actually needing to own a console. This isn't something Nintendo has done in recent memory, but it was quite common in the NES era with the Vs. series. The next option with about 16.5% of the vote is those with no opinion on the subject. This is an unusual amount of votes for such an option, but I think this can be chalked up to the arcades being less well-known and thus many people don't have much to say on them. Next, about 11.5% of people would like to see more arcades no matter what type and a little over 8% would like to see reprints of classic Mario arcades. I'm a little surprised the latter option wasn't more popular as there is a lot of nostalgia over retro arcades such Donkey Kong and Mario Bros., but I suppose wanting new reprints of these arcades would be a bit more niche when they can be played on modern consoles like the Switch. Finally, the least voted option with under 4% of the vote was for more physically-based arcade machines like slot machines and claw machines as seen with the Japan-only Mario Party arcades. This low number of votes is not surprising as these arcades are some of the most obscure Mario arcades out there. In conclusion, while some aren't interested in Mario arcades, this poll shows that there is still a pretty substantial number of people who are still interested in seeing the Mario series represented in arcade format.


Well, that's it for this section of Poll Committee Discussion! I hope you enjoy the rest of The 'Shroom this month, and don't forget to come back next month for the next rendition of this section written by Power Flotzo! Take care, y'all!

What's in a Campaign?

Written by: Chester Alan Arthur (talk)

Hello 'Shroom readers, it's me, Shoey, and I'm writing a special section for Pipe Plaza! So, as some of you may or may not know, (and, if you do know, you've heard me badger you with matches and facts), I'm a huge fan of the old British series Robot Wars. For background, Robot Wars was a robot combat fighting show that originally ran for nine (seven main UK championships and two series that were a lot of side events) series from 1998 to 2004, as well as three additional series from 2016-2018. Along the way, this series featured a lot of notable robots who captured the hearts and imaginations of many a nerd such as myself. So, to christen the new focus, I thought I'd do a one off (or maybe more!) on a Robot Wars robot, looking at the improvements they made for the series they were in, looking at the fights they were in, and seeing how it worked out for them. For our debut we're going to start with series four, and a true classic series icon: Roger Plant's bot that was basically flipper on wheels, Wheely Big Cheese (for the purpose of this section all images were acquired at the fantastic Robot Wars Wiki).

At the end of series three, former submarine operator Roger Plant was in a bit of a bind. In the previous two wars, his robots had only managed to make it to the heat final with the interesting-but-combat-inefficient forklift style lifter, the Mule, losing to the International Wrecking Crew's Plunderbird 2, and his series three robot, the impressive lifter The Big Cheese, drew the unfortunate draw of the series champion and all around best Robot Chaos 2 in its heat final. Not only that, but those mean house robots had done an awful lot of damage to his robots and Roger Plant was out for his revenge. His plan? Build the most powerful flipper the world had ever seen to this point. The result? The two and half meter-long flipper on wheels known as Wheely Big Cheese! Made entirely out of titanium, with hollow wooden wheels that had tungsten spikes on them for purposes of traction, Wheely Big Cheese weighed in at 79.4 kg (out of an 80kg weight limit at the time) and sported two golf cart motors and a top speed of twelve miles per hour. It also had something notable (especially for the time) in that not only could it run both ways up, its flipper could also work both ways up, meaning that it didn’t have to waste any of its carbon dioxide gas on self righting. But most importantly, Wheely Big Cheese could flip an astounding 800kg. To put that in perspective, the largest house robot at the time was Sir Killalot, who weighed in at 750kg, so in theory Wheely Big Cheese could flip over a robot that nobody could even hope to flip, and that’s exactly what Roger Plant intended to do!

If you’d like to watch the fights, this video has the entire series four run on it and I'll include time stamps in the section.

