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Director’s Notes

Shroom2018 ThePyroGuy.png

Written by: The Pyro Guy (talk)

Well, 'Shroom readers, I made it. Despite this being the current year of 2019, I am still going to reference Steamed Hams in my notes. However, it is not just a callback to a hilarious meme from 2017. The reference also doubles as a reference to exactly February 2018, where I referenced Steamed Hams in my first ever Director's notes. Yep, that's right; I've been doing this gig for an entire year now! 365 days, 12 issues, and 1 time where I let Superchao step in for me. It's been a wild ride.

Pipe Plaza is one year older, and as a birthday present, we decided to remove the pipe background. Check Issue 142 if you want to check out the sweet visual update. You should also be referring to this page as just 'Plaza' now. You're welcome. Anyway, other than that, we've got all the facts, information and otherwise interesting words that this team is known for. It's perhaps on the lean side compared to previous issues; if you'd like to change that, feel free to check out the sign-up page! Who knows- there may be a section that strikes your fancy.

Section of the Month

Congratulations to LudwigVon for his Community Report contribution! Raregold, Pitohui and Geeky all did splendid jobs with 'Shroom Recap and Poll Committee Discussion, respectively.

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Community Report 6 40.00% LudwigVon
2nd 'Shroom Recap 4 26.67% Hooded Pitohui and Raregold
3rd Poll Committee Discussion 4 26.67% MsRetroGeek

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A look over the wiki's stats of the past month.
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Non-Wiki Sections

Roses have thorns, but what about Roserade? Read on to find out.
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The wikis you can help and how you can help them.
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The best analysis of the polls around!
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Monthly Report

Written by: LudwigVon (talk)

Hey there, and here's your Monthly Report coming from your Statistics Manager. This section is here to give you an overview of Super Mario Wiki's statistics. Without further ado, take a look at the stats for February 2019, compared to last month.

February Statistics
Statistic As of February 13, 2019 (21:03)*
Content Pages 21,624
All Pages 185,776
Files 104,424
Edits 2,456,070
Edits per Page 13.22
Registered Users 26,678
Active Users 362
Bots 3
'Shroom Writers 46
Autopatrolled 43
Patrollers 2
Administrators 12
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

January — February Statistics
Statistic As of January 13, 2019 (20:07)* As of February 13, 2019 (21:03)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 21,523 21,624 +0.469%
All Pages 184,228 185,776 +0.840%
Files 103,290 104,424 +1.097%
Edits 2,433,873 2,456,070 +0.912%
Edits per Page 13.21 13.22 +0.075%
Registered Users 26,474 26,678 +0.770%
Active Users 358 362 +1.117%
Bots 4 3 -25%
'Shroom Writers 45 46 +2.222%
Autopatrolled 41 43 +4.878%
Patrollers 2 2 0%
Administrators 14 12 -14.285%
Bureaucrats 4 4 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%

*All times EST.

Thanks for reading your monthly wiki stats report! Are you hungry for more stats? Well, come again next month, and meanwhile, have a good time!


Written by: Superchao (talk)

Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! Welcome back to another of the interviews - now In Color! Yes, from now on, I'll be tagging myself with maroon and my interviewee with navy to help create distinction! ...But that's beside the point.
Superchao: What is the point is that I've brought on current Fun Stuff director and community success story Roserade for the interview!
Roserade: Whoa, that's me!
Superchao: Unfortunately, in order to tell the tale of your improvement... we also need to talk about what you improved from. Brace yourself, my friend.
Roserade: Oh, we're jumping straight into this? Well
Roserade: I'm braced
Superchao: Well, we gotta start somewhere, right?
Roserade: I didn't even get the chance to thank you for interviewing me!
Superchao: That's true. You're welcome anyway, though!
Roserade: I mean, based upon what we're just about to tackle, it's miraculous I'm here at all.
Superchao: Okay, so: you used to be... let's put it politely and say "very clearly very young" user marioman1213. How'd you find the wiki back then, in the misty days of 2012?
Roserade: It was somewhere around second grade, and our class was tasked to write a presentation about something we're passionate about. At the time, my mom and I were playing through Super Mario World together, so she suggested I write about that.
Roserade: I looked up the game online to find more info, like character names, and made my report. But something about the Wiki was just so cool to me. Like, an entire expansive library of Mario knowledge for me to thumb through? That's sick.
Roserade: I stuck around the Wiki, learning all I could, stumbled upon the Boards, the rest is history.
Superchao: Well,that's a surprisingly positive start! Of course, you were what... literally nine at the time, right?
Roserade: That is indeed the case, for better or (far more likely) for worse
Superchao: Well, it wasn't... a good start. What was your reaction when you took to the boards?
Roserade: I don't recall an immediate reaction, but it was an interest click to realize that the information I was gobbling up was put together by somebody, and those somebody's had an entire community.
Roserade: I distinctly remember registering, and then discovering Mindless Junk exists, and becoming even more enraptured by the energy.
Roserade: It's always an awesome experience stumbling upon a new community with your interests
Superchao: A nine year old and mindless junk. Good combo.
Roserade: Heh, well, I can't say that much
Superchao: But you're right, it's always neat to see new users come along! An unfortunately rare sight these days.
Roserade: Oh, definitely. My first venture here was Not Great, but I returned for a reason
Superchao: Surprisingly, you posted a lot back in the day! Nearly 5000 posts - just happy to be here, huh?
Roserade: Sure seems like it! Can't guarantee if more than half of those are just spam and forum games, though
Superchao: They probably were, but reading 5000 posts isn't what I do to research.
Superchao: So, what caused you to leave back in the day?
Roserade: It was a combination of a few things: firstly, my grandmother's computer was actually what I actively used to access the Boards when I stayed at her house, but as I got older we didn't go over as often, so my activity plummeted.
Roserade: Secondly, I got a ban warning, and my mom was certainly not happy about that one, especially after I used the word "whore" without knowing what it meant (though to be fair, the use of it makes sense in context)
Superchao: Wait, did you tell her about the ban warning?
Roserade: And finally, I got distracted by other things, including a different online "community" that I hopped into, which was an art sharing app
Roserade: No, but I didn't have an email address at the time
Roserade: So the email went to her
Superchao: Ohhh, that makes sense. So all of that combined just pushed you off back in 2014.
Roserade: Yep, pretty much. Still thought about this place a bit, though
Superchao: How'd the art sharing app go, anyway?
Roserade: Oh, I didn't use it for sharing my art specifically. I drew a few things on there, but I mostly used it for chatrooms and stuff. If you'd believe it, it was my first step into any kind of "dating"
Roserade: But those are lengthy lore stories that are best for another time
Superchao: But the interview is the BEST time for lengthy lore stories!
Superchao: Unless you mean later in the interview.
Roserade: Well, I suppose I can discuss it now
Superchao: Sure, go for it!
Roserade: The app is called Doodle Club, and as far as I'm aware, it's still operational today. It's not particularly well designed, so I don't exactly recommend it. Most of the people that used the app have since left, anyway, so it was almost a dead zone even when I stopped using it four or five years back.
Roserade: There was somebody on there named Selena that I was "dating" (not actually, of course, I was young and dumb), and that's really about where the story ends.
Superchao: I told you it'd work in here.
Roserade: But there's a ton of names I recall that I haven't spoken to in years. Shannon, fussyd, Waffle, Jackie Frost, Danny, Wolfie
Roserade: Man, what a throwback
Superchao: That feels to me like if I listed off some of theclassic names I know to you. It's always sort of the same thing, huh?
Roserade: Reminiscing on the past is always a good time, especially with communities long past.
Superchao: Yeah, like UnMario- wait.
Roserade: Wiki Lore never fails to fascinate me.
Superchao: Wiki Lore is just insane sometimes.
Superchao: Speaking of wiki lore... after vanishing mid-2014, you came back at the start of 2017.
Superchao: What summoned you here?
Roserade: Don't recall, exactly. Just kinda realized I could rejoin this place again, made a new account, badabing badaboom I was set
Roserade: I suppose I just missed the atmosphere I mentioned loving earlier
Superchao: Can;t believe you sockpuppeted, though. Why haven't I banned you yet!?
Roserade: You should've banned me a long time ago :shades:
Superchao: True, I guess you got away with it.
Roserade: Unlike a Killing Game murder!
Superchao: too soon budy
Superchao: Anyhow, I'd say it's pretty obvious that your second tour here has been better than the first, huh?
Roserade: I mean, I sure feel like this time around is better than the first, hopefully others feel the same
