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I'm a new editor for the Super Mario Wiki, mainly I edit pages on Mario Kart tracks, but I do what I can do to help out the wiki. I'm an expert in the Mario Kart series, I know every turn, every shortcut to every track, and the expert strategies.


Favorite Mario Characters

Favorite Mario Games

Favorite Mario Kart Tracks

Pages I created

My Custom Cups

MK8 MushroomCup.png

Mushroom Cup

Toad's Factory MKWii.png

WII Toad's Factory

Frappe Snowland MK64.png

N64 Frappe Snowland

MKT Yoshi Circuit Scene.jpg

GCN Yoshi Circuit

MKDS Tick Tock Clock.png

DS Tick Tock Clock

MK8 FlowerCup.png

Flower Cup

MK8-DLC-Course-GBA RibbonRoad01.jpg

GBA Ribbon Road


3DS Mario Circuit

Waluigi Pinball.png

DS Waluigi Pinball


WIIU Thwomp Ruins

MK8 Star Cup Emblem.png

Star Cup

SMK Vanilla Lake 2 Lower-Screen Map.png

SNES Vanilla Lake 2


3DS Wario Shipyard

Delfino Square MKWii.png

DS Delfino Square

MKSC Peach Circuit Starting Line.png

GBA Peach Circuit

MK8 Special Cup Emblem.png

Special Cup

MK64 Banshee Boardwalk Icon.png

N64 Banshee Boardwalk


WIIU Electrodrome

MKSC Bowser Castle 3 Starting Line.png

GBA Bowser's Castle 3

MKT 3DS Rainbow Road Scene 2.jpg

3DS Rainbow Road

MK8 Shell Cup Emblem.png

Shell Cup

Yoshi Falls.png

DS Yoshi Falls

SMK Mario Circuit 3 Lower-Screen Map.png

SNES Mario Circuit 3

Coconut Mall MKWii.png

WII Coconut Mall

Wuhu Loop.png

3DS Wuhu Loop

MK8 Banana Cup Emblem.png

Banana Cup

MKDS Figure-8 Circuit Intro.png

DS Figure-8 Circuit

Daisy Cruiser.png

GCN Daisy Cruiser

MKSC Sky Garden Starting Line.png

GBA Sky Garden


WIIU Twisted Mansion

MK8 Leaf Cup Emblem.png

Leaf Cup

MK64 Mario Raceway Icon.png

N64 Mario Raceway

SNES MK7.png

SNES Rainbow Road


WII Moonview Highway

MKDD MushroomBridge.png

GCN Mushroom Bridge

MK8 Lightning Cup Emblem.png

Lightning Cup


WIIU Cloudtop Cruise


GCN DK Mountain


3DS Maka Wuhu


WII Bowser's Castle

My Userbox

If you'd like to be friends, just ask me first (talk) and use this box:

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