Wheel Big Cheese was seeded (seeds were given out to robots based on past performance, popularity, and how the producers thought they would do; a seeded robot didn't need to attend qualifiers) 15th for the fourth series of Robot Wars, a fair seed considering Roger Plant had built two heat finalists. In Series four, the format had changed, and in the first round (1:54 in the video) of a heat (out of three rounds) three robots would battle, with two of them going on to the next round and one of them being sent home.
An icon is born
Wheely Big Cheese's first draw was the ancient series two machine Wheelosaurous and the third war's first round loser, the small flipper that was Prizephita MK2, in what should have been a perfect draw for Wheely Big Cheese to show what it can do. Unfortunately, it really isn't! Wheely Big Cheese as well as its opponents spend most of the time just kind of bumbling around, with Wheely Big Cheese not really making any effort to actually attack itss foes. Instead, Wheeley Big Cheese decides to try and get revenge on Sir Killalot, even managing to get Sir Killalot to drive over it at one point. But sadly, despite all of Roger Plant's boasts, Wheely Big Cheese doesn't even manage to lift its flipper under the crushing weight of Sir Killalot (truth be told this doesn’t in itself say anything about the power of Wheely Big Cheese's flipper; it was always going to be really hard to flip something that heavy if all the weight was directly over your weapon).
Vengeance failed
After that, Wheely Big Cheese and its opponents all just kind of bumble around until they all end up in the pit with Wheely Big Cheese going in before its opponents! Technically Wheely Big Cheese should have gone home! But, in a bit of a controversial decision, the judges ruled that Prizephita was actually immobilized before any of the robots entered the pit, so they were sent home and Wheely Big Cheese scraped through to the next round.

After that... dodgy, shall we say, performance, Wheely Big Cheese performs much better against the pink pickaxe-welding Killertron. Once a grand finalist in series two, Killertron is now relegated to an outdated dinosaur far outclassed by the machines of the day. This fight (6:54 in the video) really shows the power of Wheely Big Cheese, with Wheely Big Cheese spending the entire fight throwing Killertron around, including at one point Throwing Killertron up and over Wheely Big Cheese itself! This was a fight that could have been ended after one flip, since Killertron doesn’t have a self righter, but, ever the showman, Roger Plant and his team kept flipping the old dinosaur to entertain the crowd and us watching at home.

Up and over

This fight sent Wheely Big Cheese into the heat final against the 32nd seed, the tracked Suicidal Tendencies. a bot wielding impressive lifting forks. In this fight, nothing goes Wheely Big Cheese's way. First, before the fight even happens, a pin broke in one of the Cheese's gearboxes (10:31 in the video), forcing Wheely Big Cheese to put on another. Then the fight (11:49 in the video) itself showcased the number one weakness of Wheely Big Cheese. You see, Wheely Big Cheese is a very powerful flipper, that's for sure. The problem is that's all they are, and if they can't get under something, they really have no way to fight it. In this fight, the tracked Suicidal Tendencies honestly spends the entire fight bullying Wheely Big Cheese, who appears to be having mobility problems (speculated by Robot Wars Commentator Johnathan Pearce as being cause by the new Gearbox.) However this fight is also plagued by controversy, with one of Suicidal's tracks seizing, up reducing it to spinning in circles. Wheely Big Cheese drives into the pit while trying to push its opponent into the pit, making the audience at home (and commentator Johnathan Pearce) think that Suicidal had won. But under the rules at the time (which are never fully explained and are somewhat unevenly enforced), because Suicidal Tendencies could only spin in circles and didn’t actually have control of their movement, they were considered immobilized, therefore making Wheely Big Cheese the winner and sending them into the series semi-finals!

In the series semi-final, Wheely Big Cheese is drawn up against newcomer and surprise heat winner, the future champion, the box on wheels, Tornado. Interestingly enough for Wheely Big Cheese, if they win this fight the next round will be a grudge match against the robot who sent them home in the previous series: Chaos 2. Wheely Big Cheese is so close to the grudge match, so close to potential vengeance, all they need to do is beat Tornado. And, man, this fight (18:21 in the video) is a classic. At one point in time, early in the fight, Wheely Big Cheese gets off a flip that, had it activated just a foot closer to the wall or maybe just with Tornado’s body a little more centered on the robot, would have sent Tornado out of the arena and Wheely Big Cheese into the next round. But, sadly for Wheely, that's not what happens, and, after launching another flip, Tornado begins to take control, ramming into the long body of Wheely Big Cheese, whose body shape prevents them from adequately chasing down Tornado. Even worse, Wheely Big Cheese ends up in the CPZ (corner patrol zone, basically an area in the arena where house robots can attack robots that enter) where the house robot Matilda damages its hollow wheels, and eventually Tornado rams one of them so hard that it leaves it so out of place that its basically useless. Without that wheel, Wheely Big Cheese is left spinning in circles, unable to fully move with Tornado ramming into it repeatedly. Despite this and despite the fact that Tornado itself is smoking and barely moving at the end of the fight, the fight goes to the judges. The judges, who rule on style, control, damage, and aggression (with damage being the most important category and style being the least important category), decide that Tornado had won and Wheely Big Cheese had lost. With that, a robot that showed so much promise was sent home.

