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Real Name Ronan
Age 16
Gender Male
Location USA
Joined August 2017
ro__money's Userbox Tower
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About Me

Hi, I'm ro__money. I mostly edit pages that have to do with my favorite game, Super Mario Galaxy.
I have an HDMI capture card, so I can take screenshots of any game I have released on Wii, Wii U, SNES Classic, or Switch.

Speedrun Times

I'm also a speedrunner, and have pretty good times in SMG. Speedrun Page.

Super Mario Galaxy
Any% Mario: 2:57:40 (51st)
120 Stars Mario: 8:20:41 (57th)
All Hidden Stars: 39:25 (2nd)

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Any%: 3:54:05 (112th)
Green Stars: 4:49:25 (59th)

Super Mario Odyssey
Any%: 2:07:58 (2066th)

Friend Box

Here's my friend userbox. If you want to be my friend, just ask first!

SMG Bomb Boo Model.png

{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#80ffd4|codebkgd=#00ffaa|codecolor=black|code=[[File:SMG Bomb Boo Model.png|45px]]|msg=This user is friends with [[User:Ro money|ro__money]] ([[User talk:Ro money|talk]]).}}

Wiki Projects

  • Adding foriegn-language names to articles relating to Super Mario Galaxy. Status: Mostly done, just a few touch-ups to do as I can't currently transpose Japanese and I don't own a Chinese version.

Stuff I Own



Game Systems Progress
Logo EN - Super Mario World.png
Super Mario World
SNES Classic
Completed 96/96 exits
SMK US Logo Artwork.png
Super Mario Kart
SNES Classic Played
SMRPG Logo.png
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
SNES Classic Never played
SMW2 Yoshi's Island Logo.png
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
SNES Classic Played up to W2
Donkey Kong Country
SNES Classic Played up to W2
SMS Switch Europe logo.png
Super Mario Sunshine
GameCube (played on Wii) Started (21/120 Shines)
SM64DS Logo ingame.png
Super Mario 64 DS
DS Completed with 80/150 Stars
Mario Kart DS
DS Played
Logo NSMB.png
New Super Mario Bros.
DS Completed 100% with all Star Coins
Super Paper Mario Logo Trans.png
Super Paper Mario
Wii Played up to W2-4
Galaxy Logo V1.png
Super Mario Galaxy
Wii U VC (JP ver.)
EMU (EU/AUS ver.)
Completed 100% many times, know the game like the back of my hand.
Mario Party DS
DS Completed Story Mode
Mario Kart Wii logo.png
Mario Kart Wii
Wii Played a lot
New Super Mario Bros Wii logo.svg
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Wii Played up to W5
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Logo.png
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Wii Completed 100%. Know this game a lot but far less than 1
Super Mario 3D Land
3DS Never played
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii)
Wii Played
New Super Mario Bros. 2
3DS Completed 100% with all Star Coins
MK8D Japanese Logo.png
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Switch Played a lot
SMO Logo Final.png
Super Mario Odyssey
Switch Completed 84x/880 moons
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo.png
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Switch Completed World of Light 100%
Logo-Super Mario 3D All-Stars.png
Super Mario 3D All-Stars
Switch SM64: 12/120
SMS: 42/120
SMG: 242/242