Ignorance is Bliss

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Bowser sets up the song in the comic included with the CD.

"Ignorance is Bliss" is a song performed by the band Jellyfish. It was featured on the compilation album White Knuckle Scorin' that Nintendo released in 1991, and is the only Super Mario-related song on the album.

The song takes a glimpse into the mind of King Bowser Koopa, who condescendingly explains his philosophy to an imprisoned Princess Toadstool: that brawn is more important than brains, because "ignorance is bliss." He also discusses his plan to become an oil tycoon by defeating Mario and Luigi, allowing him to turn all of the Yoshis in Dinosaur Land into fossil fuel.


Wake up! Miss Toadstool

It is I, your one and only king
Bowser Koopa
I'm a turtle as you've seen
A little slow and a little green
But on the whole, I'd say
"Supah dupah"

Princess Toadstool
I know you're frightened, mm-mm
And if you knew just why you're here
Your fear would just be heightened

So let's just say
Ignorance is bliss

Oh, well I hate to be a bummer
I've brought you here to bring me plumbers
You know those brothers, oh, what's their names?
Oh yes, "Mario and Luigi"
Just the sound of them makes me queasy
I'd love to take that monkey wrench
I'd play my own game

Princess Toadstool
You're so misguided, mm-mm
I've never been fond of bookworms
But then again this one does make good Mario bait
I can't wait
Ignorance is bliss!

With my magic book, I'll shower
Those clumsy lizards with my power
Until Dinosaur Land is nothing but fossil fuel
My only problem with these spells
Is that I know not what they tell
So every hex leaves me perplexed
And all I want are those plumbing fools

Princess Toadstool
You're not so clever, mm-mm
All your words are alphabet soup
A picture tells it better

I'll say it again!
Ignorance is bliss

Haven't you heard? A picture's worth a thousand words

You call yourself a princess
But you're a braniac in a dress
I can't believe you waste time with these books
You remind me of my kid sister
She read so much she got a blister
A big one, I mean big, on her brain, what a schnook!

I'd like to get my hands...
Just one time with a monkey wrench...
I'd fix their plumbing

Princess Toadstool (Princess Toadstool, why you)
I know you're frightened, mm-mm (I know that you're frightened, and I've been thinking you are so misguided)
'Cause if you knew just why you're here (While I would tell you why you are here, your)
Your fear would just be heightened (Fear would just be heightened)

Princess Toadstool (Princess Toadstool)
You're not so clever, mm-mm (You are not so clever, and I think really pictures say it better)
All your words are alphabet soup (All of your words are alphabet soup)
A picture tells it better (But pictures say it better)

For the last time

On second thought, I think I've made my point.