For a first series, Wheely Big Cheese did alright for itself. With it's unique look and powerful flipper, it certainly showed itself to be a popular contestant. But with a few flaws, such as hollow wheels and some mobility problems at times, Wheely Big Cheese was unable to truly impress outside of fits and starts. But series five is going to increase the weight limit to 100kg. Maybe with the weight increase, Wheely Big Cheese will reach it's potential. Maybe it'll iron out some of it's flaws. Maybe the most powerful flipper Robot Wars has ever seen will do something extraordinary?

Forum Update

Written by: Hooded Pitohui (talk)

Hello, readers of The 'Shroom! Welcome to a special one-off edition of Forum Update, that section you might know as the one that hasn't been around since issue 129. With credit to MrConcreteDonkey (talk) for the formatting of the section, I'll be covering what's been happening on the forum since April 17th.


First off, forum users might have noticed a change in the reactions available when going to react to someone else's post. After this thread was made, it seems Porplemontage (talk) opted to remove the "angry" reaction and replace it with a "thinking" reaction. The "love" reaction had its icon changed from a face with hearts for eyes to a lone heart, not unlike the old "like" icon during the SMF days. In addition, the "wow" and "haha" reactions have had a visual update, to bring all the reaction icons in line with each other.

Another recent change on the forum has seen users' preferred usernames (as indicated in the "MarioWiki" section of their profiles) and preferred pronouns now display in their mini-profiles shown next to posts they've made in threads. This certainly makes it easier to keep track of who is who, even with name changes, and to ensure everyone is called by their preferred pronouns, so thanks go to Porplemontage for making this change!

Awards Committee meetings have been underway since April 16th, which means three more have been held since the last issue of The 'Shroom came out. Take a look at the logs of the meetings if you're interested in those, check out some of the ideas for tournaments people have been throwing out (and let the proposers know if you'd be interested in them) in this thread, and go read Anniversary Announcements elsewhere on this page for more in-depth coverage of Awards!


There have been no notable bans in the past month. Keep that up and stay behaved!


  • Total Threads: 39,939
  • Total Posts: 2,187,393
  • Total Members: 3,193

Thread of the Month

"Porcupuffer for Worst Enemy 2021 - After years of folks complaining about Hammer Bros. undeservedly being voted "worst enemy" in the Fail Awards, Waluigi Time is electing to step up and do something about it. Read about his campaign against Porcupuffers and see him try and rally a voting bloc to unite behind the spiked fish so they can displace Hammer Bros. as the winner in this category.




  • Reverse Input's Sheep Mafia 2021 came to an end, with the wolves (mafia) claiming victory. Quite a bit of feedback and debate has been posted in the lounge thread for the game.
  • Goombuigi's Toad Brigade Mafia 2021 began on May 9th, and is currently underway.
  • InsaneBlathers' Dash Pepper Mafia was unable to get the required minimum sign-ups, and has unfortunately been cancelled.

Interactive 'Shroom Threads

That's it for the news from the forum this month. Will we see each other here again? Perhaps, if I figure out a way I'd like to approach more editions of this section. Until then, take care, and enjoy the Super Mario Boards!

All information above was correct as of 18:15 EDT on 14 May 2021.

Anniversary Announcements

Written by: Lakituthequick (talk)

“Hi, I'm Anton, I like pretzels, peanut butter, chocolate, and spending all of my money on the above.”
Hypnotoad (Talk Page · Forum Profile)

Welcome back to Anniversary Announcements everyone! I can't believe I've been doing this for seven years now, I'm getting old. This year will kick off the 15th Awards season for the wiki's 16th anniversary.

For the people that are new to this section, Anniversary Announcements is a section that tells you about the behind-the-scenes developments behind the Mario Awards, the yearly event that celebrates the anniversary of our beloved Wiki. This includes the Awards themselves, tournaments, and all other things that influence the event.

As always, we start by introducing…

The Awards Committee

The nice fellows that brush off and refresh all of the awards!

The committee's top consists of:

The committee otherwise consists of BBQ Turtle (Talk Page · Forum Profile), 64-Bit Nintendo Machine, Goombuigi (Talk Page · Forum Profile), Ninja Squid (Talk Page · Forum Profile), Superchao (Talk Page · Forum Profile), Power Flotzo (Talk Page · Forum Profile), Smasher (Talk Page · Forum Profile), and Roserade (Talk Page · Forum Profile).
You can contact any of these people if you have questions, and if they don't know the answer, they will pass it through as needed.
For questions or suggestions relating to Anniversary Announcements, you can contact me (Lakituthequick (Talk Page · Forum Profile)).

