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The Mario Drawing Song (Japanese マリオ絵描き歌, Mario Ekaki Uta) is a composition made using Flipnote Studio. It was created and released by Nintendo to promote a Mario-themed competition on the application. Part of it was remixed as the map theme of Special 8 in Super Mario 3D Land. The song also appeared at the end of The Cat Mario Show.



Take a page and a pen,
Draw a big mushroom
Add an egg then two more
Draw a cloud under here,
Now we'll add some coins
One, two, three
One, two, three
Draw a hill at the back
With a rising sun
Add a little bird and then
It's me, Mario!


Romaji (Romanization)[edit]

Hitotsu kinoko ga arimashita
Tamago mittsu
Mokumoku kumo ga yattekite
Koin koin koin
Koin koin koin
Oyama ni asahi ga nobotteru
Kamome o kaitara...
Ittsu mī, Mario!


コイン コイン コイン
コイン コイン コイン
イッツ ミー、マリオ!


There was one mushroom
Three eggs
A rising cloud comes along
Coin, coin, coin
Coin, coin, coin
The morning sun rises on the mountain
When you draw a gull...
It's me, Mario!


Vamos a dibujar
Un gran champiñón,
Un huevo aquí, y dos ahí
Una nube
Y monedas en cantidad:
Clin, clin, clin
Clin, clin, clin
Ahora va la colina,
El sol que ya salió
Y ese pájaro que se va
It's me, Mario!

Translation from Spanish[edit]

Let's draw
A large mushroom
An egg here and two there
A cloud
And coins in quantity:
Clin, Clin, Clin
Clin, Clin, Clin
Now there goes the hill,
The sun that came out and
And that bird that goes away
It's me, Mario!


Con un fungo comincia,
Poi metterai
Un uovo qua, due là
Una soffice nube,
Monete a volontà
Un due tre
Un due tre
Dietro il monte al mattino
Fa capolino il sol
E un gabbiano che vola via.
It's me, Mario!

Translation from Italian[edit]

Begin with a mushroom,
Then you'll place
An egg here, two there
A fluffy cloud,
Coins galore
One two three
One two three
From behind the mountain at morning
The sun peeks out
And a seagull that flies away.
It's me, Mario!

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