Superchao: Well, I don't consider you an annoying headache who I want to ban and instead consider you a valued and trusted student. Does that count?
Roserade: Depends, am I a bad student?
Roserade: I suppose the "valued and trusted" parts ruin that joke huh
Superchao: You're only a bad student (or to put it politely, you're learning) when it comes to killing games.
Roserade: too soon budy
Superchao: One of the thing that's been the most interesting about your return has been your growing involvement in the 'Shroom, going so far as to join its staff, and in the Poll Committee. What brought that on?
Roserade: It all basically started with a specific irc trip, when this dude named Lord Bowser decided "Hey, let's invite this newer user who has only been known for being insufferable in the past into my server". I graciously accepted the offer, hopped into lbchat, got to know a good chunk of the community a lot more.
Superchao: Can you believe LB would make such an incredible mistake
Roserade: From there, I built up the courage to apply when I got the chance. Specifically, Poll Committee motivation came from LB, and it's you and Meta mostly that would inspire me for The 'Shroom.
Roserade: I really don't know what he was thinking
Superchao: In seriousness, motivating new users to join the 'Shroom and show that we don't have to lean on the same handful of people like we did in, say, 2014 was one of the things i hoped to do this time around.
Superchao: Between LB, you, LTQ, Ludwigvon, Pitohui, TPG, and now Raregold and Geeky... yeah, it worked.
Roserade: Honestly, I feel honored to have the opportunity, despite still being both relatively young and new. I'm really hoping I get to see more users follow a similar path that I did
Superchao: I'd love to see more new hands trying out both writing and staffing for the 'Shroom. It gives an old fogey like me hope! And someone to brandish my cane at.
Roserade: I know, let's cut the entire 'Shroom staff and establish a democracy!
Superchao: Don't you mean a communist government?
Roserade: No no, if we cut the entire staff, that would be overthrowing the Communist Question Mark Bloc
Superchao: Darn, you're right. I guess the shadow directorship will just have to change with the times.
Roserade: 'Tis a shame
Superchao: What draws you to writing for the 'Shroom, anyway? You're quite a writer, after all.
Roserade: I've always been really interested in writing, ever since a young age. Hell, I have my writing thread on the Boards (which I need to update sometime). Specifically for this question, I haven't exactly written for The 'Shroom in a small while now, but I enjoy being able to share my interests or supply entertainment about something I'm passionate about, such as Smash Bros. character conception
Superchao: Trust me, that's a cornerstone of the 'Shroom. Just look at me and F-Zero!
Superchao: (Remember to vote in Mach Speed Mayhem, loyal readers!)
Roserade: I can't wait to be reminded about that every week for the next three years
Superchao: Hey, not every week. There's the two weeks before each issue that you get off.
Roserade: Ah, you're right, my apologies.
Superchao: What made you take up Challenger Approaching, anyway?
Roserade: It's yet another "I don't remember exactly" situation. But I've always been interested specifically in Smash Bros. character design, how the newcomers are crafted. The team always strikes a balance between an original moveset, loyalty to the character, loyalty to the game, and their own interpretation of the character, and I admire that
Roserade: I've been coming up with character ideas far before Challenger Approaching! ever existed, so it was a nice way to channel those ideas into a completed work
Superchao: Can't wait for the special one about Monika
Roserade: Remind me to pick the section up again someday and she'll certainly be on the list
Superchao: Will do!
Superchao: Any other sections in particular you're interested in doing down the line?
Superchao: Just remember, don't spoil TOO much!
Roserade: Well, I've had plenty of ideas, and I've set a few in action. I'm not guaranteeing anything to happen soon, but for you Danganronpa fans, there may be a treat in store. Otherwise, my main interest is writing, and I've wanted to look towards it for a section for a while now
Superchao: You know, I'd say "I've always wondered where a pure writing section would go", but honestly that's pretty Palette Swap.
Superchao: So my joke is ruined.
Roserade: I'll send it off to Strategy Wing instead /s
Superchao: Strategies... TO WRITE GOOD
Roserade: We can start with *WELL
Superchao: See? That's why we need the section.
Roserade: I'll just give you private lessons another time
Superchao: How about the Poll Committee? What drives your interest in making the polls?
Roserade: It's mostly just an interest in participating in the community. I can't exactly say writing polls is on the same level of passion for me as writing poetry, but it's a fun time to come up with the polls themselves, and I love contributing to something more
Superchao: That's a pretty good description of why I joined it, too. We need to get back in gear, but I believe in us!!
Roserade: That's partially my fault. My life has been everywhere and I haven't been able to motivate as I should as Vice Chairperson, but I'm working on it.
Superchao: It's okay. The whole committe's been over the place, and honestly... we're doing better than last year's did.
Roserade: That's fair enough! I have a lot of faith in our committee members. They're all exceptionally hard working and committed
Superchao: except for that Superchao guy
Superchao: what a slacker
Roserade: Can't get much worse than that, oh god what's his name
Roserade: Roserade?
Roserade: That dude
Superchao: what a guy. If we just dumped the two of them from PC it'd be perfect.
Roserade: Exactly! Everything would be remedied
Superchao: So besides the 'Shroom and PC themselves, any other community things you like to focus on?
Roserade: Killing Game is a game that I absolutely adore. Shout-out to Fun with Despair for making a game that's easily my favorite of its kind
Superchao: Oh? What interests you over, say, Mafia?
Roserade: I think it's the amount of freedom and creativity allowed. I still like Mafia plenty, don't get me wrong, but I would say I prefer inventing a murder than saying "I murder this person"