There are also three entirely new faces among us! We'll probably have some more Committee Interviews with them in a few months! Stay tuned.

The Chariot Bros

There have already been several big things discussed! One of these is, once again, the discussion surrounding the chat venue for the ceremony's chat party. This has traditionally always been on IRC, but in the last few years, it was suggested several times to move this to the official Discord server of the Super Mario Wiki.
As a result of this discussion, it's been decided to test these waters this year and have the party on Discord. A channel, #mario-awards, has already been created for pre-awards discussion and it will be used for the party as well. Specifics regarding moderation and logging with bots are still open for discussion.

Tournaments are also being discussed. A hint hunt for Paper Mario: The Origami King is being planned by The Pyro Guy, in which players find a location in-game based on a hint, and a Killing Game is being planned by Lord Bowser and Lakituthequick, a murder mystery game comparable to Danganronpa, revisiting the first Killing Game in 2017.
A few other ideas and suggestions have been posted, but not solidified in any way.


In this part of Anniversary Announcements, I will list all awards that have been discussed, and changes made to them. This includes existing awards, completely new ones and removals, and the additions, removals and changes within each award.

M5 through M7, Favorite DK, Wario, and Yoshi Game respectively, are rotating awards, which means that each year, a different subject from their respective series is featured. With the rotation, this year would be Favourite ___ Level, but it is being discussed to change this up for something new instead. The current plan is making this Favourite ___ Instrumental Track, removing the tracks added here from M15 Favorite Instrumental Track as needed.

Also in consideration are more/new community related award ideas, that hook into more recent changes in the community, such as roleplay and 'Shroomfests, but also more wiki-related awards. These are still to be discussed in-depth.

Refer to this document for a full list of nominees.

