Stage 9 (DK: Jungle Climber)

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Stage 9
World-Level 7-9
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Stage 9 is the ninth extra stage of DK: Jungle Climber. It is unlocked after completing the main game, after ninety Banana Coins have been collected.


To begin, Donkey Kong must utilize the panels as well as the bombs provided, which must be placed into their boxes to be used as pegs, to get to the top of the screen. Off to the right, he must grab a bomb over a small pit of spikes and place it just ahead to destroy the stone blocks in his way. After this, he must jump over the spike pit again and grab another bomb, then hurry to the right and drop it into its holder down below, above a larger pit of spikes. He may then swing off it to reach the platform with the DK Coin, which he may then collect to complete the stage.