Roserade: The same creativity component feels into hosting, too. Sure, Mafia can have locations to build too, but nothing quite like a Killing Game mansion
Roserade: And I love coming up with role concepts, easily my favorite part.
Superchao: I think it helps that KG, as an inherently more complex and time-consuming game, happens less often.
Superchao: So there's not the burnout of eight Mafia games at once.
Roserade: Precisely. It also hasn't turned into the stale "I know how this Mafia player usually acts" because of that fact (at least yet), so there's no worry about an overwhelming metagame.
Superchao: Except for the part where Certain People are certain to kill eventually.
Roserade: Well yeah, but nobody quite knows it yet, so :monokuma:
Superchao: I'm looking forward to seeing how you act in the next KG you play.. whenever that may be. Preeetty glad it's not "right next day."
Roserade: We'll have to see what happens. If I can get Nitwit to atone for his sins against Ryan, I will
Superchao: I can't believe Nitwit got you mislynched AND mislabeled as guilty.
Roserade: I hope the soap haunts him for as long as he lives
Superchao: Speaking of community things, anyone in particular who's stood out on both the first and second runs?
Roserade: Heh, the names that spring to mine for my first run is a funny lot. You've got Rin and IceShadow, both of whom are, well...
Superchao: Let's just say they're long gone for a reason.
Roserade: I'd say almost every active member of the community today is somebody I can point to, but again, it was specifically LB that got me here. There's you and Meta for all of the support, others I've collaborated with very closely like Raregold, Pitohui, and TPG, other members I've just become naturally close with like Star, Mfan, Chibiki, Shygul... I could keep going for a long time, but overall I feel like every person has impacted me
Roserade: positively in some way.
Superchao: That's probably the best and most motivational answer I've ever gotten to that question!
Roserade: "You're meeting all of my standards!"
Superchao: It's true! It's even scary. And I'm glad I've supported you in your return.
Roserade: It's been much appreciated in finding my position today.
Superchao: So, I think we've finally covered your community time left to right to sideways.
Superchao: Why not talk about Mario and other such games what you like?
Roserade: Absolutely! What little factoids are you looking for?
Superchao: Well, what was your first video game? The one that started it all?
Roserade: Don't recall which one it was specifically, but I can confirm that the first console I ever owned was a Leap Frog! I had educational games based around Sonic, Ratatouille, Star Wars: The Clone Wars... Good times.
Roserade: For my first "real" console though, I played this NES/SNES hybrid we have called an FC Twin.
Superchao: I have never heard of that, ever. Neat!
Superchao: Is it official or bootleg?
Roserade: A quick Google search tells me that it is likely not official, since it was published by a company called Qishenglong and is classified as a "Famiclone"
Superchao: That sounds Pretty Unofficial to me.
Superchao: Still, if you had fun with it, that's what counts!
Roserade: Exactly! The first video games I really ever played were from this era. My mother had a rule that we had to start with the games she started with, then we could move up. So we played NES and SNES games, then PlayStation 2 for some reason, then we got the Wii
Superchao: Good thing my mom didn't do that, considering there weren't even console games when she was growing up.
Roserade: Playing those sweet TurboGrafx 16 games, I see?
Superchao: Ha, no, she was before that. Or arcades, even. Back in the days where people didn't have video games...
Roserade: That sounds completely unreasonable, I, as a member of Gen Z, refuse to believe life existed before technology
Superchao: You got me, the world before 40 years ago was an elaborate ruse.
Superchao: Lots and lots of paid actors.
Roserade: And fabricated historical documents.
Superchao: So, since you now know The Truth, let's set it aside. What'd you think of the NES/SNES games? Any in particular stand out?
Roserade: I love those two era of games! Of course, I'm naturally inclined to like SNES games more, because of their higher quality, but the NES introduced me to Kirby through Kirby's Adventure, so that game's importance to me should go without saying.
Roserade: The SNES, meanwhile, has Super Mario World, one of my favorite games of all time, as well as A Link to the Past, Kirby's Dream Course, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse, Final Fantasy II (or whatever it actually is), Kirby's Dream Land 3...
Roserade: I'm probably missing a few but they're almost entirely spectacular.
Superchao: I can't blame you for liking the SNES quality! It's part of why the good old Gamecube beats the N64 for me... that and I never played the N64 until much, much later. Such is life.
Roserade: Oh! Donkey Kong Country too, all of the games
Superchao: Magical Quest was unexpected, though! One of those rare licensed games that was a quality game?
Roserade: Yes, actually! What's funny is that my cartridge has a very rare glitch where the second boss is entirely invisible, so it's far trickier than it's supposed to be, but otherwise the game is a blast
Superchao: Just think of it as EXTRA CHALLENGE
Roserade: It certainly was an extra challenge trying to find any info on it online.
Superchao: There's games I have like that. The licensed games from the depths of obscurity almost no one cares about...
Roserade: Anything like Garfield's Lasagna World Tour?
Superchao: Not quite THAT weirdly obscure,
Roserade: What a wild, horrifying game that was
Superchao: I take it that when I ask what your favorite games are, that's not one of them.
Roserade: You would be correct in that assumption
Superchao: Any other games from post-SNES that really jumped out at you?
Roserade: I've got too many to count. The DS was my first portable system, so games like Pokemon SoulSilver, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, The Legendary Starfy, Scribblenauts, Animal Crossing: Wild World all stand out
Roserade: PS2 you've got classics like Ape Escape 2, Kingdom Hearts, Dance Dance Revolution, Simpsons Road Rage, LEGO Star Wars