Mario Awards
M1 Best Sound Design
Add Paper Mario: The Origami King
Change Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorSuper Mario 64Super Mario WorldSuper Mario GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy 2Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StorySuper Paper MarioDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's FuryDonkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeMario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 DeluxeMario & Luigi: Dream TeamPaper Mario: Color SplashSuper Mario OdysseyMario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleLuigi's Mansion 3Paper Mario: The Origami King
M2 Favorite Mario Kart Game
Add Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Super Mario KartMario Kart 64Mario Kart: Super CircuitMario Kart: Double Dash!!Mario Kart DSMario Kart WiiMario Kart 7Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 DeluxeMario Kart TourMario Kart Arcade GPMario Kart Arcade GP 2Mario Kart Arcade GP DXMario Kart Arcade GP VRMario Kart Live: Home Circuit
M3 Favorite Mario Platformer
Change Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DSSuper Mario GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy 2Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario WorldNew Super Mario Bros.New Super Mario Bros. WiiSuper Mario SunshineSuper Mario 3D LandNew Super Mario Bros. U / New Super Luigi U / New Super Mario Bros. U DeluxeSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's FurySuper Mario OdysseySuper Mario Bros. 2 (USA) • Super Mario MakerSuper Mario Maker 2
M4 Favorite Mario Kart Course
Bowser's Castle (N64)Rainbow Road (3DS)Wario ColosseumWaluigi PinballAirship FortressMushroom GorgeCoconut MallMaple TreewayElectrodrome • N64 Rainbow Road (Wii U) • Mount WarioAnimal CrossingBaby ParkBig BlueKoopa CapeNeo Bowser CityGrumble VolcanoRainbow Road (Wii)
M5 Favorite DK Game (removed)
M5 Favorite DK Instrumental Track (new)
Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country) • Stickerbrush Symphony (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest) • DK Island Swing (Donkey Kong Country) • Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country) • Mining Melancholy (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest) • Gang-Plank Galleon (Donkey Kong Country) • Homecoming Hijinxs (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) • Jammin' Jam (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) • Battle for Storm Hill (Donkey Kong Jungle Beat) • Disco Train (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest) • Jungle Japes (Donkey Kong 64) • Nuts and Bolts (Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)) • Punch Bowl / Bashmaster Battle (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) • Ice Cave Chant (Donkey Kong Country) • Rockface Rumble (Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES))
M6 Favorite Wario Game (removed)
M7 Favorite Yoshi Game (removed)
M7 Favorite Yoshi Instrumental Track (new)
Athletic Theme (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) • Final Boss (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) • Castle / Fortress (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) • Underground (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) • Ending (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) • Flower Garden (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) • Map (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) • Yo-Yo-Yoshi (Yoshi's Story) • Fortress Boss (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) • Lava Scarves and Red-Hot Blarggs (Yoshi's Woolly World) • Bandit Valley (Yoshi's New Island) • Kamek's Last-Ditch Flyby (Yoshi's Woolly World) • Knitty-Knotty Windmill Hill (Yoshi's Woolly World) • Love is in the Air (Yoshi's Story) • Space (Yoshi's Crafted World)
M8 Favorite Art Style
Notes Up for consideration are the Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World stop-motion shorts and/or The Cat Mario Show puppets.
Retro style sprites • Yoshi's Island style • Donkey Kong Country style • Main series 3D style • Paper Mario style • Mario & Luigi style • Wario Land: Shake It! style • Super Mario RPG style • Super Mario Strikers style • WarioWare style • 2D promotional artwork style • Super Mario-kun style • Handcrafted Yoshi style • Kinopio-kun monthly calendar wallpaper styles
M9 Favorite Add-on Content
Add 1.8.0 Free Update (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)
Remove Pixel Pack (M+RKB)
