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The Mario Drawing Song (Japanese マリオ絵描き歌, Mario Ekaki Uta) is a composition made using Flipnote Studio. It was created and released by Nintendo to promote a Mario-themed competition on the application. Part of it was remixed as the map theme of Special 8 in Super Mario 3D Land. The song also appeared at the end of The Cat Mario Show.



Take a page and a pen,
Draw a big mushroom
Add an egg then two more
Draw a cloud under here,
Now we'll add some coins
One, two, three
One, two, three
Draw a hill at the back
With a rising sun
Add a little bird and then
It's me, Mario!


Romaji (Romanization)[edit]

Hitotsu kinoko ga arimashita
Tamago mittsu
Mokumoku kumo ga yattekite
Koin koin koin
Koin koin koin
Oyama ni asahi ga nobotteru
Kamome o kaitara...
Ittsu mī, Mario!


コイン コイン コイン
コイン コイン コイン
イッツ ミー、マリオ!


There was one mushroom
Three eggs
A rising cloud comes along
Coin, coin, coin
Coin, coin, coin
The morning sun rises on the mountain
When you draw a gull...
It's me, Mario!


Vamos a dibujar
Un gran champiñón,
Un huevo aquí, y dos ahí
Una nube
Y monedas en cantidad:
Clin, clin, clin
Clin, clin, clin
Ahora va la colina,
El sol que ya salió
Y ese pájaro que se va
It's me, Mario!

Translation from Spanish[edit]

Let's draw
A large mushroom
An egg here and two there
A cloud
And coins in quantity:
Clin, Clin, Clin
Clin, Clin, Clin
Now there goes the hill,
The sun that came out and
And that bird that goes away
It's me, Mario!

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