Roserade: Wii brought us Super Mario Galaxy 2, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Mario Kart Wii, Smash Bros. Brawl, the Just Dance series, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Rayman Origins
Roserade: And then there's the more recent games, like Towerfall, Celeste, Shovel Knight, Kirby Planet Robobot, and Smash Ultimate
Roserade: That's not even accounting for scattered consoles like the GameCube
Superchao: You're a guy with an eclectic taste, huh?
Roserade: I completely forgot Sonic Mania, Splatoon 2, and Undertale! Throw those in too
Roserade: I'll play just about anything, admittedly
Superchao: And like it, it seems
Roserade: Oh, trust me, I've had some bad experiences too, but those primarily chalk up to bad licensed games
Superchao: Tell me more. I always like hearing someone's bad stories!
Superchao: Which probably sounds negative but a good bad story is worth the trip.
Roserade: Ever heard of M&M Beach Party?
Superchao: No, and the name itself sounds terrifying.
Roserade: It was made somewhat famous by the Game Grumps. Easily the clunkiest game I've ever played. Skeeball is the only real functional, entertaining game out of six, and it's a glitchy mess
Roserade: Don't even get me started on volleyball
Superchao: Hopefully all the good games you have played have blotted out the horrors.
Roserade: They don't exactly, but I have too many good memories regardless.
Superchao: Like of, say, Doki Doki?
Roserade: Why, yes, how funny that you would mention it!
Superchao: Yep! I'll have more to ask about it later, but I'm curious.
Superchao: If you could pick only five games to talk about why you like them, what would they be?
Roserade: There are many that I can think of; a lot of them chalk down to just nostalgia stories, while the others are from a legitimate game standpoint. But if I had to pick five, I'd say Secret of Mana, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Celeste, Sonic Mania, and Doki Doki (what a shocker!)
Roserade: There are many other contenders though
Superchao: Ha, trust me, I understand nostalgia stories.
Superchao: If you don't mind sharing, I'd like to hear a short bit about why you like each one!
Roserade: If I could pick a sixth, it would probably be Ape Escape 2.
Roserade: Secret of Mana specifically isn't the best RPG I've ever played, but it really did pave a path for action RPG's like even Kingdom Hearts to follow. I have really fond memories of it, because my sister, my mom, and I all played three player coop and beat it together on the Wii Virtual Console.
Roserade: Kirby Super Star Ultra is a game I've poured hours into, everything from defeating the Arena to playing that one reflex minigame with the cards. It's the game that really got me hooked on Kirby, even after Kirby's Adventure, so I have to give it that.
Superchao: But did you make sure to get every single video and true 100%?
Roserade: Heh, well, I can neither confirm or deny that.
Roserade: Celeste breaks the boundaries quite a bit from what I heard about it. I heard it was a hard platformer with heart, which is true, but it was far more than I was expecting. The gameplay and design was phenomenal, the soundtrack is gorgeous, and the story it tells is one I can relate to, and appreciate beyond words. I would say more, but spoilers! Definitely the best game of 2018 (that I played)
Roserade: Sonic Mania was my dive back into Sonic, as the only other classic Sonic game I had played at the time was 3 & Knuckles, and I was blown away. The creativity in both the new and old stages is awesome, and the visual presentation is spot on. And best of all, those sweet, sexy Tee Lopes tracks. Probably up there for my favorite video game soundtrack
Roserade: And finally, Doki Doki is a game that really changes expectations, even with the warning at the beginning. I can really appreciate the things it does and the boundaries it breaks, to create a fulfilling and terrifying experience.
Superchao: Those are all pretty good reasons! And a good taste, considering I had a ton of fun with KSSU and enjoyed Doki Doki.
Superchao: I really should play Celeste and Sonic Mania.
Roserade: Please do, both are fantastic.
Superchao: Will do!
Superchao: Speaking of video games, I do have a tangential question.
Superchao: There's a few characters I've always associated with you (or recently always, like an entire year). I have the feeling you can guess a few, huh?
Roserade: Oh, I'm sure I can identify them.
Superchao: So... what's your attachment to Roserade? It's a good Pokemon, and you clearly like it enough to name yourself a less-generic name for it.
Superchao: Marioman1213 is... forgettable.
Roserade: I honestly don't remember why I picked Roserade way-back-when. But nowadays, at least, it's definitely my favorite Grass type Pokemon. Its design is this perfect balance of masculinity and feminity, and it's quite beautiful because of it. Roses are also my favorite flower, and physical theatre has found me with an attachment to masks, so it all really fell into place as it should.
Roserade: Otherwise, I think Roserade is a fairly distinctive name, but Rose is a very strong nickname that I prefer to go by with most of the community.
Superchao: I always forget the mask association Roserade has, but I can see it pretty easily!
Superchao: And yeah, I think of you as Rose usually and Roserade when it's a professional context. Says a lot.
Roserade: It's gotten to a strong enough point that even "irl" friends that I'm in servers with on Discord will call me by it
Roserade: So it's a pretty important name to me
Superchao: Oh, nice! Kinda reminds me of how sometimes I'll think of myself as Perch interchangeably with my real name and a couple other handles.
Superchao: It's a very solid identifier.
Roserade: I don't know if I've ever thought of myself as Rose outside of any online communities, but I'm sure it'll happen one day
Superchao: It'll probably happen once you've gone by it for years and years.
Roserade: Already two years in, aren't I?
Superchao: Yep! Just gotta do another ten. I hope you're ready to make that mistake in 2030!
Roserade: I mean, technically, I've been around seven years
Superchao: Yeah, but we don't talk about the first few unless we're extorting the info out of you in the interview.
Roserade: Of course, my mistake
Superchao: So, the other big character I really associate you with is...
