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I am just an editor on Mario Wiki. Of course I have a talk page, but I'm more of an editor and I won't pay much attention to add other stuff to my user page. As my nickname says, I am, and will be anonymous.

I like to play Mario games, mostly those hip, retro games back in the good old SNES days, and more modern (yet old) Wii games. When I discovered Mario Wiki from the first page I saw, I was very interested and wanted to be a user, too. I started getting more Mario games and made a collection (Kirby Super Star is my favorite, but I also like Mario Kart Wii as well).

I try to make the pages on Mario Wiki better in terms of quality and with very little mistakes. I would like to improve the wiki pages that would need improvements, but I mostly recommend changes if I can't make them on discussion pages.

Recently, I have been playing more Kirby and Legend of Zelda games than Mario games, which has decreased my time spent on editing more articles. I will try to edit as many articles as I can in the future.

The one, the only "World Famous" Tech-savvy gaming Musician,

TheUnknown67 (talk)