The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8Animal Crossing × Mario Kart 8Mercedes-Benz × Mario Kart 8New Super Luigi UPeach's Castle stage (SSB4) • Super Mario Maker stage (SSB4) • Super Mario Mash-Up Pack (Minecraft) • Luigi's Balloon World (SMO) • Yoshi's Island Zone (Sonic Lost World) • e-Reader Levels (SMA4: SMB3) • Season Pass (M+RKB) • Special Episode (CT:TT) • Nintendo Labo VR (SMO) • Piranha Plant (SSBU) • Multiplayer Pack (LM3) • A Legendary Update (version 2.0) (SMM2) • World Maker Update (version 3.0) (SMM2) • 1.8.0 Free Update (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)
M10 Favorite Lyrical Song
Add Plumber Rap (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)
Title Song (Wario Land 4)
Remove Karaoke (Medamayaki) (Wario Land 4)
Intro (Donkey Kong Country cartoon)
Ashley's Theme (WarioWare: Touched!) • Break Free (Lead the Way) (Super Mario Odyssey) • DK Rap (Donkey Kong 64) • Do the Mario (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!) • Jump Up, Super Star! (Super Mario Odyssey) • The Mario Drawing Song (Flipnote Studio) • Mona Pizza's Song (WarioWare: Twisted!) • Phantom of the Bwahpera (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle) • Eddie, Let Me Go Back To My Home (Donkey Kong Country cartoon) • Pirate's Scorn (Donkey Kong Country cartoon) • I'm Leo Luster (Donkey Kong Country cartoon) • Intro (Super Mario World cartoon) • Body Rock (WarioWare: D.I.Y.) • Ignorance is Bliss (White Knuckle Scorin') • Tomorrow Hill (WarioWare: Smooth Moves) • Galantis ft. Charli XCX - WE ARE BORN TO PLAY (Super Nintendo World Japan promo) • Plumber Rap (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!) • Title Song (Wario Land 4)
M11 Favorite Major Character
Remove Rosalina
MarioLuigiPrincess PeachYoshiWarioDonkey KongBowserBowser Jr.Toad
M12 Favorite Supporting Character
Add Rosalina
Princess DaisyWaluigiToadsworthDiddy KongProfessor E. GaddToadetteCaptain ToadBirdoKamekPoochyPaulineCappyKing BooNabbitRosalina
M13 Favorite Level Theme
Add Feudal Japan
Remove Underwater
Grassland, Desert, Snow/Ice, Mountain, Underground, Beach, Sky, Jungle, Space/Moon, Fire/Lava, Ghost House, Underwater, Castle, Airship, Factory/Industrial, Carnival, City/Town, Food/Sweets • Feudal Japan
M14 Favorite Species
Add Kongs
Remove Bonneters
Chargin' Chucks
GoombasKoopa TroopasBoosShy GuysChain ChompsBob-ombsDry BonesHammer Bros.WigglersYoshisToadsLumasMagikoopasHumansPiranha PlantsKongsLakitusToadies
M15 Favorite Instrumental Track
Add Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7)
Disco Devil (Hole Punch) (Paper Mario: The Origami King)
Thrills at Night (Paper Mario: The Origami King)
Remove Athletic Theme (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)
Underground (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)
Notes The Yoshi tracks will be moved to M7.
Overworld Theme (Super Mario Bros.) • Main Theme (Bob-omb Battlefield) (Super Mario 64) • Steam Gardens (Super Mario Odyssey) • Waluigi Pinball / Wario Stadium (Mario Kart DS) • Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine) • Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy) • The Grand Finale (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story) • Buoy Base Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy) • Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64) • Rawk Hawk Battle (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) • Staff Roll (Super Mario 64) • Battle/Come on! (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga) • Comet Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy) • Dire, Dire Docks (Super Mario 64) • The Ultimate Show (Super Paper Mario) • Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7) • Disco Devil (Hole Punch) (Paper Mario: The Origami King) • Thrills at Night (Paper Mario: The Origami King)
M16 Favorite Item
Add Giga Bell
Remove Super Crown
Tanooki Suit / Statue LeafSuper LeafSuper StarFire FlowerMega MushroomMetal CapWing CapPropeller MushroomPenguin SuitCloud FlowerCape FeatherGold FlowerSuper BellDouble CherryMystery MushroomHammer SuitMaster Sword (SMM2)Giga Bell
M17 Favorite Mario RPG
Add Paper Mario: The Origami King
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsPaper MarioMario & Luigi: Superstar SagaPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeMario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StorySuper Paper MarioPaper Mario: Sticker StarMario & Luigi: Dream TeamPuzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. EditionMario & Luigi: Paper JamPaper Mario: Color SplashMario + Rabbids Kingdom BattlePaper Mario: The Origami King
M18 Favorite Mario Party Game
Mario PartyMario Party 2Mario Party 3Mario Party 4Mario Party 5Mario Party 6Mario Party AdvanceMario Party 7Mario Party DSMario Party 8Mario Party 9Mario Party: Island TourMario Party 10Mario Party: Star RushMario Party: The Top 100Super Mario Party
M19 Favorite Villain
Add Koopalings