Superchao: I can't even think of a good meme joke, it's Monika
Roserade: Who else would it be but the Best Girl herself?
Superchao: What gives her that shining, important status in your eyes?
Roserade: I think a whole lot of my admiration for her honestly came after duping her for Killing Game. But she's a really fascinating character. I don't know how much I can discuss without going full spoiler, because even if it's been a long-ass time since Doki Doki came out, I still want people to approach with fresh eyes if they haven't played it before.
Roserade: But let's just say that I find the position that she's in very interesting, and her actions are more endearing to me personally than anything else
Roserade: Even if they get a little... Crazy sometimes
Superchao: Killing Game gave me my appreciation for Angie Yonaga, so I understand.
Superchao: Well, one part I think you can talk about is her interest in poetry and writing, no?
Roserade: Oh, absolutely! I adore poetry, it's easily my favorite thing to write. I could gush for a really long time about it, but the simplest I can put it is that I adore how every single, minute detail you make, like how a single line is spaced, a word isolated, a comma used, is important.
Roserade: I also really like to be a leader, in terms of committees and such at my school and online, so I relate to that aspect of her as well.
Roserade: Also, I can say that you in Killing Game gave me appreciation for Angie
Superchao: Basically, Monika is the perfect waifu and we need to make her real?
Roserade: I see no downside to this plan
Superchao: What could possibly go wrong?
Superchao: Anyhow, you liking to be a leader = laying the groundwork for next year am i right
Roserade: Well, I guess I have somebody else I'm romantically interested in, so I can't imagine that that would go Too Well
Roserade: Perhaps so :thinking:
Superchao: I'm sure Monika would be willing to share and there is no way this plan could backfire
Roserade: She's pretty open like that, yeah
Superchao: Besides Roserade and Monika, are there any other characters you feel REALLY attached to?
Roserade: There aren't many I connect to personally, but from a community standpoint, I feel pretty strongly associated with Rantarou Amami and Specter Knight. Both were a theme of mine at one point or another on the Boards, and Specter Knight especially has been solidified through TPG's Knights of No Quarter community artwork
Superchao: Oh man, I remember Rantaro! DRV3 was the first one we ever fully completed. A good success.
Superchao: I... am ashamed to admit I need to re-see TPG's art.
Roserade: I think if I were to have picked a v3 character now, Kokichi Oma would be my top pick. He's my Discord avatar, after all. But I understand that Turb has claim to him
Superchao: Can't wait for V3 Theme Two, where everyone now does a different character
Superchao: The days of Homestuck return.
Roserade: There's somebody else on the forums with Kokichi Oma right now, I think
Roserade: I'll duel them at dusk
Superchao: Oh yeah, that person! I don't know them personally, which means they are not real
Roserade: Is that not how that works in all situations
Superchao: Exactly. Good work becoming real by getting to know me, I'm sure it's better than the alternative
Roserade: I think that's a subjective statement, but I'll agree
Superchao: Monika does give me a good springboard to ask - what interests do you have outside of things like the boards and video games?
Roserade: As I've mentioned before, writing is something I adore. I'm actually in the highest level writing class in my school. I'll mostly write poetry, but short stories aren't out of the realm of possibility
Superchao: Feel free to gush about poetry and writing!
Superchao: Just... not for TOO long.
Roserade: Nah, I think I've said all I need to about it for now. I can just cap it off by saying, in a very cliche manner, that I find it to be the most basic and elegant form of human communication. You can transport somebody to any time, moment, feeling experience, mind, all with a couple of lines. I try to make every piece of a poem I write mean something, and hopefully that reads well to others.
Roserade: (Or it doesn't, because I play with formatting so much it becomes a nightmare sometimes)
Roserade: Otherwise, I've been incredibly fortunate to get the opportunity to go to an arts middle-high school, and that is where I've found my other main interest: theatre.
Superchao: Oh? That one feels newer, but I can see it.
Roserade: There's not a specific form of theatre I like. I've done everything from operetta musicals, to clown, to improv, to contemporary and Shakespeare and Commedia Dell'arte, and I've loved all of it
Roserade: There's something special about being onstage, and connecting and sharing with an audience, making them feel something
Roserade: That's something I want to do with all of the art I create: impact people
Superchao: That's easy, just punch them in the face!
Superchao: Now that's an impact!
Roserade: There are only three rules in physical theatre: Don't hurt yourself, don't hurt each other, don't hurt the audience
Roserade: I see you're intending on breaking at least one
Superchao: Why not all three?
Roserade: That's what we, in the showbiz world, call a "liability"
Superchao: Darn, that's a trouble.
Superchao: Any chance we'll see a live performance of Mariowiki: The Play?
Roserade: If we can get the talent, the script, the space, and the budget, I'll get it all taken care of
Superchao: I can provide exactly zero of those things.
Superchao: Let's get it going!
Roserade: By sheer willpower and determination, it'll happen
Roserade: We can just raid a local theater
Superchao: "Put your hands up! We only want the building! And an audience!"
Roserade: They'll just be the audience, it'll be great
Superchao: I do gotta know, though:
Superchao: Is this the last question?
Roserade: Shouldn't you know, if you're interviewing me?
Superchao: Yeah, but that's why I gotta ask.
Superchao: See if you know!
Roserade: Well, I figure I've got a 50/50 chance here, unless some real odd probability is at play, so I'm going to wager... Yes?
Superchao: You got it! Good work.
Superchao: Someday the answer will be Edge
Superchao: but not today.
Roserade: Thank you for having me! It's been a really good time, and I'm happy I've been able to be here