King Olly
BowserKamekKing K. RoolDimentioBowser Jr.King BooCount BleckCacklettaFawfulWartSir GrodusShadow QueenLord CrumpCaptain SyrupShroobsKoopa Bros.KoopalingsKing Olly
M20 Favorite Sports Game
Mario Tennis (N64) • Mario Golf: Toadstool TourMario Power TennisMario Superstar BaseballMario Strikers ChargedMario Hoops 3-on-3Mario Sports MixSuper Mario StrikersMario Super SluggersMario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic GamesMario Tennis OpenMario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter GamesMario Golf: World TourMario Sports SuperstarsMario Tennis AcesMario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
M21 Favorite Puzzle Game
Dr. Mario (series)Tetris AttackYoshi's CookieWario's WoodsMario's PicrossYoshiDonkey Kong (Game Boy) / Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA) • Mario vs. Donkey Kong (2 and onwards) • DK: King of Swing / DK: Jungle ClimberCaptain Toad: Treasure TrackerPuzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition
M22 Favorite Battle Course
Notes This award is noted for a potential replacement.
Battle Course 1 (SNES)SkyscraperBlock Fort (N64) • Pipe PlazaLuigi's MansionNintendo DSTwilight HouseDelfino PierFunky StadiumHoneybee HiveBattle StadiumDragon PalaceLunar ColonyUrchin UnderpassWuhu Town
M23 Favorite Capture
Notes This award will almost certainly be replaced.
PokioTropical WigglerBowserGushenT-RexChargin' ChuckGlydonShermUprootGoombaFrogYoshiLakituParabones / ParagoombaHammer Bro / Fire BroLava Bubble
M24 Favorite Luigi's Mansion Boss
Add Captain Fishook
Hellen GravelyMadame ClairvoyaBoolossusBogmireKing BooMelody PianissimaAmadeus WolfgeistVincent Van GoreHenry and OrvilleNevilleNikki, Lindsey, & GinnySlim BankshotThe Three SistersUgCaptain FishookMorty
M25 Favorite 2D Mario Level
Notes The poll for this award was missing a few nominees last year, meaning the results are inaccurate.
World 1-1 (SMB) • Donut Plains 1 (SMW) • Forest of Illusion 3 (SMW) • World 1-2 (SMB) • World 2-Pyramid (SMB3) • Donut Secret House (SMW) • Painted Swampland (NSMBU) • Front Door (SMW) • World 8-7 (NSMBW) • World 4-1 (SMB3) • Yoshi's Island 2 (SMW) • World 5-3 (SMB3) • World 2-3 (NSMB) • World 1-1 (NSMB) • World 8-4 (SMB)
M26 Favorite 3D Mario Level
Toy Time Galaxy (SMG) • Good Egg Galaxy (SMG) • Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG) • Whomp's Fortress / Throwback Galaxy (SM64/SMG2) • Grandmaster Galaxy (SMG2) • Cosmic Cove Galaxy (SMG2) • Bob-omb Battlefield (SM64) • Tick Tock Clock (SM64) • Pinna Park (SMS) • Sirena Beach (SMS) • Delfino Plaza / Airstrip (SMS) • Mount Must Dash (SM3DW) • The Great Tower of Bowser Land (SM3DW) • Champion's Road (SM3DW) • Metro Kingdom (SMO) • Bowser's Kingdom (SMO) • Wooded Kingdom (SMO) • Sand Kingdom (SMO)
M27 Favorite Boss Battle
Add Fury Bowser (SM3DW+BF)
King Olly (PM:TOK)
Remove Phantamanta (SMS)
Brobot (SPM) • Rawk Hawk (PM:TTYD) • Bowser in the Sky (SM64) • Kaptain K. Rool 1 and 2 (DKC2) • Super Dimentio (SPM) • Elder Princess Shroob (M&L:PiT) • Megaleg (SMG) • General Guy (PM) • Kingfin (SMG) • Popple and Rookie (M&L:SS) • Dark Bowser (M&L:BIS) • Bowser / Meowser (SM3DW) • Bowser (SMG) • Mechawiggler (SMO) • Bowser (SMO) • Shadow Queen (PM:TTYD) • Fury Bowser (SM3DW+BF) • King Olly (PM:TOK)
M28 Favorite Game Setting
Add Lake Lapcat (SM3DW+BF)
Mushroom Kingdom (PM:TOK)
Remove Crocodile Isle (DKC2)
Sarasaland (SML)
Mushroom Kingdom (SMB) • Mushroom Kingdom (PM) • Super Mario RPG World • Dinosaur Land (SMW) • Yoshi's Island (SMW2:YI) • Isle Delfino (SMS) • Beanbean Kingdom (M&L:SS) • Rogueport & surrounding areas (PM:TTYD) • Flipside / Flopside & dimensions (SPM) • Donkey Kong Island (DKC) • Sprixie Kingdom (SM3DW) • Comet Observatory & galaxies (SMG) • Pi'illo Island (M&L:DT) • Super Mario Odyssey World • Peach's Castle (SM64) • The Last Resort (LM3) • Lake Lapcat (SM3DW+BF) • Mushroom Kingdom (PM:TOK)
M29 Favorite Classic Game (GCN/GBA and older)
Add Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
Donkey Kong Country
Remove Wario Land 3
Donkey Kong 64
Super Mario WorldSuper Mario 64Paper MarioSuper Mario Bros. 3Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsSuper Mario Bros.Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandMario Kart 64Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestMario Party 3Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorSuper Mario SunshineWario Land 4Luigi's MansionMario Kart: Double Dash!!Mario & Luigi: Superstar SagaSuper Mario Bros. 2 (USA) • Donkey Kong Country
M30 Favorite Modern Game (Wii/DS and newer)
Add Paper Mario: The Origami King
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Change Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Remove Yoshi's Crafted World