NIWA Spotlight

Written by: Alex95 (talk)

NIWA logo with the japanese characters for garden in the background (にわ)

Hello everyone and welcome back to NIWA Spotlight, a NIWA-focused spotlight that covers one article from all of our partnered wikis that need help. These can range from articles that need more information or created to images that need replacing or uploaded. Notice something on a different wiki you can't fix or aren't sure how to and want to get the word out? Let me know on my talk page or in this forum topic and it will be added to a future issue. For our Mario-related topics, check out the current The 'Shroom Spotlight!

  • The F-Zero Wiki is undergoing an update, so editing is restricted for the time being.
  • EggOfReason was promoted to administrator on WikiBound!
  • Introducing the WikiBound and Xenoblade Italian wikis! They, along with the Pokémon Central and Mario Castle Italian Wikis, have formed a community similar to NIWA called NiwiN (Network italiano wiki indipendenti Nintendo). Give them a look!
Category Wiki Subject Direct Link
Wanted Article ARMS Institute Biff: It's time to big time rush our way into some article creations! Since ARMS released, there's been some big time updates, from big shots like Max Brass to small time balances. One of these events, named Big Time ARMS, was released in the 5.2.0 update, but it's missing some big time information! Big Time ARMS
Icaruspedia Hades: Ohhh, Pitty! Are you ready to experience a little… blast from the past?
Pit: What are you talking about, Hades?
Hades: Well, you see, Palutena got herself captured again. By me! And if you want her back, you have to go through your entire first adventure and record your experiences!
Pit: My first adventure?!
Hades: Get ready to experience game overs galore!
Stage 1-1 (Kid Icarus)
Inkipedia Callie: We've had so many good songs, don't you think? One of my favorites is when you and I combined two of our solo tracks into one song!
Marie: You mean Tidal Rush? Yes, that one was pretty good.
Tidal Rush
Nintendo Wiki The Wii Shop Channel may have closed, but Nintendo Wiki still needs information on what WiiWare is. WiiWare
Stub Article/Section Bulbapedia Oliver is a young kid in the Pokémon anime that manages to befriend a Lugia of all Pokémon. While impressive, his article is missing some things, mainly a character analysis and more info on his role in the Ash & Pikachu manga. Oliver
Hard Drop Tetris Wiki Did you know there is a Tetris Game & Watch? Not to be confused with the Tetris Game Watch. Tetris (Game and Watch)
Nookipedia Chuck is a bull character that appears in many Animal Crossing, but strangely only has house information from the GameCube game. Could use his other appearances as well. Chuck
Starfy Wiki Did you know Starfy was meant to debut on the Game Boy? There is very few remaining footage of this game, and one of the videos could use a proper translation so we know what they are talking about. Densetsu no Starfy (GBC)
Strategy Wiki Just about every subpage for Age of Empires II: The Conquers Expansion Pack need a bit of an expansion themselves. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
Wars Wiki Infantry units are the most common unit types throughout the Advance Wars series. They wield a variety of weapons and usually come in groups. While the article lists the types from Battalion Wars, a full list would be helpful. Infantry (unit type)
WiKirby UFOs are little alien enemies that give Kirby the UFO copy ability when swallowed. They've been around since Kirby's Adventure, but only their most recent appearances are covered. UFO
Rewrite Golden Sun Universe It's not very often you see data transfers between games, but Golden Sun makes good use of it. Though the article's opening on GSU gives well-written directions, the rest of the article… not so much, frequently using "you" and subjective information. Data transfer
Additional Images Dragon Quest Wiki Even the ugliest of creatures shouldn't be exempt from having an image of them. The rather macho notso macho is lacking an animated Dragon Quest VII sprite. It's missing some stats and information as well. Notso macho
Lylat Wiki Pepper: Dinosaur Horns were collectable items during your time in the DarkIce Mines. While we have information on the object, we don't know what it looks like. Could there be an inventory image, by chance?
Fox: I'll take a look and report back.
Dinosaur Horn
Metroid Wiki Adam: The multiplayer arena during your Echoes campaign had some exclusive power-ups in it. One is the Death Ball, a special kind of Morph Ball that can defeat an opponent in one hit. We would like to know what this incredible power looks like. Any objections? Death Ball
WikiBound Monkey Cave. It's a cave… full of monkeys! This sounds like a humorous place to be, I wish I knew what it looked like. Monkey Cave
Zelda Wiki Enemy cannons are plentiful when exploring the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. Should be easy to find an image of at least one. Cannon (Enemy)
Image Quality Fire Emblem Wiki There are plenty of villagers in the Fire Emblem franchise, and a few of their portraits are on the Fire Emblem Wiki. Two of them are broken, making them appear as invisible as Kellam. Village#Gallery
Smash Wiki Apparently, Ken has a special shading style when he's on the Boxing Ring stage compared to when he's on others. This comparison image… doesn't really show that off too well. File:Boxingringken.png
Citation Needed Pikipedia Apparently, the Careening Dirigibug from Pikmin 2 has some glitches associated with it. There's one where its balloons can disappear and another where you can freeze it and the rocks it throws separately. But these glitches need some confirmation as to whether or not they actually happen. Careening Dirigibug

Poll Committee Discussion

Written by: Superchao (talk)

Hello, 'Shroom readers! Superchao here with that classic section you all know and love me for - Poll Committee Discussion! I really don't have any witty remarks to toss in here this time, but who cares, that's not why you read this. You read it for the polls!


In recent Smash entries, third-party characters such as Sonic, Ryu, Simon, and Joker have become regular additions. How do you feel about this? (Superchao (talk) and Hooded Pitohui (talk), January 13th, 2019)

In recent Smash entries, third-party characters such as Sonic, Ryu, Simon, and Joker have become regular additions. How do you feel about this?

I like it. They should go even further by adding characters from media other than video games. 18.05% (342 votes)
I like it, and I hope Nintendo keeps adding more third-parties. 31.66% (600 votes)
I don’t mind it so long as they also continue to add Nintendo characters. 31.50% (597 votes)
I'm neutral; the origins of new characters don't matter to me. 5.80% (110 votes)
While I didn't mind a couple third-party characters, I feel too many of them are being added now. 9.29% (176 votes)
I dislike the entire concept and want Smash Bros to go back to Nintendo-only in the future. 3.69% (70 votes)
Total Votes: 1,895

Which of these Nintendo series with no games currently announced for the Switch would you like to see on the Switch? (Hooded Pitohui (talk) and The Pyro Guy (talk), January 20th, 2019)

Which of these Nintendo series with no games currently announced for the Switch would you like to see on the Switch?