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Super Mario GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy 2Mario Kart WiiSuper Mario 3D LandSuper Paper MarioLuigi's Mansion: Dark MoonSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's FuryMario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryMario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 DeluxeSuper Mario MakerYoshi's Woolly World / Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly WorldSuper Mario OdysseyDonkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeLuigi's Mansion 3Super Mario Maker 2Paper Mario: The Origami KingMario & Luigi: Dream TeamNew Super Mario Bros. Wii
Fail Awards
F1 Worst Character
MarioPrincess DaisyWaluigiWarioPetey PiranhaBirdoMimiStarlowLubbaBowser Jr.ToadFawfulPink Gold PeachBaby RosalinaKerstiRosalinaSpewart
F2 Worst 2D Level
Add World C-3 (SMB:TLL)
Fire Bar Sprint (NSLU)
Remove World 6-4 (SMB3)
World 3-5 (SMB3)
The Very Loooooong Cave (SMW2:YI) • Tubular (SMW) • World 8-3 (SMB) • Endless World of Yoshis (SMW2:YI) • World 9-7 (NSMBW) • Lakitu's Wall (SMW2:YI) • Mine Cart Madness (DKC) • World 8-Bowser's Castle (SMB3) • Stampede Sprint (DKC3) • World 8-1 (SMB) • World 4-2 (SMB2) • World 7-8 (SMB3) • The Big Board (WL4) • Pendulum Castle (NSMBU) • Doodle Woods (WL4) • World 7-4 (SMB) • World C-3 (SMB:TLL) • Fire Bar Sprint (NSLU)
F3 Worst 3D Level
Corona Mountain (SMS) • The Toxic Waterfall / Lily Pad Ride (SMS) • Pachinko Game (SMS) • Stone Cyclone Galaxy (SMG2) • Wing Mario Over the Rainbow / Over the Rainbows (SM64) • Sling Pod Galaxy (SMG) • Rolling Gizmo Galaxy (SMG) • Boss Blitz Galaxy (SMG2) • Gold Leaf Galaxy (SMG) • Bubble Breeze Galaxy (SMG) • World 1-1 (SM3DL) • Broken Blue Bully Belt (SM3DW) • Fuzzy Time Mine (SM3DW) • Champion's Road (SM3DW) • Grandmaster Galaxy (SMG2) • Luncheon Kingdom (SMO) • Dark Side (SMO) • Darker Side (SMO)
F4 Worst RPG Area
Bowser's Keep (SMRPG) • Dry Dry Desert (PM) • Flower Fields (PM) • Twilight Trail (PM:TTYD) • Merlee's Mansion (SPM) • Sammer's Kingdom (SPM) • The Overthere (SPM) • Long Fall Falls (PM:SS) • Sandshifter Ruins (PM:SS) • Drybake Stadium (PM:SS) • Teehee Valley (M&L:SS) • Joke's End (M&L:SS) • Oho Ocean (M&L:SS) • Shroob Castle (M&L:PiT) • Toad Town (M&L:PiT) • Dreamy Mount Pajamaja (M&L:DT) • Violet Passage (PM:CS) • Spooky Trails (M+RKB)
F5 Worst Level Concept
Add Blast the Fury Blocks (SM3DW+BF)
Roshambo Temples (PM:CS)
Change "Secret of _ levels" (SMS) → "Secret of _" levels (SMS)
Ice levels • Water levels • Autoscrolling levels • Ghost HousesStar Ball galaxies • Purple Coin levels • "Secret of _" levels (SMS) • Red Coin missions (SMS) • Surfing galaxies • Automatic levels (SMM) • Restrictively low timers • Checkpointless challenges • Cappyless / F.L.U.D.D.less missions • Blast the Fury Blocks (SM3DW+BF) • Roshambo Temples (PM:CS)
F6 Worst Spin-off
Dr. Mario 64Mario Pinball LandMario Kart: Super CircuitMario Party 9Mario Super SluggersMario Party AdvanceMario Party 10Paper Mario: Sticker StarMario Tennis: Ultra SmashMario Kart Arcade GP games • Super Mario RunGame & WarioMario Kart TourDr. Mario World
F7 Worst Enemy
LakitusBig BerthasWizzerdsBanditsRocky WrenchesBloopersCursyasGoombasHammer Bros.ParabonesFangsGrinders (SMW2:YI)/UkikisFuzziesBurrbosUrban Stingbies
F8 Worst Mario Kart Course
Add Cheese Land
Remove Sky Garden
Choco MountainShy Guy BeachRainbow Road (SNES)Yoshi FallsGrumble VolcanoSherbet Land (N64)Koopa Beach 2Banshee BoardwalkMaka WuhuRosalina's Ice WorldRainbow Road (Wii)Dolphin ShoalsBone-Dry DunesRainbow Road (N64)Baby ParkFigure-8 CircuitRainbow Road (MK8)Cheese Land
F9 Worst Direction of Series
Mario vs. Donkey KongPaper MarioMario PartyMario TennisNew Super Mario Bros.Mario 3D games • WarioWareYoshiMario & LuigiDr. MarioMario Kart
F10 Worst Game Mechanic
Add Non-Boss Ring battle (PM:TOK)
Dimensional Flipping (SPM) • Star Bits (SMG & SMG2) • Camera (3D Games) • Vibes (SPP) • Joystick twirling (MP1) • Limited inventory (PM & PM:TTYD) • Stickers/Battle Cards (PM:SS/PM:CS) • Button mashing (MP1) • Gyroscope / motion controls • Vehicles (MP9 & MP10) • Extra life system • Chance Minigames (Mario Party series) • Must use easy mode character in 4 player mode (NSMBUDX) • Content requiring amiibo • Gacha • Boilerworks rafting (LM3) • Non-Boss Ring battle (PM:TOK)

And thus ends the first Anniversary Announcements of the season! I think this is the latest it has started, in May, but past years have shown that we are ahead of schedule most of the time, thus starting a week or two later is made possible. Anyway, I hope to see you again next month. Buh-bye!

All information above was correct as of 14 May 2021.

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