Kid Icarus14.13% (299 votes)
F-Zero 20.13% (426 votes)
Pikmin 17.2% (165 votes)
Star Fox 7.80% (165 votes)
WarioWare 13.42% (284 votes)
Mother 14.32% (303 votes)
Other 10.82% (229 votes)
I would not like to see any more series being introduced to the Switch. 2.17% (46 votes)
Total Votes: 2,116

Metroid Prime 4 Delay (Hooded Pitohui (talk) and Raregold (talk), January 27th, 2019)

This week, Nintendo announced the restarting of Metroid Prime 4 development with Retro Studios due to concerns over quality. How do you feel about this?

I'm happy to wait for a quality product, and the announcement makes the wait easier to understand. 43.76% (726 votes)
I'm not happy with the delay, but I appreciate the transparency and commitment to quality. 17.42% (289 votes)
I don't mind waiting, but the announcement is still disappointing. 4.4% (73 votes)
I'm unhappy about this. Nintendo should never have announced the title so early if we have to wait so long. 0.96% (16 votes)
I don't like this announcement. Nintendo should have started with Retro Studios from the beginning of development. 2.29% (38 votes)
I have no interest in Metroid Prime 4. 31.16% (517 votes)
Total Votes: 1,659

Do you plan on buying Yoshi's Crafted World? (Da Red Toad and Hooded Pitohui (talk), February 3rd, 2019)

Do you plan on buying Yoshi's Crafted World?

Yes; I have already pre-ordered it. 7.78% (119 votes)
I plan to get it on release day if I can, but I can wait if it isn't available. 15.56% (238 votes)
Yes, but I am not going to get it straight away. 23.33% (357 votes)
Maybe; I am going to see if the price drops. 7.25% (111 votes)
Maybe; I am going to see how good the reviews are. 14.05% (215 votes)
I am probably not going to get it. 10.72% (164 votes)
I have no interest in the game. 12.94% (198 votes)
I plan to buy it if I get a Switch. 8.37% (128 votes)
Total Votes: 1,530


  • In recent Smash entries, third-party characters such as Sonic, Ryu, Simon, and Joker have become regular additions. How do you feel about this?

Unsurprisingly, people, well... like third-parties! They enjoy getting the chance to play as characters from other companies besides just Nintendo. There's an even split between people who are just "hey add more" and people who are "please add some more Nintendo characters too", though, which doesn't surprise me - if your favorite franchise was under-represented in Ultimate, and the DLC really is all third-parties, you don't have any choice but to hope for a Smash 6 to happen. What really interested me was how much of a support for non-game characters there was! I don't know if that's meme support for Goku And Friends, or real support for characters that people think should be, but either way, that's a solid fifth of our voters. You'll probably never get your wish thanks to Sakurai, but... who knows?

  • Which of these Nintendo series with no games currently announced for the Switch would you like to see on the Switch?

...Well, I didn't expect the winning poll entry to be F-Zero, but I'm very happy to see I'm not alone! That game could really use a nice revival, considering how long it's been. Second place being Pikmin is also unsurprising, considering that Miyamoto keeps saying "yep, Pikmin 4 is a thing" but then not saying anything more. Where is the info game-man? Mother in third is interesting, considering Itoi is on record as saying he won't make Mother 4, but I imagine the majority of the votes are from people who just FINALLY want Mother 3 legitimately. The other thing that surprises me is how few votes Star Fox got. Do we just have a lack of people who care for Star Fox over other franchises, or are people still stinging from Star Fox Zero? An interesting thought.

  • This week, Nintendo announced the restarting of Metroid Prime 4 development with Retro Studios due to concerns over quality. How do you feel about this?

An overwhelming amount of voters (an impressive 43.76%) feel that Nintendo's transparency and clarity on the reason for the delay is a good thing that helps make it easy to swallow. And I can't blame them - being upfront with "well, the game wasn't doing well, so we restarted" is far, FAR better than giving us pure radio silence as they've done sometimes. Now we know for a fact to not expect Metroid Prime 4 news for a while. Even with the people who are upset with the delay itself, most of them think that Nintendo went about it in the right way. There are a few outliers who think it's bad for one reason or another (and a large bloc who just aren't invested at all), but overall, the message I'm getting is that Nintendo being this clear about things in the future would be a very well-appreciated business decision.

  • Do you plan on buying Yoshi's Crafted World?

A surprisingly split opinion on this! While the plurality of voters plans to wait for the game and then get it, we've got a large chunk of people who are either getting it on release day or trying to. All told, we've got 46.67% of people who are already committed to buying the game one way or another, whether or not they have to wait. I was actually expecting more people to wait and see how the reviews turn out, as opposed to just the 14.05% doing so, but it seems Yoshi has sold enough people on his game from the previews. Even with the people not getting it, it's a relatively even split between those who are unsure and those who are sure they won't. Overall, this poll was a lot less of a clear answer than I thought it would be when we put it up to run.

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